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Meteor is coming

Meteor is coming



I was always asked questions like below ...

I was always asked questions like below
"When I have CI, I am agile, right?"
"Waterfall works perfect for our organization in the past, why do I need to change?"
"Agile is popular recently, so you have a coaching contract, how about in 2 years when every organization already have agile, what are you going to do"
So I write this talk for Agile Tour China last year.
What I want to say in this talk is that under current social and economic condition, continuous learning is the survival strategy for both organizations and individuals.



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    Meteor is coming Meteor is coming Presentation Transcript

    • Meteor is Coming 流星来了 Daniel Teng, Awakener Certified Scrum Coach & Certified Scrum Trainer www.danielteng.com
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    • www.danielteng.com
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    • Era of Change www.danielteng.com
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    • The Speed of www.danielteng.com
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    • Democratic Innovation www.danielteng.com
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    • New Structure www.danielteng.com
    • Friendlies (圈⼦子) www.danielteng.com
    • New Format of Org www.danielteng.com
    • Have Fun, Learn Together www.danielteng.com
    • www.danielteng.com
    • Tribe www.danielteng.com
    • It is not about how AGILE you are, but about the Speed of: • Hearing new ideas • Absorbing new ideas • Applying new ideas • Spreading new ideas • Inside the organization • Outside the organization www.danielteng.com
    • Deliberate Learning Strategy www.danielteng.com
    • www.danielteng.com
    • In#the#beginner's#mind#there#are# many#possibili4es.#In#the#expert's# mind#there#are#few.# #1: Beginner’s Mind www.danielteng.com
    • Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish www.danielteng.com
    • Timothy Gallwey Unjudgemental Learning www.danielteng.com
    • T-Shaped Individual www.danielteng.com
    • Network Quotient www.danielteng.com
    • #2: Stay Connected www.danielteng.com
    • Cherry Pick #3: Always Be Second www.danielteng.com
    • Advice • Individual • Read 10 books a year • Attend local meet-up once a month • Read 10 blogs a week • Learn a new language/tool every year • Organization • Build up internal CoP and connect with • • external Study group Pair working once a week www.danielteng.com
    • www.danielteng.com
    • #1: Learn From Masters www.danielteng.com
    • #2: Steal With Pride www.danielteng.com
    • #3: Share Shamelessly www.danielteng.com
    • #4: Learn From Mistakes www.danielteng.com
    • Celebrate Failure www.danielteng.com
    • Malcom Gladwell #5:10, 000 Hours of Deliberate Practice www.danielteng.com
    • Create a Cheat Sheet www.danielteng.com
    • Advice • Individual • Start blogging • Sharing what you learned within your • tribe Answer questions in mailing group Develop new habit Organization Invite your client to your demo and get feedback Shameless release • • • • www.danielteng.com
    • www.danielteng.com
    • #1: Index Your Knowledge www.danielteng.com
    • #2: Sense Tuning www.danielteng.com
    • #3: Group Learning www.danielteng.com
    • Advice • Individual • Find a coach • Use Evernote • Create cheat sheet, deliberate practice to • learn Organizational Create wiki as knowledge base Encourage pair working Peer coaching • • • www.danielteng.com
    • www.danielteng.com
    • In pursuit of knowledge, every day something is added. In the practice of the Tao, every day something is dropped. Less and less do you need to force things, until finally you arrive at non-action. When nothing is done, nothing is left undone. - Lao Tzu 为学⽇日益,为道⽇日损, 损之⼜又损,以⾄至于⽆无为, ⽆无为⽽而⽆无不为。 - ⽼老⼦子 www.danielteng.com
    • What is one thing I could stop doing, or start doing, or do differently, starting today that would most improve the quality of my life? www.danielteng.com
    • #1: Pause and Reflect www.danielteng.com
    • #2: Meditation www.danielteng.com
    • Advice • • Individual • • Daily retro • Frequent retro Practice Meditation Organizational www.danielteng.com
    • Road to Excellence Going Through a Town Called Agile www.danielteng.com
    • www.danielteng.com