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  • Bata internet social media branding

    2. 2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Not famous for its trendy and contemporary designs, Bata bets on its followers’ words-of-mouth and older generation followers to influence its name and existence as the choice for comfy wear. Crucially, Bata’s relevance in the market needs to be improved and sustained This one year social media activities for Bata Malaysia will leverage on social media to:  reach its target audience beyond its physical stores and traditional marketing  build relationships with new generation  build brand community and advance Bata brand advocacy
    3. 3. BACKGROUND Bata (also known as Bata Shoe Organization) is a family-owned global Footwear and Fashion accessory manufacturer and retailer with acting headquarters located in Lausanne, Switzerland. In its history the Bata has sold more than 14 billion pairs of shoes and was awarded Guinness World Record as the “Largest Shoe Retailer and Manufacturer” Bata Shoe Organization is driven by the mission that is “to be successful as the most dynamic, flexible and market responsive worldwide organization with footwear as its core business”. Bata Malaysia is categorized under Bata Emerging Market (Asia, Pacific, Africa and Latin America) based in Singapore.
    4. 4. BACKGROUND The Bata brand has served different segments of the market, with other brands such as: Baby Bubbles, B First, Bubblegummers, Bata, Bata Comfit, Marie Claire, Sundrops, North Star, Power & Weinbrenner In Malaysia Bata operates a retail chain with more than 270 stores which consists of:  City  Family  Primavera - for the middle to high end bracket; shoes are up to date in fashion and design.  Footin’ - for the low to middle income group; for the young and trendy and affordable shoes In addition to retail, Bata also operates wholesale depots to service an independent dealer network totalling 1,500 outlets. Since July 2011 Bata offers Online Shopping and Home Delivery which is excellent for its customer service
    5. 5. CHALLENGES Increased Targeted the competition Not trendy lower middle Changing Tired old from the local and limited class Consumer brand players variety segments of Preferences especially the society online store Build relationship with Innovative Online younger Improve StoreSOLUTIONS design Products Quality, generation for higher Fashion Vs More income Price variety Joint Enhance bracket Promotion brand equity
    6. 6. SITUATION ANALYSISSocial Media Marketing: Current Bata Social media is not strategized creatively in building its brand and very skewed towards supporting it’s traditional media campaigns and very hard sell mode Current Situation: “Less happening” social media scenario BataHome_MY (Twitter) 271 Tweets 0 Following 33 Followers Bata Home Malaysia (Facebook) 4,317 likes 38 talking about this Bata Home Malaysia (YouTube) 3 subscribers 312 video views Improvements in its social media strategy is required to be able to survive in the market Research conducted by Google in late 2008 indicates:  that 45% of men and 46% of women use online research to make online and in-store purchase decisions  nearly 33% of women feel comfortable buying their shoes online
    7. 7. ONLINE SHOPPING  Today Bata retail outlets and online shopping are facing more threat coming from the various online shopping.  A study reported on 22 April 2011 on the online shopping trends of consumers in Malaysia by Nielson Company indicated that 1.1 million Malaysians shopping online, spending RM1.8 billion in 2010 and is set to reach RM5 billion in 2014. Online purchases for clothings/shoes /accessories on local websites are RM48 million  The most popular fashion online shopping in Malaysia is which combine traditional media and social media in its marketing. ZaloraMalaysia uses artistes endorsements in its various campaign.ZaloraMalaysia (Twitter) 4,846 Tweets 1,012 Following 6,681 FollowersZaloraMalaysia (Facebook) 306,721 Likes 23,540 talking about thisZaloraMalaysia (YouTube) 102 subscribers 63,836 video viewsZaloraMalaysia (Google+) 108 Have Them In Circles
    8. 8. SOCIAL MEDIA BUZZ TOMS Shoes - With every purchase, TOMS will help a person in need. One for One.TOMS (Twitter) 5,394 Tweets 229,689 Following 2,052,320 FollowersTOMS (Webstagram) 319 photos 60 Following 29,063 FollowersTOMS (Pinterest) 29,671 Followers 744 FollowingTOMS (Facebook) 1,906,406 Likes 28,136 talking about thisTOMS (YouTube) 30,455 subscribers 4,596,102 video viewsTOMS (Google+) 312,423 Have Them In Circles A very good example of CSR using Social Media
    9. 9. SOCIAL MEDIA BUZZJimmy ChooFacebook 1,454,979 likes 45,124 talking about thisTwitter 2,735 Tweets 1,028 Following 137,947 FollowersCatch-a-Choo Foursquare campaign , Spring 2010 that had women running allover London to secure a pair of the company’s new line of trainersThe company used the platform to check in at various fashionable locales;checkins were broadcast over Facebook and Twitter, and the first person at eachsite was awarded a free pair of trainers.Roughly 4,000 people participated in the chase, which was picked up by themainstream and online media alike. Sneaker sales subsequently increased by33%, according to social media agency FreshNetworks London, which designedthe campaign.
