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The World’s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine

The World’s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine

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  • 1. TELE The World’s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine since 1981 3DTV HDTV IP/Web satellite I N T E R N AT I O N A LB 9318 E 09-102012 Test Report Test Report GLOBALINVACOM SPAUN Ivan Horrocks Surprises With A Modulator to Stacker Technology in Create Your Own Fibre Optic System TV System Test Report LEXIUM Test Report Robby Dosetareh Helps Installers With his Sophisticated New DEVISER An Amazing New Professional Meter Top-notch Handheld Meter Company Report DMS Tim Heinrichs is America’s Busiest Satellite Enthusiast Company Report TOPSIGNAL Zongbao King Went From Motors to Dishes and LNBs Test Report AZBox miniMe 09-10/2012 The BIG MINI Receiver
  • 2. TELE-satellite International t The World’s Larges zine Dig ital TV Trade Maga since 1981 Alexander Wiese Publisher .com alex@TELE-satellite y HQ in Munich, German Dear Readers,More and more receivers operate with an Internet connection long that I easily lose the overview. And that’s the problem: I shouldand offer users an enormous assortment of TV channels that are be able to choose a TV channel based on its name alone. But thisavailable via the worldwide Internet. It could be streaming channels is simply not enough information. There are many channels thatsuch as with a regular TV broadcaster or video files that would first have selected very peculiar names. How am I supposed to know,need to be downloaded. The choices are becoming more and more for example, that Press TV isn’t a journalism channel but rather alimitless. The selection of the transmission path is actually a way to news channel from Iran? And how many Tele5 and TV 5 channelslimit these choices. are there that appear in a channel list after as scan? Which one should I choose?Of all the different technical variants, terrestrial TV transmissionsin most regions offer the least amount of TV channels. A step up As a user I think receivers should provide another bit of informationin the number of available channels would be cable TV and even for each channel that would help me make a decision. And thatbetter would be TV via satellite. But far larger are the number of TV would be the picture quality which would be expressed in the bitrate.channels that can be received via the Internet, but there’s no way to Ever since I’ve had an HD television, I’ve wanted to be able to useactually confirm how many there really are. All too often one Web/ it exactly for that purpose, and that is to watch TV channels in highIP-TV provider starts up service while another stops service making technical quality. For that reason my current criteria out of all theit difficult to count the number of channels. channels that are available is to search for only those channels that carry the two letters ‘HD’. That reduces the choices significantly butIf you take a closer look at the TV channels that you can receive it’s not cut and dry. Quite a few SD channels also broadcast in goodwith the different methods, an interesting picture begins to develop. technical quality.With terrestrial TV the number of available channels might be small,but they’d mostly be channels that viewers would want to see. Not What’s missing for me is an indication of the bitrate for eachonly that, these channels would naturally offer programming of local channel in the receiver’s channel list. Then I would be able to sortinterest. the channels based on bitrate and would only surf between the first 100 channels. For those TV channels that don’t put any value on theThe channels available via cable TV fulfill similar criteria; they are quality of their picture, I in return wouldn’t put any value on thosealso mostly channels liked by the viewers attached to the cable channels. Exceptions prove the The plight of the cable TV viewer, that usually doesn’t haveany other way of receiving TV, is that they are typically exploited by So this is my wish for the scan function of a receiver: the bitratethe cable provider in that they fill up their channel space with far too should also be measured during a scan and sorting based on bitratemany useless channels such as shopping channels. should also be possible. That’s what I’d like to see.The satellite viewer has the best selection but they often have to dowithout channels that deal with local news and events. The selectionof channels is so large that choosing a channel to watch becomesa tiresome task. Even more gigantic is the choice with Web/IP-TV;here there’s absolutely no organization at all.On what criteria should you base your decision on? The list ofchannels that every receiver presents after a scan has become so Alexander Wiese Editor-in-Chief TELE-satellite International TELE satellite Address TELE-satellite International, PO Box 1234, 85766 Munich-Ufg, GERMANY/EUROPE Editor-in-Chief Alexander Wiese, Published by TELE-satellite Medien GmbH, Aschheimer Weg 19, 85774 Unterfoehring, GERMANY/EUROPE Design Németi Barna Attila Advertising Hard Copy Subscription Copyright © 2012 by TELE-satellite ISSN 1435-7003 TELE-satellite was established in 1981 and today is the oldest, largest and most-read digital tv trade magazine in the world. TELE-satellite is seen by more than 350,000 digital tv professionals around the world and is available both in printed form and online.
  • 3. CONTENT AZBox miniMe Miniature HDTV Linux Receiver with ...172 Multimedia Features................... 16 DEVISER DS2400T Professional Meter for DVB-T, DVB-C and CATV.......... 36 ...186 GlobalInvacom Loss-less Distribution for Satellite Signals.............. 54 ...200 SPAUN VAM 420 NG PALHigh Quality Analogue Modulator........... 66 LEXIUM ...228 FastAlign 5110Pro Professional Digital ...242 Satellite Meter..................... 74Feature:The Wonderful World of SparkPart 4: Web-TV.................................... 88Feature:AZBox ME Receiver Software Feature: DXer Report:Part 3: Plugin Installation..................... 98 Latest Technologies Came To Life at: Satellite DXer Oscar Campos, CommunicAsia Exhibition 2012............ 172 Santiago de Chile.............................. 250AWARD Winning:Digital Receivers of 21st Century......... 108 Company Report: Satellite DXer Overview: Satellite Wholesaler and Meter Hall of Fame of SatelliteAWARD Winning: Manufacturer DMS, USA..................... 186 Enthusiasts of the World..................... 258HDTV PC Cards of 21st Century........... 118 Company Report: Technical Service:AWARD Winning: Original Equipment Manufacturer Digital TV Transponder StreamsSignal Analyzers of 21st Century......... 122 Topsignal, China................................ 200 around the World............................... 266AWARD Winning: Company Overview: DTT of the World............................ 302IPTV/WebTV Receivers Best Digital TV Companiesof 21st Century.............................. 134 of the World................................... 216 TELE-satellite History: TELE-satellite in 1982..................... 308Vitor’s Workshop: Company Report:Selfmade Dish: Lego Antenna............. 140 Satellite Installer Nivaldo da Silva, TELE-satellite History: São Paulo, Brazil............................... 228 TELE-satellite in 1992..................... 310Feature:Wavelengths & Connector Types.......... 150 Uplink Overview: TELE-satellite History: TELE-satellite’s Best Satellite TELE-satellite in 2002..................... 312Feature: Uplink Earth Stations...................... 236Special Transmission Modes................ 156 Satellites of the World................. 316 Company Report:Digital Technology: TV Programm Provider Global Readership ofNew Developments............................ 166 ICN, USA.......................................... 242 TELE-satellite Magazine.................. 3208 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 4. ADVERTISER‘S INDEX 8DTEK..................................... China......................... 69 IBC2012.................................. UK.............................163 ALUOSAT................................. China.....81, 117, 133, 139 INTERBEE2012........................ Japan........................147 AMIKO..................................... Hungary..................... 41 JIUZHOU................................. China........................324 ANTIFERENCE......................... UK.............................231 JONSA..................................... Taiwan......................233 APPLIED INSTRUMENTS......... USA...........................203 KARMACOM............................. Hungary..................... 41 AZBOX..................................... Portugal....................323 KWS........................................ Germany...................181 AZURESHINE........................... Taiwan....................... 25 LEXIUM................................... USA...........................213 BAOTONG................................ China......................... 57 MFC......................................... USA...........................233 BEIJINGTOPREAL.................... China........................143 MICO....................................... China........................... 2 BOIINGSAT............................. China......................... 73 MOTECK.................................. Taiwan......................185 BSD......................................... Brazil........................257 NABSHOW2013....................... USA...........................159 BT........................................... UK.............................241 OIPF........................................ Sweden.....................265 CABSAT2013........................... Dubai........................161 OPENSAT................................. Portugal....................323 CASTOR................................... Netherlands............. 239 PANODIC................................. China........................... 2 CCBN2013............................... China........................177 PREVAIL.................................. China..................... 14-15 CES2013.................................. USA....................149, 171 SATBEAMS............................... Belgium....................213 CHANGHONG........................... China........................... 9 SATCATCHER........................... UK.............................. 19 CHINABROADCASTING........... China........................257 SATELLITEGUYS...................... USA...........................255 CHINASATELLITE2012............ China........................155 SATSON................................... Belgium..................... 29 CNBROADCASTING................. China........................257 SBTVD..................................... Brazil........................265 CSTB2013................................ Russia.......................165 SCATINDIA2012...................... India.........................153 DEVISER................................. China.................. 91, 189 SEN5....................................... China......................... 69 DEKTEC................................... Netherlands..............101 SICHUANJIUZHOU.................. China........................324 DEXING................................... China......................... 83 SICHUANVIDEOELECTRONIC.... China......................... 65 DIGITALTELEMEDIA................ China........................324 SKYWORTH............................. China......................... 11 DISHPOINTER......................... UK.............................203 SMARTWI................................ Denmark.................... 79 DVBCN.................................... China........................197 SOWELL.................................. China......................... 47 FTATV...................................... Argentina..................195 SPAUN..................................... Germ.....185, 195, 231, 255 FULANELECTRONICS............... China........................... 5 SPAUN ELECTRONIC..................Germany.......................51 GLOBALINVACOM.................... UK.............................. 87 SVEC....................................... China......................... 65 GOOSAT.................................. China......................... 53 TEHNICB................................. Romania...................197 GOLDENMEDIA........................ Germany.................... 61 TENOW.................................... China........................189 HANGZHOUPREVAIL............... China..................... 14-15 TEVII...................................... Taiwan......................181 HISILICON.............................. China........................... 4 TOPREAL................................. China........................143 HORIZON................................ UK.............................. 95 WSINTERNATIONAL................ USA...........................21310 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 5. 02-03/2012 AZBox ME Today‘s absolute best Linux Receiver 10-1 1/201 1 Tenow TBS6984 Made for TV addicts who can never watch and record enough channels. TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 6. MAGAZINE 08-09/2009 Global Invacom Optical LNB The first worldwide optical satellite reception and transmission system 06-07-08/2012 AMIKO ALIEN 2 Unbeatable combination of features and function – for excellent viewing pleasure! — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 13
  • 7. TEST REPORT Miniature HDTV Linux Receiver AZBox miniMe16 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 8. • can be started with two different flash versions• excellent integration in existing home network• remote control compatible with AZBox ME –both receivers can be operated with the sameremote• blind scan function as special treat for DXers• easy-to-use and intuitive on-screen menu — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 17
