Mobicents Summit 2012 - Jonas Borjesson - Introduction to Twilio

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  • 1. Twilio An IntroductionJonas Borjesson – Tech Lead SIP COPYRIGHT © TWILIO INC. 2012
  • 2. Making Telecom Simple● Telecom technologies are inaccessible to most developers.● Providers select customers based on size & volume● Web technologies are open & ubiquitous● Millions of web developers world wide COPYRIGHT © TWILIO INC. 2012
  • 3. Products● Full voice application stack with best in class API● Send and receive phone calls all over the world● Leading provider of long code and short codes● Connected to over 1,000 mobile operators networks● VoIP for both web browsers and, iOS and Android● Build VoIP capabilities directly into applications COPYRIGHT © TWILIO INC. 2012
  • 4. Unparalleled Community COPYRIGHT © TWILIO INC. 2012
  • 5. An API to the telephony network A User calls or sends an SMS to your Twilio phone number COPYRIGHT © TWILIO INC. 2012
  • 6. An API to the telephony network Twilio receives the call or SMS and makes a request to your application COPYRIGHT © TWILIO INC. 2012
  • 7. An API to the telephony network Your app receives that information and sends XML back to Twilio COPYRIGHT © TWILIO INC. 2012
  • 8. An API to the telephony network Twilio executes those instructions and interacts with the user COPYRIGHT © TWILIO INC. 2012
  • 9. Live Coding COPYRIGHT © TWILIO INC. 2012
  • 10. ● Make & receive calls from a desktop browser or mobile app● Dial from the web to the PSTN and Vice-versa● Connect audio between browsers and mobile apps COPYRIGHT © TWILIO INC. 2012
  • 11. What might you build? E-Commerce Call Centers ConferencingLet visitors connect to sales Deploy call center agents Bridge the web, mobile apps or customer service with a with only a web browser and even traditional phones. single click. or tablet. Collaboration Lead Generation Gaming Add rich voice Instantly connect hot leads to Add realtime voice communications to your your sales team. Track all communications to your web productivity apps. aspects of the calls. or mobile games. COPYRIGHT © TWILIO INC. 2012
  • 12. 1 include2 lines of JS simplepowerful COPYRIGHT © TWILIO INC. 2012
  • 13. Live Coding COPYRIGHT © TWILIO INC. 2012
  • 14. COPYRIGHT © TWILIO INC. 2012