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All The World’S A Stage
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All The World’S A Stage


Designed for Upper Intermediate Upstream textbook to introduce the topic.

Designed for Upper Intermediate Upstream textbook to introduce the topic.

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  • http://www.tsbvi.edu/school/images/drama.gif
  • Puzzle 11 textbook
  • Puzzle 11 textbook
  • Time 3:20 (Boy Actor)
  • Upstream Upper-Intermediate: Peegeldama liikumist
  • Language!


  • 1. All the world’s a stage All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts... Shakespeare “As you like it”
  • 2.
    • How often do you go to the theatre?
    • What was the last play you saw?
    • Is there a genre you like best?
    • Do you prefer cinema to the theatre? (why/why not?)
    • What do you know about the first theatres in the world?
  • 3. Types of theatres
    • The Chinese – first performed drama-like dances in their temples
    • The Japanese – performed their dramas on a platform with a temple roof
    • In India – dramatic performances on specially-built platforms
    • Earliest theatres built by ancient Greeks – open-air structures, set in a natural hollow
  • 4. The Globe
    • Shakespeare’s theatre
    • Built in 1599 on south bank of the Thames
    • Round, open-air building; roof over stage
    • Three levels of seats + an area in front of the stage where some of the audience could stand
    • An exact copy of the Globe reopened in 1998
  • 5. Worst Jobs in History : the boy actor
    • Who played women in Shakespeare’s plays? Why?
    • How were actors treated at that time?
    • Why was a boy actor’s job dangerous?
    • Describe the life of a boy actor.
    • Describe the clothing of the Tudor Era.
  • 6. Theatre for the Deaf
    • Become accessible
    • Interpreter
    • Rehearse
    • Timing, rhythm, harmonies
    • Workload doubles
    • Placement
    • Change of scene
    • Shadowing the movement
    • Act
  • 7. Theatre for the Deaf 2
    • Floor of the house
    • Happy medium = (golden mean)
    • Deaf patron
    • Most inclusive
    • Literally
    • In close proximity
    • To mentally blend (with)
    • Dedicated professionals
  • 8. What is your opinion on the issue?
  • 9.
    • Extra clips:
    • Jeff Dunham: Deaf people in the theatre