  • 9. TEST REPORT Miniature HDTV Linux Receiver Ever since we first test-ed the AZBox ME in TELE-satellite 02-03/2012 wesimply cannot take oureyes off this receiver. Thelatest variant arrived atour test center in an unu-sually small box and car-ries the fitting name AZ-Box miniMe. The AZBox miniMe sportsa stylish ‘set-top box design’,which means it comes withan unobtrusive back plasticcasing which will make it asuitable addition to all yourexisting home entertainmentgear. We were particularly takento the slightly inclined sidepanels and the interest-ing design of the ventilationopenings on the top side. Incontrast to those unusualcharacteristics, the frontpanel looks rather conven- ■ Read Test Report of the AZBox miniMes big sister AZBox ME in TELE-satellite 02-03/2012tional and comes with a but- on the left to switch onthe receiver. The button is used to connect an infrared a surprisingly wide range of surely appreciate this opticalsurrounded by an LED that receiver. This way the AZBox connections: digital output in connectionindicates the current operat- miniMe can be hidden out of • LNB-In und LNB-Loop: with a digital amplifier. Foring mode of the receiver: sight in a cabinet or behind Additional receivers or me- analog processing you might • lilac: deep standby the TV panel, for example. ters can be hooked up to the require a digital-analog con- • red: standby If you want to make use of LNB loop-through output. verter (DAC). • blue: on that option you need to sepa- • S/PDIF: Music lovers and • LAN: An RJ-45 connec- In addition, there is the rately obtain the IR receiver, home theatre enthusiasts will tion is a must-have feature‘AZBox miniMe’ model des- since the receiver itself isignation in white lettering shipped without it.and the characteristic Z logo Due its small size the backin black. Looks really great! panel of AZBox miniMe looksTo the right there is a mini a bit crowded, but that’s only 09-10/2012phone jack which can be due to the fact that it offers AZBox mini ME Excellent mini receiver with network functionality – the perfect fit for any home network. 0.5718 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 10. for Linux-based receivers, as from the mains to fully dis- it allows access to local serv- connect the receiver, even ers and the Internet. though we recommend us- • HDMI: Our preferred ing a switchable power strip method of connecting any to be on the safe and eco- digital receiver to a TV pan- nomical side. Obviously, we el or monitor with a cor- checked power consumption responding input interface. in deep standby, standby and Both digital video and audio on modes. Please refer to the are provided via HDMI. chart at the end of the report • YPbPr: A mini phone jack for all results. puts out a component video The internal smartcard signal using the YPbPr colour reader is located on the left scheme, which provides bet- side of the AZBox miniMe ter video quality with higher and by default it is not ac- resolution than the conven- tive, which means it does not tional FBAS signal. If you own support any encryption sys- a video projector without tem known to us. The remote digital input options you will control is the same that also certainly be grateful for com- comes with the AZBox ME, so ponent video. The receiver is we were able to swap the re- shipped complete with a suit- motes and still operate both able adapter cable. receivers with any of the two • Recovery switch: This remote controls. is a neat feature for recon- The remote sits nicely in structing the boot loader in your hand and sports an er- case an unsuccessful flash gonomic design that allows attempt has damaged the re- reaching all buttons with your ceiver’s firmware. We’ll deal thumb. What might be con- with that in more detail a lit- fusing at first is that in addi- tle later. tion to the usual ring-shaped • A/V: Another mini phone buttons around the OK but- jack is available for com- ton there is another set of six posite video and an audio/ buttons in an outer circle. video signal. Older TV sets New users might find can be connected directly or themselves pressing the with the help of a euroscart EPG button instead of the adapter, depending on the DOWN button when zapping available input socket(s) of channels at first, but after a the TV. Once again, the cor- short while your thumb won’t responding A/V cable is sup- miss its target. What’s more, plied, while those requiring we’ve been using the AZBox a euroscart adapter have to ME quite intensively in recent obtain one on their own. months so it’s great to know • Two USB interfaces: we can just stick to the same You can use those to attach remote. external hard disks, flash If truth be spoken, it only memories etc. trickles down after a while • e-SATA: This connec- how smart the layout of the tion can be used instead of remote is: As mentioned the USB ports for connecting above, all buttons can easily an external hard disk. e-SA- be reached with the thumb TA supports higher transfer and individual buttons can be rates than USB. distinguished even without • 12V/2A socket: Like the looking at them. AZBox ME the AZBox miniMe The actual high point of comes with an external pow- the remote control, however, er supply unit. This reduces is only revealed at second the heat that is generated sight: If you open the battery inside the receiver and also compartment you will detect facilitates mobile use in cara- a small button that activates vans, for example. a learning function. There is no mechanical on/ With that you can re-pro- off switch, but with an exter- gram the right button in the nal power supply unit this is first row of the remote. By not really required. You can default it turns on and off the always plug out the cable TV, but you can change that20 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 11. to any desired command. In AZBox miniMe AZBox MEtheory you won’t even need CPU SIGMA processor SMP 8653 SIGMA processor SMP 8655the TV’s remote control any FLASH 256 MB 512 MBlonger, which is an absolutebonus in this day and age of RAM DDR 128 MB DDR 256 MBmultimedia overload. VIDEO DDR 128 MB DDR 256 MB Apart from the receiv- Tuner Single tuner (DVB-S2) Single tuner (DVB-S2)er, the remote control and HDD  eSATA eSATA and internal SATAadapter cables for compo- Video Container MPEG1/2/4 (M1V, M2V, M4V); MPEG1/2 PS (M2P, MPEG1/2/4 (M1V, M2V, M4V); MPEG1/2 PS (M2P,nent video and composite MPG); MPEG2 Transport Stream (TS, TP, TRP, MPG); MPEG2 Transport Stream (TS, TP, TRP, M2T,video mentioned above, the M2T, M2TS, MTS), VOB, AVI, ASF, WMV, IFO, ISO; M2TS, MTS), VOB, AVI, ASF, WMV, IFO, ISO; Matroska Matroska (MKV), MOV (H.264), MP4, RMP4 (MKV), MOV (H.264), MP4, RMP4manufacturer also supplies Video Codecs  XVID SD/HD; MPEG-1; MPEG-2: MP@HL; MPEG- XVID SD/HD; MPEG-1; MPEG-2: MP@HL; MPEG-4.2:a short manual and two AAA 4.2: ASP@L5, 720p, 1-point GMC; WMV9: MP@HL; ASP@L5, 720p, 1-point GMC; WMV9: MP@HL; H.264:batteries for the remote. H.264: BP@L3; H.264: MP@L4.0; H.264: HP@L4.0; BP@L3; H.264: MP@L4.0; H.264: HP@L4.0; H.264: H.264: HP@L4.1; VC-1: MP@HL; VC-1: AP@L3 HP@L4.1; VC-1: MP@HL; VC-1: AP@L3 Before we went aboutchecking out all features and Audio Container AAC, M4A, MPEG audio (MP1, MP2, MP3, MPA), AAC, M4A, MPEG audio (MP1, MP2, MP3, MPA), WAV, WAV, WMA, FLAC, OGG WMA, FLAC, OGGfunctions of the AZBox min- Audio Codecs AAC, AAC+, DTS, WMA, WMA Pro, MP1, AAC, AAC+, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS, WMA, WMA Pro,iMe we first looked at aspects MP2, MP3, LPCM, FLAC, Vorbis, DTS (Audio MP1, MP2, MP3, LPCM, FLAC, Vorbis, DTS (Audiodifferentiating it from the AZ- Passthrough) Passthrough), Dolby Digital Plus (Audio Passthrough)Box ME. After all, the ‘mini’ in In/Output Front Coloured Leds; Power Button; 1x IR Jack; 1x USB 2.0; Coloured Leds & VFD; Power Buttonthe model name is there for In/Output Rear 1x HDMI; 1x JACK; 1x e-SATA; 1x RJ45; 1x 1x HDMI; 1x Component (YcbCr); 1x RCA Video; 1xa reason. Optical S/PDIF; Power Switch; 2x USB 2.0; 1x AV RCA Audio (L/R); 1x e-SATA 1x RJ45; 1x USB 2.0; 1x connector; Optical S/PDIF; Power Switch; Even though the standardAZBox ME is by no means a Card Reader 1x (side) 1x (side)large receiver, the miniMe ■ Table 1. — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 21
  • 12. is considerably smaller. An probably keep your finger on overview of the distinguish- the button much longer than ing factors between the two required. can be seen in our table. The receivers use differ- The AZBox miniMe we re- ent processors, even though ceived for testing came with both are clocked with 1230 pre-installed AZtrino v1.6. DMIPS at 500/333 MHz (CPU/ We checked on the manufac- DSP) and thus are largely turer’s website (http://www. identical. and found out There are only marginal that it was the current firm- differences which go unno- ware for the receiver. ticed by users, since the pro- Once we had connected cessing capacity is identical all cables to the receiver we and in both receivers the CPU were finally able to turn it is not fully exploited. In the- on. It always surprises us no ory, for example, both pro- end to see how user-friendly cessors could support even a receiver can be with top- more flash memory. The sin- notch software. In this case gle genuine processor-based we were smoothly guided distinction is Dolby Digital through various configura- Plus, which is only available tion steps by an efficient wiz- with the AZBox ME thanks to ard, starting with language its SIGMA SMP 8655 proces- selection. sor. Even though this receiver is small, the range of avail- Here is a quick rundown able languages is huge and of the major differences be- we cannot think of a box that tween the two receivers: offers more options! Video resolution is next, • Hard disk: While it is with all modes from 480p to possible to install in internal 1080p being available, either 2.5’’ HDD in the AZBox ME, with 50 Hz or 60 Hz. Obvi- the miniMe only allows an ously, it is also possible to external HDD via USB or e- select interlaced mode (i) for SATA. all resolutions. We went for • Firmware: The flash 1080i, a configuration that is memory of the AZBox ME can very popular in Europe. store three different firmware What follows is the cor- versions. When switching on rect time zone, and here too the receiver you can either the manufacturer seemed to press 0, 1 or 2 on the remote have thought of all corners of control to select the firmware the world. you prefer. With the AZBox From these basic settings miniMe it is only possible to we are guided to the net- store two different firmware work parameters. DHCP is versions in the (smaller) flash activated by default, and this memory (0 and 1). actually makes sense since • Display: With the AZBox the router automatically as- ME you get a blue alphanu- signs all required values and meric VDF display show- addresses. ing the channel name when If you prefer to work with switched on and the current a static user-defined IP ad- time when in standby. The dis- dress you can of course also play is particularly important manually set all parameters. when selecting the firmware At this stage you can even version to boot from – the define a so-called time server display will show BOOT[0], from which the AZBox min- BOOT[1] or BOOT[2] so that iMe obtains the exact time. you know you can release While it is true that the cur- the corresponding button on rent time is also transmitted the remote control. The AZ- with DVB-S/S2 data streams Box miniMe does not feature we found that some provid- such a display, which means ers are simply incapable of you select the firmware by sending a correct and stand- pressing the respective but- ardised time stamp so that it ton (0, 1 or VOL+) and most may happen during zapping22 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 13. — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 23
  • 14. that the receiver’s internal an impressive result for a time jumps back and forth an standard search with 60cm hour or two. Thankfully, there flat antennas in bad weather. is a time server (NTP – Net- Speaking of the channel work Time Protocol) already search, the AZBox miniMe pre-set in the AZBox miniMe: comes with a tuner that is capable of performing blind scan searches, just like the Now we‘re only one step larger AZBox ME. The current away from actually watching AZtrino firmware supports TV with the AZBox miniMe, blind scan as well, which is and this final step deals with why we couldn’t refrain from getting the receiver to work hooking up our 2.4m mesh with the reception equipment antenna with C band LNB for in place. a blind scan search on 37.5W. Just so you know, all DiS- The AZBox miniMe flaw- EqC protocols are supported. lessly detected a number of We began with connecting transponders as well as the the box to our existing array Metro TV channel from Gha- of antennas, which consists na. This signal is broadcast of four flat antennas aligned with a symbol rate of 1674 to the following positions: and an FEC of 7/8. While the DiSEqC-1 - ASTRA 1 resolution of only a quarter of (19.2E), DiSEqC-2 - HOTBIRD PAL standard is very unusual (13.0E), DiSEqC-3 - HISPA- and feels like an insult to the SAT (30.0W) and DiSEqC-4 eyes – especially when com- - ASTRA 2 (28.2E). pared to all the latest FTA HD For that configuration to channels on ASTRA 1 (19.2E) work you don’t even need to – it is truly exciting to be able consult the manual, since all to watch African TV in Eu- OSD menus are self-explan- rope. All DXers out there will atory. surely understand what we We then initiated a chan- mean! nel search across all four The only thing that was not positions, which had us wait- met with our approval was ing for a total of 34 minutes. the wrong indication of the While this is a tad on the long transponders’ frequencies: side, we were rewarded with The figures given were based 3178 channels, which is quite on a universal LNB, even24 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 15. though our LNB was specifi- ternal hard disk to the USB cally configured as a C band interface of the AZBox min- LNB. Apart from that, we iMe. It was formatted with were genuinely pleased with FAT32 and already included the blind scan results. a number of multimedia files, Let’s turn to another very so that we were able to find important aspect now. After out how easy or difficult it all, the blind scan option is would be to use a pre-for- nice to have, but a receiver matted hard disk with exist- can only prove its worth in ing files in connection with everyday use for watching the AZBox miniMe. television. To cut a long story short: No need to worry as far The external HDD was de- as the AZBox miniMe is con- tected automatically and cerned: It offers fast channel added to the directory tree switching and comes with a under /media/sda1. very reliable software en- The only thing we had to vironment. During our test add manually was the path we were never faced with for the time-shift directory any freezes and all standard which is normally created functions such as EPG, tele- automatically at the time a text or subtitles worked with- hard disk is formatted by the out a glitch. AZBox miniMe’s AZtrino firm- In order to test the PVR ware. In our case the exter- function we attached an ex- nal HDD already had some26 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 16. files on it that we of course least we opened the Internet the receiver has treats inwanted to keep, which is why browser on our PC and en- store for everybody.we added the time-shift and tered the IP address of the If you like watching filmsrecording directories manu- AZBox miniMe. and playing back multime-ally. Spoilt by the AZBox ME, dia files you can simply hook Once that was accom- we had certain hopes in that up an existing hard disk andplished we were able to use regard and luckily the min- watch or listen to more orthose functions to the full and iMe did not disappoint us. less all file formats.could not detect any flaws. The website of the receiver If you’re the adventurousEverything worked just the appears on the monitor and type and love to spend hoursway we knew it from other allows remote access to all on end hunting for out-of-Linux receivers. receiver functions. the-ordinary channels from We went through all other In addition, it is even pos- exotic positions or for feedsmenu options as well and also sible to stream the currently that are not intended fortested a motorised antenna received channel across the the average viewer you willwith the SG2100 DiSEqC 1.2 entire home network. Sitting greatly appreciate the blindmotor from Motek, which on your work desk and at the scan function.worked right away. This part same time watching a soc- For the rest of the familyof our test was completed cer match? No problem at all who merely wants to watchextremely quickly since we thanks to the AZBox miniMe! TV this receiver offers easeused the existing settings of use and a logical user in-from our AZBox ME. It pays This is a receiver that terface. Who could possiblyoff to stick to products from meets all of our demands: ask for more?the same family! The pre-installed firmware Last but by no means lives up to its promises and Well, there is always more. More features and more functions, thanks to alterna- tive firmware versions that can be used optionally. Just like with the AZBox ME you can find a range of dif- ferent firmware distributions for the AZBox miniMe. There is the official AZtrino firm- ware, with which the receiver is shipped by default. And then there’s a firm- ware version called RTI or an OpenRSI version. It’s really — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 27
