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Pr Social Media Wedding Planners



Wedding planners can use PR and social media to keep in touch with current clients and find new customers. Tellem Grody PR, Inc. tells you how.

Wedding planners can use PR and social media to keep in touch with current clients and find new customers. Tellem Grody PR, Inc. tells you how.



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  • Many of today’s consumers get their information in real time…this can lead to big rewards for organizations that learn how to use social media effectively…by attracting the audience, earning its trust and communicating continuously through good times and bad. You don’t have to panic and think you have to do this all yourself…there are plenty of social media experts out there, just make sure they know what they are talking about!!! If You’d like a copy of the slide, come see me after and let’s exchange business cards.

Pr Social Media Wedding Planners Pr Social Media Wedding Planners Presentation Transcript

  • Using PR and Social Media toBreak Through Wedding Clutter
  • Presented By Susan M. Tellem, APR
  • What is PR?
  • Ads vs. PR
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Changed Media Landscape• Media changed significantly in the past 3-5 years.• Recession = massive staffing cuts
  • Changed Media Landscape• Social Media has grown exponentially• Magazines must have blog and a regular e-mail update• Newsrooms do more work with less people = less depth of coverage
  • How Can You Get PR?• Editorial coverage in print and broadcast media• Owned websites or blogs• e-Newsletters, brochures• Social Media• Photos and videos
  • Media Relations• Create a media list – Buy a list – Use a distribution service – Identify media from the web or magazines and newspapers who cover weddings
  • Media RelationsThink outside the box - example • Seasonal weddings for CNN • Vegetarian weddings for Cooking Light • Pitch yourself for upcoming cable show
  • Media Don’tsSend information with misspelled words• Send attachments• Call and bug them
  • Media Don’ts• Underestimate local coverage• Ask to read a story before it comes out or to approve it• Miss a deadline• Use jargon
  • Media Do’s• Use statistics• Make images available (pix worth 1000 words)• Speak in sound bites• Return a reporter’s call in timely way• Have several ways they can contact you• Think about trends• Tell the truth
  • What is Social Media?Social media is about theonline tools and activitiesused by people to talk,to interact and connect witheach other on the web.
  • Social media is a conversation between actual humans!
  • Social Media in Facts and Figures• More than 1 billion pieces of • 55% of users are 25 - 54content shared daily • 400 million tweets per day• More than 1 billion active • Facebook users are voyeurs, but one in two update daily onusers – more than half on Twitter.mobile device • If you’re rich, you’re more likely• More fluid and easier to to tweet.change than a website
  • • Over 175 million members• A new member joins LinkedIn approximately everysecond.• Executives from all Fortune 500 companies areLinkedIn members.• The majority (66%) are decision makers or haveinfluence in the purchase decisions at theircompanies
  • Benefits of Social Media• Drives traffic to your website• Builds brand awareness on the web• Stays connected to your audience• Cost-effective when compared to traditional marketing and advertising
  • Benefits of Social Media• Increases your company’s sales• Can do market research• Innovative outreach like contests and ask an expert• Help identify your brand VIPs and ambassadors
  • Get Started!
  • Why is Social Media Important for My Business?• The Internet gives control to your customers.• They set the trends now.
  • Why is Social Media Important for My Business?If you are not on the web with them, you’ll lose them!• Social media enhances talk between your customers and your business.
  • • Start a company Facebook page• Ask your friends to “Like” your page• Post tips, coupons, discounts, videos, photos and lots of useful content• Images are gold!
  • Weddings, weddings, weddings
  • • Just do it – start an account, watch and “listen” until you get the hang of it• Use your business name• Add your logo (don’t use cutesy avatars)
  • • Follow potential customers or competitors (100 to start) – you want more followers than you are following• Search www.twitter.com/search for keywords• Use hashtags # for trending topics and searches (#wedding)
  • • Write a complete profile, add picture (no grey eggs!)• Add your twitter and blog feeds• Do not spam – only people you know• Join groups that interest you – follow the posts and contribute!
  • She Does It Right
  • She Does It Right
  • She Does It Right
  • She Does It Right
  • She Does It Right
  • Don’ts of Social Media Marketing• Don’t start a blog if you plan to post once a year• Don’t use third party services to buy followers or friends
  • Don’ts of Social Media Marketing• Don’t talk politics or religion.• Don’t talk about pricing except when you get asked.• Don’t spam.• Don’t submit content and run.• Don’t have a sell ‘self-promotion’ agenda only.
  • Do’s of Social Media Marketing• Do submit interesting content• Do be transparent and authentic• Do listen and reply to comments• Do ask your community to provide feedback
  • Do’s of Social Media Marketing• Do use a profile picture/change often not a grey egg• Do get help or use a ghost writer if you are too busy• Do use photos and video as much as possible• Do reach out to media
  • Trending for 2013• Social media bigger than ever• Integration in everything you do is necessary• "Twit Pitch" - pitch in 140 characters• Flash is a dead technology• Brands publishers and journalists• Skip media and talk directly
  • How To Succeed in Social Media… Engage Listen Once you have followedListen to what your the conversation,target audience is understand your audiencesaying about your and give them feedback. business. Keep your audience engaged with coupons, contests, interesting Respond information. Once you understand what your audience is saying, then respond. Enter the conversation and interact with your customers.
  • Homework• Sign up for Pinterest• Write a press release• Start listening – Reddit and Mashable• Find your USP (unique selling proposition)• Find and follow relevant media on twitter
  • Where to find us Tellem Grody PR, Inc. 310-313-3444 www.tellemgrodypr.com Twitter: @SusanTellem Facebook: TellemGrodyPR