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  • 1. Disclaimer : The information contained in this presentation is brought to you by individuals acting on their own behalf out of a sincere interest in sharing information which has been of considerable value to them, their families and their friends. The company which provides the benefits described herein will be referred to only as “the company”. Names and trademarks of companies which may be associated with the company are purposely withheld in order to comply with advertising guidelines. The person who referred you to this presentation can provide you with the names of the companies. You should ask the person who referred you for the company’s official website. Where any discrepancy exists between the information in this presentation and the information found on the company’s website, the information on the company’s website takes precedence. The company has not reviewed nor approved this presentation and is not responsible for its content.
  • 2. The information you are about to see is hard to believe, and 100% true. Verifiably true. Watch it through to the end .
  • 3. You are about to see a simple way to reduce your entire grocery budget and your entire gasoline budget by a full 40% while driving the same miles in the same car and buying the same groceries, same brands. Sound unlikely? Promise : It’s all that and more .
  • 4. The method is simple. We have access to gift cards and preloaded debit cards at a cost well below face value . We can use the cards to buy virtually anything . Gasoline and groceries are just the tip of the iceberg . Let’s look at the details.
  • 5. We buy $200 Gift cards for $120 , a savings of 40% . $200 Our cost: $120
  • 6. We can buy one card every 16 days . Limit one every 16 days. Our cost: $120 $200
  • 7. There are actually three sizes to choose from. . . Our cost: $60 $100 Our cost: $30 $50 Our cost: $120 $200
  • 8. . . .however, because we’re limited to one gift card every 16 days , it makes sense to choose the largest one. Our cost: $60 $100 Our cost: $30 $50 Our cost: $120 $200
  • 9. Therefore, every 16 days we have a new $200 card in our wallet for which we only paid $120 . Our cost: $120 $200
  • 10. We use the card which we bought at 40% below face value to buy the things we were going to buy anyway . And therefore the savings are true savings , i.e. new money in our pocket. How much new money? 40% of anything we buy with the card .
  • 11. Review Step 1 : Buy $200 Gift cards for $120. Step 2 : Use the Gift cards for everyday expenses.
  • 12. Where can you use the Gift cards? At one of America’s largest retailers ; superstore , wholesale club or online to buy anything they sell . Gasoline . Groceries . All Merchandise . Even other gift cards and debit cards . Our cost: $120 $200
  • 13.
    • Simple. Powerful. Fun.
    • Saving 40% just for pulling a different card out of your wallet !
    • The cards are the same cards available off the rack at full price.
    • No one knows you’re saving 40% except you.
    • Allowed one card every 16 days.
    Our cost: $120 $200
  • 14. When is $ 3.00 /gallon, the makes our actual cost $ 1.80 /gallon, a savings of $1.20 per gallon !
  • 15. Save $20 a tank * now. Even more when gas prices rise. *16 gallon tank
  • 16. $400 of for $240 puts an unexpected $160 back in your pocket .
  • 17. So far so good?
  • 18. Here are some common questions at this point : Q. What if my family spends more than $400 per month on gasoline, groceries, and miscellaneous items? Q. What if we do all or part of our shopping somewhere besides one of America’s largest retailers ?
  • 19. If you have two adults in your household, you can each have your own membership. Double the savings. $200 $200 $200 $200 $320/month. $120 $120 $120 $120
  • 20. And . . .any of the dollars on your Gift cards that you don’t spend at one of America’s largest retailers can be used to purchase American Express Gift Cards, which you can use virtually anywhere . $ $ $ $ $ $
  • 21. How? Simply go to one of America’s largest retailer’s website and use your Gift card(s) to buy American Express $100 Gift Cards. There is a $5.64 premium, so you give up a bit of your savings, but you gain almost unlimited spending flexibility.
    • No usage fees
    • No expiration
    • Free shipping
  • 22. Now you save 36% anywhere . Any store. Any restaurant. Doctor, dentist, oil change. Any merchant that accepts plastic! $100 Buy with Gift Card Net cost to you: $63.39 ($105.64 – 40%)
  • 23. Save 36% anywhere that accepts plastic. $200 Card for $120 $100 Card for $63.39 Save 40% at one of America’s largest retailers superstore, wholesale club, online Save 36% just about anywhere. Maximum savings of 40% at one of America’s largest retailers A Terrific Combo
  • 24. Gasoline Example Save 40% at one of America’s largest retailer superstore, wholesale club, online Save 36% just about anywhere. Price at the Pump -36% -40% $3.09 $1.98 $1.85
  • 25. Okay, I think you get how it works now. So… where do you get the cards ? I’m about to give you what will sound like bad news at first. No worries. Stick with me. It will turn into very good news .