  • 17. not hard to guess that we or VOL+ you have no in- tried out both! formation on whether your First we had to find out command is being execut- how to install new firmware ed or how long you need to in the first place. The short press the button. This felt a manual that is shipped with little strange at first and to the receiver is rather vague be on the save side we kept regarding alternative firm- our finger on the button until ware and the missing VFD the first screen appeared on display does not help either. the TV. Just like the AZBox ME the After a while, however, miniMe is started with the we knew intuitively when to 0 or 1 button of the remote release the button, and we pressed in order to boot from even discovered that the flash memory 0 or 1. The AZ- power LED flashes shortly Box ME offers a third option right after the selection has by pressing button 2. Alter- been executed. natively you can press the Contrary to the AZBox VOL+ button to access the ME a flash menu appears flash menu. on the screen. At that stage The AZBox miniMe does it is possible to either flash not have a display, so even the receiver with BOOT[0], though you press either 0/1 Boot[1] or MICOM (front-end28 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 18. processor), or to restart the So we had to test the dif-box. The current IP address ferent firmware versions oneof the receiver is indicated as after the other. This is notwell, so that you can flash the such a big deal, and we ex-receiver from your browser pect the three firmware ver-on the PC. In that case the sions to be available for thescreen goes blank and you same kernel shortly. Consid-control the receiver from the ering the short time that thisPC. receiver is on the market, the This is when we had to try number of available firmwareout a few things since the versions is already very im-procedure is different from pressive.the one with the AZBox ME. To start with, we had down- We mentioned on severalloaded a firmware version occasions that the AZBox MEthat was offered as a TAR file. and the AZBox miniMe areWinRAR then identified this very similar in many ways,file as corrupt, even though so we went about install-it was perfectly all right and ing the ME’s AZtrino v1.7 onincluded the flash image as the mini-Me. To that end wewell as the kernel file. This changed the file extensionTAR file can be flashed via from IMP to RAR and extract-the browser on the PC. ed the two firmware files onto Alternatively, you may go our USB memory. Installationfor firmware files that come was successful and we couldin the RAR format. In that address the receiver via Tel-case you will need two files, net. The TV screen, however,one with the flash image remained dark.(image0.jffs2) and the other At this stage we were luredwith the corresponding ker- into a flash tour as we simplynel (zbimage-linux-xload). did not want to believe we’d Please note that what you manoeuvred ourselves intojust read is not a typo: Us- a dead end. The final resulting the browser you need a after some 20 minutes was:firmware image in TAR for- rien ne va plus!mat, using USB you require Most other receivers wouldtwo files that are downloaded have earned the name ‘brick’as a single RAR archive and by that time, but the AZ-then unpacked onto the root Box miniMe comes with thedirectory of the USB mem- famed recovery button. Sim-ory. Sounds complicated? ply switch it to recovery andYou bet, but that’s the way it reboot the… The power LED will flash in orange colour during that Both the AZBox ME and process and when the receiv-the AZBox miniMe use a joint er is all set again it will turn tokernel in the flash memory, blue. After deactivating thethat works with the differ- recovery switch we restartedent firmware version. While the receiver and were greet-this certainly has its benefits, ed by the familiar flash menuit also means that the firm- soon after.ware version you intend to This allowed us to installinstall must be compiled for the standard AZtrino v1.6that particular kernel version firmware again. It remainssince they all share it. a mystery to us why other What follows from this is manufacturers don’t makethat we were unable to keep use of this brilliant safetythe current AZtrino and the measure as well. Then again,RTI firmware in the flash this is one of the distinguish-memory at the same time, ing features of the AZBoxsince the two require differ- miniMe and you never needent kernel versions. If you to despair after an unsuc-do start a firmware with the cessful flash attempt.wrong kernel your screen will We continued with thestay blank. However, the re- current v1.85 of RTI. Whileceiver can still be addressed installation went smoothly,via Telnet. you should make a point of30 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 19. — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 31
  • 20. removing the USB memory image. As they say, you win after flashing so that the re- some, you lose some… ceiver does not automatically Just like with the RTI image start the flash menu. there is a pre-installed plugin Again, the receiver needs server which provides a wide to be re-started after the range of plugins and there- flash routine and it first fore can be used to expand shows the RTI welcome the range of features of the screen, followed by an instal- receiver enormously. Among lation wizard. other things, e-mail plugins The first parameter that are available as is access to needs to be adjusted is various content libraries. screen resolution, which we Once again, the AZBox once again set at 1080i with manufacturer has come up 50 Hz. Language selection is with a new product for a mar- next and just like with AZtri- ket segment that has been no the list of options is very neglected so far. long. The AZBox miniMe is a very Finally, we had to config- small Linux receiver with el- ure our reception equipment. egant, yet low-key looks To that end we selected the plus a range of functions and SIMPLE mode and entered features that are second to the four satellite positions we none. For more information can receive. After that, we about general features of the were able to initiate a chan- AZBox range please have a nel search, which was com- read of our ‘AZBox Receiver pleted after 48 minutes with Software’ series which fo- a result of 4017 channels in cuses on a specific aspect in total. each issue of TELE-satellite. We should like to mention at this point that the weather In spite of its small size had vastly improved since the the AZBox miniMe does not previous search and when heat up even during heavy- looking up we saw a blue sky duty use: lukewarm is all we instead of grey cloud. could feel. There is no built- We went on to test the in fan required, which means media player of the RTI im- the unit does not create any age, only to find out that the noise whatsoever. firmware version we used No matter whether you came with a bug of the media only want to watch satellite player which meant that films television or tinker with your or music just would not play hardware and software: The back. What a shame, even AZBox miniMe is the way to though we are convinced one go. Not only is it possible to of the upcoming release ver- install different firmware ver- sions will address that issue. sions, two images can even be installed at the same time, While we were at it, we provided they work with the simply could not keep our fin- same kernel. gers off the OpenPLI image If worse comes to worst, either. In terms of functions, you can always switch the it is largely identical with the recovery button which will RTI image, even though the quickly get you out of trou- pre-installed skins obviously bles with a working image. look different. Trying out new plugins is You need to dig a little fun, and creating network deeper to discover the dif- shares with all associated ferences: The OpenPLI firm- possibilities will keep you en- ware comes with a different tertained for days. Even the media player which was able missing front display can be to access all of our films on retrofitted – find out how by an external USB HDD or via reading ‘Digital Picture Frame the local network. The player for the AZBox ME’ in TELE- even displayed subtitles cor- satellite 06-07-08/2012. rectly. Thanks to the IR jack it also On the other hand, blind possible to position the re- scan is not available with this ceiver completely out of sight32 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 21. and only place the picture in all other rooms with a TV. frame and IR receiver next to These need not have a HDD your flat screen TV. Use it as attached, since recordings you like, the sky’s the limit! and time-shift viewing can be As far as multimedia use is accomplished with the net- concerned the AZBox miniMe worked AZBox ME in the liv- will also become your best ing room. mate: It plays back all cur- This way all multimedia rent file formats either from content and recordings can e-SATA or USB hard disks or be distributed to all clients via your local network. and films downloaded from the Internet can be played Now the big question that back by simply connecting begs answering is: Which the USB storage device to receiver should you opt for? any of the AZBox receivers. Is the AZBox ME the box for The really great thing with you, or rather the AZBox such an environment is that miniMe? two different categories of You really want an answer receivers can be used simul- from us? Take both! There taneously with identical firm- you go. Or better still: One ware and the same remote AZboxME and several AZBox control. miniMe’s! Even the not so tech-savvy members of your family will The average home these like that because they can days has more than one easily change from the ‘small’ TV: There’s one in the liv- to the ‘large’ receiver without ing room, the master bed- worrying about different user room, the children’s rooms interfaces. and more often than not the kitchen as well. And that’s Make no mistake about it, not even counting the study, the AZBox miniMe is a fully- basement, or any other area fledged satellite receiver all in your house or apartment. by itself and offers almost TV has become a by-word for the same range of features multimedia. as the AZBox ME, but at a Long gone are the days slightly lower price. when the whole family as- All we’re saying is that a sembled in front of the telly reduced price brings with it to watch one of only three the differences mentioned available channels. With hun- above: A smaller flash mem- dreds or thousands of satel- ory allowing only two firm- lite channels available, there ware versions at the same is no way a family would ever time, no internal hard disk agree on a particular channel and no front display. to watch. If you can easily do without What’s more, in this day those features we can hap- and age you want to watch pily recommend the AZBox the beginning of a movie miniMe, as it is on par with from the couch in your living the AZBox ME, our reference room, and the end from your receiver. bed in the bedroom. Once again Opensat, the That’s why it does make manufacturer of AZBox re- sense to own more than one ceivers, is to be congratu- receiver, and to hook them all lated. up to your local network. The AZBox miniMe is a This is where all the capa- great small Linux receiver bilities of the AZBox ME and with which Opensat adds fur- the AZBox miniMe come to ther proof that the AZBox se- the fore. ries is here to stay. For us (and you) this means The ideal set-up would con- continued technical support sist of an AZBox ME in the and a steady supply of new living room, equipped with a and improved firmware ver- large-capacity hard disk and sions, just like we have come acting as server. AZBox min- to appreciate for the AZBox iMe’s can then be installed — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 33
  • 22. 34 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 23. Expert Opinion Small size Loads of functionality + 2 totally different firmware versions available Blind scan 4:2:2 capability – No front-display Vitor Martins Augusto TELE-satellite Test Center Portugal TECHNICAL DATA Manufacturer OpenSAT Ltd, Lagoa, 4950-283 Mazedo, Portugal Website E-Mail Model AZBox mini ME Function / Miniature HDTV Linux Receiver with Multimedia Features Operating System Linux Processor (CPU) SIGMA processor SMP 8653 Working Memory DDR 128 MB Video Memory DDR 128 MB Tuner Single tuner ( or ) embedded. DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, USALS Flash Memory 256 MB HDD eSATA Video Output PAL / NTSC Video Containers MPEG1/2/4 (M1V, M2V, M4V); MPEG1/2 PS (M2P, MPG); MPEG2 Transport Stream (TS, TP, TRP, M2T, M2TS, MTS), VOB, AVI, ASF, WMV, IFO, ISO; Matroska (MKV), MOV (H.264), MP4, RMP4 Video Codec’s XVID SD/HD; MPEG-1; MPEG-2: MP@HL; MPEG-4.2: ASP@L5, 720p, 1-point GMC; WMV9: MP@HL; H.264: BP@L3; H.264: MP@L4.0; H.264: HP@L4.0; H.264: HP@L4.1; VC-1: MP@HL; VC-1: AP@L3 Audio Containers AAC, M4A, MPEG audio (MP1, MP2, MP3, MPA), WAV, WMA, FLAC, OGG Audio Codec’s AAC, AAC+, DTS, WMA, WMA Pro, MP1, MP2, MP3, LPCM, FLAC, Vorbis, DTS (Audio Pass-through) Picture Support JPEG, BMP, GIF Subtitle Supported SMI, SRT, TXT, SUB, SSA Resolution 576i (480i), 576p, (480p), 720p, 1080i, 1080p Ethernet 10/100 Base-T Ethernet (max.100Mbit/s) Front I/O Coloured Led’s; Power Button; 1x IR Jack; Rear I/O 1x HDMI; 1x JACK; 1x e-SATA; 1x RJ45; 1x Optical S/PDIF; Power Switch; 2x USB 2.0; 1x AV connector; ENERGY DIAGRAM Apparent Power Mode Apparent Active Factor Deep Standby 4.5 W 0.5 W 0.11 Active Power Standby 15 W 7.5 W 0.5 Active 19 W 11 W — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 35
