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Japan koreas and_vietnam_studygame

Japan koreas and_vietnam_studygame






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    Japan koreas and_vietnam_studygame Japan koreas and_vietnam_studygame Presentation Transcript

    • First Nine Weeks-Unit 3 Japan, Vietnam and The Korea’s
    • Demilitarized zone
    • In some countries a single authority decides what is produced. What type of economy is this? Command Economy
    • © a b c teach                         Japan and Asia                Japan   What is the capital of this country? Tokyo
    • So that countries can trade with one another
    •   What happened when Communist North Korea invaded South Korea? The Korean War began
    • What event dragged the United States into World War II?
      • The Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor.
    • Who was Vietnam’s First Communist Leader? Ho Chi Minh
    • The United States helped what country set up its new government after Japan was forced to give it up after WWII? South Korea
    • Japan’s #1 Natural Resource. FISH
    • The belief that if one country became Communist than all of its neighbors would also become Communist is known as what? The Domino Theory
    •   What did Vietnamese Nationalists start in order to rid their country of foreign influences? The Vietnam War
    • The Soviet Union helped what country set up its new government after Japan was forced to give it up? North Korea
    • The Axis powers of WWII were made up of Germany, Italy, and ___?___. Japan
    • To stop the spread of Communism, the United States got involved in what 3 things ?
      • COLD WAR
      • KOREAN WAR
    • What happened at the end of the Korean War? North and South Korea were divided along the Demilitarized Zone
    • Japan must import ____?___ and food. RAW MATERIALS
    • The United States dropped atomic bombs on Nagasaki and ____________________. Hiroshima
    • Japan was put under the control of what country after WWII?   u.s.a.
    • What man was named Supreme Allied Commander of the Pacific after WWII?
    • What type of economy does Vietnam have today?
      • Mixed/Command
    • How was Japan involved in World War II?
      • Axis Power
      • Attacked Pearl Harbor
      • Made US fight 2 wars at same time
    • A highly trained work force has contributed to what country’s economic success? Japan
    • What is the narrow strip of land that divides the Korean Peninsula into two different countries called? The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)
    •   Why was the Korean War fought? Communist North Korea invaded South Korea
    • On what line of latitude is Korea divided? 38 th Parallel
    • Who was the emperor of Japan during World War II
      • Hirohito
    • What happened to the role of the emperor in Japan after World War II?
      • His role in Japan became ceremonial in nature.
    • What was the name for the farmers who lived in South Vietnam and participated in guerilla warfare for North Vietnam at night?
      • Viet Cong
    • Why did the United States become involved in the Vietnam war?
      • Because they feared that communism would spread in South Asia.
    • What did the city of Saigon become after the Vietnam War?
      • Ho Chi Minh City
    • Who was the first U.S. general of the Korean War who was later fired by Harry Truman?
      • Douglas MacArthur
    • Why did China enter the Korean War?
      • MacArthur advanced his troops into northern North Korea, thus threatening the Chinese border.
    • What type of government does Japan have today ?
      • Constitutional Monarchy
    • What type of government does North Korea have today?
      • Communist/
      • Dictatorship and
      • Autocracy
    • How did the United States help rebuild Japan after WWII?
      • Helped write constitution, established democracy, supplied food to citizens, etc.
    • What is a natural resource?
      • A resource produced by nature
    • What is an exchange rate?
      • The charge for exchanging currency of one country for another
    • Where does most of North Korea’s money go?
      • To the military
    • Who is the leader of North Korea today?
      • Kim Jong-il
    • What is GDP?
      • The total value of goods and services produced in a country in a given year.
    • China and Vietnam both have communist led governments but their modern economies are said to be what type?
      • Mixed/Command-Market
    • What type of government does Vietnam have today?
      • Communist
    • What was the result of the Korean War?
      • North Korea and South Korea were divided at the DMZ
    • The communist dictatorship of North Korea has what type of economy?
      • Command
    • Who makes most of the decisions in North Korea today?
      • Kim Jong-il
    • What system of government is a voluntary association of independent states that agrees to follow a weak central government?
      • Confederation
    • What system of government has a central government that controls everything and power is not shared between states, counties or provinces?
      • Unitary
    • What political trade barrier limits the amount of goods or services coming into or leaving a country?
      • Quotas
    • What is the name of Japan’s parliament?
      • The Diet
    • What was the result of the Vietnam War?
      • North Vietnam took
      • over South Vietnam.
    • What political trade barrier places a tax on the goods or services coming into or leaving a country?
      • Tariffs
    • What type of economy does North Korea have today?
      • Command
    • What political trade barrier stops all trade with a country?
      • Embargo
    • What role in Japan today is classified as the HEAD of government today?
      • The Prime Minister
    • What type of Economy does Japan have today?
      • Mixed/Market
    • Japan; Nagasaki and Hiroshima
    • Having a sense of pride in one’s country.
    • Command
    • No, it is a communist nation with a dictator as the ruler.
    • The training, skills, and education that workers bring to their jobs.
    • The concentration on one area of work.
    • Market
    • Goods, products
    • Japan, they have a highly educated work force with strong work ethics.
    • Mixed
    • Food and raw materials. There is not enough room for farming.
    • United States, in an effort to promote Democracy.
    • No one really, both countries are still separated today.
    • What to produce, How to produce For whom to produce
    • The way people live in a country, the style of home, type of job, availability of resources and entertainment.
    • The governing body that makes laws.
    • Market, mixed is acceptable too.
    • Gross Domestic Product
    • money