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10 Things Yacht Executives Need to know about Internet Marketing
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10 Things Yacht Executives Need to know about Internet Marketing


How to improve a website so it shows up at the top of Google searches …

How to improve a website so it shows up at the top of Google searches
How to generate positive return-on-investment with online marketing
What online business models are working, and not working today?
Why Facebook matters for business
The 3 E’s of Social Media & emerging sites such as Pinterest
How to use YouTube videos for online business

Published in Business , Technology , Design
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  • 1. • H o w t o im p r o v e a w e b s it e s o it s h o w s u p a t t h e t o p o f G o o g le s e a rc he s• H o w t o g e n e r a t e p o s it iv e r e t u r n -o n -in v e s t m e n t w it h o n lin e m a r k e t in g• W h a t o n lin e b u s in e s s m o d e ls a r e w o r k in g , a n d n o t w o r k in g to d a y?• Wh y F a c e b o o k m a tte rs fo r b u s in e s s
  • 2. Recent MediaWall Street Journal
  • 3. Recent Media FOX TV
  • 4. U San Fran Internet Masters Certificate
  • 5.
  • 6. ‘I know half of my Advertising is wasted… I just don’t know which half’ John Wanamaker
  • 7. #1 You can measure ROI…to the penny
  • 8. Search ™
  • 9. Pay Per Click
  • 10. Pay Per Click
  • 11. Conversion ‘action’
  • 12. Conversion ‘action’
  • 13. Pay Per Click
  • 14. Advanced PPC Local 16
  • 15. Retargeting
  • 16. 1. You can measure ROI to the penny Flickr Photo Credit SeaBlast
  • 17. #2 Internet Advertising is NOT Expensive
  • 18. 218 yachts for sale 157 used sailboats130 florida charter fishing 106 luxury yacht charters 99 crewed yacht charter 78 yacht management
  • 19. Free Search “PR”‘Natural’ or ‘Organic’72% Prefer Left Side
  • 20. Keyword Research - Searches
  • 21. Keyword Research – Opportunity!
  • 22. Highlight textCopy into Word Docment
  • 23. Target250 – 1000 words per page
  • 24. How many links TO a site TenGoldenRules has 4,979 Links TO the site
  • 25. Build links TO your websiteDirectory links
  • 26. Meta tag should match keywords in page copy
  • 27. tells you how many search phrases are found in Google Page 1-2
  • 28. YouTube – BlendTec
  • 29. 2. Internet traffic is ‘free’ Flickr Photo Credit SeaBlast
  • 30. #3 It’s easy to set a baseline vs. competitors
  • 31. Google Page 11,100 Pages The site is Rank 4/10 Indexed ‘Read’ 3,808,761th by Google ranked by Alexa.SEO Quake Toolbar
  • 32. Google Page 1,680 Pages Indexed ‘Read’ The site is 1,900,375th Rank 3/10 by Google ranked by Alexa.SEO Quake Toolbar
  • 33. Google Page 475 Pages Indexed ‘Read’ The site is 3,952,284 Rank 3/10 by Google ranked by Alexa.SEO Quake Toolbar
  • 34. Google Page 1,200 Pages Indexed ‘Read’ The site is 3,820,390 Rank 3/10 by Google ranked by Alexa.SEO Quake Toolbar
  • 35. Google Page 747 Pages Indexed ‘Read’ The site is 2,991,866 Rank 3/10 by Google ranked by Alexa.SEO Quake Toolbar
  • 36. 3. It is easy and free to set a baseline vs. competitors Flickr Photo Credit SeaBlast
  • 37. #4 It is for Every Business!
  • 38. 40,646 visits to the site ‘free’ 47.9% of total visits ‘free’
  • 39. 4. Internet Marketing is for EVERY business Flickr Photo Credit SeaBlast
  • 40. The company you invest in today, is not the company that will make millions tomorrow
  • 41. TIME Person of the year in 2010 – World’s youngest Billionaire, March 2011 worth $13.5 billion
  • 42. Facebook ‘Profile’
  • 43. Facebook ‘Fan’ Page
  • 44. Facebook Advertising
  • 45. Facebook Advertising
  • 46. Likeographics
  • 47. Same Landing Page For 2 Campaigns. Google CPA = $8.94 Facebook CPA $2.70
  • 48. 5. Facebook is HOT! Flickr Photo Credit SeaBlast
  • 49. 6. A Picture is Worth 1000 Clicks!
  • 50.
  • 51.
  • 52. G r a p h ic‘ me me ’
  • 53. 6. A Picture is Worth 1000 Clicks! Flickr Photo Credit SeaBlast
  • 54. #7 Blogging
  • 55. Technorati State of the Blogosphere Report• 900,000 blog posts a day worldwide• Blogs: 77.7 million unique visitors in the US• 22.6 million US bloggers• 77% of active Internet users read blogs• Blogs with 100,000 or more unique visitors a month earn an average of $75,000• Jason Kottke quit his job to blog full-time and asked his readers to become "micropatrons" at a suggested rate of $30. He received $39,900 from 1,450 people
  • 56. Customized News Feed
  • 57. If y o u c a n w r it e a n e m a il, y o u c a n b lo g
  • 58. 7. Blogging =your own easy website Flickr Photo Credit SeaBlast
  • 59. #8 You can find the People
  • 60. Craigslist – Classifieds, Real Estate, Very Few Pay
  • 61. Facebook – Rising Star
  • 62. LinkedIn Great Recruiting
  • 63. 8. Find good people where they hang out Flickr Photo Credit SeaBlast
  • 64. # 9– Your Website is a Lead Magnet
  • 65. Site Utilities such Logo Top Left as Log in, Contact throughout the and phone for Local Business 20-30% aresite link “Home” searchers “Top Right” Add a UVP “Unique4 Second Rule Value Who are you, Proposition”what site offers Repeat Navigation Add a site mapNavigation Top or left! Add Copy for the Search Engines
  • 66. 9. Your website can be a lead magnet Flickr Photo Credit SeaBlast
  • 67. Cascade Content!
  • 68. 10. Cascade Content Flickr Photo Credit SeaBlast
  • 69. 1. Measurable to the Penny2. Internet Advertising is NOT Expensive3. Baseline vs. Competitors4. It is for your business!5. Facebook is HOT!6. A picture is worth 1000 Clicks!7. Anyone can blog8. You can find great People9. Your website is a lead magnet10. Cascade Content
  • 70. 1. Top 10 / try 1 thing today!2. Please ‘pay-it-forward’ – Join the Conversation – Be my friend! Linked In, Facebook, Twitter – Speaking Opportunities – Consulting, Search, Conversion, Affiliate, SEO PR3. Slides4. …F/U…
  • 71. What is Program Launch Strategy
  • 72. What is Search Engine Marketing
  • 73. What is Pages & Conversion
  • 74. What is Facebook!
  • 75. What is Video
  • 76. What is Viral Marketing
  • 77. What is eNewsletters