  • 24. TEST REPORT Digital TV MeterDEVISERDS2400T36 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 25. • offers all measuring options a professionalantenna installer needs• among the highlights are MERmeasurements for each transponder,ground loop measurements and a remotemeasurement function• excellent user interface and top-notchsoftware features• display with extremely high resolution,perfectly suitable for showing the spectrumand constellation diagrams• one of the bonus features is long-termmeasurement of BER — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 37
  • 26. TEST REPORT Digital TV Signal MeterExcellent Meterfor Professionals in DVB-T,DVB-C and CATV (analog TV) We received the DS2400T in a rather plain cardboard box that featured the prominent Deviser logo. Safely packed inside was a good-looking protective bag made of nylon which can be used for stor- ing the signal meter. There is enough space for the device itself and the power pack, and the bag even sports an out- side pocket on one side which comes very handy for acces- sories such as the measuring cable or some socket adapt- ers. Together with the meter and power pack you receive a special cable for hooking up the unit to a PC, as well as two 8cm mini CDs. One includes the driver software for the virtual serial interface that is used by the meter to estab- lish a connection with the PC, while the second CD provides a PDF file with an English- language user manual and the DS2400 Toolbox software that is required to operate the meter directly from the PC. We’ll dig a little deeper with regard to that option in a mo- ment. The signal meter is very compact in size and thus sits extremely comfortably in your hand. With the light blue col- our so typical of Deviser prod- ucts it not only feels good, but also looks rather unique. As far as weight is concerned it is 09-10/2012 DEVISER DS2400T This is by far the best handheld measuring instrument for DVB-T, DVB-C and CATV I have come across. Deviser has done an excellent job! ■ ECHO measurement with the new antenna.38 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 27. ■ Of course we put the DS2400T to a real-world test right away. Here we use it to align a new DVB-T — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 39
  • 28. within the expected range and the rub- panel of the device, USB input and power LED indicates the current status of theber protection all around the DS2400T supply socket are located on the front battery pack.safeguards against damage when used panel. In addition, the front panel fea- All buttons are self-explanatory andoutside and up on the roof. tures a high-resolution TFT display and a provide a pleasant pressure point with While the HF input is placed on the back total of 17 buttons below the screen. An just the right amount of feedback you need. The first row of buttons consists1 6 of the F1, F2 and F3 function keys whose currently active function is shown on the bottom line of the display. In the second row there is the HOME button that always brings you back to the main menu in an instant, as well as the UP and DOWN buttons for navigating between menu items. Below this row comes the numeric pad that is set up just like on phones, which means that each number can also be used to type three different letters (much like texting), so that you2 7 can easily enter names as well, for ex- ample. The last row of buttons features 1. Main menu of the DS2400T with twelve different measurement modes. 2. Level measurement: Results are dis- played as numerical values and as a bar chart. Seen here is an analog transponder with simultaneous measurement of video and audio levels. The level is below a pre- defined threshold, hence the FAIL indica- tion of the automatic quality check. 3. Signal strength measurement of a DVB-C transponder. Here too, the result is displayed as a numerical value and a bar3 8 chart. In addition, the meter shows MER, PRE-BER and POST-BER parameters. The automatic quality check gives the PASS mark. 4. The constellation diagram is greatly helped by the high-resolution TFT display. 5. Long-term BER measurement: As the signal in our test center is too good, the antenna cable was plugged off for a split second. The meter reacted swiftly and reliably. Long-term measurements are great for detecting occasional faults at a client’s system and for establishing a cor- relation with other events. 6. MER vs. carriers: This type of measure- ment is still not very common and shows4 9 the MER (Modulation Error Rate) of each carrier on a DVB-T transponder. This way it is possible to determine interference on individual carriers which results in occasio- nal loss of video, even though the average MER looks fine. No other measurement is capable of identifying such problems. 7. The marker was moved to carrier no. 2155 in order to find out its specific MER. The DS2400T also offers a peak hold mode for such cases. 8. ECHO measurements are particularly important with SFN (Single Frequency Network) DVB-T networks, since a second time-delayed signal on the same frequency can easily cause reception problems. At5 10 our location, however, no echoes can be received even though we use a SFN. 9. The DS2400T is able to generate a very detailed spectrum. Seen here is the entire spectrum, with two markers available for measuring the signal level at two different positions and showing the difference bet- ween the two. 10. Speed is not the main point of this meter’s spectrum, but this is not an issue for DVB-T, DVB-C and CATV – contrary to DVB-S. Small frequency spans offer much more help, as they can visualise even indi- vidual carriers (and their problems) of the transponder.40 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 29. the main switch to turn the meter on and for antenna installers. Deviser is a ma- satellite 06-07/2011), and as soon as youoff, as well as the ZERO button and the jor manufacturer for TV, CATV (analog turn on the DS2400T for the first timestatus LED. TV), and satellite signal meters (for more you will notice that this is not a gadget We should once again stress that we’re information about Deviser please have for amateurs, but a top-notch tool fortalking about a professional signal meter a look at the company report in TELE- pros. It’s ready to use after only a few seconds, there are no colourful anima-11 16 tions, and loading times are impressively short. All that pops up on the display is the model name DS2400T, followed af- ter a short moment by the main menu. And what a main menu it is: No less than twelve different measurement modes are available, as well as dedicated menus for configuration and file management. The sheer number of distinct measure- ment options leaves no doubt that Devis- er is very serious about its new DS2400T meter.12 17 To give you an impression of the power hidden inside this neat device we’ll look at all twelve modes below: Signal level/signal strength The DS2400T makes a difference be- tween analog and digital signals. For analog signals the meter shows numer- ic values for video and audio levels, as well as bars. The corresponding distance – commonly referred to as V/A ratio or video/audio ratio – is also indicated. This13 18 shows that Deviser has professional in- stallers in mind, many of whom set up large-scale distribution systems in apart- ment buildings or hotels and who can see at a glance whether or not signal levels 11. Tilt measurements are required for the correct adjustment of signal amplifiers in cable networks, for example. The aim is to achieve similar signal levels for all channels. 12. With the DS2400T it is possible to select up to eight channels of the channel list for tilt measurement.14 19 13. Bar search: Blue bars indicate digi- tal channels, green/yellow bars indicate analog channels, with green showing the video level and yellow showing the corre- sponding audio level. 14. Ground loop measurement: Ground loops are caused within the power grid and interfere with analog channels. Depending on the power supply in place the meter can be set at 50Hz or 60Hz. 15. Result of threshold measurement: All pre-defined channels are measured and the result is then presented in a chart. If prefer- red, a graphic presentation of the result is possible as well. 16. Measurement of carrier/noise ratio:15 20 Again, this is relevant for analog channels. The DS2400T even shows the total band- width of the channels as a useful bonus. 17. Return channel: The spectrum shows the frequency range from 5MHz to 45MHz or – if required – 65MHz. 18. Configuration menu with user-friendly grouping of various parameters. 19. Information about the meter: Note that the most recent calibration date can also be called up at any time. 20. Users can set a period of inactivity, after which the meter automatically swit- ches off in order to save valuable battery life.42 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 30. are OK. The DS2400T offers an automat-ic signal quality check that either showsPASS or FAIL, depending on whether ornot the measured signal reaches a pre-defined threshold level. If it’s a digital signal you’re analys-ing the display content changes and thesignal strength is shown with numericvalues and bars together with MER, PRE-BER and POST-BER parameters. Onceagain the built-in signal quality checkwill indicate PASS or FAIL, thus showinginstallers right away whether or not thesignal in question is all right. Using thearrow buttons it is possible to navigateup and down the channel list, with themeter reacting very swiftly to new chan-nels and displaying all corresponding sig-nal data without significant delay. This iswhat we call true value for money, andwhat the DS2400T offers is much betterthan just PASS, it’s closer to pass withdistinction! Constellation If your digital signal is error-prone andyou need to find the root cause a con-stellation diagram can work wonders. Ifit turns out that signals are not locatedin the correct square field you get BITerrors. By looking at the concentration ofdots within the cloud of dots in a constel-lation diagram you can find out how sta-ble your reception is. If each square fieldcomes with a relatively small and concisecloud of dots there’s nothing in the wayof reliable reception. If the cloud covers alarge and more or less uncontained areasome dots may wander off into a wrongsquare field and impair the overall signalquality. Together with the constellationdiagram the DS2400T also shows signalstrength, MER, PRE-BER and POST-BERvalues, thanks to the high-resolutionTFT display with its 320x200 pixels. It’snot only brilliant to read but also allows ■ Thanks to a metalpacking in a great deal of information strap the meter can easily be fixed toand useful details without putting at risk equipment, so thatusability. both of your hands are free for installa- tion jobs. BER measurement BER measurement is used to find outthe bit error rate, or in other words: howmany faulty bits are received. There area number of different DVB standardsin place all around the world, and eachcomes with its own distinctive auto-matic error correction regime, which iscalled VITERBI. This correction routinemakes sure that bit errors up to a certainthreshold can be corrected without gen-erating a faulty TV image. The thresholdof bit errors lies between 10-5 und 10-7, depending on the DVB standard used.This means that one incorrect bit for eve-ry 10,000 to 1,000,000 correct bits will — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 43
  • 31. 21 errors before automatic correction (PRE- BER), the second result indicates bit er- rors after correction (POST-BER). be fine. Because of automatic VITERBI At first I was not entirely sure why error correction BER measurements are there are separate menu items for BER frequently performed as two separate and MER measurements, as both param- measurements: The first result shows bit eters are also shown in the measure-22 25 2823 26 2924 27 3044 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 32. ment modes we already looked at. When important for DVB-T. While most meters Echo measurementI called up MER measurement, however, only measure MER as the average across Again, this is a measurement that isI was simply at awe: At long last a manu- all active carriers, only very few can give particularly helpful for DVB-T signal anal-facturer has come up with a convenient separate results for each carrier of a ysis. A number of countries (includinghand-held device that is able to perform DVB-T transponder. Why is this so impor- Portugal, our test location for this report)long-term measurements which can ac- tant? In some scenarios a neighbouring have opted to implement DVB-T as SFNtually be put to use by professionals. analog transmitter might interfere with (Single Frequency Network). The advan-With the DS2400T users can define a some – but not all – carriers of a digital tage of such an approach is that all broad-period from one minute to several days transponder, since analog transmitters cast cells use the same frequency so thatduring which the meter will collect all rel- broadcast three relatively small frequen- reception equipment can have the sameevant data and then present the results cy spaces for video, audio and colour. In channel list irrespective of where it isin a way that is nothing short of extraor- such a case the average MER value may used. Mobile reception benefits greatly,dinary. The sheer amount of data does well look OK, even though reception is since you never need to perform a chan-not compromise usability at all. What’s not possible because some carriers ex- nel search while moving around withinmore, there is no need to connect the perience massive interference while the a country’s borders. On the other hand,meter to a PC for long-term measure- majority of carriers boast an excellent all that glitters is not gold since singlements. Installers can use this feature signal. Conventional measurements can- frequency networks cause different lagto even detect occasional image faults, not identify such a problem, and you re- times in cases when a receiver is oper-something that is of enormous value and ally require professional equipment such ated between two cells. In such a casecan only be found in professional equip- as the DS2400T to get to the heart of the two slightly time-delayed signals with thement. matter. All you need to do is position a same frequency reach the receiver and marker above individual carriers to find cause interference that is called echo. M-GRAM measurement out the corresponding results of the MER DVB-T comes with an integrated correc- And that’s not all: It may sound too measurement. Moreover, MER measure- tion mechanism that filters echoes upgood to be true but the DS2400T is ca- ments have a peak hold function, which to a certain distance. That distance ispable of measuring the MER (modulation means the current MER value is shown referred to GUARD INTERVAL and ech-error ratio) of individual carriers. Such in yellow, while the peak value is drawn oes that are produced within the guarda measurement is often referred to as with red colour. Too good to be true? Yes, interval do not cause image interfer-‘MER versus carriers’ and is particularly but that’s what you should get used to ence, while echoes exceeding the guard with this meter. interval will result in visible interference.31 21. Language selection: English, Dutch, then flow into the automatic quality check. Turkish, Chinese 29. The DS2400T comes with a built-in 22. The DS2400T comes with an integrated voltage checker which can measure the clock that can be used to add a timestamp voltage arriving at the HF input. to each measurement. 