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By Mari Luz and Ruth (3º A)

By Mari Luz and Ruth (3º A)

Published in: Travel, Business

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  • 1. LONDONBy :Ruth Sánchez VivasMariluz Gutierrez Bueno
  • 2. Primrose Hill• Primrose Hill is a hill of 78metres located on thenorthern side of RegentsPark in London, England,and also the name given tothe surrounding district.The hill has a clear view ofcentral London to thesouth-east, as well asBelsize Park and Hampsteadto the north. It is one of themost exclusive andexpensive residential areasin London and is home tomany notable residents.
  • 3. Tower Bridge• The bridge consists of two towerstied together at the upper levelby means of two horizontalwalkways, designed to withstandthe horizontal forces exerted bythe suspended sections of thebridge on the landward sides ofthe towers. The verticalcomponent of the forces in thesuspended sections and thevertical reactions of the twowalkways are carried by the tworobust towers. The bascule pivotsand operating machinery arehoused in the base of each tower.
  • 4. Tate Modern• Tate Modern is a modern artgallery located in London. It isBritains national gallery ofinternational modern art andforms part of the Tate group.It is the most-visited modernart gallery in the world, witharound 4.7 million visitors peryear. It is based in the formerBankside Power Station, in theBankside area of CentralLondon. Tate holds thenational collection of Britishart from 1500 to the presentday and international modernand contemporary art.
  • 5. Big Ben• Big Ben is the nickname forthe great bell of the clock atthe north end of the Palace ofWestminster in London, andoften extended to refer to theclock and the clock tower. Thetower is now officially calledthe Elizabeth Tower, afterbeing renamed to celebratethe Diamond Jubilee of QueenElizabeth II.
  • 6. Trafalgar Square• Is a public space and touristattraction in central London, builtaround the area formerly knownas Charing Cross. It is in theborough of the City ofWestminster. At its centre isNelsons Column, which isguarded by four lion statues at itsbase. There are a number ofstatues and sculptures in thesquare, with one plinth displayingchanging pieces of contemporaryart. The square is also used forpolitical demonstrations andcommunity gatherings, such asthe celebration of New YearsEve.
  • 7. London Eye• The London Eye is a giantFerris wheel situated on thebanks of the River Thames inLondon. The entire structure is135 metres tall and the wheelhas a diameter of 120 meters.The London Eye adjoins thewestern end of JubileeGardens, on the South Bank ofthe River Thames betweenWestminster Bridge andHungerford Bridge, in theLondon Borough of Lambeth.
  • 8. Buckingham Palace• Buckingham Palace is theofficial London residence andprincipal workplace of theBritish monarch. Located inthe City of Westminster, thepalace is a setting for stateoccasions and royalhospitality. It has been a focusfor the British people at timesof national rejoicing and crisis.