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Heraldic Code of the Phils

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Ra 8491may09

  1. 1. “THE FLAG AND HERALDIC CODEOF THE PHILIPPINES.”REPUBLIC ACT NO. 8491Rules and RegulationsImplementing
  2. 2. Section 2 - Declaration of policyReverence and respect shall at all time beaccorded to the flag, the anthem, and othernational symbols which embody the nationalideals and traditions and which expressprinciples of sovereignty and nationalsolidarity. The heraldic items and devicesshall seek to manifest the national virtuesand to inculcate in the minds and hearts ofour people a just pride in their native land,fitting respect and affection for the nationalflag and anthem, and the proper use of thenational motto, coat of arms and otherheraldic items and devices.
  3. 3. Section 8. The National Flag shall be blue, whiteand red with an eight-rayed golden-yellow sunand three stars that are five-pointed, asconsecrated and honored by the people.CHAPTER ITHE NATIONAL FLAGA. Design of the National Flag
  4. 4. B. Hoisting and Display of the National FlagSection 9. The National Flag shall be displayedin all public buildings, official residences,public plazas, and institutions of learningeveryday throughout the year.
  5. 5. Section 10. The National Flag shall bepermanently hoisted, day and night,throughout the year, in front of the following. . .Emilio AguinaldoShrineCongress of thePhils.Rizal ParkLibingan ng mgaBayaniBarasoain Church Rizal’s House
  6. 6. and all other places as may be designated bythe Institute. The National Flag of thesesites shall be properly illuminated or displayedduring nighttime.Malacañang Palace House of theSenateSupreme CourtAll InternationalPorts
  7. 7. Section 11. The National Flag shall also bedisplayed in private buildings and residences orraised in the open flag-staffs in front of saidbuildings every. . .April 9Araw ng KagitinganMay 1Labor Daylast Sunday of AugustNational Heroes DayNovember 30Bonifacio DayNovember 1All Saints DayMay 28-June12Flag Day toIndependence Day December 30Rizal Dayand on such other days asmay be declared or approved by the Presidentand/or local chief executives.
  8. 8. The National Flag may also be raised anddisplayed at sunrise and lowered at sunset andthroughout the year in the open flagstaff infront of private buildings. Provided, thatproper flag ceremonies be observed inaccordance with these Rules.
  9. 9. Section 13. The National Flag shall be flownon all naval vessels and on merchant ships ofPhilippine registry, of more than one thousand(1,000) gross tons.Pleasure, merchant andfishing boats or yachts are also encouraged tofly the National Flag.Military, civil or state vessels should flythe National Flag.
  10. 10. Section 14. On all aircraft of Philippineregistry, the National Flag shall be prominentlydisplayed horizontally on its fuselage with thehoist side pointing the forward direction.
  11. 11. Section 15. The National Flag, if flown from aflagpole, shall have its blue field on top in time ofpeace and the red field on top in time of war;The National Flag could be knotted tosignal that assistance is badly needed.if in a hanging position, the blue field shallbe to the left (observers point of view) in time ofpeace, and the red field to the left (observerspoint of view) in time of war.in time of war
  12. 12. Section 16. If planted on the ground, theflagpole shall be at a prominent place and shall beof such height as would give the Flagcommanding position in relation to the buildingsin the vicinity. The flagpole must not be of equalheight or higher than the Independence Flagpoleat the Rizal Park, Manila (107ft).
  13. 13. LLLLLThe minimum length of the National Flag is one-fourth (1/4) the height of the flagpole, whilemaximum length of the National Flag is one-third(1/3) the height of the flagpole.1/4 H =Minimum Length1/3 H =Maximum LengthThe flagpole that is planted on the groundmust be straight and slightly tapering at the top.
  14. 14. Section 17. When the National Flag is flownwith flag or flags of other countries, the flagsmust be of equal size and on separate staffs ofthe same height.AThe National Flag shall behoisted first and lowered last.
  15. 15. When displayed in a semi-circle of flags withother countries or house flags, the National Flagshould be at the center.ACBDE FDFABCE
  16. 16. When displayed in a circle of flags with othercountries or house flags, the National Flag shouldbe flown on the flagpole facing the main road(point of reference- Kilometer 0, Rizal Park,Manila); or in front of a monument; or the mainentrance of the building.Km.0 Rizal Park, ManilaTraffic flowABCDEFGHIJ
  17. 17. Section 18. When displayed in a row or in aparade with flags of other countries, the NationalFlag shall be on the left (observers point of view)of the other flags.A B C DA B C DDA B CThe flags of othercountries should be arranged in alphabetical orderfrom left to right.
