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experience in workforce mobility with iCRM on iPad. Apps and more for leveraging reps experience

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121123convegno tb

  1. 1. iCRM and apps forrevolutionizing reps experienceNovember 2012 !1
  2. 2. Chiesi Group: – Facts & Figures 2011 Key facts Therapeutic focus: Founded in 1935/ Privately owned • Respiratory diseases Employees: 3,814; 1,507 in Italy Revenues: 1,056 M € • Cardiovascular & metabolic disorders R&D investments: 150.3 M € Direct Affiliates: 24 • Neonatology & Special Care Diseases Geographic focus: Europe Corporate Sales (millions €) 1.200 Italy Affiliate Export 900 600 300 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Headcount 2,956 3,243 3,534 3,737 3,814 !2
  3. 3. Chiesi is investing in a new R&D CenterOpened October the 3rd 2011, the new Parma R&D Centre hostsmore than 300 researchers working togheter on innovative Respiratorydrugs discovering Sustainability, automation, flexibility, openness and communication are the keywords of this new, state-of-the-art facility !3
  4. 4. Agenda• Introduction: mistakes from the past and technology evo• iCRM: all-in-one for reps• eDetailing: Chiesi way• Apps, apps and more... !4
  5. 5. Some mistakes from the past • Technology momentum: HW not ready for multimedia and touch • Sales&Marketing iper-engineering: a contraddiction in term• Reps (field force) involvement in the process: almost null • CRM system: at a very early stage and not ready for mobile !5
  6. 6. Last years Technology evolutionTechnology Evo for Pharma reps, password: mobile90s PDA (personal digital assistant)90s notebook90s ETMS (electronic territory management system)90s mobile phone2Ks CRM (Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Siebel, Cegedim Teams etc...)2Ks notebook (lighter and thinner)2Ks CLM system (closed loop mktg)2Ks mobility data connection (gprs, umts and 3G connection)2Ks smartphone (from 2K07)2K10 post-pc era (starting apr10 with iPad launch)2K11 CRM for Pad......decade by decade, years by years, more and more mobile !6
  7. 7. Agenda• Introduction: mistakes from the past and technology evo• iCRM: all-in-one for reps• eDetailing: Chiesi way• Apps, apps and more... !7
  8. 8. CRM state of the artCRM goes mobile: its a matter of factStarting from 2Ks years almost every CRM system starting goes mobilewith huge benefits for reps and, really, some problems.....You can teachan old dog new tricks… sometimesCustomer db on mobile: enable efficient commercial performanceleveraging insights on your stakeholders when reps need it. Stayconnected with vital customers data.Operation infos with real-time update: increase efficiency andeffectivenessCustomers insights: survey and dedicated modules to get the most fromyour customers. Targeting and profiling features available on the go. !8
  9. 9. Chiesi SFA evolution 2013 Reps Total Mobility on LTE 2012Post-PC era iAnalytics and CLM 2011 iCRM and apps 2006 CRM web 2005 DWH 2001 ETMS Pharmony 1999 SIC !9
  10. 10. iCRM: full purpose mobile CRMNative CRM app for iOSAll CRM web modules porting from notebook to mobile: callreporting, sample management, hospital network management,Market Access db, expenses management, SFE and BI reports (e.g.IMS territorial data always available) !10
  11. 11. iCRM: full purpose mobile CRMNative CRM app for iOS !11
  12. 12. iCRM: iAnalitycs, world of numbersUsing Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 engine, full iOS compatible,we offer to reps same experience of reporting as theyare used on CRM web. !12
  13. 13. iCRM: event management module (GIL) Event creation and management, District Manager budget allocation and physicians enrollment GIL manages all internal approval for every event (Medical approval, Legal approval etc...) GIL manages all controls about physicians age and ID, number of partecipations etc... !13
  14. 14. Agenda• Introduction: mistakes from the past and technology evo• iCRM: all-in-one for reps• eDetailing: Chiesi way• Apps, apps and more... !14
  15. 15. eDetailing in ChiesiKeep it as simple as possible: avoid rocket science• Use some simple pdf at the very beginning• Introduce, starting from second wave, interactive graphs and data• Evolve to eDetail dedicate app (.ipa format) only when you, and your reps, will be confident and sure of effectiveness• Keep in mind that customers still remain the same: needs of differentiate approach and materials (some of them refuse eDetailing....YES, they do!) !15
  16. 16. eDetailing in Chiesi Keep it as simple as possible: avoid rocket science • Starts with flagship products and Specialty Care Lines • Analyze big data and trend first! • Work very close with Mktg,Sales, Training and IT • Lets go deep in some example... !16
  17. 17. eDetailing in Chiesi: Neuro Specialist caseKeep it as simple as possible: avoid rocket science !17
  18. 18. Agenda• Introduction: mistakes from the past and technology evo• iCRM: all-in-one for reps• eDetailing: Chiesi way• Apps, apps and more... !18
  19. 19. Apps, apps and more...• Design&Develop apps for SFA: Incentives • Using Apple Store at full potential • Change Microsoft Office paradigm into iWork suite (at least try to do it!) !19
  20. 20. Apps for Sales Force Automation: Incentive toolKilling app for sales target definition and repsrewarding.Offer to District Manager full access to FY, quarterand month target by units and promoted pdts.District Manager can analize team performance andtarget realization !20
  21. 21. iCRM: lessons learnt• An expensive, risky undertaking, but with the potential for increases in revenues and profits. Why? 1. 1h per reps per week saved 2. less TCO costs 3. real time customers info 4. Happy users • The incremental approach is always best: move as quickly as possible to deliver benefits (in Chiesi we started from call reporting module)• Effective and perceptive communication between IT and the business side of the organization is critical (in Chiesi we have Knowledge and Technology department together)• Ensure that the CRM mobile architecture will scale to future needs !21
  22. 22. Conclusions• Developing mobile applications is easier than building infrastructure which is easier than organizational, e.g. reps skills, transformation• Any CRM mobile initiative requires hitting all three targets to some extent !22