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Download the whole LITE version at http://www.tenstepastralprojection.com/ to receive the spoken audio and free binaural beat track.

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10 stepap(lite)

  2. 2. -L ITE VE RS IO N-Congratulations, for downloading the10 step guide (Lite) to achieve Astral Projection!Your One Step Closer To Having the Journey of Your Life!The experience of astral projection is a global phenomenon that people of allcultures, educational levels, financial situations, religions, credos, of either sexand or of any age can experience. Furthermore, as people across the worldbecome ever more open to receiving spiritual knowledge and growth theoccurrence of astral projection is correspondingly growing in popularity.We hope that by the time you have finished reading this free guide youwill be eager to experience astral projection in your own life.Though we currently live in times where great controversy surrounds the subjectin certain social circles, astral projection (a.k.a. astral travel, out-of-bodyexperience (OBE)) is as normal of an experience to us as is breathing andsleeping.This guide is intended to quickly educate those interested in astral projection andteach them the basics that are needed to start practicing astral projection. Pg 2
  3. 3. -L ITE VE RSSTEP 1 - THE BASICS IO N-ASTRAL PROJECTION IN ANCIENT EGYPTEvidence has been found that between 5,000 and 3,000 years ago the peopleof Ancient Egypt knew of the existence of the astral body, which they called‘Kha.’ Inscription and drawings of this can be seen on the rock walls of manytemples and buildings. They represented Kha as something subtle and light thatleft the physical body.MODERN PERSPECTIVESA number of scientists from various disciplines, including specialists in psychol-ogy, medicine, biochemistry, psychiatry, electrical engineering, physics, andeducation have eagerly supported the investigation of astral projection; andthe field of vibrational medicine (Reiki, electro-magnetic field balancing (EMFBalancing), and homeopathy), it has also served to introduce the field of quan-tum science to the non-scientific community. That introduction has served todiminish the fear many ordinary people have about exploring the non-physicalaspect of our reality and replaced it with a curiosity about the phenomena. Pg 3
  4. 4. -L ITE VE RSSTEP 2 - THE BENEFITS - REASONS TO ASTRAL PROJECT IO N-EXPLORER THE “ASTRAL REALM” LIVE OUT FANTASIESAstral projection is a tool that em- Maybe you would like to expandpowers projectors to explore the your circle of acquaintances or visitother side... a distant part of the globe. Can you picture the most perfect romantic orDISCOVER PAST LIVES sexual experience?Through astral projection individualsare enabled to discover and ex- MULTITASKING REALITIESplore their past lives (a.k.a. previous The advanced astral projector gainsincarnations, previous life times). the ability to be busy with a task on the physical plane that does notEXPERIENCE OF ONENESS take too much focus, while project-Regular astral projectors come ing to another plane.round to realizing they are connect-ed to all aspects of the universe. LAW OF ATTRACTION As the quality of your consciousnessABILITY TO READ AURAS increases, you gain more ability toEvery object in the universe has an manipulate reality.energy (electro-phototonic) vibra-tion, which is its energy signature. ASTRAL HEALING The regular astral projector whoRECEIVE INSIGHT works at growing their perception ofThe astral projector’s ability to sense higher consciousness can eventu-the different and ever finer energies ally develop astral healing powers,of the astral plane will sharpen. should they so choose. Pg 4
  5. 5. -L ITE VE RSSTEP 3 - MINDSET IO N-GETTING READY TO PROJECTAstral projection is simply the transferring of the consciousness from the physicalbody to the astral body. To achieve astral projection the individual has to learnthe art of reducing the electro-magnetic pull of the physical body, oneelement of which is to still the mind through meditation.LIMITING BELIEFSThe object of the sustained process of achieving success in astral projection isto work at shifting the fear encountered in each step of the projection process,to eventually achieve the experience of pure consciousness – a state of beingthat is beyond personal beliefs.The joy of this process is that the individual senses a gradual expansion in theirsense of personal power. Pg 5
  6. 6. -L ITE VE RSSTEP 4 - PREPARING TO PROJECT IO N-The Physical preparation for astral projection should start beforean individual lies down on his/her bed to begin the astral projection process.Become aware of the level of tension in the physical body.STRETCHINGStart unwinding from a stressful day by doing a few static (holding) stretches,working up from the legs to the arms, the torso and neck. Maintaining a pleas-ant body temperature during the stretch session will help the muscles to relax.STEP 5 - BREATHWORKBreath work is the most important aspect of astral projection. Due to the highstress levels of living on the physical plane in civilized society few individualsactually breathe deeply enough even just for normal living (which adds to thedevelopment of disease and speeds up the aging process). Consequently, indi-vidual success in astral projection relies on the proper application of breathingtechniques to re-educate the mind on what proper oxygenation of the bodyfeels like. Pg 6
