Mobicents Summit 2012 - TeleStax Keynote


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Mobicents Summit 2012 - TeleStax Keynote

  1. TeleStax KeynoteMobicents Summit October 2012Mobicents Community Summit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Ivelin Ivanov Amit Bhayani Jean Deruelle
  2. Agenda● Growing the Community● Mobicents Community & Contribution Process● TeleStax, Inc.● TelScale
  3. TeleStax LeadershipGrowing the Community
  4. Mobicents History
  5. Mobicents Platform,From PSTN to Cloud
  6. Mobicents Community & Contribution Process
  7. Community Leadership● Community is our Customers...● Focus on "release early, release often"● Blogs, Forums, Wikis, Issue Trackers● Weekly open public meetings● Jenkins Daily Jobs: test suites, TCKs, binary releases, documentations● Exponential growth of public forums activity● Adding a new contributor every other week● Close to 30 corporate contributors: telecoms, NEPs, ISVs● 8 companies on the core community team● Regular exposure at international industry events
  8. Noteable Contributors
  9. Contribution Modes● Sign TeleStax Contributor Agreement to contribute code● Identifiy internal ambassadors to Mobicents projects ○ Allow time to build expertise on Mobicents components to provide L1/L2 support● Multiple types of contributions are possible : ○ Code & Algorithms: Core Projects, Incubator projects, Frameworks ○ Use cases, feature requests: Roadmap influence ○ Community Support, bug fixes, forum posts: Help to be helped ○ Documentation: Everyone needs good docs, Code is a moving targed. ○ Testing (Perf, load, security, unit tests, interop, ...) / CI
  10. TeleStax Inc.
  11. 12 months business update● TeleStax, Inc. took over the lead on Mobicents and provides Enterprise class support for it● 15 paid team members distributed worldwide● Closed over 40 deals: consulting, training, support sub● The company is 100% employee owned ○ All shares are distributed within the core team ○ Outside investors may be invited in the future● Profitable● No debt
  12. International Events Presence● FOSDEM (EMEA)● Mobile World Congress (EMEA)● CommunicAsia (APAC)● Mobile Asia Expo (APAC)● Cloud Communications IT Expo (NA)● CloudSlam (NA)● BIT CloudCon (APAC)● Community Summit Rio (LATAM)
  13. The Rainmaker Dance● Nurture open source ecosystem • 10 years and still growing● Recruit Alpha Geeks as contributors and evangelists● Open Standardization via Open Source Implementation
  14. The Benefits of OpenSource● Shared development costs● Open and rapid innovation● Big Eco System and Community
  15. The Other Side of OpenSource● Loosely regulated contributions● Emphasis on new features● Support on latest major release out only, not patch releases, can break backward compatibility● Large scale production deployment, maintenance, and security are someone elses problems
  16. Purification and bottling
  17. Community TelScale Product When does it make sense to use one or the other?
  18. Global Support Services● Dev Support ○ Premium Content for Developers ○ Private Discussion Forums ○ Real Time Consultation ○ SLAs● Production Support ○ Follow the sun global support ○ Web/Phone response ○ Flexible SLAs ○ 10+ L1-L2 partners across all major geos
  19. Professional Services● Training ○ Customer Private Training ○ Public Training ○ Web Training● Consulting ○ Onsite : High value, hands-on peer design and coding ○ Remote : Audio, Video Conference, Screen Sharing, Remote Access● OEM/ISV Partner Certification Program available
  20. TelScale product suite
  21. TelScale SIP Servlets● 3 releases within the last 6 months. ○ Binary update every 2-3 months● Provide value add for production deployments: ○ SNMP Monitoring and Management ○ NIO ○ JBoss EAP 5 Support through TeleStax Red Hat ISV Partner Agreement ○ Regular Cumulative Patch Releases
  22. TelScale jSIP● Commercial Grade Support for JAIN SIP Stack● Provide value add for production such as : ○ NIO ○ Regular Cumulative Patches Releases
  23. TelScale JAIN-SLEE● Commercial Grade Support for JAIN SLEE Container
  24. TelScale jDiameter● Commercial Grade Support for jDiameter Stack
  25. TelScale jSS7● Commercial Grade Support for jSS7 Stack
  26. TelScale SS7 Cards● Commercial Grade Support for SS7 Hardware Cards
  27. TelScale SMSC Gateway● Commercial Grade Support for SMSC Gateway
  28. TelScale USSD Gateway● Commercial Grade Support for USSD Gateway
  29. Key goals for 2013● Continue leading Mobicents community and projects● Complete unified management interfaces and monitoring across all Telscale products● Complete unified cloud deployment tools and guidelines● Begin offering online product training and certification● Begin offering simple online subscription purchase● Localize educational content for top 3 emerging market languages: Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese● Launch White-Label Communications as a Service Platform
  30. Thank you !