30. What’s more, the current voltage of the 23. Deviser has equipped the DS2400T with internal battery pack can also be checked. enough memory capacity to also deal with 31. And for the curious among you, it is large-scale installations without the need even possible to find out the inside tempe- for a PC. rature of the meter. 24. Measuring units can be adjusted to 32. A number of different channel lists are meet personal requirements. pre-stored in the meter. 25. The DS2400T even allows user calibra- 33. Each channel list can include both32 tion, to make sure different meters used analog and digital channels. If you only within a company all give out the same want to measure analog or digital channels measurement results, for example. there is no need to set up additional chan- 26. Separate threshold values can be nel lists. This is the menu item for channel defined for DVB-T, CATV and DVB-C, which list configuration/editing.33 — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 45
  • 33. The DS2400T shines once again, deliver- involved causes the spectrum build-up to Among other things, this measurementing excellent ECHO measurements which be on the slow side, but it is quite evident can be used to set up antenna amplifiers,are shown as a graphic as well as listed that the DS2400T spectrum analyzer is for example, so that all channels are dis-in a chart which also includes the signal not for real-time antenna alignment, tributed with the same signal level. Westrength and distance to cell given in km. but much rather for detecting even the were truly impressed by the fact that youBased on this information installers are slightest interference. We also appreci- can perform a tilt measurement for up toable to optimise the alignment of the an- ated the option of freely positioning two eight channels with the DS2400T.tenna. markers anywhere in the spectrum in or- der to measure the C/N ratio. Bar search Spectrum analyzer This is another very popular measure- Obviously the DS2400T comes with Tilt measurement ment option that is useful for cable net-a spectrum analyzer function as well. For this measurement up to eight works. Instead of measuring the entireThanks to the high-resolution TFT dis- channels from the channel list are se- spectrum only the channels on the chan-play the spectrum is shown with great lected. They are then analysed and the nel list are evaluated and the individu-detail, something that is not usually the results are presented as a bar graph. al results are shown as a bar graph incase with handheld meters. Frequency 1. The Toolbox software for the DS2400T meter has a modern look and feel, and offers aspans can be set in pre-defined steps user-friendly structure. Even though the product is shipped with a comprehensive userof 2.5MHz, 6.25MHz, 12.5MHz, 25MHz manual written in brilliant English you will most probably find out everything you need to know without it. A number of measurements can be performed directly on the PC inand 62.5MHz or Full Band. These options real time if you connect the DS2400T with the supplied adapter cable. In this example thealone speak volumes about Deviser’s selected frequency is measured group, namely professional in- 2. The spectrum can be displayed directly on the PC as well. This makes the DS2400T astallers. It’s the small steps that come to perfect fit for remote monitoring of a system thanks to Windows Remote Desktop Protocol. 3. Bar search with digital and analog channels. The audio level of analog channels isthe fore, as they are required to look at shown in yellow.individual carriers of digital transpond- 4. Tilt measurement: Easy to use and fast – right from the PC. There even is an interpola-ers. The vast amount of analysis that is ted line giving an indication of tilt!1 23 446 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 34. real time. Here again the PASS or FAIL nels, for which the video level is shown HUM/ground-loopindication provides an automatic quality in green and the audio level in yellow. If This measurement was an absolutecheck at a single glance. The bar search you need to find out detailed results for first for me, one that I have never comeimplementation leaves nothing to be de- individual channels you can once again across in a signal meter before. It can besired and adds additional appeal to theDS2400T. We arranged the channel list use a marker to point to the bar you’re used to measure the impact of an elec-in a way that listed digital channels (blue looking for. tric ground loop – which is caused by thecolour) first, followed by analog chan- power grid – on analog TV channels. For48 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 35. a meaningful result you first have to se- ple, which can help save valuable battery ent broadcasting types. It goes withoutlect whether your power supply runs with capacity. Plus it is possible to adjust ad- saying that the DS2400T sports an au-50Hz or 60Hz. ditional important parameters such as tomatic channel search which can be de- OSD language, among other things. The fined with parameters such as analog/ Threshold measurement meter we received for our test offered digital or all channels. Digital channels You’ve read it before, but once again English, Dutch, Turkish and Chinese. If are displayed complete with DVB norm,the DS2400T comes with a power- you need to find out the status of the in- bandwidth, modulation and symbol rate.ful measurement option that does not ternal memory you can also look it up In our test the meter turned out to behave many peers. Installers often have here. a quick performer, and it also found allto obtain a quick overview of all chan- Configuration of measurements channels carried in our cable network.nels distributed in a cable network. For By default, signal level and strength The search result is presented in ananalog channels, Deviser has imple- are measured in dbµV, but you can also easy-to-use chart. In addition, there ismented a neat routine that automatically change that to dBmV or dBm, which does an integrated file manager which can bemeasures all available channels and then make sense when evaluating digital sig- used to call up stored measurements orprovides detailed information on chan- nals, since dBµV is only used for better to delete files that are no longer requirednels with video or audio levels below a comparison with analog signals in digital in order to free up memory.set threshold. The process resembles modulations. The DS2400T from Devis- Factory resetthe bar search, and here too the results er comes fully calibrated, yet installers Not that we like to find ourselves inare shown with a bar graph. When the have the option of manually calibrating such a situation, but if worse comes tomeasurement is completed the final re- the meter for individual measurements. worst you can always reset all param-sults are shown on the display, complete This way it is possible to calibrate several eters to their default values. This optionwith minimum and maximum signal lev- meters of the same installer in a way that is available in most signal meters testedels and signal ratio. makes sure all devices show exactly the by us, and is indeed a must-have feature. same signal level of a reference signal. File manager Alternatively, it is of course also possible The DS2400T comes with a USB adapt- Carrier/noise ratio to calibrate the DS2400T against a refer- er cable and a CD ROM, on which you Frequently called C/N measurement, ence meter, if one is available. We believe can find a PDF file with a very detailedthis function determines the ratio be- this is an impressive feature that will be user manual. Even though it is only avail-tween carrier and noise, or in other appreciated by many professionals. able in English it is perfectly written andwords: the signal level in relation to Using the LIMIT SETUP menu item it therefore an enormous help for discover-background noise. Sufficient separation is possible to define minimum and maxi- ing all nooks and crannies of this meter.of the two is paramount for flawless vid- mum values for measurements, as well The main reason for me to install theeo. Obviously this measurement applies as a threshold level for the automatic software was so that I was able to ad-to analog signals only, but Deviser once quality check. All these parameters can just the channel list to the offering ofagain demonstrates attention to detail be set individually for DVB-T, analog TV my cable provider. And this was actuallysince you can only select analog chan- and DVB-C. What’s more, the DS2400T the first time I encountered problems innels of the channel list for this measure- comes with an integrated auto diagnose connection with the DS2400T. My testment in the first place. mode which is run every time the meter computer was running a 32bit version is turned on. of Windows7 for compatibility reasons, Return channel The VOL & TEMP menu item hides an- the second CD Rom entitled DRIVERS The last measurement option should other interesting feature: Use it to meas- that is shipped with the device howeverbe selected to evaluate the return chan- ure the voltage of the signal arriving at only includes a software version for 64bitnel in cable networks. The 5MHz to the HF input. This way it is possible to versions of the Windows7 operating soft-45MHz or 5MHz to 65MHz spectrums are check the power supply for all active ware, which meant that the DS2400Tactive for this type of measurement. components in a cable installation, or to was not detected automatically. After find out if undesired voltage exists due looking at all my options I finally decided Configuration options to faulty connection boxes or bad insula- to install the existing drivers in the 64bit No installation job is the same as the tion. The same screen mode can be used directory and give the whole installationone before, so luckily this meter offers to call up the current voltage of the inter- another go. Miraculously, this worked ona range of customisation options in the nal power pack. We were surprised that my 32bit operating software.system configuration menu: – in addition to all options mentioned I tried the setup on a second PC with Information about the DS2400T above – it is even possible to find out the 64bit version of Windows7 and – as Here you cannot only access soft- the meter’s internal temperature. In our expected – the driver was installed with-ware and hardware version numbers, opinion this is not only quite unusual, but out any hassle whatsoever. However,but also the calibration date. This piece also very useful. I was faced with another problem: Theof information is particularly important Channel lists driver that comes with the DS2400T in-for contract jobs performed by certified Deviser ships its DS2400T signal me- stalls a COM interface, which means theinstallation companies, which have to be ter with a number of pre-stored channel meter is connected to the PC through aable to prove calibration of their devices lists which can be edited directly on the virtual RS-232 interface. In theory, thison request. This goes to show yet again meter or – more conveniently – on the is a worthwhile strategy, but these daysthat Deviser has designed a meter that PC using the supplied Toolbox software. PCs and laptops support Bluetooth andtargets the professional market in a con- In each individual channel list it is pos- other communication devices so thatvincing way. sible to activate analog channels only, COM ports 1 to 10 are frequently used Generic configuration settings digital channels only, or both types. This for those devices and are not avail- Use this menu item to define a time means there is no need for installers to able for the meter. While you can selectlimit for automatic switch-off, for exam- set up different channel lists for differ- the COM port of the DS2400T with the — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 49
