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How to

  1. 1. HOW TO….. Survive your freshman year of college Mackenzie Viets
  2. 2. Remember: WeekDAYS are for studying and WeekENDS are for partying! It sounds stupid and obvious but people tend to for get this… your parents pay over 10,000 dollars a year for your to first get your education. Partying is fun and all - but if it gets in the way of your education, you will probably regret this when failing classes, and having to re- take them just when you thought you had enough credits to graduate.
  3. 3. You will actually have to try. Unlike high school, college is much more difficult to just barely get by. The professors are more strict and expect much more than your high school teachers did. Study often and make sure to do all of your homework.
  4. 4. Get on a schedule. Getting in a habit is very important, especially when it comes to studying or doing homework. Set a schedule to when you are going to dedicate time to do your work. It will be a pain, but in the end when you have more time to party and have fun you will be very thankful you did.
  5. 5. Do not procrastina te. Majority of the time in college, dead lines are set far in advance and you are never given a reminder. It will be much smarter to start on things far in advance. This will also be more beneficial to you when the due date rolls around and you are already prepared!
  6. 6. Get involved. Don’t let all of your school work overwhelm you. Get out there, meet new people and HAVE FUN! College will be much easier if you have great friends to help you out a long the way.
  7. 7. Be sure to get enough sleep. Do not stay up all night craming for a test the next day and try taking it on 2 hours of sleep. It is better to study a little everyday and get a good nights rest.
  8. 8. Exercise and Eat Right! Many freshman gain weigt their first year of college because they are not used to having so much freedom in their diets. Hit the gym regularly and eat a colorful diet. Don’t forget about the “freshman fifteen”!
  9. 9. Build A Good Relationship With Your Roommate. You and your roommate do not necessarily have to become best friends. But at least try to live together harmoniously or you will both be miserable.
  10. 10. Don’t Go Home Every Weekend. By going home every weekend, you are going to be missing out on a lot of fun opportunities. Face your fears and your homesickness and stay on campus.
  11. 11. Try Not To Party Too Much. I know this is disappointing. You’re in college. Party is what your supposed to do, right? Work extra hard throughout the week so your weekends can be extra fun!