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Tool and process obsession is one key pitfall of software development and agile development. What shall we do about it

Tool and process obsession is one key pitfall of software development and agile development. What shall we do about it



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Tool Tool Presentation Transcript

  • Building your Silver Bullet Daniel Teng, Certified Scrum Coach Agile Tour 2010 Qingdao
  • Tools
  • • Thinking Tools • Organizational Tools – Lean Thinking – Score Balanced Card – Theory of Constraints – Matrix Organization – System Thinking – Review/Control Board – 6 Thinking Hats – Performance Evaluation• Process Tools • Personal Tools – Scrum – To-do list – Extreme Programming – Mind Map – Kanban – Pomodoro Technique – CMMI • Design tools – RUP – CRC card – Test Driven Development – Color Modeling• Physical Tools • Programming Tools – Car – Implementation Patterns, Design – Knife & Fork, Chopstick Patterns, Architectural Patterns – Gun – Refactoring – Computer – Clean CodeTool: ”anything used as a MEANS of accomplishing a task or PURPOSE.” -
  • People has tool OBSESSION
  • 武林至尊
  • Silver Bullet (银弹)
  • Panacea (万灵药)
  • • Best Practice• Standard• Short-cut• … Some Other Similar Things
  • Copy & I want out-of- Paste box answer Don’t make me thinkEasy 山寨 LAZY
  • Companies Like Building Fancy Tools
  • • Now Kanban is very popular, Let’s try Kanban• We adopted Kanban because Scrum failed• Let’s define a company agile standard• Once you use our tool, you will have agile• Let’s buy the best agile tools• Learn Pascal (Other things) in seven days• Agile will not work for us, our requirement is fixed from the beginning Symptom of Tool Obsession
  • • Agile is a Tool• Tool is only the MEAN, not the GOAL• Tool is neither good or bad• Tool has context• Any tool can be mis-used• Never attribute people problem to tools Never BLAME the tools
  • “PEOPLE as non-linear, first-order components in software development”“Software development (design in general) is a purely intellectual team activity, which means that everything about PEOPLE – their mood, their communication, their communities – affect the outcome of the process. “ It is a PEOPLE Problem
  • Agile Manifesto
  • “We build PEOPLE before building cars” What TOYOTA Says
  • • 失道而后德,失德而后仁,失仁而后义, 失义而后礼。夫礼者,忠信之薄,而乱 之首。前识者,道之华,而愚之始。• When the Way is lost, there remains harmony; When harmony is lost, there remains love; When love is lost, there remains justice; But when justice is lost, there remains ritual. Ritual is the end of compassion and honesty, The beginning of confusion; Belief is a colorful hope or fear, The beginning of folly.
  • Let’s Build the PEOPLE
  • • Knowledge – the fact or condition of being aware of something – the fact or condition of having information or of being learned• Skill – the ability to use ones knowledge effectively and readily in execution or performance – a learned power of doing something competently• Competence – having requisite or adequate ability or qualities Three Concepts
  • • Knowing more about tools• Knowing more tools• Sharing• Choosing tools wiselyStrategies for building up Competence & Skills
  • • Code Katas – Watching others• Coding Dojo, Retreat , Pair Programming – Practicing with others• Masters & Coach• Open Source Projects Know MORE about your tools
  • • 不闻不若闻之,闻之不若见之, 见之不若知之,知之不若行之。 学至于行之而止矣。 -- 《荀子· 儒效》• I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand. -- Xunzi
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Kata - Practices Deliberately for 100, 000 hrs
  • Coding Dojo, Retreat , Pair Programming Doing & Practicing with others
  • Coding Retreat
  • Master, Mentor, Coach
  • • Books, Blogs, Magazines• Conferences• Communities of Practices• Professional Networks• Mailing group, BBS• Twitter Know more tools
  • Magazine Design & Patterns XP Scrum Lean CareerEstimating&Planning Books, Blogs, Magazine
  • Conferences
  • Community of Practices, Study Group
  • Tech Talk
  • Professional Network
  • Mailing Group, BBS, RSS Reader
  • Twitter
  • • Write Blogs• Speak at Conferences• Contribute to Open Source• Answer Questions in Mailing Group People to SHARE to LEARN
  • Speak at Events
  • Contribute to Open Source
  • • “Choose your tools wisely, that they allow for the development of your skill.” Tools That Develop Your Skill
  • • Agile is a tool, not goal• Never attribute people failure to tools• Understand the goal• Build the people – Know more about the tools – Know more tools – Encouraging Sharing – Choose tool wisely • That they allow for the development of your skill2010/12/14 Take Away Daniel Teng 40
  • Reference• Deliberate Practice in Software Development - Mary Poppendieck• Characterizing people as non-linear, first-order components in software development – Alistair Cockburn• The thinking tool called agile – Henrik Kniberg• Sharpen the saw – Dan North• Promiscuous Pairing and Beginner’s Mind – Arlo Belshee• Taoteching – Laotzu• Ruxiao - Xunzi
  •  Email: Blog: LinkedIn: Twitter: Daniel Teng 42