    10. 10. SOCIA MEDIA BUZZKEDS SOCIAL MEDIA SNEAKERSNew concept Keds designsby Lumen Bigott might justpropel the brand to a wholedifferent level. The graphic designer and marketer decided to combine two things that many people utilize on a daily basis: sneakers and social media.
    11. 11. SOCIAL MEDIA ECOLOGY Components & social media platforms Facebook Google + YouTube Blog / Website / Twitter Email Marketing Instagram / Pinterest
    12. 12. MULTI PLATFORMS DRIVERS Facebook YouTube Google + •Daily Interaction • Event Video •CSR •Risk Management • Endorsement Blog / Instagram / Twitter Website Pinterest • Updates on Event • Promotions •Albums • Promotions • Email Mktg •Competition • Online Shop ChannelContents are interrelated to support all platforms activities
    13. 13. CONTENT STRATEGYEvolving Content need to be:• Relevant (Connected)• Varied (Diversity)• Consistent (Coherent)
    14. 14. CONTINUOUS CYCLE CONTENT RESEARCH whatRule of engagement people are research to looking determine for? relevancy by Bargain /searching for our CSR Coupons?brand name, ourcompetitors, and our target keywords. Become Intimate with OUR ShortListen to what’s Articles? Audience Tips? out there, identify, andunderstand ourtarget audience. Info? Advice?
    15. 15. OPTIMIZING FOR GREAT CONTENT Using Being 80/20 human! principle: Short & Time of day Not moreInteractive, 80% Sweet with most of than 1-2 not to sell common Rich media fans online status product or Status interest and updates too much updates checking & 20% per day blog post written. brand / company
    16. 16. COMPETITOR ANALYSISIncreased competitionfrom the local playersas well as theconstantly increasing Brand Outletsthreat of Chinese (Manufacturer)imports. Retailers Online (Distributors Stores / Importers)
    25. 25. BRAND VOICE Bata brand voice need to communicate the following messages:  Be FASHIONABLE with Bata  Reach out to younger generation  Functional yet in-style  Treat yourself a COMFORTABLE pair of Bata  Benefit of Bata products (not being fashion victim)  Bata is AFFORDABLE  Style shouldn’t cause a bomb Bata brand’s voice should sound chirpy, informed and easy going – if it is a person it should be a confident FASHIONISTA!
    26. 26. BATA TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANTAGEOUS Comfort Flexible Wind Breakthrough Inspired by It has in-built air product in Chinese circulation women’s techology that footwear. It uses reflexology. allows your feet dynamic spring to breathe and pads that act as ensures that you cushion for your stay fresh a.m. to feet. p.m.
    27. 27. SOCIAL MEDIA GOALS Provide Keep LoyalSpread the Excellent Customers Drive Sales Word Customer Coming Service Back Showcustomers andprospects who Give Listen and we are and customers respond to what we can offers that are what our Build deeper do for them. so good they’ll customers are relationships share them saying about It’s great for so customers with their us and to us. brand will get to friends. It’s a awareness know, like, and Promotions wonderful and attract trust us more. can go viral! feedback loop! new audiences!