  • 36. Toolbox software, you can only choose col) to remotely diagnose an installation as to what was wrong, but at one stagebetween ports 1 to 10. I had to call up via the Internet. This way it is possible I came up with the idea of running thethe Windows driver manager in order to to permanently monitor a broadcast cell software as administrator with all per-change the COM ports so that in the end or head end, for example, from an op- missions associated with that. Et voilà,COM1 was available and my PC was fi- erations centre. In general, one would all screenshots were transmitted to thenally able to detect the DS2400T. use dedicated rack hardware for such a PC without even the slightest problem. I could hardly wait for the software to purpose, but it’s great to know the small The reason for this detour is as follows:start and when it finally appeared on my DS2400T handheld meter from Deviser The Toolbox software attempts to savemonitor I was almost lost for words by can be used just as well, if need be. all pictures to the installation directory,looking at the endless range of options Furthermore, the DS2400T Toolbox and this is where Windows7 has someit offered. It happens so often in life that software allows downloading measure- objections, since this is a directory thatwe think ‘too little, too late’, but with the ments from the device to the computer requires administrator permissions. NoToolbox software Deviser has come up and then graphically enhancing and sav- matter how hard I tried, I could not suc-with the exact opposite and ‘too much, ing them onto the PC for creating sophis- ceed in trying to convince the softwaretoo soon’ almost sprang to mind. Then ticated documentation for your meas- to access another user directory, so theagain, ‘too much’ never gives us reason urements. The built-in channel list editor only thing I could do was change the per-to complain! It’s not only possible to edit is very easy to use and we were able to missions of the installation directory sochannel lists and load measurements set up customised channels lists without that – in addition to the administrator –that were performed with the DS2400T, consulting the user manual. all users would have write privileges asyou can even make measurements di- It goes without saying that all configu- well. Not the most efficient solution, butrectly with the software and an attached ration parameters of the meter can be at least one that worked nicely for us.DS2400T. Take a deep breath and find adjusted with the help of the DS2400Tout which measurements we’re talking Toolbox software and for those looking Side-by-side comparisonabout: for another extra special treat you can • Frequency measurement even load the current display content of with our reference meter No signal meter leaves our test center • Spectrum analysis the meter onto the PC. Here we finally without being subjected to a side-by- • Bar search discovered a small flaw which proved side comparison with our in-house refer- • Tilt that our hunting instinct was still intact: ence meter. The values indicated by the • Level/strength Whenever we tried to download the cur- DS2400T did not differ significantly from • QAM rent display content we were met with an our reference values. The chart below • Ground loop error message indicating that the picture shows the results for the DVB-C tran- One reason I was positively surprised could not be saved. We tried it on two sponder at 690MHz, which is a popularby this option was that it would be pos- different PCs but the result stayed the transponder of the TV CABO/ZON cablesible to use RDP (Remote Desktop Proto- same. To be honest, I didn’t have a clue Level System MER Pre-BER Post-BER (dBmV) DS2400T 59.5 35.6 <1E-9 <1E-9 Reference 57.5 34.0 <1E-9 <1E-9 ■ Table 1.50 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 37. Compact Headend 8 / 16 x DVB-S(2) into QAMBluBox 8 and BluBox 16• 8 / 16 x DVB-S(2) (QPSK/8PSK) into DVB-C (QAM)• For the reception of 60/120 TV programs SD/HD and 30/60 Radio programs• Compact dimensions and high energy efficiency• LNB control with 14/18 V + 22 kHz or DiSEqC • Configuration via LAN/IP• Complete processing of the transport streams possible• All 8 / 16 output channels can be placed individually in the spectrum• Two individual input ports Optical Transmitter SOTx 1310607 NF SAT-HD-ANALYZER SPAROS SAT HD • Frequency range of 47 ... 2200 MHz • Laser output power: +6 dBm • High quality and bright display (4.3 inch) • Quattro- and QUAD-LNB support • MPEG4-display and measuring • SCR single cable switching commands according to EN 50494 Optical Receiver • DiSEqC control SORx 1310607 NF and SORx 1310607/1 NF • Spectrum analysis • Robust, impact-resistant housing • 4-way / 1-way receiver in a compact housing • Splash-resistant keypad • Remote powerable through one coaxial output
  • 38. network in Portugal, as it is a Single Frequency Network a faulty antenna cable that that propel the DS2400T rightavailable free-to-air. DVB-T system) and in less had caused noise with some to the top of our pick list: The than one minute the antenna channels. battery pack supports mobile was perfectly aligned. use for hours on end, and the Everyday use Ironically, this brilliant re- Conclusion supplied charging unit replen- No test report is complete sult even caused some prob- I am absolutely convinced ishes the battery in as little aswithout finding out what a lems for my real-world test by this meter and can recom- two to three hours. We useddevice is worth in the real – how can you possibly show mend it without reservation. this handheld on and off forworld. Coincidentally, analog screenshots of MER and BER It’s a small, lightweight device about three weeks and notterrestrial broadcasting was that still offers all options a once did we experience anyswitched off in April in Por- measurements when there professional installer will ever malfunction. It just worked astugal and our test center was are virtually no errors in the need for DVB-T, DVB-C and advertised. To be honest, itstill without a DVB-T antenna. signal? All you get is a line CATV. The range of features exceeded our expectations bySo using the DS2400T for hovering around the zero and measurement functions far. We’d be hard pressed toaligning our rooftop antenna value. In the end I had to use is truly unique and will help come up with some criticism,was the logical choice. To my good old stub antenna you detect potential flaws and the only thing we werebe frank, I can cut this long again, not for achieving bril- quickly and reliably. But you missing was watching the TVstory very short because with liant reception but for receiv- channel on the meter’s dis- don’t need to be on the hunta top-notch signal meter like ing a less than perfect signal play. But let’s be honest, this for problems in order to fullythat all I had to do was en- for test purposes. In addition, is a feature that professional appreciate the capabilities ofter the required channel (754 I used the DS2400T for meas- installers simply don’t require the DS2400T. Routine instal-MHz, irrespective of the lo- uring all antenna sockets in and Deviser has stayed true lation jobs become child’s playcation in Portugal thanks to my house and even detected to its motto for the DS2400T: too and thanks to the supplied Toolbox software it is even A top-notch and feature-rich meter for professional use, TECHNICAL possible to draw up compre- delivering accurate measure- DATA hensive documentation or to monitor a reception system ment results rather than use- Manufacturer Tianjin Deviser Electronics Instrument Co., Ltd. in real time. This can also be less gadgets and eye-candy. Fax +86-22-27645002 done remotely via the Internet This is exactly what the E-mail with the help of Remote Desk- DS2400T is all about. We can Website top Protocol. While the meter wholeheartedly recommend Model DS2400T this meter for all DVB-T, DVB- itself is awe-inspiring, it’s also Function Professional Meter for DVB-T, DVB-C and the small additional things C and CATV jobs. CATV (analog TV) Frequency Range 5 ~ 1000 MHz Function Power, MER, CBER, VBER, ECHOES and Experte Opinion MER Versus Carriers Amazing measuring possibilities with high DVB-T Signal Parameters accuracy Includes special DVB-T measurements like Carriers 2 k / 8 k (Set by user) ECHO or MER vs Carrier Guard Interval Code Rate 1/4 1/8 1/16 1/32(Set by user) 1/2 2/3 3/4 5/6 7/8 + Easy to use Long battery autonomy Modulation QPSK 16QAM 64QAM Rugged casing Vitor Martins Augusto TELE-satellite Spectral Inversion Automatic Long-time measurements Test Center Possibility to remote control meter through PC Portugal Channel Power Range Accuracy 30 ~ 100 dBµV ±2.0 dB – saving screenshots only in Administrator mode MER Range ~30 dB More about this company Accuracy ±2.0 dB BER CBER, VBER ECHOES Analysis Range 0 ~ 112 us (2 k) 0 ~ 448 us (8 k) Marker 50 Echoes List Power Supply Battery 11.1 V 1.6 AH Lithium Battery(Chargeable) Charger AC 100 V to 240 V 50-60 Hz Working Time 5 Hours (Fully Charged) Charge Time ~ 3 Hours Others Serial Port RS 232 C Operating Temperature 0 ? ~ 50 ? Dimension 218 mm × 95 mm × 49 mm Weight 700 g Display 320 × 240 TFT52 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 39. TEST REPORT Fibre Optic Distribution System The Global Invacom System54 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 40. • loss-less distribution system forsatellite signals• each outlets gets the originalsatellite signal• distributes both bands and bothpolarizations in one cable• easy to build system due tosmart connectors• cable length not critical toperformance — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 55
  • 41. TEST REPORT Fibre Optic Distribution SystemThe Battle Is Over andFiber Has Won The carrier-to-noise ratio and low noise LNB to ensure Thanks to their innovative balInvacom’s FibreMDU Uni-is one of the major concerns high carrier-to-noise ratio at solution based on fiber optic versal Optical LNB. We firstwhen designing large sys- the input of the distribution cables and optical splitters, reported about this innova-tems to distribute satellite system. However, this may building even very exten- tive LNB in TELE-satellitetv signals. When you have not work well enough for re- sive networks becomes easy 04-05/2008 and in a follow-to deal with long coaxial ally large systems. and manageable. up story in TELE-satellitecables and/or many signal What then? Until recently, In order to switch from 08-09/2009. But this time,splitters, your signal qual- you had no choice but to in- coax cable to fiber optic we had the opportunity toity degrades significantly. stall additional large dishes cable, the very first thing test something else. It wasTo keep it good enough for and LNBs and build several needed is the conversion of the FibreIRS LNBm whole-the most peripheral users, separate distribution sys- the electromagnetic waves band LNB with integratedyou have to minimize the tems. Of course, this is not coming from a satellite (or frequency stacker.number of signal splitter be- a welcome solution. It adds from a DTT transmitter) to The FibreIRS LNBm istween the LNB and the very complexity, cost and the an- modulated light that can be installed in place of an or-last receiver and keep the tenna farm on the roof does then distributed over fiber dinary LNB but it does nottotal cable length as short not make (normal) people optic cables. TELE-satellite output signal in the familiaras possible. You also need happy. But now GlobalInva- readers remember that we 0.95 – 2.15 GHz frequencyto install quite a large dish com comes to our rescue. already introduced Glo- range. And it does not re-■ The FibreIRS LNBm mounted on a 90cm dish 09-10/2012 Global Invacom System Finally a system to build really large distribution nets without having to care at all about attenuation TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 42. ■ Checking the optical signal at one of the fibre optic to coax converters quire a receiver for switch- converter which is desig- ing between lower or higher nated as FibreIRS ODU32. sub-band of Ku Band and Because here we deal with horizontal or vertical po- very high frequencies, we larization. No, it outputs two can not use regular coax sub-bands of Ku-Band and cable to connect these two both polarities stacked one devices. Global Invacom over another in the range provides a special 2 meters 0.95 – 5.45 GHz. Such RF long thick and stiff coaxial signal is then fed to the cable. Thanks to that, even■ TELE-satellite has introduced GlobalInvacom‘s fibreoptic LNB first in 2008 and then again in 2009. Global Invacom RF-to-light a 5.45 GHz signal is not at-58 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 43. tenuated before reaching DC power via the thick coax everything comes down Then, we decided to testthe FibreIRS ODU32. cable from the ODU 32. through the fiber optic ca- the whole system. First, we Except for the satellite But the picture is not com- bles to FibreMDU. measured a classical systemsignal, the FibreIRS ODU32 plete yet. Two optical chan- We started our tests with with a very good low noiseaccepts also a signal from nels have to be distributed measuring the optical split- LNB installed on a 90 cmDTT/DAB/FM antennas. among a number of end us- ters. Spli2-OFpro specifica- offset dish to have a refer-Preferably, the latter one ers. To do that, you can use tion promises not more than ence for the optical system.should come not directly optical splitters like Spit2- 4 dB attenuation of the sig- Our reference system hadfrom terrestrial antennas OFpro or Split4-OF – 2 way nal (from the input to any of about 20 meters of coax-but through a DTT proces- or 4 way optical splitters its two outputs). We meas- ial cable. The problem wassor of Global Invacom de- offered by GlobalInvacom. ured that the actual attenu- which satellite we shouldscribed in the previous issue At the very end of such sys- ation was only 3.5 dB. The use? A very strong one inof TELE-satellite (Pages 16- tem, a device called FibreM- same story repeated for our location - like ASTRA21 in TELE-satellite 06-07- DU should be connected. Split4-OFpro. Its actual per- 19.2° East or HOTBIRD 13°08/2012). In this way, we The FibreMDU converts the formance was better than East or rather a weaker onecan achieve the best possi- optical signal back to the its specifications (6 dB vs. like TURKSAT 42° East. Weble performance. FibreIRS RF domain. It has four out- 7 dB). This is the way good decided to make it hard forODU32 has two optical out- puts. So, up to four regular manufacturers specify their GlobalInvacom and choseputs as well as a connector satellite receivers can be products. Once they prom- TURKSAT. Some of its tran-for 20V DC power supply. connected to it and each of ise something, they deliver sponders are actually belowGlobalInvacom provides a them will be able to receive it! It is not a universal rule the reception threshold ofsuitable plug type power any channel from the satel- these days unfortunately. most contemporary receiv-supply unit. You do not need lite the dish is directed to. We are happy to say that ers. Fortunately, our satel-a separate power supply No matter which sub band you can trust GlobalInva- lite analyzer – SPAROS SATunit for the LNBm. It gets or polarity. That’s because com. HD of SPAUN is an extreme- ■ TELE-satellite Test Editor Jacek Pawlowski testing a setup with rolls of fibre optic cable imitating a large distribution system. — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 59