  7. 7. -L ITE VE RSSTEP 6 - ENERGY WORK IO N-In the last few decades through the field of quantum physics anever-growing number of scientists are acknowledging an even finervibrational quality – the world of energy. They have discovered that energycannot be created or destroyed; that energy transmutes (changes), shifts(moves) and flows.Each living thing on planet earth (human, animal, plant) moves and manipu-lates energy. At this time most humans do that unintentionally; however, onecan learn to do that with intention. And how is that accomplished? Throughtransmuting and moving energy – the auric field – with intended thought pat-terns, which movement is detected through the chakras of the body.REGULAR MEDITATION AND VISUALIZATION PRACTICEIndividuals new to meditation and visualization need to understand that grow-ing power through those practices can be likened to growing muscles in thegym; regular meditation and visualization strengthens one’s psychic and spiri-tual powers.The idea is to start with mini meditations and visualizations and grow one’s abil-ity to maintain such energy for sustained periods of time. Doing too much medi-tation makes it become boring. Pg 7
  8. 8. -L ITE VE RS IO N-STEP 7 - Projection TechniqueIMPORTANT: Read this exercise first, then attempt while listening to the binauralbeat on pg 11.There are various techniques popular among astral projectors to spring-boardthem onto the astral plane which are covered in the Full Astral Projection Guide.Understand that the projector is always in full control of the situation; so relaxand enjoy experimenting with this technique. The elements of this technique,were pioneered by Robert Bruce.• Relax – both the mind and body must be in a totally relaxed state• Put yourself into a hypnotic state – the mind must be at the edge of sleep, visualize and object with eyes closed.• Allow yourself to enter a deeper state of relaxation – keeping eyes closed, slowly move your gaze to look into the surrounding darkness.• Ignore any light patterns that may dance across your vision. (They merely indicate you are moving into deeper relaxation.) Awareness of the physical body will disappear. Pg 8
  9. 9. -L ITE VE RS IO• Enter a state of vibration – feel the vibration and stay with it for N- a moment. It is an indication the astral body is withdrawing from the physical body and, initially, this step may take a short while to accomplish.• Control the vibrations – feel the vibration flowing through the body. Use will power to control them with the mind. Detect the frequency of the waves, and stopping and starting them. (Having mastered the changing of the fre quency the individual can induce them at will.)• Imagine the rope – imagine a long rope hanging above the head. Visualize reaching up to the rope (keep physical body and eyes still). Having held onto the rope, move your arm back into the physical body, slow the vibration and end the session• Rise and repeat – after resting a while repeat the six steps presented above but, this time, grab hold of the rope with both hand and, moving one hand above the other, pull the whole astral body out of the physical body. Pg 9
  10. 10. -L ITE VE RSSTEP 8 - VIBRATIONS IO N-Robert Monroe, in his book Journeys Out of the Body, states that“The vibrational sensory effect was the single consistent symptom throughoutthe Beginning Stage. However, it appeared to be evolutionary.The early vibrations seemed to be rough, sometimes accompanied by a visualimage of a localized ring of electrical “sparks.” The frequency was on the orderof ten cycles per second, according to the visual clock timing.VISITING HIGHER REALMSHaving raised one’s personal vibration, the individual will be empowered to visitthe higher realms (astral plane, mental plane).Robert Monroe experienced strange occurrences as his personal vibration wasraised and stabilized at a higher level:• When he tripped and fell down he landed most softly• Money started appearing in his pants pockets• He could no longer consume alcohol• He could no longer take medication (including anesthesia) Pg 10
  11. 11. -L ITE VE RS IOSTEP 9 - LISTEN TO BINAURAL AUDIO TRACK N-Achieve trance state while listening to audio, then attempt rope technique. Binaural Beat Technology and Isochronic Tone Technology are tools for al- tering brainwave patterns, which can be applied to ease the process of learning to astral project. Even individuals who have learned to astral project without using these aids will find they astral project with ease when applying these technologies. Research has revealed that, depending on the activity one is concentrating on at the time, the human brain emits energy waves – which are measured in hertz (Hz). The human brain undergoes many changes in frequency during each 24-hour cycle. Pg 11
  12. 12. -L ITE VE RSSTEP 10 - TIP FOR SUCCESS IO N-It is much easier to project in the morning directly after a relaxing night’s sleepand before the stresses of the day have had a chance to work on the physical,emotional and mental bodies.ALSO, be sure to drink a glass of water just before retiring and let the call ofnature be the natural ‘alarm clock’ to help one awaken, rather than allowingthe nerves to be jangled by the harsh sound of a man-made alarm clockringing in the time set for experimenting with projection.Something magical happens when we awaken NATURALLY, and begin to fallback asleep. Our body’s serotonin and melatonin levels are not jolted with thesound of an alarm. From this in-between stage you will begin to feel vibrationsand will be ready for the next step which is exiting the body. Good Luck!In the FULL VERSION of 10 steps to achieve Astral Projection you will be guidedthrough each step that is needed in order to achieve Astral Projection. You willreceive 7 guided audio tracks to help you prepare for projection and 7 brainwaveaudio tracks to help you atral project. You’ll learn different exit techniques, how toachieve vibrations, the astral realm, meeting guides and the akashic records. STEP 1: THE BASICS STEP 6: EXIT TECHNIQUES STEP 2: BENEFITS STEP 7: ACHIEVING VIBRATIONS FULL VERSION TABLE OF STEP 3: PREPARING TO EXIT STEP 8: THE ASTRAL REALM CONTENTS --> STEP 4: PROPER MINDSET STEP 9: MEETING GUIDES STEP 5: ENERGY WORK STEP 10: AKASHIC RECORDS Check out the FULL VERSION of Ten Step Astral Projection here... VISIT TENSTEPASTRALPROJECTION.COM Pg 12