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Ruby Kaigi09 China Rubyupdate20090718 Ruby Kaigi09 China Rubyupdate20090718 Presentation Transcript

  • # Hello Shanghai! # 你好上海的朋友们!   RubyConf.China2009 and 中国 Ruby   Update
  • Who am I ?
    • Koz Masumitsu
      • 増満 工将
      • 增满 工将
    • Owner of China based Ruby and Rails company Tengu SD
    • Owner of Health Massage Shop in China
    • Member of Shanghaionrails
    • Member of Offshore Forum (Japanese IT Society)
    • 20+ years business experience in Mitsubshi, Eli Lilly, ING, TSMC, Getronics...
  • About the Presentation
    • 1. Impassioned glance from Shanghai
    •      RubyConf.China 2009
    •      Shanghaionrails Activities
    • 2. China Ruby Business update
    • 3. Proposal
    • - Regional Union, Greater Asia
  • One day at Cafe in Pudong Shanghai in Mar '09
    • Stephen      
    •   "You are Japanese"
    • Koz           
    •   "Yes"
    • Stephen       
    •   "I am wondering whether or  not we can invite Matz to Shanghai"
    • Koz          
    •   "!! He is super busy guy, may not come..."
  • And...
    • Stephen
    • "But  YOU CAN DO IT "
    •   Koz         
    • "( Obama?? ) O,OK... At least  
    •   I can send a message to him"
        • The Historical moment of 
        • the birth of RubyConf.China
  • Stephen and Yuanyi made HP after 3 days fr om the fir st meetin g...
  • And... In Apr. Matz's Twitter Ooops, it's gonna be a big event! RubyConf China... -Matz
  • Planning Mtg   Maggie - Ekohe Ouspec- JavaEye Scott - Ekohe Yuanyi - SOR
  • American Size Scott - Ekohe
  • Sophia - Tengu SD Stephen - SOR American Size Scott - Ekohe
  • Event Logo Candidates Logo Candidates
  • Event  Poster! Oops, Crash Ruby.. By
  • Event Banner...
  • The day before at Pugdong 
  • Stephen said  "My dream has come true"
  •   Entrance..
  • Matz - The God! " Matz 大神 " 光臨
  • 450 people from back
  • 450 people from front
  • Enjoy the Live!
  • Very Serious Audience!!!
  • Speaking in  Japanese
  • Translating to Chinese...
  • So..English Speaker.. Can't Get It!!
  • Rock Star? After Gig..
  • Rock Star? After Gig..
  • Did you get it?
  • The Rock Star? After Gig..
  • Rock Star Signature 
  • Lunch Time
  • Chinese Biggest Geeks Community "JaveEye" uses Rails!
  • From Thoughtworks Mr. Ye Zheng talkng JRuby
  • IN-SRC from Beijing! The best Rubyist in China
  • French Geneous Maxime  speaking  fluent Chinese - Ekohe
  • PinPoint Tony Lai  from BeiJing Talked about Gov't PJ
  • WUXI TenguSD  Koz Selling Shimane!
  • Q&A initially no translator...
  • Q&A  Oops, Tough Question!
  • Q&A  Translator joined!
  • Matz and Translator Yun-Yun
  • Gurus Matz and Robin (JavaEye)‏
  • Blog 1
  • Blog 2
  • Blog 3...
  • Blog 4...
  • Blog 5...
  • Video
  • We are Shanghai onrails!!
  • ThoughtWorks China
      • Established in 2004
        • With presence in Beijing, Xian, Hong Kong and Singapore
      • Services
        • End to end Software Development Solution including the full lifecycle
        • Agile Training and Coaching
      • Capability
        • 120 IT professionals made up of Project Managers, Developers, Business Analysts, Quality Analysts, Data and UI Experts
        • Enterprise Java; Microsoft .NET; Ruby on Rails; Embedded Systems
        • Customers ranges from Fortune 100 enterprises to local start-ups
      • Thought Leadership
        • Host the largest annual Agile Conference in China
        • Publications ranges from books to a dozen magazines
        • Leader of 15+ open source projects
  • Mingle
      • Agile Project Management Product on Rails
        • 3 years of development
        • 3 cities (Sydney, Beijing, San Francisco)
        • 10~20 members team
        • One of the earliest product using JRuby/Rails in the world
        • Packaged software, cross platforms
        • Feature rich, highly customizable
        • Fast development rhythm
        • 4 months release cycle
  • Hotel Chain Brand Compliance Project
      • Enterprise Development on Rails
        • 3 releases over six months in both US office and Beijing office
        • 10 - 20 members in the development team and 2 members in the client team
        • Start with QuickStart to catch up the business and problem domain
        • Ruby on Rails as solution to speed up the development
        • User acceptance test environment (UAT) to fill in the gap between the client and the team
        • Automation to reduce mistakes
          • Continuous Integration
          • Automation Script
  • Image Inventory Management System
      • Legacy System on Rails
        • Handling legacy database
          • over 500,000 hi-resolution images
          • over 10,000,000 transaction data
        • Integrating with complicated existing IT infrastructure
          • Cumulus: Digital asset management
          • Endeca: search engine
          • ActiveDirectory, SAP, Newsletter, etc.