  • 44. ly sensitive instrument - ca- were significantly stronger everything was connected. fiber optic cables, splitterspable of processing even in the optical system. MER All optical and RF connec- and converters, we couldsuch weak signals. We mean was at par with the classi- tors of the devices had pro- deliver exactly the samesignals with a MER of 5.5 dB cal system. This means that tective covers so that no signal as presented on ourand less. It corresponds to a signal quality did not de- dirt could access it during graphs to not fewer but 64C/N below 8 dB. Such tran- graded despite 300 meters transportation or the in- satellite receivers. And allsponders are hardly receiv- of cable and two splitters! stallation process. Building this from a single dish andable by regular receivers. You can see our results on such optical system was like single FibreIRS LNBm. If we The optical system we the attached graphs. playing with LEGO blocks. It used even more splittersbuilt had FibreIRS LNBm in- After the first round of was nothing but joy. or Spit4-OFpros in place ofstalled on the same 90 cm measurements, we changed If we connected more Spit2-OFpros, the numberdish, FibreIRS ODU32, 100 the output of Spit2-OFpro of end users would be muchmeters of fiber optic cable, splitter and did the second greater. The only thing oneSpit2-OFpro, another 100 run for the optical system. can expect then is some-meters of fiber optic cable, And finally, we changed the what lower output powerSpit4-OFpro, another 100 output of Spit4-OFpro split-meters of fiber optics ca- ter and repeated the meas-ble and FibreMDU to which urements. As you can see,we connected the satellite there was practically no dif-signal analyzer. As you can ference in performance whatcalculate, the system had in proves that all outputs oftotal 300 meters of fiber op- the splitters produced verytic cable and two splitters in similar signal. (graph.1, 2)series. All the GlobalInvacom The results were really components we tested wereastonishing! The optical perfectly finished off and wesystem was able to deliver had absolutely no problemalmost all transponders we in making the connections.had with a classical system Just click, click, click andexcept for the two weakesttransponders (12577HH and12618HH). As we said be-fore, those two transpond-ers were below the recep-tion threshold of a regularreceiver anyway. So, in fact,we did not lose anything. Allthe remaining transponders60 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 45. 62 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 46. — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 63
  • 47. but this is not a problem as about signal attenuation or TECHNICALthe 80-90 dBµV we achieved carrier to noise ratio. Using DATAin our test setup was a very optical components, practi- Manufacturer Global Invacom Ltd., Great Britainstrong signal. Normally, you cally everybody can build Web www.gloablinvacom.comhave 60-70 dBµV or so. a large distribution system E-mail So, we can do nothing without tedious gain mar- Phone +44-1621-743440but heartily recommend the gin calculations or interfer- Fax +44-1621-743676optical system of GlobalIn- ence concerns. No more FibreIRS LNBmvacom for large distribution problems. The battle is over Function Wholeband LN with integrated frequency stackersystems. You can forget thanks to fibre optics. Input frequency range 10.7 – 12.75 GHz Output frequency range 0.95 – 5.45 GHz Expert Opinion Noise figure typ. 0.7 dB FibreIRS ODU32 High signal gain Very good carrier-to-noise ratio Function RF to fiber optic converter Solid design and workmanship Satellite input frequency range 0.95 – 5.45 GHz+ Actual performance better than parameter specification DAB/DTT input frequency range 217-230 MHz and 470-854 MHz No. of optical outputs 2 All components available from the same manu- Power supply 20 V DC, < 0.5A incl. wholeband LNB facturer Jacek Pawlowski TELE-satellite Spli2-OFpro & Spli4-OFpro Test Center FibreIRS LNBm is larger and heavier than a Poland Function 2 way and 4 way optical splitters– classical LNB – select a dish with a robust LNB CR typ. 50% and 25 % respectively holder Insertion loss typ. 4 dB and 7 dB respectively64 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 48. TEST REPORT Analogue ModulatorSPAUNVAM 420NG PALHigh QualityAnalogueModulator66 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 49. • easy to create analogue tv signals• extremely good technical specifications• simple and fast programming• also suited for extremely long cables — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 67
  • 50. TEST REPORT Analogue Modulator 09-10/2012 SPAUN VAM 420 NG PAL Easy way to create analogue tv channels n-vam ■Ready for the measurementsGenerate your ownanalogue tv channel system When you need to send an color systems. It is quite sim- is the VAM 420 NG PAL of DVB-T. But let’s get back toanalogue TV signal to a des- ple today to create your own SPAUN. the analogue version, whichtination far away or when you analogue TV channel. All you Interestingly, SPAUN re- will currently find many morewould like to distribute just a need is a source of analogue cently also launched a simi- uses than the digital versioncouple of TV channels, it still signals (TV camera, VCR, or lar device, the VAM 420 NG (there aren’t yet so manymakes sense to use an ana- just the output of a satellite DVB-T. Obviously, this device signal sources with a digitallogue modulator and the old receiver) and a VSB modu- is doing exactly the same as output).good PAL, SECAM or NTSC lator. One such modulator the VAM 420 NG PAL, only in This twin modulator is care-68 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 51. 1 32 470 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 52. fully finished off as all SPAUN modulators. One VAM 420 increase the number of ana- the programming mode. Andproducts. It is designed to be NG PAL has two sets of inputs logue channels. Here you that’s all you need to programmounted either on a DIN rail (video and stereo audio) and can also feed a coax from a and operate this device.or on a flat surface, like a wall generates two analogue TV terrestrial antenna to com- To evaluate the perfor-- either directly or with the channels. As you can easily bine the terrestrial signal mance of the modulator, wehelp of the included bracket. calculate, four such devices with your own two channels drove it with two analogueSPAUN even offers a perfect can generate 8 analogue TV generated by the VAM 420 signals taken from two sat-housing for the VAM 420 NG channels. SPAUN includes NG PAL. Observe the advice ellite receivers (video andPAL: it is called SpaceBox and a plastic spacer to be used SPAUN gives in the included stereo audio). We connectedis a 19” rack which can acco- when mounting the modula- brochure with technical in- the SPAUN SPAROS meter tomodate either up to 5 or up tors one next to the other on structions: when connecting the output of the VAM 420 NGto 10 VAM 420 NG PAL units. a DIN rail. a terrestrial antenna make PAL to observe its frequency The modulator can be cas- Please mind that it is just sure you insert an amplifier spectrum. As you can see incaded with three other iden- a modulator – so if the input between the antenna and the our screen shots, the gener-tical units and in such case video signal complies to the modulator that has at least ated signals were extremelyyou can use a single power PAL color system, it will not 20 dB input/output unit (SPAUN SNG be changed and we will get Programming the modu-12/2000) to power all four the output in analogue TV in lator is pretty simple. Only three buttons are used: Up,1. The SPAUN VAM 420 NG PAL configured to generated two TVsignals: one with maximum level, the other with minimum level (-10 Down and Enter. Frankly say-dB). Note that the signals are over 50 dB above the ground noise. ing, we would prefer if SPAUN2. As above, but now the adjacent channels are used. called the last button L/R or3. Test card picture generated by VAM 420 NG PAL. something like that. Its func-4. An analogue TV channel demodulated by the VAM 420 NG PAL tion is just switching betweenand displayed by the SPAUN SPAROS meter the left and right channel. In PAL. Should it be SECAM, it the normal mode, you select will stay as SECAM. However, the left or right channel by except for the color system, pressing the Enter button. you should also be aware of The decimal point on the two the TV standard that speci- digit display moves either to fies how audio is transmit- the left or to the right digit ted. And here we have a few indicating in this way which possibilities: B, G, D, K, I or L channel is currently chosen. standards. VAM 420 NG PAL You use then the Up and is compatible with all of them. Down buttons to change the It will be perfect for feeding channel number from S03 to analogue tv sets used in Eu- 69. rope and many other regions When you press and hold of the world were signals like the Up and Down buttons si- PAL D/K or PAL B/G were multaneously for one second, used and sometimes are still VAM 420 NG PAL switches to in regular days. What it does programming mode. Now you not support are the N and M can use the Down button to standards mostly used in the travel down the “menu” and Americas. the Up button to change the The VAM 420 NG PAL has value of the present option. two sets of inputs. You can The options are as follow: TV see the familiar yellow/white/ system, fine tuning of video red RCA connectors in two carrier frequency, video/au- columns located at the top of dio ratio (16 or 12 dB), test the front panel. In the bot- pattern generator (on/off), tom part of the panel, there RF output signal (on/off), are two F connectors. One RF level adjustment (from 0 of them is the output (where through -10 dB), Audio signal two TV channels appear) and level (from -6 dB through +6 ■A similar device as the VAM 420 NG PAL is the above model the other in the input. You dB), Audio processing mode VAM 420 NG DVB-T, which has can connect another VAM (mono, stereo, dual). When recently been launuched by SPAUN. The features are the 420 NG PAL to the input to you are through with all the same as for the VAM 420 NG settings, you again press and PAL, but instead of an analogue■The SpaceBox by SPAUN solves any problems, where to mount PAL signal the VAM 420 NGthe VAM modules. It can house up to 5 or up to 10 VAM 420 NG PAL hold Up and Down buttons DVB-T has a COFDM outputunits. simultaneously and leave signal. — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 71
  • 53. clear – well over 50 dB above restrial frequency band. We formance of VAM 420 NG PAL level and frequency settings.the noise level. We tested also checked how it worked was brilliant for all the set- Video to audio level ratio wasboth maximum and mini- when two adjacent channels tings we tried. quite close to its nominalmum amplitude settings and were chosen to output the To give you the idea how value 16 dB. With such su-performance at the low end analogue channels. We are great the performance was perb performance, you canand the high end of the ter- happy to inform that the per- let us provide you with a cou- connect the VAM 420 NG PAL ple of measurement results. even to a very long coax ca- See the table below. C/N bles without any fear of signal significantly exceeded the degradation. This modulator specification (50 dB) for all is really a top quality device.   Min. level setting Max. level setting Channel S03 67 S04 S05 69 Frequency [MHz] 119.25 839.25 126.25 133.25 855.25 Level [dBµV] 80.4 79.1 91.3 91.2 91.2 C/N [dB] >55.7 >51.4 >57.1 >57.9 >61.8 V/A [dB] 15.1 15.7 17.4 18.1 15.4 Expert Opinion Excellent C/N ratio exceeding the specified 50 dB. Very good workmanship. + Versatile mounting options. Cascadable with other identical units. Easy programming. Jacek Pawlowski TELE-satellite – None Test Center Poland TECHNICAL DATA Manufacturer SPAUN electronic GmbH & Co. KG, Germany Web E-mail Phone +49-7731-8673-0 Fax +49-7731-8673-17 Model VAM 420 NG PAL Function VSB Twin Modulator Number of analogue A/V inputs 2 Frequency range 110 … 862 MHz TV standard B/G/D/K/I/L Output level max 90 dBµV Output level adjustment 0...-10 dB Spurious level <-60 dB C/N ratio ≥ 50 dB Input level 1 ± 0.1 V p-p Supply 12 V, 475 mA Dimensions 196 x 106 x 35 mm72 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 54. TEST REPORT Satellite Meter74 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 55. LEXIUM LEXIUM FastAlign 5110Pro Professional DigitalSatellite Meter • LEXIUM’s Newest Satellite Meter Innovation • Three-digit azimuth indication • Quick Sweep Technology Prevents Missing Target Satellite • QuickRecovery Software Restores Meter to Factory Defaults • Direct Replacement for the LEXIUM 5100Pro — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 75
  • 56. TEST REPORT Satellite Meter■ TELE-satellite Test Editor Ron Roessel aligning a 76cmdish using the new LEXIUM FastAlign 5110Pro ProfessionalSatellite Meter. "It so easy to point the dish with this meter,"says Ron Roessel, "and it even makes fun!"76 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 57. LEXIUM Handheld Powerhouse LEXIUM is quickly becom- heard about this new meter, ing a recognized name when we wanted to find out more it comes to satellite receivers about it. If it’s anything like and test equipment. WS In- the 7100Pro, then this new ternational, a global distribu- meter should be just as excit- tor of the most up to date & ing, even more so. Once again current DTH (Direct to home) our friends at WS Internation- satellite equipment includ- al provided us with a sample ing MPEG2 & MPEG4, DVB- of the FastAlign 5110Pro so S & DVB-S2 equipment has that we could have a little fun distribution branches based with it and see what all the out of Atlanta, Georgia, Los fuss is about. Angeles, California and with The 5110Pro signal meter sales & development offices comes packaged in a nice, in Zhuhai and Guangzhou small box along with all of its China markets the LEXIUM accessories including two bat- brand name world-wide. Just tery chargers – one for a wall a few months ago, in fact, it outlet and another one for the was in the 12-01/2012 issue car, two female-to-female “F” of this magazine, TELE-sat- type adapters, a USB cable ellite introduced the LEXIUM and a handy carrying strap. FastAlign 7100Pro satellite There’s also a 24-page Eng- signal analyzer. The 7100Pro lish-language user manual. boasted the unique capability So, let’s look at the me- of identifying the name of a ter itself. The 5110Pro is a satellite as soon as the meter handheld digital signal ana- showed a lock. The LEXIUM lyzer that is small enough to line of digital satellite sig- fit in one hand. The internal nal meters, up until recently, electronics are enclosed in a also included the FastAlign sturdy black plastic case that 5100Pro. With all this going is 142 x 82 x 35mm in size. for them, did they feel the The case itself is encased in need to sit back and relax af- a bright yellow rubberized ter these success stories? Did cover that acts as a shock ab- they feel that their job was sorber; it will help protect the done? No, not at all. Instead, analyzer if it should ever fall the engineers went straight to the ground. The rubberized back to work. cover can easily be removed The result of their efforts if you ever need to access is the LEXIUM FastAlign the battery compartment. 5110Pro. The 5110Pro is actu- At just a hair over 1.0 pound ally a direct replacement for in weight, the meter is very their very popular 5100Pro easy to carry around with you model. Of course, when we wherever you have to go. So, it’s no trouble to climb that ladder to the top of that roof with the 5110Pro hanging on your shoulder; you won’t even 09-10/2012 know it’s there. LEXIUM FastAlign 5110Pro The meter sports a pair of Digital Satellite Meter male “F” type connectors on Helps enormously to install any satellite dish the top side of the unit. The connector on the right side — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 77
