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Nordkapp dConstruct09 Recap
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Nordkapp dConstruct09 Recap


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Here's the dConstruct09 conference recap presentation I gave in the IxDA Helsinki meeting at the Nordkapp office on 10th of September 2009.

Here's the dConstruct09 conference recap presentation I gave in the IxDA Helsinki meeting at the Nordkapp office on 10th of September 2009.

Published in: Design, Travel, Business
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  • 1. dConstruct09 Brighton, UK Organized by Clearleft
  • 2. Nordkapp Recap at IxDA Helsinki 2009-09-10 Presented by: Teppo Kotirinta,, Assisted by: Sami Niemelä,,
  • 3.
  • 4. Workshops
  • 5. Workshops X X X
  • 6. RFID
  • 7. XBee local wireless network
  • 8. Ethernet Shield
  • 9. • Disclaimer: code can has errors
  • 10. Arduino (especially Ethernet Shield)
  • 11. Arduino (especially Ethernet Shield) = WIN
  • 12. Arduino (especially Ethernet Shield) = WIN
  • 13. The conference gathers about 750 people from various fields. Itʼs about future and vision. Itʼs quite theoretical. Workshops and barcamps add a hands-on side.
  • 14. Adam Greenfield Elements of a Networked Urbanism
  • 15. • Cities will be networked information-gathering, -processing, -storage and -display resources • ubiquitous computing: everything will be query-able, scriptable and programmable - even garbage bins • implications for privacy • what about too much information like “X murders on this street”
  • 16. • Cities can become about “way showing” instead of “way finding”, like streets lighting up in a Michael Jackson video • A move from object to service: • a single car can be used by many people during 24hours • garbage bin can ask for being emptied
  • 17. We loved it, it set the tone for the conference. Notes from
  • 18. Mike Migurski Ben Cerveny Letʼs See What We Can See (Everybody Online And Looking Good)
  • 19. Mike Migurski Ben Cerveny • Nice real world examples: Digg, politics,... • “Now to the Meta bit” - wait for the podcast • Visualization is an editorial process: what to visualize and how
  • 20. Brian Fling Whatʼs Next? How mobile is changing design
  • 21. Brian Fling • Kids wonʼt know anything else but the digital, mobile age • And there will plenty of them • The future will be built on web technologies HTML5, CSS3, JS
  • 22. Nathan Shedroff Chris Noessel Make It So: Learning from Sci-fi Interfaces
  • 23. • Sci-fi and design influencing each other w/ demo videos • attribution of human characteristics to objects (R2D2) • Maybe the deeper thoughts are in the book
  • 24. Robin Hunicke Loving Your Player with Juicy Feedback
  • 25. Robin Hunicke • Described MDA Game theory: Mechanics-Dynamics-Aesthetics • Had a spoiler of the Moon movie • Described ZEN in 3 bullet points • Described and used the word #juicy a lot
  • 26. (You might still want to look up the MDA theory!)
  • 27. August de los Reyes Experience and the Emotion Commotion
  • 28. • Emotion is important for the experience • Also described the MDA theory • R+G+B+Sensor+Magic
  • 29. Prickels & goo Microsoft Vision 2019
  • 30. Russel Davies Materialising and Dematerialising A Web of Data. (Or What Weʼve Learned From Printing The Internet Out)
  • 31. • Vimeo: the most fun Ben's had all year
  • 32. Conclusions (Davies + dConstruct09) • Everything Digital is not better than everything Analog • We need tostudy the analog world and learn from the real • Futurearound usnot in the web, itʼs all of web is • But it will be built on Web technologies(!)
  • 33. Conclusions (Davies + dConstruct09) • Future is not “digital”, “web” or “mobile” • Future is “post digital” & “ubiquituos computing” • Get early years of future are the on board now as these
  • 34. Why?
  • 35. Why?
  • 36. How? • Start building and dreaming up the ubiquitous future by • Learning Arduino • Hacking Lego Mindstorm & toys • Mashing up digital and analog (by using Web technologies)
  • 37. Check out Inspirational LEGO Mind Storm robot videos at Nordkappʼs Vimeo account:
  • 38. Learn more about post-digital by Russell Davies
  • 39. Thanks