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Commonly missed questions study game

  1. 1. Europe’s need for Raw Materials led to what? The “Scramble for Africa”?
  2. 2. What is the term given to a country that builds an empire by conquering colonies to provide raw materials for a stronger country? Imperialism
  3. 3. During the 1950’s and 1960’s most African countries experienced what??Political Independence from the European Powers
  4. 4. Under apartheid, black South Africans were forced to do what??Live in homelands and use separate facilities
  5. 5. What movement’s purpose is to develop a unified Africa??The Pan-African Movement
  6. 6. Why did Europeans build empiresin Africa?Europeans wanted the naturalresources found there, and to expand their empires.
  7. 7. What is the purpose Pan-Africanism today?Development of a unified political identity in Africa
  8. 8. What was Nelson Mandela’s role in theevolution of Apartheid in South Africa? He worked to abolish Apartheid
  9. 9. Were black South Africans allowed to vote in political elections? NO
  10. 10. What is genocide? The preplanned murder of an entirenational, racial, political, or ethnic group.
  11. 11. _____________has infected more than30,000 people in Sub-Saharan Africa? HIV/AIDS
  12. 12. What are all of the characteristics of the political instability in Africa since independence? Government corruption, civil wars, poverty, and
  13. 13. Apartheid is the Afrikaans word that means what? “Separateness”
  14. 14. A refugee is a person(s) that has to do what??? Flee their home for safety.
  15. 15. What two factors resulted in a verysmall population growth in South Africa Poverty and HIV/AIDS
  16. 16. Who was F.W. De Klerk? The white president who helpedbring an end to apartheid in South Africa
  17. 17. What is Pan-Africanism? It is a movement that stresses allblack Africans must see themselves as one people.
  18. 18. Malaria, one of the leading causes of death on the African continent, is spread how? The disease is spread by mosquitoes
  19. 19. What rights were removed under Apartheid? •Race Mixing •Free Travel •Voting •Free Speech
  20. 20. Mandela was the leader of whatorganization which led to his 27 year imprisonment? The ANC orAfrican National Congress
  21. 21. When it comes to HIV/AIDS inAfrica, education and prevention would do what? Help in preventing the spread of the disease.
  22. 22. Who’s work to abolish Apartheidin South Africa landed him in prison for27 years? Nelson Mandela
  23. 23. True or False, under apartheid, black SouthAfricans were allowed tovote in political elections False
  24. 24. What is Genocide?The preplanned murder of an entirenational, racial, political, or ethnic group
  25. 25. Government corruption, civilwars, poverty, and revolutions are all characteristics of what?The political instability of Africa since independence.
  26. 26. Mandela was president of what organization that worked to end Apartheid? The ANC orAfrican National Congress
  27. 27. When it comes to preventing thespread of HIV/AIDS in Africa, what would be the most helpful? Education and Prevention.
  28. 28. In the Sahel, overgrazing and droughthave resulted in a decrease in thegrassland region. What is this processcalled? DESERTIFICATION
  29. 29. Explain why the population of the Sahara is low.LIMITED ACCESS TO WATER
  30. 30. Swahili is a mixture of which twolanguages? Arabic and Bantu
  31. 31. Name the mixed ethnic group, whomostly live in North Africa and theMiddle East. ARABS
  32. 32. What lake is this? LAKEVICTORIA
  33. 33. What River is this?CONGORIVER
  34. 34. Name the region of short grasses bordering the Sahara where desertification is a problem. The Sahel
  35. 35. What River is this? NILERIVER
  36. 36. What River is this?NIGERRIVER
  37. 37. What lake is this?LAKETANGANYIKA
  38. 38. What ethnic group believes that thesafety of their nation depends on theGolden Stool? Ashanti
  39. 39. THE SAHELWhat Region is this?
  40. 40. What ethnic group is found in Centraland Southern Africa? Bantu
  41. 41. What ethnic group is found in EastAfrica, especially Kenya? Swahili
  42. 42. Why is the rainforest shrinking? Deforestation
  43. 43. What two things does deforestationlead to? Desertification and Soil Erosion
  44. 44. People living in the deserts of the Middle East have usually made their living byTrading and Herdinganimals
  45. 45. What is the climate of most of the Middle East? Hot and Dry
  46. 46. Because mountains block windscoming from the oceans, much of the interior of Southwest Asia is Desert
  47. 47. The increasing population growth inSouthwest Asia has increased the pollution of the water supply. Which industry has been directly affected by this pollution? Agriculture (Farming)
  48. 48. How have the major rivers of SouthwestAsia become a part of political conflict?Building Dams
  49. 49. What is Zionism?The belief that Jews deserved to return to a homeland in Zion where they had lived in Biblical times
  50. 50. How did Palestinians feel about the new state of Israel? They rejected it as unfair to them
  51. 51. Any Jewish settlements in the WestBank is considered what by thePalestinians? An invasion of their land
  52. 52. What has happened to many of thePalestinians refugees since 1948 ? Many still live in refugee camps
  53. 53. When Israel is established, who is forced to relocate? The Palestinian Arabs
  54. 54. Who is responsible for the 9-11 attacks? Osama Bin Ladin
  55. 55. Iraq’s second largest ethnic group is? Kurds
  56. 56. What is the U.S. main interest in Southwest Asia? Oil
  57. 57. Who are the Taliban?A group of Radical Muslims
  58. 58. The U.S. went to war in 2003 againstIraq because? The United States government saw the Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein, developing weapons of mass destruction
  59. 59. What is the capital if Israel? Jerusalem
  60. 60. Why did the UN intervene Indispute between Iraq and Kuwait in 1990 ? Because the economies of many countries depend on oil, and Iraq’s actions threatened that supply.