    28. 28. S.M.A.R.T. OBJECTIVES • Enhance and diversify type of content • videos by 10%, • photos by 20% • comments by 20% Capacity Tactical• Increase the age / ethnicity / gender / income / geographic of Facebook fans by 10% monthly Results • Increase website traffic by 25% • Increase email list by 500 names
    29. 29. ANNUAL SOCIAL MEDIA PLANCONTENT FOCUSPlatform 1st Q 2nd Q 3rd Q 4th QFacebook What should I Fashion shouldn’t Fashion is M’sia Fashion wear cost a bomb confident WeekTwitter Fashion advice go Fashionista Fashion Forward M’sia Fashion to Fb, YouTube contest on go to Week Instagram / PinterestYouTube Styling 101 Tips: What to look Tips: Festive Pledge: Shoes for for when shopping Shopping the needy Voucher for every contentWebsite/ Blog Definition of Mix n match Guess Writer on Feature Designer Fashionista fashionInstagram / Build Fashion Street Fashion Fashion Victim M’sia Fashion album Fashionista WeekPinterest contest onGoogle+ Fashion Circle Fashionista Festive Cheer Festive Cheer Annoucement Shoes for the Shoes for the needy needySocial media marketing works best when combined with other marketing activities
    30. 30. ANNUAL SOCIAL MEDIA PLANPROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES Festivities SpecialAnniversary Promotion Event New Arrival Sales Event CNY Marie Claire Men 10 – 11 Feb Mother’s Day Yearly 2013 Warehouse 12 May 2013 Sale Comfit a day in history Hari Raya Ladies Puasa 8 – 9 Aug 2013 Power MIFA Father’s Day Hari Raya Haji M’sia Int’ Bubble Sports 16 June 2013 15 Oct 2013 Fashion Week Gummers November North Star Outdoor Depavali Adventure 4 Nov 2013 Anniversary for Merdeka every shop B-First 31 Aug 2013 New Store & M’sia Day Christmas Opening Back “2” School 16 Sep 2013 25 Dec 2013 WeinbrennerAll this promotional activities will be included in social media calendar with special discountfor facebook and twitter followers
    31. 31. ACTIVATION PLAN FOR Q2 Fashionista - A person devoted to fashion clothing, particularily unique or high fashion. REAL fashionistas do not believe in trends. Rationale – fashion especially shoes are highly popular among ladies who normally influences family members when it comes to fashion – since Bata is targeted to all this association with “Fashionista” will appeal to modern outgoing consumers. Activation Plan for Q2  Awareness  joint promo announcement with ZaloraMalaysia – most popular online shop;  contest open (Fb & Twitter);  support with traditional media  Seeding and influence communication  Interview celebrities : What to look for when shopping (YouTube)  Fashion shouldn’t cause a bomb (Fb)  Mix n Match and still look good (Blog)  Campaign Mechanics  Participants to submit Fashionista album through Instagram / Pinterest  20 selected participants to enter shopping treasure hunt in Bkt Btg with family of 4 & do a fashion show – best styling picked by Designers  Sustenance  Event video (YouTube) Event Photos (Fb, Blog)
    32. 32. FOLLOW THROUGH Q2  Analyze  Corrective ActionsAudit Existing Increase Post Content CommunityPage “Like” Count •engaging content: Engagement•Ensure Articles, blog •Like and comment •Produce and post posts, reminders, consistency on relevant interactive discounts, etc. across platforms posts, Post content, use ads •2-3 posts/wk•Ongoing and sponsored questions to•% page stories •% impressions % community, respo completion feedback nd •Ongoing •% impressions % •Ongoing  REWARD Plan •% feedback feedback  Refine  Repeat Successful Activities
    33. 33. ACTIVATION PLAN Q2  Analyze  Corrective ActionsCreate Add videos CompetitionChannel • Add video for Video• Add company testimonials to • Invite details channel, get contribution• Ongoing code for • # video posting videos  REWARD Plan• % channel on social sites • Reward completion  Refine • 1 video /month  Repeat • # video views Successful Activities
