Shout it out! How your PR team can help government Housing teams


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Shout it out! How your PR team can help government Housing teams

  1. 1. Shout it out!Use your internal communication team to accomplish your program goals Michele Gurrieri + Kris Baxter-Ging City of Tempe Community Relations
  2. 2. Who are the experts? You are the experts at Housing Services. You provide life-saving services. You are cheerleaders for your clients when, often, no one else understands.You provide direction to food, shelter, clothing, water, jobtraining, education and more.Often, few people, other than those you help, know orappreciate what you do.
  3. 3. Who are the experts?Your Communications Team members are experts at helping peoplelearn and understand your programs. They talk to media every day. They plan special events. They design brochures, programs. They produce videos and provide professional photography.They work with councilmembers, mayors and business dignitaries.They write speeches and proclamations.They tell the world your best stories and spread needed information.In short, they are professional big mouths.
  4. 4. Communication StrategyMeet with your Communication Team member to create a map to awareness for yourprograms. Here are some things to think about:What do you want to accomplish? Examples: • Do you want more people to know about the programs you have available? • Do you want more donors? More clients in Family Self-Sufficiency? • Do you want people to know your Wait List is Open? • Do you need people to be able to find resources online more easily?Other questions:What communication tools will work best?What budget do you have? Are there things you can do at no cost?Who are your advocates? Who do you want to reach?A strategy that combines your expertise and communications expertise will result inreally positive outcomes.
  5. 5. Messaging What do you want people to know? – Your city cares about its less fortunate – Your programs help people who need it – What your programs are, what they do – Your programs save people money and improve the community – Can you help? Do you need help?
  6. 6. Getting the Word OutMethods:MediaEventsPostersWebsiteNewslettersSocial MediaWord of MouthElected OfficialsChurches, CharitiesNeighborhood HOAsCommunity groups(Kiwanis, Rotary, VFW)
  7. 7. What is News?• New• Timely• Different• Affects a Neighborhood• Worth Substantial MoneyExamples:• New Program• Rare Opportunity to Sign-up• Amazing Personal Success Story• Purchasing a Building for Low-Income or Homeless• A New Way of Doing Things That Saves Substantial Money Your Communications Team member can help the person selected to talk to the media with speaking points and helpful hints on how to make the most of the opportunity.
  8. 8. EventsGreat opportunities to spread the word about your programs Your Communications Team can help you with: Themes and Art Programs and Invitations Writing, Speeches and Proclamations Coordination of Dignitaries Décor and Giveaways Photography and Videography Social Media News Media
  9. 9. Community Groups, Charities• Kiwanis Clubs, Rotary meetings• Chamber of Commerce• Charities• Churches• HOAsGet yourself invited to these meetings every so often to spread theword about your services and needs. They can help you attract clientsand get donationsYour communication team can write speeches and createpresentations (like this one) with you.
  10. 10. Great Brochures & Campaigns• Purpose – One topic• Budget• Audience• Design• Writing• Art• Distribution• E-version or Printed?
  11. 11. Design BasicsIf you don’t have a graphic designer, remember these helpful tips: • Keep it simple and clean • Be consistent with the look and feel of all your collateral pieces • Stick with one font • Choose a color palette • Don’t pull photos and logos from the Internet (usage rights and quality issues) • Use the highest resolution art you can • Don’t use all caps or all bold type
  12. 12. Website Depending on what your community allows: • Your communications team can help you create a logical structure so people can find what they need • Help you write and edit • Find photos and videos to post • Make sure it looks good and follows design guidelines
  13. 13. VideoCan be a great way to show people effectiveness of your programs• Emotional• How To• Informational• MotivationalThis Housing success story video can be found at:
  14. 14. Social MediaDo you have rights to post?Your communications team can:• Help you draft messages for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts for campaigns• Help you respond to requests for help• Help you monitor what people are posting about your services• Help you promote your programs• Gain followers and friends to hear your messages
  15. 15. What else?Michele_Gurrieri@tempe.govKris_Baxter@tempe.govCity of Tempe Community Relations480