7 Ways To Get Users To Participate On Your Social Media Platform


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User Participation is key to your Social Media success. Here are 7 ideas to motivate users to participate.

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7 Ways To Get Users To Participate On Your Social Media Platform

  1. 1. 7 Ways to Get Users To Participate On Your Social Media Platform By Sandeep Arora www.Telezent.com Sandeep.Arora@Telezent.com © 2009 www.telezent.com
  2. 2. • According to experts and research studies on consumer demands - in the future all websites will have a social component to it. Future Website Today's Website Transition must happen for companies to survive. The success of your Social Media strategy will depend on Active and Continuous user participation. Direct communication with customers leads to ideas & suggestions for new and better products/ services. It translates into higher earnings, marketing, improved products/services and brand equity for companies. © 2009 www.telezent.com
  3. 3. • However the goals of your company are not the same as goals of your users. • Why will users come to your social platform and spend their time? • Everyone is fighting for user attention. To get users to participate you need to clearly identify the goals of your users. In exchange for their time and active participation what do they get ? What's in it Another Why the hell should for me ? Social Network? I waste my time? How do you get users to participate? There is no magic formula. Here are some ideas. © 2009 www.telezent.com
  4. 4. • Educate Your Users Idea 1 Educate your users with information rich actionable information. Keep them updated with the latest developments, events, laws, etc. in your industry. Make your web properties a one stop destination for education. Save users time. By saving them time users are more likely to come back and stick to your social platform. • Complexity is increasing in every industry. • There are millions of websites on every topic imaginable. • The attention span of people is at a all time low. © 2009 www.telezent.com
  5. 5. • Allow Users to Express Themselves Idea 2 • Human beings like to express themselves. • Children love to express themselves through crayons, art, stories, etc. • Expressing ourself is a basic human need. Harley Davidson allows fans to express themselves on it's community websites. This creates active participation. User share and invite their friends over to showcase their work. It is viral in nature. Youtube and Flickr are successful because they allow users to express themselves. © 2009 www.telezent.com
  6. 6. • Networking opportunities Idea 3 •Provide easy networking opportunities for your users. •Networking with help them enhance their interest- business/personal. •On a regular basis promote your users. Members can search the member directory and network with other members of similar interest & goals. Open Network Platform © 2009 www.telezent.com
  7. 7. • Create a One-Stop Business Destination Idea 4 •Create a one stop destination for your users to do businesses in your industry. •Create partnerships with vendors and partners in your business supply chain for the benefit of your users. •Give discounts to your users. Is a online service in the self publishing industry. Has created a one stop destination for users who want to publish and sell their content (books, video, etc.). In 2005 when I published my book "Business Process Management, Process is the Enterprise" - Lulu was the only place I went to. -Sandeep Arora VizEdu © 2009 www.telezent.com
  8. 8. • Recognition/ Rewards Idea 5 •Develop a Recognition system for your users like reward points or member points. •Recognize, Reward and Promote users with high points. •This will encourage and motivate users. Companies like LinkedIn and Ebay recognize/reward users- which benefits them in their motives. White Label Social Networking Software like below have built in member point system modules which you can use to create member points. © 2009 www.telezent.com
  9. 9. • Filter out the Noise. Idea 6 • Make your network trustworthy •In corporate environments there is a high need to create a trusting user to user environment to allow the flow of quality information. © 2009 www.telezent.com
  10. 10. •The Champions Idea 7 •The champions will be the drivers of participation on your social media platform. •They are community oriented people and leaders in their field – always willing to help users. Social Media Enthusiast Passionate about the objective Loves to Listen Loves Collaboration People Person Thought Leader © 2009 www.telezent.com
  11. 11. 7 Ways to Get Users To Participate On Your Social Media Platform By Sandeep Arora www.Telezent.com Sandeep.Arora@Telezent.com © 2009 www.telezent.com