        • JRuby on Rails
          • S implicity and efficiency of Ruby on Rails
          • Deployed to Tomcat and reuse existing Java-based components
      • Distributed Agile Delivery
        • 3 weeks quickstart at Melbourne + 16 weeks development at Beijing
        • Early and frequently stakeholders involvement: DBA, UI designer, SEO experts, operation people, security consultant, etc.
        • Smooth and lean, end-to-end process.
  • More Ruby at ThoughtWorks
      • Ruby at ThoughtWorks by Martin Fowler
  • Blue Ruby – Who? SAP Research Americas and China Platform Research Blue Ruby Anne Hardy Juergen Schmerder (project lead)‏ Daniel Vocke Su Yu Joseph Wang Murray Spork Florian Reinhart (student)‏ Kevin Schlieper (student)‏
  • Blue Ruby – What? Combine the best of both worlds © SAP 2008 / Page
    • ABAP Application Server
    • Known for robustness and work process isolation
    • Highly scalable
    • Sophisticated software logistics and software lifecycle management
    • Unrivaled breadth and depth of existing Enterprise Applications
    • Ruby
    • Pure object-oriented dynamic general-purpose language
    • Perfectly suited for rapid prototyping
    • Rich and thriving community, especially among web developers
    • Supports implementation of internal DSLs
    • Evolutionary, non-disruptive extension of the ABAP VM
    • Runs inside the ABAP VM, does not require additional server
    • Sandbox approach allows consumer-specific adaptation inside the platform, without breaking platform consistency
    • Experimental!
    Enterprise-ready Dynamic Language Environment Making the simple things simple and the complex things possible
  • Blue Ruby Architecture © SAP 2008 / Page
  • Blue Ruby Building Blocks
    • Blue Ruby Compiler Towards a self-hosting Ruby environment
    • Blue Ruby Runtime Extends the ABAP VM to support Ruby
    • Blue Sec Policy-driven security ensures platform integrity
    • Blue Bug A Ruby developer needs a Ruby debugger
    • Blue Ruby IDE SAPGui or DHTML (or your own)‏
    • Secure Bridges Sandboxed access to ABAP Applications
    • Blue FS A database-backed virtual file system with RESTful and WebDAV access
    © SAP 2008 / Page
    • BRIL
    • Blue Ruby Intermediate Language – a representation of a dynamic program the ABAP VM understands
  • Next steps
    • Trial system available outside SAP firewall
        • Terms: NDA / trial agreement required for non D/I/C-Users
        • If interested – talk to us: [email_address] , [email_address]
    • Series of Weblogs planned on SDN
        • Code examples on how to use Blue Ruby
        • From simple snippets to full-blown application
    • Feedback highly appreciated
        • Would a scripting environment for ABAP be useful?
        • How would you use Blue Ruby?
        • What is missing?
    • Deeper involvement (get copy of source code) might be possible
        • If interested – talk to us: [email_address] , [email_address]
    © SAP 2008 / Page
    • Built on Ruby on Rails
    • Apache + Mongrel
    • Over 20,0000 Students
    • Enroll, Vote, E-Learning, Forum...
  • JavaEye : China Bigest Website Powered by Ruby
  • Introduction
    • JaveEye established in 2003, now it is one of the bigest IT community in China, include Java, Ruby, AJAX, Python, .NET, Mobile develop area and so on, especially Ruby community is active and booming.
    • JavaEye website now Alex world rank is about 6500, Google page rank is 5, everyday page view is 1.5 million , individual user is 120 thousand . We have 350 thousand register users .
    • JavaEye and shanghaionrails is successful hold the First RubyConf China Tech Meeting in May 21,2009. We are greatly honoured invite Ruby founder Matz attending this meeting and Matz give a great speech, over 500 China Ruby programmers attended this meeting.
  • Technology
    • JavaEye website 2.0 version is rebuilt by Ruby and Rails, MySQL database in 2006.
    • JaveEye only use two servers, one is app server run lighttpd web server and ruby server, and another is database server run MySQL database.
