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30 helpful online survey terms to get you started with your online market research.

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Survey terms guide

  1. 1. Free Download 30 Helpful Survey Terms Explained Your exclusive guide on popular survey terms Tellwut Online Survey Solutions
  2. 2. Terms on the Dashboard      Dashboard: where you can see and manage all of your survey projects, active projects, accounts, and survey package upgrades. Survey Sorting Tool: easily sort your active, pending, ended survey projects. Private Link: a link to your survey can be included in emails/newsletters, social media, etc. With this private link, survey participants will be able to see ONLY the survey WITHOUT the website background and advertising. View Survey Button: Is where you can preview your survey project at any time. Segmentation (mail): a group of survey responded based on a set of specific demographics (gender, age, location, interests, etc.) to which you will send out your survey. Tellwut Online Survey Solutions
  3. 3. Survey Reporting Terms     Report: is where you can find the general survey results and when the survey is still live – the live results, so that you can track responses and trends Detailed Export: is where you can find the cross report to be able to analyze your results horizontally as well. Crosstab report allows you to track the correlation of responses by individual. Detailed Export with User Data: is a cross report including user demographic information for deeper analysis and understanding of your targeted group. Export Report: you can download your survey collected data in the form of a CSV file Tellwut Online Survey Solutions
  4. 4. More survey terms Category: you can categorize your survey by topic (Business, Product, Money, Entertainment)  Template: a document that includes suggested questions or layouts that helps you prepare your online survey more quickly.  Completions: number of people that have completed a survey.  Live Survey: is an active survey that is ready to be taken by survey respondents.  Tellwut Online Survey Solutions
  5. 5. Survey Structure Terms         Branching: a software tool that allows guiding through the survey questions depending on a previous response. Publish Survey: is the act of putting your survey live and active, available to survey respondents to take. Multi-question Survey: a survey that is consisted of more than one questions. Single-question Survey: a survey that is consisted of only one question. Balanced Scale: a survey question that offers an equal number of answer options on each side of the scale. Leading Questions: questions that are subjective and show a specific preference (need to be avoided) Double Barreled Questions: asking two questions within one survey question. (need to be avoided) Dichotomous Questions: questions asking for a straight forward answer like yes or no. (good for screening participants) Tellwut Online Survey Solutions
  6. 6. Open-ended Question: A type of survey question designed to allow respondents to share their thoughts in their own words.  Multiple Choice/One Answer Allowed: you provide more than one answers to your survey question from which voters need to select just one.  Multiple Choice/Multi Answers Allowed: you provide multiple choices for answers to your survey questions and voters can select more than one.  Rating Type of an Answer: respondents can rate one or multiple answers on a scale from 1 to 10. You can put a weight on each answer to indicate importance in the survey reports and calculate rating average. Read more here.  Fill in the Blank Answers: survey respondents can answer with free text  Matrix Answers: Matrix Design Answer is a chart with horizontal and vertical answer options that are provided for survey participants to rate features.  Survey Answers Tellwut Online Survey Solutions
  7. 7. Survey Features Terms Welcome Message: is the message included before the survey starts that usually includes more information about the nature of the survey, its purpose, and duration.  End Message: is the message that shows up after a survey has been competed. End Message can include a link to a different website, a thank you note or directions.  Exit Link: the link included in a customized end message that takes survey respondents to a company website, promotion, giveaway, social media, etc.  See more survey features. Tellwut Online Survey Solutions
  8. 8. Thank you from Tellwut Online Survey Solutions!