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Monetize Yourself!


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How to Monetize yourself (or your CEO) …

How to Monetize yourself (or your CEO)
The 95% Rule
The Brittney Spears Model
Positioning yourself for a future/career
The ‘I have no time’ strategy

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  • 1. Moneti$e Yourself10 Ethical Strategies to Make Money from Your Personal Expertise
  • 2. Moneti$e Yourself10 Ethical Strategies to Make Money from Your Personal Expertise• How to Monetize yourself (or your CEO)• The 95% Rule• The Brittney Spears Model• Positioning yourself for a future/career• The ‘I have no time’ strategy• Our goal - Do 1 thing kinda good
  • 3. Wall Street Journal
  • 4. FOX Business TV
  • 5. Facebook ‘pink lemonade shoes’
  • 6. @JayBerkowitz
  • 7. Moneti$e Yourself10 Ethical Strategies to Make Money from Your Personal Expertise
  • 8. Follow yourPassion!
  • 9. Marcus Sheridan Virginia and MarylandBuilding fiberglass pools and educating the worldabout pools at
  • 10. “How do I start a blog? It’s easy.Write the top 20 questionsyou get as a business owner.How much does a fiberglass poolcost? What’s the differencebetween a fiberglass pool and aconcrete pool? Now you have 20titles. 20 blog articles. Do it 2times a week and you’ve got agood blog up and running.”
  • 11. “The disease of knowledge –everybody suffers from itChange how we think. Put yourselfon their level. Write at thelevel of a kindergartener.They don’t want to know howsmart we are they want ourknowledge”
  • 12. Flickr Photo Credit Florador• What blogs do you read• Who do you like to hang out with• If you could do anything this Saturday,what would it be?• What do you know more about than 95%What is your Passion?
  • 13. Create your own Home BaseFlickr Photo Credit Ed Yourdan
  • 14. Blog = a simple website
  • 15. If you can write an eMail you can Blog
  • 16. Set up a ‘blog’ at
  • 17. As easy as an email 
  • 18. Create linksFlickr Photo Credit Sergey Golonkin
  • 19. Add an image (, Photo Credit Sergey Golonkin
  • 20. Add an imageFlickr Photo Credit Sergey Golonkin
  • 21. • Blogs: 77.7 million unique visitors in the US• 77% of active Internet users read blogs• Blogs with 100,000 + unique visitors a monthearn an average of $75,000
  • 22. Affiliate Banners
  • 23. Jason Kottke quit his job to blog full-time and asked his readers tobecome "micropatrons" at a suggested rate of $30. He received$39,900 from 1,450 people
  • 24. $5 - $2500
  • 25. •• Point to your own Domain• Ask 20 questions• Blog 2 times per week• Monetize through AdSense,Affiliate, Sponsors, Subscribers• IZEA Pay Per PostFlickr Photo Credit Ed YourdanBlog = Home Base
  • 26. Dr. Hilaine SmithMake Lots of ‘friends’!
  • 27. Facebook ‘Profile’
  • 28. Facebook Fan Page
  • 29. 433,928 Likes333,250 Talking About This77.0%
  • 30. 121,734 Likes3,128 Shares33,570 Comments
  • 31. help people
  • 32.
  • 33. Follow people with Common Interests
  • 34. follow people with common interests
  • 35. make lots of friends!• Friends = a network of opportunity• Follow those with common interests• Help People• Recognize and Interact – Blogs, Social• How will you build friends?• Monetize through trust built with yourlist
  • 36. iJustine
  • 37. video• YouTube is the #3 website and #2 search engine• Quality is not important• Product Reviews• How –to’s• Answer questions• Create you own YouTube Channel• Regular Schedule• Monetize through advertising and traffic
  • 38. Loooonnnng sales letter
  • 39. Sideways Sales Letter
  • 40.
  • 41. Info Product Launches• Jeff Walker invented ‘Product LaunchFormula’• Free Content, List Build, Relationship,Limited Time Offer…then Create Product
  • 42. Britney Spears Model
  • 43. Ten Golden Rules eNewsletter
  • 44. Cascade Content!
  • 45. Facebook ‘pink lemonade shoes’
  • 46. Monetize Yourself10 Ethical Strategies to Make Money Online from Your Expertise• Find passion• Set up a Blog as Home base• Build Subscribers/followers/ Likes /YouTubeSubscribers• eBook / permission to re-market• Video• Info Products• Cascade Content
  • 47. Monetize Yourself10 Ethical Strategies to Make Money Online from Your Expertise• Top 10 Priorities - do 1 thing today!• Please ‘pay-it-forward’• Be my friend! Linked In, Twitter@jayberkowitz• Speaking Opportunities• Consulting, Search, Conversion, Affiliate• Website build outs• Q&A