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  • 1. Rocks & Minerals Review Ready…..Set….Go!
  • 2. Question The best way to reduce the impact of mining is?
  • 3. Answer Reclaiming the land
  • 4. Question Which process carries the sediment?
  • 5. Answer Erosion
  • 6. Question A mineral is naturally formed, has a definite crystalline structure, a chemical composition and___________.?!?!?!
  • 7. Answer Inorganic
  • 8. Question Intrusive rocks have _________Crystals
  • 9. Answer Large
  • 10. Question Stone mountain is what type of igneous rock?
  • 11. Answer intrusive
  • 12. Question What kind of rock is formed from heat and pressure?
  • 13. Answer metamorphic
  • 14. Question The most abundant extrusive rock is?
  • 15. Answer basalt
  • 16. Question What are the three types of sedimentary rocks?
  • 17. Answer Organic, clastic, and chemical
  • 18. Question Where are sedimentary rocks usually found?
  • 19. Answer On the surface from weathering and erosion of Earth’s materials
  • 20. Question Stratification occurs in what kind of rocks?
  • 21. Answer Sedimentary
  • 22. Question What process glues the sediment together?
  • 23. Answer Cementation
  • 24. Question Chalk is actually made of sediments from living things. This means it is what type of sedimentary rock?
  • 25. Answer Organic
  • 26. Question To make obsidian into a sedimentary rock, the obsidian rock must do what?
  • 27. Answer Either or all: Weathered Eroded Deposition Compaction Cementation
  • 28. Question If limestone is made from skeletons of living things, why can’t it be a mineral?
  • 29. Answer Minerals are: INORGANIC!
  • 30. Question Where are most metamorphic rocks formed?
  • 31. Answer Near plate boundaries DEEP WITHIN THE EARTH
  • 32. Question A geologist found a rock near a volcano in Hawaii. The rock seemed to be smooth and have tiny crystals. What kind of rock do you think the geologist found?
  • 33. Answer Extrusive igneous