  18. 18. When displayed in a row of house flags, theNational Flag shall be in front of the center of theline or on the left (observers point of view) of therow.HGECBA FEDDA B CCBA HGED E FThe house flags should be arranged inalphabetical order from left to right.
  19. 19. When carried in a parade with house flags,the National Flag shall be in front of the center ofthe line. The house flags should be arranged inalphabetical order, by precedence or by protocolorder from left to right (the observers point ofview).
  20. 20. Section 19. A worn out National Flag shouldnot be thrown away.Flag Disposal Ceremony28 May 1998It should be burnedsolemnly, ashes collected and buried.The National Flag shall be replacedimmediately when it begins to show signs of wearand tear.
  21. 21. Section 20. The National Flag shall be raised atsunrise and lowered at sunset. It shall be on themast at the start of official school and office hoursand shall remain flying throughout the day.Sunrise SunsetThe National Flag shall not be raised ininclement weather. If already raised, the NationalFlag shall not be lowered for the whole day.
  22. 22. Section 21. The National Flag may be displayed:a. Inside and/or outside a building, onstationary or movable flagpole, it shall be placedat the left of the observer as one enters theroom;
  23. 23. b. From the top of a flagpole, which shallbe at a prominent place or a commanding positionin relation to the surrounding buildings;c. From a staff projecting upward fromthe window sill, roof, canopy, balcony, lamp postor facade of a building;d. In a suspended position from a ropeextending from a building to a pole erected awayfrom the building;
  24. 24. e. Flat against the wall vertically with the sunand stars on top;
  25. 25. f. Hanging in a vertical position across astreet, with the blue field pointing east, if the roadis heading south or north or pointing north if theroad is heading east or west.NORTHNORTHWestEas t
  26. 26. g. Hanging vertically at the sides or middle ofthe one-way traffic road, the blue field shouldbe at the left of the observer.ONE-WAY ONE-WAY
  27. 27. Section 22. The National Flag shall be hoistedto the top briskly and lowered ceremoniously.The Flag must be properly folded beforehanging at the start of the ceremony. It shall notbe left hanging at the base of the flagpole whilewaiting for the flag ceremony.
  28. 28. The National Flag shall never touch anythingbeneath it, such as the ground, flood water orother objects.G/L
  29. 29. After being lowered, the National Flagshall be handled and folded solemnly as partof the ceremony.First foldSecond fold
  30. 30. C. Conduct of Flag Raising and LoweringCeremoniesSection 23. All government offices, includingnational or local government units andinstitutions, shall henceforth observe the flagraising ceremony every Monday morning and theflag lowering ceremony every Friday afternoon.
  31. 31. D. HALF-MASTSection 27. The National Flag shall be flown at half-mast as a sign of mourning on all the buildings andplaces where it is displayed, as provided, on the day ofthe official announcement of the death of any of thefollowing officials:H/2
  32. 32. c. Other persons to be determined by the Institute for anyperiod less than seven (7) days.a. The President or a former President, forten (10) days;b. The Vice-President, the Chief Justice ofthe Supreme Court, the President of the Senateand the Speaker of the House of Representatives,for seven (7) days; and
  33. 33. f. Governors, Vice-Governors, city and municipal Mayors,city and municipal Vice-Mayors, for three (3) days;d. Heads of National Government Agencies, includingGovernment Owned and Controlled Corporations and GovernmentFinancial Institutions, or equivalent in rank, for three (3) days;e. The Commanding Generals of the Philippine Air Forceand the Philippine Army and the Flag Officer in Command of thePhilippine Navy, or equivalent in rank, for three (3) days;
  34. 34. i. Former National or Local GovernmentOfficials, appointed or elected, other than thosespecified above, on the day of interment, withintheir former respective territorial jurisdictionsand by resolution of their respectiveSanggunians;g. Members of the SangguniangPanlalawigan, Sangguniang Panlungsod andSangguniang Bayan, on the day of interment;h. Veterans of the previous wars,Barangay Chairmen and the BarangayCouncilmen, on the day of interment;
  35. 35. j. Regional Directors, Superintendents,Supervisors, Principals, Teachers and otherschool officials, on the day of interment and byorder of the proper school authoritiesconcerned;k. Recipients of medals, national ordersand decorations, on the day of interment and byorder of the President or the Congress; and . . .
