Case study - good mothers, healthy babies - World Vision


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Case study - good mothers, healthy babies - World Vision

  1. 1. Client – World Vision RomaniaName of the campaign: “Good Mothers,Healthy Babies”Categories:  Non-Governmental Organisations. Civil Society.  Budget - / Creativity +Agency – Rogalski Grigoriu Public Relations I. Theme/OpportunityWorld Vision Romania is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working withchildren, families, and their communities. World Vision Romania runs programs for emergencyhumanitarian intervention, development and support of socially disadvantaged people.In Romania, the average rate of infant mortality (children under 5) is twice as high as in the restof European Union. What is sad, is that most of the deaths of children aged up to five could beprevented by simple and rather inexpensive procedures: medical assistance at birth, earlytreatment for children’s diseases and healthy nutrition. Moreover, because of poverty and lackof information, anemia is one of the most common problems for both pregnant women andchildren under two years old in rural underprivileged areas and rickets and dystrophy arealarming spread. This is more than just a problem facing Romania. It’s a “silent” emergency.And it is, we believe, the greatest child rights violation of our time.That is why World Vision Romania has launched its „Child and mother health and nutrition“program, a commitment to reduce infant mortality and to improve the health and the nutritionof mothers and babies under two in rural underprivileged areas.In support of this initiative, the “Good Mothers, Healthy Babies” campaign aims to drawpeople`s attention towards the suffering babies and children in underprivileged rural areas, toraise the awareness on the health and nutrition problems of mothers and children in rural areasand of course, to make people get involved and to donate.
  2. 2. II. Research  Conducting interviews with mothers and doctors in poor rural areas  Watching mothers` discussions on specialised blogs and forums;  Study on health and nutrition of mother and infant in rural areas conducted by World Vision Romania in July, 2011;  The nutritional status of pregnant woman and children under five conducted by IOMC, Unicef and Health Ministry;  Studies, statistics (statistic data released by Romanian Neonatology Associations and National Institute of StatisticsConclusions:• Anemia is one of the most common problems for both pregnant women and children undertwo years old.• Ensuring a healthy nutrition for babies in the rural areas is a problem linked to education:breastfeeding is discontinued before 6 months in more than 55% of cases; food diversificationis chaotic with potential serious consequences for the life and development of the child;• Mothers, especially the ones in rural underprivileged areas, don`t receive proper advice onhow to take care of their children and to recognize the first signs of illness;III. PlanningStrategic approach: raise the awareness of the program and drive interest amongst membersof the target audience and potential donors by building a long term engagement platformpowerful for the program and relevant for the target.Objectives: Informing and raising public awareness on the health and nutrition problems of mothers and children in rural underprivileged areas; Get the support of key opinion leaders and creating cause ambassadors; Fundraising for organising educational and informational seminars on child care and for offering mothers and children access to basic medical services; Maximum exposure of the campaign on a limited budget.
  3. 3. Evaluation criteria: The number and relevance of the press materials linked to the campaign (maintaining a strong interest of the press towards the theme of the campaign): at least 70 articles in written and online press in a period of three months. Involving key opinion leaders in the campaign: at least 3 KOL involved pro-bono in sustaining and promoting the messages of the campaign. Collecting donations of a minimum amount of 10.000 euro by the end of the September 2011Target:  General: parents, particular focus on mothers, 25-40 y.o., average and high education  Key opinion leaders: celebrities and bloggers  Press  DoctorsCommunicated messageGood mothers raise healthy children…and also support other mothers to be good mothers andto raise their children healthy.Communication channels Traditional: TV - mass television stations (TVR 1, TVR 2, PRO TV, B1TV, Realitatea TV), written and online press (general and health publications, CSR websites, women and parents magazines) Website Digital communication: blogs and FacebookCommunication instruments: Press releases, informative brochures,video materials
  4. 4. IV. Implementation Steps of the campaign 1. Prelaunch  Involving key opinion leaders: from the beginning we knew we needed expert and celebrity endorsement to help us in communicating the messages of the campaign with minimum costs. Hence, we co-opted Doctor Ana Culcer, Neonatology Specialist and chief of the Neonatology Section of the University Hospital in Bucharest, with more than 40 years’ experience in neonatology, to endorse and raise credibility towards World Vision message. Also we co-opted Daniela Nane, a famous actress, to help us to raise the awareness on World Vision message and “Good Mothers, Healthy Babies” campaign;  Documentary movie: we have realised a video material, presenting the cruel reality of children and mothers in rural underprivileged areas, including declarations of mothers and doctors in these communities. 2. Launch The official launch of the campaign - press event, May 19, 2011. In order to communicate the problems linked to mother and child health in rural areas and highlight the need for help, we have organized a press event with the theme “The health of the mother and the child”. The event was attended by journalists from general, health, lifestyle, medical and parents publications. Within the conference was presented for the first time the documentary movie and was very well perceived. 3. On-going communication, special projects;  We created and implemented an editorial strategy including press releases, website copy, Facebook posts, interviews with KOLs involved in the campaign and long issue-based articles.  Successive communication stages, including relevant statistic data about the health and nutrition problems of mothers and babies in rural areas. The messages were designed to sensitise
  5. 5. the target, to raise their receptivity and their willingness to donate. Involvement program designed for bloggers, having the theme “The oldest memory” – the concept through which we have communicated the link between the health of a child and his beautiful memories. Three leaders of the Romanian blogosphere (Cristian China, Simona Tache and Miruna Siminel) were invited to write about their own first memory, to shortly present the campaign and its call to action and to transfer the topic to other bloggers. After one week, ten other bloggers have taken over the subject on their blogs. Press release announcing the Goodness Bracelet, a facilitator of the donations. Getting the support of other TV celebrities, key opinion leaders and involving them directly in the communication process: Simona Bălănescu (the producer of the “Live healthy” show on Antena 2), Melania Medeleanu (TV celebrity involved in social projects for helping children) and Magda Vasiliu (TV celebrity having a positive capital image). Starting September 1st, for two weeks, all of them (including the actress Daniel Nane) have posted on their Facebook accounts support messages for the campaign, generating conversations on the theme and thus raising the awareness of the campaign.
  6. 6. V.Evaluation  146 articles published in written and online press in only four months of the campaign (May 20 – September 20, 2011): 18 dedicated materials in written press and 128 articles in online press. o the documentary movie - “Good Mother, Healthy Babies”- registered 4133 hits in only 24 hours from posting it on Adevarul website  2 radio interviews  8 TV features (news, feature reports and interviews) in parenting, health and informative shows on TVR 1 (“Bebe Magia” show) , TVR 2 (“News Hour” show), PRO TV (news), B1TV (“Vitamina B1” health show) and Realitatea TV (news) summing up 63 minutes of transmission;  14 dedicated articles on blogs generating 100 comments and 151 likes on Facebook, with a total reach (OTS) of 42.969 unique visitors;  21.550.177 (OTS) unique visitors in online press;  526.426 (OTS) readers in written press ;  1.316.000 (OTS) – TV audience;  Pro-bono involvement of four celebrities, key opinion leaders and one doctor  14.600 euro collected after four months of campaign  13 educational seminars have been organised in the section “Mothers` school in rural areas” for 130 mothers and pregnant women from 10 rural communities in Dolj and Valcea counties.