Mobicents Telscale and RestComm - FOSDEM 2012


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Mobicents Telscale and RestComm - FOSDEM 2012

  1. 1. Mobicents TelScale and RestComm FOSDEM 2012
  2. 2. About Me - Jean Deruelle● OpenSource @ Heart● Mobicents Core Contributor and Sip Servlets/TelScale project Lead● TeleStax Co-Founder
  3. 3. Agenda● Telco Evolution towards Telco 2.0● RestComm● TelScale
  4. 4. Traditional Telcos● Typically seen as slow Innovators● Network centric as opposed to User Centric● Revenues coming from SMS, Voice and broadband services mostly
  5. 5. The Pains of TraditionalTelco Service Development
  6. 6. Cloud Happened● Moving slowly to an all IP World.● OTT Players are around the corner, need to find new sources of revenue.● Convergence of Web and Telco Services is now possible● Not much success in generating new revenues from the convergence of Web and Telco World● Carriers still entranched in their good old ways, Parlay-X anyone ? Moving to GSMA OneAPI initiative
  7. 7. Cloud Notions
  8. 8. Disruption has come quickly● Twilio provides infrastructure APIs for businesses to build scalable, reliable voice and text messaging apps● Tropo Adds Voice, SMS, Twitter and IM to Your Applications=> Telco 2.0 Public SaaS (Software as a Service)
  9. 9. Telco 2.0 SaaS Advantages● App Developper/User Centric● Foster availability of innovative new services => Web/Telco 2.0 Mashups● Lower Barrier to entry : No need for skilled telecom engineers anymore when telecom is not your core business => Plug n Play● Embed Telco capacities in any connected device, no matter if it’s a smartphone, an app, a PC, a tablet, a connected car, a TV, ...● Scale on Demand● Creates new kind of revenues ○ Allows revenue sharing model for app developers ○ Pay developers for their usage (BlueVia from Telefonica)
  10. 10. Is there a need for a Telco SaaSin a private/hybrid cloud ?● Avoid Vendor Lock-in● Global Service Availability● Data Privacy● Mature through USAGE the APIs that WORK
  11. 11. WelcomeRestComm
  12. 12. SaaS Web / MobileReady Application Developer
  13. 13. Introduction to RestComm● RestComm is to Twilio/Tropo what Eucalyptus is to Amazon (and offers 100% API Compatibility with Twilio/Tropo + extensions to it)● RestComm is a communications platform that empowers developers to rapidly create Fax, Voice, (Video soon), SMS, and MMS enabled applications.● RestComm is being developed as an open source project for deployment on private, public, and hybrid clouds.
  14. 14. How does RestComm work ? RestComm requests XMLA call is made to RestComm InstructionsRestComm executes the XML Your application returns XMLInstructions Instructions
  15. 15. RestComm Capabilities ● Deployable in public/private/hybrid clouds ● Pluggable Architecture ● Designed for scalability ● Voice service provider agnostic ● SMS/MMS service provider agnostic ● Support for multiple back-ends out of the box + custom implementations are possible ● Support for 3rd party TTS (Text-to-Speech) engines ● Support for 3rd party ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) enginesDisclaimer: Features presented here will be available in the BETA version out thismonth. RestComm is currently in ALPHA version
  16. 16. Out of the box Pluggable TelcoComponents/Backends● ASR (ex. Nuance, AudioCodes)● TTS (ex. Acapela Group, Nuance, Loquendo, Wizzard, Google Translate)● Storage Engine (ex. JDBC, MongoDB, Cassandra, Hbase, Project Voldemort)● Fax Service Provider (ex. eFax)● VoIP Service Provider (ex. VoxBone, VoIP Innovations, Vitelity)● SMS/MMS Service Provider (ex. Hook Mobile, OpenMarket, Essendex)
  17. 17. Typical Deployment● The Media Server Cloud is representative of other possible backend clouds
  18. 18. Mobicents SS7 for direct PSTNand SMS/MMS connectivity
  19. 19. RestComm Markup Language (RestML)● Dial ● Client ● Number ● Conference● Say ● Play ● Gather● Reject ● Hangup ● Pause● Redirect ● Record● Fax ● Sms ● Mms
  20. 20. Example : Verb <Say>Synthesizes text to speech and plays it to the caller. Attribute Name Allowed Value Default Value voice man, woman man language Depends on TTS Service en provider loop integer >= 0 1Supported TTS service providers:● Acapela Group, Nuance
  21. 21. Example : Verb <Say> Contd<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?><Response> <Say voice="woman" language="en" loop="2"> Welcome to FOSDEM 2012 !!! </Say></Response>
  22. 22. Example : Verb <SMS>Sends a text message to a mobile device. Attribute Name Allowed Value Default Value to phone number none from phone number none action relative or absolute URL none method GET, POST POSTSupported Sms service providers: statusCallback relative or absolute URL none● Essendex
  23. 23. Example : Verb <SMS> Contd<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><Response> <Say>Your confirmation number is 1 2 3 4 5</Say> <Sms action="/" method="POST"> Your confirmation number is 1 2 3 4 5 </Sms></Response>
  24. 24. Restful API● Manage accounts● Query history, faxes, calls, SMS, MMS, recordings● Initiate calls, conferences, SMS or MMS, send faxes● Modify ongoing calls and conferences● Manage account content
  25. 25. Restful API Wrappers
  26. 26. Ruby API Wrapper Example dial("+14155550100"); say("Welcome to FOSDEM 2012!"); hangup();
  27. 27. More to come● Mid Call Failover Support● Add Tropo APIs Compatibility● Add IM Support● Add Video Support● Billing integration● USSD exposed● Location of user (SS7 MAP based location service)● Brandable UI
  28. 28. Juicy Infrastructure below RestComm
  29. 29. Based on Best of Breed Mobicents
  30. 30. Mobicents Contributors
  31. 31. TelScale Project ● ● Container Abstraction layer : can support any JavaEE vendor that makes sense for our community and customers (Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, Glassfish, ...) ● HA Abstraction Layer independent of a particular vendor technology ● Focus toward Cloud paradigm and running Mobicents as a Telco 2.0 PaaS
  32. 32. Cloud Vendor Agnostic● Strong demand for private deployments for SaaS and PaaS● Moving from Standalone static Vitual Image to Dynamic Puppet/Chef Configuration and Image Management confidential
  33. 33. Mobicents Turnkey Telco PaaS● Auto-scaling prototyped● Rolling upgrades● Media Server in the cloud● Working on production grade cloud packaging● Core Services Mini-Clouds confidential
  34. 34. Dont forget tocontribute ;-) Thank you !