    • JavaEye website use memcache, prototype, and search engine is Lucene.
  • About SaiWei Saiwei information technology co.,ltd mainly engaged in "Ruby on Rails" technical training 、 web site development and online application development,and customized training excellent IT personnels through combining the status of China's enterprises with the technology form Europe and America. It is committed to provide training and excellent IT for high-end IT business based on the Unix / Linux platform 、 Web and enterprise applications.
  • Training
    • Saiwei customized training excellent IT personnels through combining the status of China's enterprises with the technology from Europe and America.
    • Ruby on Rails Training Description :
    • Linux application and server management, "Ruby on Rails" base and advanced, DIV + CSS, HTML, XML, JavaScript, Ajax, Agile development process, demands analysis and preparation of use cases, UML, Rails application security, database design and optimization, MySQL, Apache , Lighttpd, Nginx, Rails project deployment and etc.
  • A B2B internet software service for global sourcing within the garment manufacturing supply chain What is Source the Globe? © 2008 - 2009 Source the Globe
  • # of Subscribers < 10,000 > 10,000 < 100,000 > 100,000 Growth/Activity None Low High Presence Traditional Only Traditional and Online Online Only Product Focus All Products Apparel Apparel Chain And so much More © 2008 - 2009 Source the Globe
    • Of Course there is so much more, check out for yourself, we are looking for partners and investors who share the passion and vision.
    • Most of our Competition is listed below:
  • Thank You! © 2008 - 2009 Source the Globe
    • Contact
    • Jeffrey Clark
    • Phone (604) 288 8640
    • Mobile (86) 138 1796 7278
    • [email_address]
    • Twitter: @fashionsourcing
  • The advantage of Kingaxis
    • China Wuxi Kingaxis Software Company Limited is a new energetic software enterprise which is founded by several experienced developers.
    • The company mainly aims at providing the enterprises, public institutions and government with the service.
    • Our products which are developed on the basis of the technique of Ruby on Rails is applied successfully by several international companies.
    • We have a good relationship with the local government in corporation.
    • Ruby is considered as the main language of developing in our company.
    • We have a full set of methods of solving problems, strategies and future plans based on the Ruby on Rails.
    • General manager and manager of R & D have many years of Ruby on Rails development experience.
  • Projects Kingaxis
    • 1 XXXXX valve (a group of Asia Pacific branch company, mechanical manufacture and trade),the branch company has 250 people. Group has 90 years of history, the group has more than 10,000 people, more than 70 branch. Our golden taxation system called Golden Tax Interface has been adopted and human resources management system named AxisHRM has been adopted too. Product data management system called AxisPDM is being carried out now.
    • 2 XX university XX college,education,there are more than 10000 teachers and students in this college and we offered them an OA system based on the LOTUS.
    • 3 XX mechanical foreign trade corporation, mechanical trade, has established more than 30 years, employee about 1,000 people, we provide sales management system called AxisCRM (without distributors management standard version), and we are providing them a managed online store based on ROR.
    • 4 XX machine tool plant, machinery manufacturing industry, about 2,000 people, with annual sales of nearly 10 million yuan RMB. We offer them with distributors management sales management system (AxisCRM = CRM + DRP).
    • 5 XX consultant firm,consulting industry, about 200 people. We offer them on the web outsourcing service based on Ruby Rails .
    • 6 XXX pet store, about 20 people. We provide chain store management system.
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!! Proposal !!!!!!!!!!!
      • Japan Regional Ruby Kaigi + Shanghaionrails Joint Meeting =>Probably West Japan Area?? Fukuoka..
      • Japan Biz Commons and Shanghaionrails Joint Meeting
      • Connecting to Taiwan and other Asian Ruby Communities
      • Connecting US and Europe communities via Shanghai
      • Plan co-development of Ruby Certificate Chinese version Exam
      • Plan co-development of Ruby Certificate Text
        • Right now I am working on with Indian Guru
  • When you visit Shanghai...
    • Just call, email, twitter, facebook or linkedin to me.
    •      Kozmasumitsu
    •     [email_address]
    •      Phone +86-139-2153-1014
    •      Skype kozmasumitsu
  • About Tengu
  • TENGU Works For Canada For Local China For Africa
  • Starting Ruby dedicated Training coming Augutst with government and Shanghaionrails support Freelancer network in China 10USD per hour...
  • Announcement!!
    • KungfuRailsChina at Shanghai 2009 in this October
    • Chad is coming!
    • Looking for sponsorship!! Please!!
    • Especially....
      • Rakuten, NaCL, CTC.....
      • よろしくおねがいします!!!
      • 高橋さん かくたにさん お待ちしてます!