  36. 36. The National Flag, when flown at half-mast,shall be first hoisted to the peak for a momentthen lowered to the half-mast position.The Flag shall again be raised to the peakbefore it is lowered for the day.
  37. 37. The National Flag shall also be flown athalf-mast during the death anniversary ofheroes and heroines, calamities or graveadversity of national or international solemnityas ordered by the Office of the President, asmay be recommended by the Institute.
  38. 38. hours* The National Flag shall be permanentlyhoisted at half-mast, day and night throughoutthe yearMausoleo de los Veteranosde la RevolucionNorth Cemetery, ManilaTomb of theUnknownSoldier,Libingan ngmga Bayani,FortBonifacio,Taguig, MetroManila;and in all memorial cemeteriesdedicated to war veterans. The Flag of thesedeclared sites shall be properly illuminated atnight.
  39. 39. Section 28. The National Flag may be used tocover the caskets of the honored dead of themilitary; veterans of previous wars; nationalartists;HEADHEADand of civilians who have rendereddistinguished service to the nation, as may bedetermined by the local government unitconcerned.
  40. 40. Pledge of Allegiance to the National FlagAko ay PilipinoBuong katapatangnanunumpaSa watawat ngPilipinasAt sa bansangkanyang sinasagisagNa may dangal,katarungan atkalayaanNa pinakikilos ngsambayanangMaka-DiyosMaka-taoMakakalikasan atMakabansa.Section 29. The following shall be:“PANUNUMPA NG KATAPATAN SAWATAWAT”
  41. 41. G. National Flag DaysSection 30. The period from May 28 to June12 of each year is declared as Flag Days,during which period all offices, agencies andinstrumentalities of government, businessestablishments, institutions of learning andprivate homes are enjoined to display theNational Flag.
  42. 42. I. Prohibited ActsSection 39: It shall be prohibited:
  44. 44. Under any paintingor pictureTo wear theNational Flag inwhole or in part asa costume oruniform.
  45. 45. Section 40. The National Anthem is entitled“Lupang Hinirang”CHAPTER IITHE NATIONAL ANTHEMSection 41 The National Anthem shall besung in the national language within oroutside the country.
  46. 46. Section 42 The rendition of the NationalAnthem, whether played or sung, shall be inaccordance with the musical arrangement andcomposition of Julian Felipe and inaccordance with its original Filipino lyrics andmarch tempo that was adopted underMemorandum Circular No.60 dated December19,1963.
  47. 47. Section 43. When the National Anthemis played at a public gathering, whether bya band or by singing or both, or reproducedby any means, the attending public shallsing the anthem. The singing must be donewith fervor.
  48. 48. As a sign of respect, all persons shall standat attention and face the National Flag, if there isone displayed, and if there is none, they shallface the band or the conductor. At the firstnote, all persons shall execute a salute byplacing their right palms over their chest. Thosein military, scouting, citizen’s military trainingand security guard uniforms shall give the saluteprescribed by their regulations. The salute becompleted upon the last note of the Anthem.
  49. 49. SEAGamesa. International competitions where thePhilippines is the host or has a representative;b. National or local competitions;The National Anthem shall not be played orsung for mere recreation, amusement orentertainment porposes except on the followingoccasions:
  50. 50. c. During the “signing off” and“signing on” of television stations and radiobroadcasting;d. Before the initial and last screeningof films or before the opening of theaterperformances;
  51. 51. CHAPTER VIIPENALTIESSection 48. Failure or refusal to observethe provisions of this Act; and any violation ofthe corresponding rules and regulations issuedby the Office of the President, shall after propernotice and hearing, be penalized as by publiccensure which shall be published at least oncein a newspaper of general circulation .
  52. 52. • Section 50 – Any person or juridical entitywhich violates any of the provisions of thisact shall, upon conviction be punished by afine of not less than P5,000.00 nor more thanP20,000.00, or by imprisonment for not morethan 1 year or both such fine andimprisonment, at the discretion of the court;Provided, that for any second and additionaloffenses, both fine and imprisonment shallalways be imposed: Provided, further,Thatincase the violation is committed by ajuridical person, the President or CEOthereof shall be liable.
  53. 53. Section 52 - The National Historical Institute,hereinafter referred to as the Institute, shall beresponsible for the strict enforcement of theprovisions of this Act. (NHCP)Prof. Ambeth R. OcampoChairmanGabriel Ma. J. LopezExececutive DirectorWebsite:www.nhi.gov.phTel. No. (02) 5239050Fax No. (02) 5363181