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Company presentation.
Patents. Panoramic Supervision Systems. Video Surveillance. Control Systems. Fire Detection

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  1. 1. Association founded in Sardinia in 1976 Integrated System of Environmental Monitoring- designs, builds, installs and maintainsinnovative systems of environmental and industrial monitoring,producing and integrating the electronic instruments,the software and hardware- April 2006 the new research centre basedinside Cagliari-Elmas Airport was opened
  2. 2. PatentsTeletron® as always pledges the majority of itsresources in the research field.Up until 1986 numerous international patents wereregistered, among which the following: – IVCS® system for the safety of personnel who work in high risk areas; (or environment) – B.S.D.S.® system for the automatic identification to the core of forest fires; – Sistema Cartografico Console di Comando e Controllo 3C® Command Control Console – Map System for the coordination of operations carried out by firefighting forces;
  3. 3. Teletron S.r.l. designs and creates ready-to-use integrated security systems of vast areas, integrating different technologies, of which:-Radar equipment-Advanced supervision system with visible band-Panoramic supervision system with infrared band-Video surveillance system TVCC-Para-metrical protective systems (optical fibre,microwaves, etc.)-Gate and entrance control-Sensors for the measurement of environmentalparameters
  4. 4. The information gathered from thedifferent sensors are integratedtogether in order to obtain highlysophisticated systems whichautomatically are able to detectintrusions in the controlled areas ,the presence of objects and otheranomalies which could indicate astate of alarm and alert the operator.
  5. 5. Monitoring of specific areas Integrated System for the SecurityVideo surveillance of the Port and Airport Areas
  6. 6. Generic block diagram of Integrated Security System Electronic Control System of access through electronic passes Infra-red and Visible Panoramic Video surveillance TVCC Supervision System Intrusion and alarm RADAR Control andremote sensing system coordination Data bank console Pera-metrical (APC & terminals) Alarmed Control System Interface with terminal Network operators and port TCP/IP companies
  7. 7. Panoramic Supervision system IR – Visible
  8. 8. Functional Diagram of 360° Panoramic Vision Visible and Infra-redPanoramic Positioning Panoramic Vision Head Optical fibre or cable system relay Control Room Pan-Tilt camera
  9. 9. Remote Sensing Fire System Porto Canale
  10. 10. Infra-red and Visible Panoramic Vision SystemThe following representation demonstrates how the Infra-red panoramic superimposed on Visible is portrayed The simulation was carried out in the Port of Cagliari Alarm and Supervision
  11. 11. Molo Sabaudo
  12. 12. Infra-red and Visible Panoramic Vision SystemThe following representation demonstrates how the Infrared panoramic system is portrayed Alarm and Supervision
  13. 13. ZOOM
  14. 14. ZOOM
  15. 15. Video Surveillance System TVCC
  16. 16. Pan-Tilt/Dome Cameras Control Panel 232 Contatti Serial Convertitore Converter 200 1 422 Interfaccia allarme Preset Switcher Opzionale video server ISDN ISDN Routter SERIA L VID EO - VID EO DIGIT AL ISDN RECORDIN G EXDR 1 ELBEX video Routter A/V Real-time Triplex DVR server Monitor ISDN Line Workstation
  17. 17. Gate Control System andperi-metral access points
  18. 18. Gate Control System and peri-metral access points Telecamera Armadio targa Telecamera targa Illuminatore IR Telecamera Illuminatore IR contesto Telecamera contesto Senso di marciaArmadio Senso di marcia Spire induttive Palo di sostegno Spire induttive a) Vista laterale b) Vista dallalto Telecamera Armadio targa Telecamera Telecamera Illuminatore IR targa contesto Illuminatore IR Telecamera contesto Senso di marcia Armadio Senso di marcia Spire induttive Palo di sostegno Spire induttive a) Vista laterale b) Vista dallalto
  19. 19. Electronic Control System of entrances - Pass Reader The control of building access, by port authorities can be carried out through the use of turnstiles and pass readers The pass readers would beconnected to specific computers which create a personnel file of entrances/exits, employee/visitor
  20. 20. Pedestrian Entrance with Infra-red SensorsThis control system, by means of sensors with infra-red rays, through a warningsound,signal the pedestrian crossing, it could also be used together with a passreader or activate a system of taping and recording the images every time thesensors become activated.
  21. 21. Peri-metral Protection Against Intruders and with Insurmountable Protection - Barrier in Optical FibreMetallic fencing in prefabricated panels with electrically Opticalwelded links and InsurmountableSystem Fibre Example of double fencing
  22. 22. Control of vast areas by means of Radar System
  23. 23. The detection of moving objects and their trackingis carried out automatically by the radar system
  24. 24. Integrated monitoring for environmental emergenciesThe technological solutions developed by Teletron for environmentalmonitoring are also applied in the following sectors: - Monitoring of hydric and hydrogeological risk, - Water/atmospheric/acoustic pollution, seismic phenomenon etc.
  25. 25. CommunicationsThe images and data are sent to the control centre, through various methods of line communication, from the duplex cable to optical fibre, from the wireless network dedicated to mobile telephony, also making the most of internet and the World Wide Web. Peripheral Positioning of PC Remote Sensing Optical Fibre / Terminal LAN Radio Relay System / Operator PTZ VIS General Telephone Network / P360 VIS/IR RX-TX Wireless Network / Mobile Telephony GSM - Browser UMTS / EDGE ADSL – HDSL Weather Sensors WEB Operator Other Sensors
  26. 26. il BSDS® (Bright Spot Detection System)The B.S.D.S.® integrates high electronic technology telecommunicationsand information science into one system for the use of the assigned operatorof the remote sensing and of the monitoring of forest firesit is used to create control and alarm centres at a regional or national level,and it is at present, the only working system in which operation is based onautomatic remote sensing with infra-red of fires, in Italy and abroad.
  27. 27. Integrated monitoring of environmental emergenciesVIDEO: Visual control of the area subject to emergency and ofneighbouring areas, with day and night vision (IR), panoramic anddetailed;DATI: Automatic surveying of the phenomenon in course, with thesensors directly connected to the wireless network, automatictransmission of data centrally in order to be processed and broadcast tothose concerned;AUDIO: Support to emergency radio transmissions, with propagation ofsignals of the frequencies used by the Civil Defence
  28. 28. B.S.D.S. ® Automatic detection of the causes of the firethrough monitoring the territory with systems sensitive to infra-red and visible band
  29. 29. The Peripheral Stationing of Remote Sensing – PPT Main elements of PPT: - Infra-red System - Visible System - Panoramic System - Weather SensorsPeripheral Positioning of Remote Sensing installedin the Nature Reserve on the Isle of Caprera
  30. 30. Operations Centre B.S.D.S. ®Operations Room of the State Corps of ForestersNature Reserve “Duna Feniglia” – Tuscany - Italy
  31. 31. B.S.D.S. ®Operations Centre Italy
  32. 32. Command and Control Console Cons 3C®
  33. 33. Integration with GIS systems dedicated to the coordination of environmental emergenciesThe systems of Remote Sensing by Teletron are predisposed for the combined use with GIS systems dedicated to surveillance and control of harmful phenomenon for the environment and to thecoordination of manpower and means engaged in the emergencies.
  34. 34. Teletron Euroricerche S.r.l.c/o Airport Cagliari-ElmasVia Caduti di Nassisiya, sn09030 Elmas – CA (Italy)Tel: +39 070 2110420Fax: +39 070 2111018E-mail: