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  • 1. I. Formation They are formed when hot, liquid rock, or magma, cools and solidifies (Hardens)
  • 2. II. Classification  Igneous rocks are classified according to their composition and texture.  4 basic types of textures Glassy – black and sharp Fine grained – interlocking pieces Coarse grained – consist of interlocking mineral crystals Porphyritic – made of large crystals scattered on the back of small crystals.
  • 3. Igneous Rocks Coarse-Grained Fine-Grained Granite Gabbro Basalt Rhyolite
  • 4. III. Magma vs. Lava Magma – molten material below the earth’s surface. Lava – molten material above the earth’s surface.
  • 5. A. Intrusive Igneous Rocks:  Magma pushes into surrounding rock below the Earth’s surface  Cools slower  Large Crystals  Think: (INSIDE)
  • 6. Examples:
  • 7. Did you know?!?! Granite is the most abundant intrusive rock!
  • 8. B. Extrusive Rocks:  forms when magma erupts onto the Earth’s surface (lava),  cools quickly  very small or no crystals formed  Think: (EXTERIOR)
  • 9. Example: Basalt is the most common EXTRUSIVE igneous rock!
  • 10. Did you know?!?! Another name for an Extrusive rock is a VOLCANIC rock
  • 11. A Closer Look at an Igneous Rock Obsidian is a dark-colored volcanic glass that forms from the very rapid cooling of molten rock material. It cools so rapidly that crystals do not form. Is it fine-grained or coarse-grained? Is this rock Intrusive or Extrusive?
  • 12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =PqgHUPSTojY Must write down TWO things you learned!!!! Be prepared to share!
  • 13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkGV E6wNAzo A little Science Rap