Japans modern history 2012


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  • The next couple of slides are a comparison of the countries that we will be visiting. Notice how small all are compared to China.
  • The next couple of slides are a comparison of the countries that we will be visiting. Notice how small all are compared to China.
  • The next couple of slides are a comparison of the countries that we will be visiting. Notice how small all are compared to China.
  • Japans modern history 2012

    1. 1. Japan’s Modern History
    2. 2. ►The emperor through out mostof the twentieth century was Emperor Hirohito__________________
    3. 3. Japan = Very Mountainous: Little Arable Land
    4. 4. Japan and the United States
    5. 5. • How might the fact that Japan is mountainous, with very little arable land have had an influence on Japan’s goals?• How might the size of Japan have influence Hirohito and his goals?
    6. 6. Japan does not have a lot of us able land
    7. 7. Japan’s Goal• Japan did not have a lot of natural resources or space• Wanted to gain natural resources to gain wealth and power• Where should they go? Who has resources?
    8. 8. Japan expands• Japan took over parts of China’s east coast.• Japan also took over all of Korea, as well as other areas in the Pacific.• Why did Japan want all of this area?
    9. 9. Japan Annexes Korea
    10. 10. But then…
    11. 11. Japan sees competition from Another “Pacific” Power
    12. 12. The U. S. “Great White Fleet”
    13. 13. ►EmperorHirohito wasthe man thatordered theattack onPearl Harbor__________which forcedthe US to joinWWII.
    14. 14. Japan’s Vision of the World Japan Germany &United States Italy
    15. 15. Japanese things that were potential war winners.
    16. 16. The ‘zero’ fighter plane. • Much faster and more maneuverable than any other fighter at the time.
    17. 17. The two biggest battleships ever!
    18. 18. The aircraft carrier.• Only a few people realized that old battleships were finally made obsolete by the aeroplane.• Pacific naval wars were to be decided by planes from ships, not by big guns.
    19. 19. Massive American industrial resources arebrought against Japan.Modern business techniques produce hugeamounts of warships, guns, planes andeverything else.Modern design technology means thatJapanese know-how was rapidly outstripped.Both Britain and the US send war material tohelp Chiang Kai-shek fight the Japanese inChina.
    20. 20. 8/1942-4/1945: Island Hopping: US moves from island to island, establishes airbases as they go.
    21. 21. Japanese Kamikaze Planes:The Scourge of the South Pacific Kamikaze Pilots Suicide Bombers
    22. 22. All of 1945: Japanese Firebombing: US bombs Jap. cities, 80,000 to 100,000 each run.
    23. 23. 7/1945: Atomic Bomb: US Pres. Truman notified $2 bil (08: $25 bil) bomb project successful
    24. 24. The Atomic Bomb • The first Atomic bomb to be used in war… ‘little boy’. • This bomb was shipped from the US a mere 4 hours after the ‘Trinity’ A-bomb test in the US. • The actual radioactive material inside was the size of an orange.
    25. 25. Col. Paul Tibbets & The A-Bomb
    26. 26. Title: “WWII: Asia” 8/06/1945: Hiroshima:
    27. 27. Hiroshima – August 6, 1945 70,000 killed immediately. 48,000 buildings. destroyed. 100,000s died of radiation poisoning & cancer later.
    28. 28. Nagasaki – August 9, 194540,000 killed immediately.60,000 injured.100,000s died of radiation poisoning & cancer later.
    29. 29. Japanese A-Bomb Survivors
    30. 30. After the Destruction Japan surrenders one week after the Hiroshima bombing MacArthur is named Supreme Allied Commander of the Pacific and begins the occupation of Japan
    31. 31. US Occupation-MacArthur Does not try Hirohito for war crimes because he is a popular figure for the people of Japan. Begins food relief efforts for the people of Japan at the cost of over a million dollars a day. Helps set up a democracy by helping draft a US style constitution-Hirohito is a figure head but has no real power. Insist that Japan be allowed into trade alliances.
    32. 32. •The Allies, under the command ofUS General Douglas MacArthur,oversaw Japan and the drafting of anew constitution after WWII.•The new constitution established ademocratic government, reduced the size of Japan’s military to adefensive force, and allowed for a modified version of theemperor. It also guaranteed certain human rights and extendedwomen the right to vote.•In 1951, Japan became independent again. However, it kept aclose relationship with the US.•The US poured lots of money into rebuilding Japan and helped itgrow economically. Today, Japan is one of the wealthiest andeconomically strongest nations in the world.
    33. 33. Outcomes for Japan Japan has a modern economy Best educated work force in the world. Women granted rights Old power structure, and class system broken down and replaced. Peasants could and did own property. Democracy still reigns to this day.