Does your digital marketing firm use slideshare for content marketing


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Does your digital marketing firm use slideshare for content marketing

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Does your digital marketing firm use slideshare for content marketing

  1. 1. Does Your PR or Digital Marketing firm use Slideshare ? And 10 Reasons to use Slideshare
  2. 2. Slideshare has been a key component of our SEO & Content Marketing Strategy for all our clients Since 2007 2009 2012 2013 2014 ” “ Sandeep Arora CEO of Telezent As a Web Design, SEO and Content Marketing firm Telezent is all about making our clients succeed online...
  3. 3. - Our clients love Slideshare. - Our SEO and Content Marketing strategies have been very successful. 2013 2014Since 2007 92 Presentations Over 14,000 views 2009 2012 93 Presentations Over 25,000 views 130 Presentations Over 1,62,847 views 46 Presentations Over 4330 views 75 Presentations Over 90,000 views
  4. 4. For 2014 we are advising all our digital marketing partners and clients to leverage Slideshare in a big way. Branding and SEO Thought Leadership Story Telling Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Since 2007 2009 2012 2013 2014 For
  5. 5. Slideshare is a new & visual way to stand out Over 102 Slides Several Rank on Google Users love the visual Tours 1
  6. 6. Must-have for personal branding Got noticed on Slideshare and got a job 2
  7. 7. Slideshare is the quiet giant of Content Marketing PPTs are shared on company Website and Blog 131 Presentations Several rank high on Google 3
  8. 8. Build online brand equity Focused on thought leadership Major source of business leads and traffic 4
  9. 9. Rank high on Google for target keywords SlideShare presentations rank number one above our competitors for the keywords each focuses on. “ ” Jason Miller Social Media Strategist & Content Marketing Evangelist at Marketo 5
  10. 10. Great for Lead GenerationB2B Slideshare has become a major source of business leads and traffic to our online properties Source: Slideshare Case Study 6
  11. 11. Easy way for people to consume & remember information 7 Information curation and aggregation
  12. 12. A great source of referral traffic 8 Visual tours of luxury houses
  13. 13. 9 Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube Expand your social presence beyond Construction project highlights B2B Content Marketing Channel
  14. 14. Bridge to influencers and bloggers Bloggers can easily embed your presentations 10 This exposes your brand to a new set of audience
  15. 15. Who Else is Using Slideshare ? And a major tool in the content marketing arsenal may be one that many of you have heard of and visited, but perhaps have not used to date –Slideshare. Steve Olenski
  16. 16. Sandeep Arora CEO of Telezent Telezent has a great SEO, Web Design & Digital Team. In 2014 we are inviting Clients and Digital Marketing firms to partner with us and grow together.