Romanian Health Care


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Overview of the Health care system in Romania

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Romanian Health Care

  1. 1. Romanian Healthcare System Center for Health Policy and Public Health Babes-Bolyai University Cluj Romania Master Programs in Public Health and Social Care 511303- TEMPUS-1-2010-1-UK-TEMPUS-JPCR Yerevan, Armenia - February 2011
  2. 2. Organizational structure Romanian healthcare systemSource: Health Systems in Transition; vol. 10; no. 3; 2008. ROMANIA. Health System Review; p.24
  3. 3. Organizational structure Romanian healthcare system Minister of Health National Institute of Public Health County Authorities Regional institutes of of Public Health public health Health services – inpatient & outpatient Hospitals, physician practices, polyclinics County NationalCounty Colleges of Colleges ofCouncils Insured / Patients Health Health Professionals Professionals County Health Insurance Houses National Health Insurance House
  4. 4. Financing Romanian healthcare systemSource: Health Systems in Transition; vol. 10;no. 3; 2008. ROMANIA. Health SystemReview; p.40
  5. 5. Education systemEducation of health Public medical universities - 11professionals Private universities - 2Physicians/dentists MD – 6 years Residency – 3-7 yearsPharmacists 5 yearsNurses/midwives 4 yearsProfessional Academic Master – 2 years Professional Master – 1 yeardevelopment PhD – 1 year
  6. 6. Regulation and service providersHealthcare Primary care Family doctors Secondary care Hospitals, oupatient departments, centers for Public diagnosis and treatment, office-based specialists Tertiary care Teaching hospitals, Public specialized hospitalsPrivate sector Private funding Contracts with the National Health Insurance Fund
  7. 7. Ministry of HealthLegal framework for healthcareprovidersNumber of hospital bedsOpening or closing of hospitals
  8. 8. Source: Health Systems in Transition;vol. 10; no. 3; 2008. ROMANIA. HealthSystem Review; p.24 Main health care reforms
  9. 9. Recent reforms - 2010Introduction of co-payments Excluded: people under the age of 18 (or 26 if they are students); retired people (if their pension is below 700 RON); people without any incomeRegulations regarding the hospital managers’selection processNational strategy for hospital rationalization Administrative organization / Financing / Hospital management / Human resources / Informal payments and corruption / Malpraxis / Quality assurance
  10. 10. Coverage with health professionals 1.4 doctors/1000 - Romania 3.2 doctors/1000 - EU average* 2,779 doctors solicited in 2010 certificates of good-standing, in order to practice outside Romania** *WHO Regional Office for Europe(2004) **Romanian College of Physicians (January 2011)
  11. 11. ChallengesMigration of resident and specialist doctors(Germany, France and UK) Low motivation - low level of salaries; Lack of long-term strategy for human resources recruitment
  12. 12. ConclusionsThe Romanian healthcare system isundergoing a series of profound changesand reformsHuman resources in any system shouldbe of a particular concern
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