  61. 61. What was the result of the six day war? Israel doubled in size
  62. 62. What year was Israel created? 1948
  63. 63. What ethnic group’spredominant language is Arabic, and the majority follows the teachings of Islam. Arabs
  64. 64. The Israelis were caught bysurprise during which war? Yom Kippur War
  65. 65. Diaspora is known as?The spreading of the Jewish culture
  66. 66. What is the second largest sect of Islam? Shiite Muslim
  67. 67. Which religion do most people in Southwest Asia practice Islam
  68. 68. What ethnic group is found in Iraq, Turkey, and Syria? Kurds
  69. 69. What river is this? Ganges
  70. 70. Which river is extremely valuablebecause it flows through a desert area of Pakistan Indus River
  71. 71. India’s developing of industries has caused what type of problems? Industrial waste in the Ganges
  72. 72. The belief that a soul returns tolife in another body after death Sansara or Reincarnation
  73. 73. Who believes that to be trulyhappy you most give up greed and greedy desires? Buddhist
  74. 74. What are spirits that followers ofShinto believe exist in things all around them? Kami
  75. 75. Who taught more about ethicsand behavior than about religious ideas? Confucius
  76. 76. What is the dominant religion of India? Hinduism
  77. 77. What is the name given for the Hindu Caste System? Varnas
  78. 78. What are the Ashramas The Hindustages of life.
  79. 79. What river is this?Chang Jiang /Yangtz River
  80. 80. How many Noble Truths are there in Buddhism? FOUR
  81. 81. What river is this?Huang He (Yellow)
  82. 82. Why did India and Pakistanbecame two separate nations in the 1940s? Differences in religions
  83. 83. What river has its delta in southern Vietnam? MEKONG
  84. 84. What river is this?IndusRiver
  85. 85. Besides fresh water, why do so many people live along River Plains? Fertile Soil for growing food
  86. 86. The Yantze River is found in
  87. 87. What effect do monsoons have on the eastern part of India?
  88. 88. How does the Huang He River gets its nickname- Yellow River Yellowish Silt from Mountain Loess
  89. 89. Good character and virtue in thepeople were the keys to social order and peace , according to what?
  90. 90. In some countries a single authoritydecides what is produced. What type of economy is this?Command Economy
  91. 91. What type of government does Japan have today? Constitutional Monarchy
  92. 92. What type of government does North Korea have today? Communist/ Dictatorship and Autocracy
  93. 93. What is an exchange rate?The charge for exchanging currency of one country for another
  94. 94. What is GDP?The total value of goods andservices produced in a country in a given year.
  95. 95. China and Vietnam both havecommunist led governments but theirmodern economies are said to be what type? Mixed/Command-Market
  96. 96. What type of economy does Vietnam have today? Mixed/Command
  97. 97. What type of government does Vietnam have today? Communist
  98. 98. The communist dictatorship ofNorth Korea has what type of economy? Command
  99. 99. What system of government is avoluntary association of independent states that agrees to follow a weak central government? Confederation
  100. 100. What system of government has a central government that controls everything and power is not sharedbetween states, Unitary or provinces? counties
  101. 101. What political trade barrier limits the amount of goods orservices coming into or leaving a Quotas country?
  102. 102. What political trade barrier places a tax on the goods orservices coming into or leaving a country? Tariffs
  103. 103. What role in Japan today is classifiedas the HEAD of government today?The Prime Minister
  104. 104. The concentration on one area What is specialization? of work.
  105. 105. If you are a democratic country you MOST LIKELY have what kind of an economic system? Market
  106. 106. What does Japan import….and WHY?Food and raw materials. There is not enough room for farming.
  107. 107. What does standard of living mean? The way people live in acountry, the style of home, typeof job, availability of resources and entertainment.
  108. 108. To studygovernments, geographers look atgovernment systems. What is this? How the power is distributed.
  109. 109. What system of government has acentral government that controlseverything and power is not sharedbetween states, counties or provinces. Unitary System
  110. 110. Give 4 examples of political tradebarriers… 1. Tariffs 2. Sanctions 3. Embargos 4. Quotas
  111. 111. What are three types of governments? 1. Autocracy 2. Oligarchy 3. Democracy
  112. 112. In what type of government does a fewpeople such as a dominant clan orclique have power and the group getstheir power from either themilitary, wealth, or social status.Also, elections may be held but offeronly one candidate? Oligarchy
  113. 113. In what type of government is thegovernment “Ruled by the people” andindividual freedom and equality isvalued. Where free elections are heldand decisions are based on majorityrule? Democracy
  114. 114. In what type of government is thepower to govern held by one personand where the power to rule isgenerally inherited or imposed bymilitary force? Autocracy
  115. 115. How is a presidential democracy differfrom a parliamentary democracy?In a presidential democracy the executive branch is separate from the legislative branch.
  116. 116. China Communes, mass starvation, andeconomic failure are all associated with what country?
  117. 117. Who is best remembered for theirrole in the Indian independence struggle. Gandhi
  118. 118. What effect did opening China up toforeign trade have on the country? Improved the economy
  119. 119. What caused the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989? protesters demanding politicalrights and freedoms from China’s Communist Government
  120. 120. Mohandas Gandhi is known for what? Using non-violentprotest in the Indian Independence Movement.
  121. 121. What pollution problem is most of East Asia affected by?
  122. 122. What program did Mao start to take attention off himself and the government’s failures. The Cultural Revolution.