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Published in: News & Politics, Sports
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  • 1. ANNOUNCEMENT FOR IS PROGRAM 2010<br />Dear BAs,<br />Good day, everyone! ISEA wishes every BA a very prosperous and successful year ahead. <br />Brand new year, brand new resolution. We are pleased to break the following good news: <br />
    • New Strategic Partner, New Sponsorship – Revelation Rewards
    • 2. Due to overwhelming response and good performance from the effort of every BA in year 2009, the complimentary retail vouchers from our partner merchants have been successfully given away! In conjunction with the favorable feedback and popular request by many BAs on the Holiday Package offer, we are thrilled to introduce our latest Strategic Partner at the IS Program, the Revelation Rewards, and the new complimentary Holiday Package for all BA, IBA and PBA sign ups from 1st Mar 2010 onwards.
    • 3. 347599064770
    • 4. 9525000
    • 5. Below are the details of each new Starter Pack content:
    • 6. PBA (Total Complimentary Merchandise worth up to RM25,000.00)
    • 7. Tune Talk Sim Pack X 20
    • 8. Holiday Package X 1
    • 9. IBA (Total Complimentary Merchandise worth up to worth RM50,000.00)
    • 10. Tune Talk Sim Pack X 20
    • 11. Holiday Package X 2
    • 12. BA (Total Complimentary Merchandise worth up to worth 75,000.00)
    • 13. Tune Talk Sim Pack X 20
    • 14. Holiday Package X 3
    • 15. *This special offer is valid for sign up from 1 March 2010 onwards while stock last
    IS Advisory Board<br />Determined and striving hard to make year 2010 a better and more profitable year for everyone, ISEA will continue bringing more enhancement and excitement to IS Program and preparing to grow aggressively to other ASEAN regions. With these objectives and goal missions in mind, IS Elite (Asia) Sdn Bhd has officially set up the IS Advisory Board on 1st March 2010.<br />Below is the list of appointed board members:-<br />
    • Chairman:Mr Lawrence Teo
    • 16. Members:
    • 17. Ms Leong YE
    • 18. Mr Willy Ong
    • 19. En Isharizat Bin Ibrahim
    • 20. En Khalifah Bin Amjah (Hamzah)
    • 21. En Mohd Nazli Bin Rosli
    • 22. En Mohd Rizal Bin Mohd Ali
    • 23. En Sharizan Bin Sharif
    • 24. En Muhamad Aizam Bin Shufaat
    • 25. EnMohd Firdaus Bin Osman
    • 26. Cik Siti Nor Fatimah Binti Osman
    • 27. En Alfatah Bin Mat Nawi
    • 28. En Mohd Zamri Bin Abdul Hamid
    • 29. Mr Lim Koon Khuan
    • 30. En Khairulanuar Bin Shukor
    • 31. En Azaluddin Bin Mohd
    • 32. En Rhadhiswan Bin Hassan
    • 33. Mr Satesh S/O Sukumaran
    • 34. 131445016510
    • 35. New Strategy
    • 36. As per proposed by the Advisory Board and approved by the management during the first board meeting on 27 Feb 2010, the following enhancement will be implemented with effect from 1st March 2010:
    • 37. Fast – Track 30 to Business Associate ( FT-30)
    • 38. Pre Business Associates who manage to generate direct volume (DV) of more than 3000ep within the first 30 days upon registrations will be offered an optional upgrade to BA with 30 % discount (equivalent to RM1760 discount) off the normal BA registration fee. (Normally, Pre Business Associate need to accumulated 9,600ep to become Business Associate).
    • 39. This offer is valid for Pre Business Associate who signs up from 1 March 2010 onwards unless otherwise announced
    • 40. Additional 100ep Payout in Blocking system for Pre Business Associate
    • 41. DV 14,400 < 30ep
    • 42. DV 24,000 < 30ep
    • 43. DV 33,600 < 20ep
    • 44. DV 48,000 < 20ep
    • 45. All Agencies who successfully achieve accumulative Group Sales of RM500, 000.00 (250K-150k-100K) within 3 consecutive months will be granted AEA Status.