Volunteer mapping for deforestation

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  • 1. Volunteer mapping for deforestationNicolas Maisonneuve, Peter Amoako Yirenkyi and Daniel Lombraña González
  • 2. Maps are vital for humans by the Nationaal Archief of the Netherlands (no known copyright restrictions)
  • 3. Maps are vital for humans by The National Archives UK ("no known copyright restrictions)
  • 4. Why Volunteer mapping? Volunteers can help to improve maps 
  • 5. Current challenges 1 - Data quality, accuracy and reliability by Jeff Shermann CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.
  • 6. Current challenges 2- Volunteers organization by Cheuk-man Kong CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.
  • 7. Cybermappr: a research project
  • 8. Cybermappr: a research project Components to improve data quality:  Volunteer organization: task driven vs. spontaneous  Training people  Rewarding good contributions   Data acquisition on the field with mobile platforms
  • 9. Cybermappr example use case Damage assessments by Público and Google
  • 10. Cybermappr framework User Interface
  • 11. Research: Improving data quality Experiment 1: Parallelization
  • 12. Research: Improving data quality Experiment 2: Iteration
  • 13. Research: Rewarding contributions HP Gloe is a geo-located web content discovery tool and contribution system for smart phones by Mikael Ganehag Brorsson, Public Domain.
  • 14. Gloe: Rewarding good contributions  Virtual budget to invest.    Good recommendations:  Budget increases.  My reputation improves.    Applied to map contributions, discoveries, tasks, etc.    Meritocracy. by Darren Hester CC BY-NC 2.0.
  • 15. Conclusions The Citizen Cyberscience Centre is trying to:  Build a new volunteer mapping framework,  Research on:  Data quality  Volunteer organization  Training people  Rewarding good contributions  Data acquisition on the field with mobile platforms
  • 16. Future project: deforestation by Google
  • 17. Questions? teleyinex@gmail.comPhotos, images by Flickr Creative Commons community, Open Clipart library and GNOME desktop, except where mentioned.