    34. 34. FOLLOW THROUGH Q2  Analyze  Corrective ActionsIncrease Follow Users Tweet Community Follow Backs •Tweet content Engagement &Follower types Management •Search for and •1 tweet/day •Retweet otherCount follow relevant •# Clicks users according to Twitter user’s•Utilize 3rd party profile •# Retweets & content, Reply to Twitter •Ongoing Replies users who engage, applications to •Reward for active Comment on increase # of •# Following Follower:Following followers on related key words,  REWARD Plan relevant followers•Ongoing Ratio twitter phrases, industries •Ongoing  Refine•# Followers # •# Retweets &  Repeat Relevant Followers Replies % Increase Successful Activities
    35. 35. FOLLOW THROUGH Q2  Analyze  Corrective ActionsBlog Posts Reputation Blogger SEO•Post content on Management Outreach •Align company blog with SEO •Like and description, optimized photo •Reply to optimize tags, comment on•1-2 posts/wk comments on photos, etc. relevant blog blog posts •Ongoing•# post views Search for posts related to # social shares mentions key words •Google % feedback phrases, PageRank •Ongoing •% impressions industries # blog views  REWARD Plan •Ongoing % feedback •# comments  Refine # replies  Repeat Successful Activities
    36. 36. FOLLOW THROUGH Q2  Analyze  Corrective ActionsEmail E-Card E-News MultiDatabase • promote one • Align Channel• Sign up for specific company Promo specials and special description, during each optimize • Send out a promotional survey via offers & blog festivities tags, email asking updates • seasonal photos, etc. which social  REWARD Plan• Ongoing • # response • Ongoing networks  Refine• # response • Google they are on PageRank  Repeat • Ongoing # blog views Successful • # response Activities
    37. 37. FOLLOW THROUGH Q2  Analyze  Corrective ActionsLaunch Follow Fashion Featured Users FASHIONISTAFASHIONISTA Show • Encourage TipsGroup Follow • Designers •Ongoing• Create Backs Invitation •# entry Thematic • Search for and • 3 month •Reward yearly Albums, Age- follow relevant before KL Group users Fashion  REWARD Plan Albums, In- according to Week; yearly stlye profile • # Followers  Refine• Ongoing • Ongoing  Repeat• #followers • # Following Successful # share Follower:Follo # likes wing Ratio Activities
    38. 38. FOLLOW THROUGH Q2  Analyze  Corrective ActionsFeatured Follow Users Bata WorldFASHIONISTA Follow Backs • Congregate BataLaunch Circle CSR works around • Search for andCSR, Bata for the less follow relevant the Worldfortunate users according to • OngoingOngoing – Festivities profile • # Followersreward • Ongoing • # Following  REWARD Plan#followers# share Follower:Following  Refine# likes Ratio  Repeat Successful Activities
    39. 39. CRISIS MANAGEMENT Social Media- an increasingly open and transparent environment, instant sharing of positive and negative opinions and thoughts Crisis Management – how to turn negatives into positives to preserve and/or increase company or brand value Important to monitor social media, to be quick in replying to issues raised via social media in a holistic human, non- corporate voice. Important to have a social media crisis response team, a crisis response plan in a structured comprising escalation process to address the negativity
    41. 41. ADDRESSING NEGATIVITY Preparedness to Manage Negativity Crisis templates Creating Social Pressroom SocialEscalation Process
    42. 42. CRISIS MANAGEMENTThe following could escalate a crisis in social mediafurther:1. Improper reply /contents /wrong choice of words /misinterpretation2. Slow or no response to posted matterThe three most probable scenarios in the shoebusiness as Bata are:1. Defects in workmanship and materials2. Customers did not feel the comfort of the shoes as claimed by Bata3. Returns and exchange policies not properly executed
    44. 44. Thank You