  • 26. The membership that gives us access to these incredible cards is $64.90/month.
  • 27. The good news is that the company came up with an ingenious way for us to have our cake and eat it too.
  • 28. They found a way to give us an extra $75/month of spendable cash. Spendable anywhere .
  • 29.
    • They give us access to another card, this one for $75 less than face value, and we can use it anywhere plastic is accepted.
    • $300 Major Bank debit card.
    • Our cost: $225 .
    • Limit one every 31 days.
    • Accepted everywhere major credit cards are accepted.
    Issued by 4 th largest bank in U.S. Accepted everywhere No expiration! No fees! $300 Preloaded Debit Card
  • 30. $75 = $65 Membership + $10 extra in pocket $300 Preloaded Debit Card So, this card covers our membership , plus puts an extra $10/month in our pocket! ( $20/month if you have two memberships in your household.) $225
  • 31. Now your 36%-40% savings are all yours to keep. What’s the use of having your cake if you can’t eat it too? -ANONYMOUS
  • 32.
    • Summary of Everything You’ve Seen So Far
    • Save 40% at one of America’s largest retailers
    • Save 36% almost everywhere else
    • On gasoline, groceries, & millions of other items
    • Restaurants, doctor, dentist, oil changes, etc.
    • Plus $10 extra cash (per membership).
  • 33. Important This sounds too good to be true the first time you hear about it. We all suffer from a “normalcy bias”, tending to believe only that which we have experienced before. Talk to the person who referred you. Talk to people who are already using the cards every time they buy gasoline, every time they buy groceries. Visit www.welovethecards.com , put together by some happy members anxious to share the reality of these cards with you.
  • 34.
    • Getting Started
    • The friend that referred you will walk you through...
    • … enrollment (online, an easy one-page form) and
    • … ordering cards (takes 2 minutes, a bit more your first time).
    • No paperwork.
    • No shipping or handling charges.
    • No sales tax.
    • No contract or commitment.
    • $49.95 annual (makes your first month’s savings $120 instead of $170)
    • Allow 6 weeks to receive your first cards. Then cards will arrive as often as you order them, i.e. every 16 days ($200 card) and every 31 days ($300 card) .
  • 35. No Risk – Zero Liability Guarantee Your credit card purchase is protected under a law called the Fair Credit Billing Act , which basically means you have zero liability for fraudulent purchases, poor-quality or damaged merchandise, or for merchandise that was never delivered . It's the law . (source: msn Money in an article by bankrate.com) Why do we bring this up ? The company has delivered as promised for a long time. Tens of thousands of cards to thousands of members. Do you want to take my word for it? I didn’t think so. After all due diligence, you still need to know that you are protected. If a product ordered by credit card is not received, your bank takes your word, removes the charge quickly, and investigates the charge with the vendor who bears the burden of proof. What if you order with a debit card instead of a credit card ? Debit cards offer the same protection against unauthorized charges and damaged or undelivered goods that credit cards do, but for debit cards, those safeguards are company policy instead of federal law. If you bank with a smaller bank, you may want to call and check their policy if you are concerned.
  • 36. A Lot of Happy Members Want You To Know There are some very good testimonials on the company’s website. They give their full name, and many provide their city. I’m not suggesting you try to contact these members. I’m just saying that’s better than the “John R.” you see on some testimonials. In addition, a group of members are posting all their card purchases on a website along with the date ordered and date received. If you become a member, you are welcome to add your name. The big deal here is that these members post their email address and phone number. You are encouraged to check with as many of these members as you wish. The sooner you are confident this opportunity is not too good to be true, the sooner you will enroll and get your cards on the way to you. Until then, you are paying way more than you need to for gasoline, groceries, eating out, electric bill, doctor, etc. www.WeLoveTheCards.com
  • 37. Just for Fun Save 40% on movie and restaurant gift cards. Use the $200 Gift card you got for $120 to purchase gift cards at one of America’s largest retailer’s website. No fees. No expiration dates. Order in advance. Use it whenever you want. No premium on these cards! That’s their only advantage over the AmEx card. The AmEx lets you eat anywhere and still save 36% .
  • 38. Most Important Slide You’ve Seen Yet! The sooner you enroll and order, the sooner you get the 42* day wait over with and start saving 40% on gasoline, groceries, and much more! *After the initial wait, cards will arrive in your mailbox every 16 days ($200 card) and 31 days ($300 card), or as often as you order them. No requirements. No minimums. You are in control.