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Search Engine Ranking Factors

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SEOmoz's search engine ranking factors showing which metrics are most important for high rankings

SEOmoz's search engine ranking factors showing which metrics are most important for high rankings

More in: Education , Technology , Design
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  • 1. Search Engine Ranking Factors www.Telezent.com [email_address] By Sandeep Arora
  • 2.
    • Titles are important to Search Engines.
    • Use keywords in Titles.
    • Title should give as much detail as possible
    • about what you sell.
    Keyword use in Title Tag Keyword in Title 4.9 Exception Importance
  • 3.
    • The anchor text is the visible link label,
    • clickable text in a hyperlink.
    • Anchor Text are a important attribute search
    • engines use in Ranking your page.
    Anchor Text of Inbound Link Your Landing Page Incoming links with Relevant Anchor text Directory Site Authority Site Blog Site Bot 4.4 Exception Importance Important page about Nokia Phone
  • 4.
    • The search engine ranking of a page also
    • depends on the Global Popularity of the
    • website on which it resides.
    • For e.g. a webpage on importance of Hybrid cars on
    • CNN.com will rank higher than on another website.
    Global Link Popularity of site 4.4 Exception Importance www.cnn.com Hybrid car Engineering Globally Popular Site Number 15 of top 100 sites in USA PageRank 8/10 Website Weight and trust being passed to page.
  • 5.
    • Refers to the number and importance of internal
    • links pointing to the target page.
    • For e.g. In a website about cars, a number of internal
    • important pages link to Page A(which is about Hybrid Car
    • Engineering).
    • Search Engines will interpret that as a positive for page A.
    Link Popularity within the Site's Internal Link Structure Important page for Hybrid Car Engineering www.cnn.com Hybrid car Engineering Website Links Bot 4 Exception Importance
  • 6.
    • Links from your industry specific websites
    • matter the most.
    • If you sell Digital Camera & you have links coming in from
    • Electronics or Gadget website it is good sign and carry's
    • Link weight.
    • If you have links coming in from Flower websites - it is not
    • a good sign.
    Topical Relevance of Inbound Links to site 3.9 Exception Importance About Digital Cameras Relevant Links Not a Relevant Link About Flowers About Electronics About Gadgets
  • 7. Page Rank 8/10 2 nd most Popular Blog
    • Links from Influencer and Authority websites
    • in your community carry a lot of weight.
    • For e.g. Techcrunch.com is a Influencer Website in
    • the Web 2.0 space.
    • If you have a Web 2.0 product, getting a link from
    • TechCrunch carries a ton of weight.
    Link Popularity of Site in Topical Community 3.9 Exception Importance Your Website Link weight and trust being passed Your Product : Web 2.0 Collaboration Software
  • 8.
    • Use Targeted Keywords in the content of your
    • page.
    Keyword use in Body Text 3.7 Exception Importance Keyword in Title Keyword in URL Keyword in Headings Keyword in Paragraph
  • 9.
    • CNN.com and BBC are examples of Globally
    • Popular Websites.
    • A Link from these sites carry a lot of weight.
    Global Link Popularity of Linking Site 3.6 Exception Importance Page Rank 3 Another Website Globally Popular Site Number 15 of top 100 sites in USA PageRank 8/10 Your Webpage Link weight is more Link weight is less
  • 10.
    • A linking page having the same theme and
    • targetting the same keywords helps a lot.
    Topical Relationship of Linking Page 3.9 Exception Importance Link XYZ Security Software Webpage about free & Reliable "Security Software" Your Website AnotherWebsite Same theme,Same Keywords carry more weight
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  • 13. Search Engine Ranking Factors www.Telezent.com [email_address] By Sandeep Arora