7 Content Marketing Myths Debunked


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What content marketing myths have you heard?

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7 Content Marketing Myths Debunked

  1. 1. myths If you add up the number of social connections of your employees, they almost always vastly exceed the connections for your official company accounts. Activating your employees and decentralizing content distribution and social media is the next phase of success. Easy-to-use software like Addvocate helps companies manage this process. Use social to drive awareness of your content more so than awareness of your company. Like social and email, content and social should be working VERY closely together. Give yourself permission to make the story bigger, and create content marketing that is related to your business, but isn’t 100% ABOUT your business. Make sense? Content marketing is where it’s at right now. You need to be producing at least several pieces of new content each month. This content also needs to be high quality and should avoid self promotion and cater more to what your customers need. Do this, and your website will be reigning in the traffic – and therefore leads and sales. Answer every comment made about the content you distribute – positive or negative – and do it FAST. It’s not about making the upset customer happy (although that would be nice) – it’s about making sure your brand is on record as listening and caring, because thousands of other customers/prospects are looking on with a bowl of popcorn in their laps. myths truthtruth contentmarketingisnotmeasurable.1 ignorenegativefeedbackaboutyourcontent.2 contentmarketingandsocialmediaareseparateinitiatives.4 yourcontentmarketingshouldbeaboutyourproductsandservices.5 toomuchcontentwillgiveawayyoursecrets.6 therulesaredifferentinb2b.7 seoinboundmarketingleadsemail bloging call to formsocialmedia action MYTHS DEBUNKEDMYTHS DEBUNKED content marketing First, do something that can be measured. Tracking URLs, visibility into your purchase funnel, unified customer databases, things like that. All of it can answer that “are we making money at this?” question. Too often people expect there to be a magic social media or content marketing measurement button, even though there is no such button for radio, TV, email, or other traditional marketing methods. Content marketing is extremely measurable. Content marketing is the real deal, a spectator sport. companychannelsareyourmostimportantassets.3 Negative. Content and social media marketing success is about people, not logos Well-known social media marketing strategist Jay Baer said it best: “Content is fire. Social media is gasoline.” We believe that if your content doesn’t have intrinsic value – if it can’t stand alone as something people actually WANT, you’re not thinking hard A list of ingredients doesn’t make someone a chef. Darn this myth! Yes, the purchase funnel and some of the tactics are different in B2B. 2b b The strategy for content (help, inform) and social (help, humanize) are the same regardless of what you’re selling. Remember every B2B customer is also a B2C customer. The marketing playbooks of the B2C companies are changing the expectations of B2B buyers. If you think you can take a pass on this stuff because “we’re B2B” you’re in real trouble. MYTh What other myths have you noticed out there? Content marketing goes hand in hand with social media marketing. Call us at Tempo Creative today to learn how our team of social media experts can help kick your company’s social and content marketing up a notch! Or download your free ebook below to learn some handy Internet marketing tricks for yourself.