  • 58. LEXIUMused to connect to the LNB and this should be more than where the second “F” connec- for just by looking at the typeon the satellite dish. Power enough time for a typical in- tor on the left side comes in. of connector that was beingto the LNB is supplied by the stallation. However, if you find Ordinarily, the left connec- used.5110Pro itself. The manu- that a little more time is need- tor isn’t needed unless sup- On the bottom of the ana-facturer specifies that the ed at the installation site, the plemental power is needed. lyzer you’ll find the chargingmeter should last for about meter can also be powered by The two female-to-female “F” port for the two power adapt-four hours on a single charge the satellite receiver. That’s type adapters supplied in the ers (home and car), a USB package are used to connect port to link the meter with a the meter to any existing coax PC and a number of slats be- cables. hind which is located the me- Oddly enough, though, the ter’s speaker. The front panel two male “F” connectors on of the meter consists of an the meter are not marked in LCD display and a keyboard. any way on the casing; we The display is 6.2 x 4.6mm in had to refer to the user manu- size and is divided into five al in order to figure out which different sections. We’ll get connector did what. There are more into this a little later. also no markings for the ports The keyboard is located under on the bottom of the 5110Pro the display and is made up of but in this case it was easy a numerical keypad as well as to figure out what they were a number of additional color- ed function buttons. According to the manufac- turer, the meter should be fully charged before it’s used for the first time. The charg- ing process should take about four hours but no more than six hours to complete. An LED on the front panel of the analyzer lights up red indi- cating that the meter is be- ing charged by the external power supply. This LED turns green when the meter is turned on and the power cord is removed. To turn on the 5110Pro, mo- mentarily push the red POW- ER button on the front panel. If the meter has never been used before, the display will not show any data except for78 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 59. LEXIUM1 2 3 4 5 6 7zeroes. As mentioned before, selected channel number ei- Only whole numbers can be 1. As the antenna was rotated, the signal quality (Q) bar graphthe display is divided into five ther from the “local channel entered; a more precise loca- clearly shows that we weresections: Positioning, Satellite list” or from the “user defined tion for us would have been closing in on GALAXY 19Selection, Channel Number, channel list”. The Latitude 40.7°N 73.3°W but for the 2. Turning the antenna a little more and “Locked” lit up tellingLatitude and Longitude and and Longitude section high- purposes of entering in our us that we had a signal lock onMeasurement. The Position- lights the location where the location in this meter, we had GALAXY 19ing section runs across the meter will be used in degrees to round to the nearest whole 3. Adjusting the dish a little further increased the S/N leveltop of the display from one latitude and longitude. Also number. Fortunately, this mi- until we reached a peak S/Nside to the other and shows found here are a number of nor limitation should not ham- level of 10.1 dB. The dish was now perfectly aligned withthe required azimuth, eleva- additional function indicators per us in any way when trying GALAXY 19.tion and polarization angle such as battery level, PC link, to find a specific satellite. 4. Next we tried for the HISPASAT satellite at 30°Wsettings for the target satel- speaker mute and channel Now that our location has using the same antenna. Aslite. This section will only dis- list. The Measurement section been set up, it’s time to see the dish came within range of the target satellite, the 5110Proplay data if you already have displays the signal strength what this meter can do. The showed that we were gettingentered in your local position (S) and quality (Q) levels in 5110Pro comes with a pre- close; the signal quality bar graph (Q) began to reactand selected the satellite you bar graph form. Additionally, programmed “local channel 5. And then moving the antennawant to find. The Satellite the signal strength (S) is also list” that includes nearly eve- just a little bit more…LOCKED!Selection section on the left shown in numerical form as is ry satellite from around the 6. Fine tuning the antenna…side displays information on the signal-to-noise level (S/N) world. The LEXIUM 5110Pro 7. …until a maximum S/N levelthe currently selected chan- and the bit error rate (B). automatically filters out the was achieved. The antenna was now peaked on HISPASAT.nel (satellite position (L), In order to get the most out satellites that are below thetransponder frequency (F), of this meter it’s clear that horizon and thus not visible 139.0°W to 4.8°E for a total ofsymbolrate (SR), LNB local the very first step would be to from your location based on 111 channels to choose from.oscillator (LO), polarization enter in the local latitude and the local coordinates that If you change the location co-(LNB) and 22 kHz). The Chan- longitude position where the were entered earlier. For ordinates in the meter, the listnel Number section in the meter will be used. For our our test location the visible of visible satellites changeslower left hand corner of the location here in Long Island, satellites (above the hori- along with it to adapt to thedisplay shows the currently New York, it is 41°N 073°W. zon) included all those from new location. To give you an80 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 60. LEXIUMidea of how this changes, and polarization angle) in- we had to do is start moving the antenna much faster thanwe changed the local coordi- stantly appears at the top of the antenna into roughly the you might otherwise be ablenates in the analyzer to 37°N the display. This data tells you correct position. According to if you were using a differ-122°W to simulate the use of exactly where to point the an- to the 5110Pro, the antenna ent meter. It’s a time savingthe 5110Pro in San Francisco, tenna to receive that satellite. alignment settings yield an feature that helps to speed upCalifornia. The list of visible So, with the meter in hand, azimuth (A) of 214°, an eleva- the alignment process.satellites for this west coast we went outside to align the tion (E) of 36° and a polariza- So, with the meter con-location included everything dish. Since Galaxy 19 was just tion angle (P) of -25°. nected to our 76cm dishfrom 160°E to 43°W. As you entered into the “user defined With the help of our com- and turned on, we rotatedcan see, the meter automati- channel list”, it makes sense to pass, we turned the antenna the antenna towards 214°cally adjusts the local channel begin by aligning our antenna in the general direction of while keeping an eye on thelist based on its operational to this very popular satellite. 214° and elevated it roughly 5110Pro. The analyzer alsolocation. One thing to keep in Keep in mind that you can use 36° above the horizon. Since has an audible tone thatmind though: this visible list either the “user defined chan- our 76cm dish was not on changes pitch with the signalof satellites represents those nel list” or the “local channel a horizon-to-horizon (H-H) level. This lets you take yoursatellites that can be “seen” list” to start with since Galaxy mount, the LNBF had to be eyes off the meter and listenfrom your location and does 19 also appears in the pre- rotated inside its holder so to changes in signal level if fornot necessarily represent programmed list. You’ll also that its horizontal and vertical any reason the display is outa list of those satellites that need a short piece of coax polarization levels matched of your view.can actually be received. Only cable to connect the meter to the position of the GALAXY 19 As soon as we approachedthose satellites that have a the antenna’s LNB. And don’t satellite. We adjusted the po- the 214° position as dictatedbeam pointing in your direc- forget the compass so that sition of the LNBF in its mount by the 5110Pro, the signaltion can be received. you know which way to turn to reflect the -25° offset sug- quality bar graph on the dis- In addition to the “local the antenna! As it turns out, gested by the meter. play (Q) began to instantlychannel list” there’s also a the 5110Pro is not compatible Thanks to the 5110Pro’s react. We had found GALAXY“user defined channel list”. with any of the DiSEqC proto- built-in QuickSweep technol- 19 on the very first pass! AsThis list is customizable by cols so the analyzer needs to ogy you don’t have to worry we continued to move the an-the user so that more popu- be connected directly to the about missing the target sat- tenna the signal quality (Q)lar satellites can be accessed LNB; there cannot be any DiS- ellite if you turn the antenna bar graph continued to in-more quickly. The 5110Pro EqC switches in between the too quickly. There is no delay crease and the “Locked” indi-comes shipped from the fac- meter and the LNB. from the time the signal is re- cator on the display illuminat-tory without any data in this As luck would have it, we ceived to when it is displayed ed. We continued to move thelist. When setting up the “user had a spare 76cm offset dish on the meter; it reacts almost antenna until we reached adefined channel list”, the first lying around so we decided instantly. This lets you move maximum point. We then fineopen channel is selected so to use this antenna to alignthat a satellite can be set up. to GALAXY 19. We installed aSo, let’s say, for example, we standard Ku-band LNBF (LOFwanted to add Galaxy 19 at = 10.750 GHz) on the dish and97°W into the user defined connected it to the LEXIUMlist. The meter has to first be 5110Pro meter using a shortplaced into the “user defined 10-foot piece of coax list” mode by press- The meter was turned on anding and holding down the Op- we decided to use the chan-tion/Local button for about nel data that was just enteredthree seconds. into the “user-defined channel Once the meter is in the list”. We could have also usedcorrect mode, you can then the preprogrammed data inenter in all the relevant data the “local channel list” (chan-for Galaxy 19 (orbital position nel 38) that was associated(L), transponder frequency with the Ku-band side of GAL-(F), symbolrate (SR), local AXY 19 at 97°W. This channeloscillator frequency (LO), po- was set for 11.789 GHz, 28125larization (LNB) and 22 kHz SR, LOF 10.750 GHz and LNBon/off). For this purpose we 13 (vertical polarization). Ei-chose the 12.177V GHz tran- ther transponder would havesponder with a symbolrate worked for this test.of 23000. As soon as the en- At this point pressing anytered data is saved into the one of the number buttons (0 LEXIUMmeter’s memory, the correct to 9) activates the measure-alignment information for the ment section of the meter.antenna (azimuth, elevation The 5110Pro was set to go; all82 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 61. LEXIUMtuned the elevation (E) un- frequency is not an active fre- rect transponder frequency SAT and once again we foundtil a maximum S/N level was quency for North America. using the numerical keypad the target satellite on the firstachieved. The dish was then Luckily, changing the exist- and then momentarily press pass!secured in place; it couldn’t ing entry in the “local chan- the Option/Local button once Clearly, the LEXIUMget any easier than that. nel list” to a workable value again to move the arrow cur- 5110Pro’s QuickSweep tech- Was this just beginners is a snap. At present, the cur- sor to the next entry (SR). For nology lives up to its name.luck? We wanted to make sor arrow indicator should our test we used the 12.052H The meter reacts instantlysure so we decided to give the be pointing to the channel transponder with a symbol- when you approach the tar-HISPASAT satellite at 30°W a number (in this case channel rate of 27500. Continue this get satellite as you’re turningtry with the same dish. From 86). By momentarily push- procedure until all the remain- the antenna. Thanks to thisthe “local channel list” we ing the Option/Local button ing parameters are entered speedy response time, youscrolled through the channels on the front panel once, the and then press the Save/C don’t have to sit there wait-until we found the only entry cursor arrow should move to button to store the data. The ing for the analyzer to do itsfor 30°W located at channel the frequency position (F) and LEXIUM 5110Pro is now ready job every time the antenna86. The entry at this location the first digit in the current for the HISPASAT satellite. is moved a notch. You canwas for 11.466 GHz, 3500 SR, frequency should be blink- According to the 5110Pro, simply rotate the dish on its9750 LOF. As it turns out, this ing. Simply enter in the cor- the proper antenna settings mount and stop the rotation for HISPASAT are an azimuth when the analyzer reacts to (A) of 125°, an elevation (E) of the target satellite. It’s that 25° and an LNB polarization simple. adjustment (P) of +38°. We A note to those of you who repositioned the LNBF in the will be setting up systems that mount to reflect the new po- use universal Ku-band LNBFs: larization adjustment angle of the LEXIUM 5110Pro will work +38°. Next we loosened the with these types of LNBFs but mounting bolts on the anten- not exactly in the way that you na so that it could be moved. might expect. When selecting The antenna was turned to- the LOF to be used, you’d un- wards an azimuth setting of doubtedly expect one of the 125° and sure enough as we choices to be “universal” how- approached the 125° position ever that is not the case here. the signal quality bar graph With this meter you have to (Q) on the meter began to re- enter the correct universal act. LOF (9.750 or 10.600 GHz) As the antenna was moved and set the 22 kHz signal to a little more, the S/N level ON if needed. The correct set- increased and the “Locked” tings will depend on whether indicator on the display illumi- the transponder frequency to nated. We had found HISPA- be received is in the LNBF’s low band (10.7 to 11.7 GHZ) or high band (11.7 to 12.75 GHz). Of course, the LEXIUM 5110Pro is also C-band com- patible. And as if all of the above wasn’t enough, this meter comes with yet another fasci- nating feature: it has Quick- Recovery Software built in. This software restores the 5110Pro back to its origi- nal factory settings should a problem ever occur during a data transfer to the meter. In the past such a data transfer interruption would almost al- ways result in a dead meter. Restoring the meter used to involve opening up the case, locating and then reflashing the memory. It’s a process84 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 62. LEXIUMthat’s not all that much fun obtained free of charge by go-to perform. But thanks to the ing to TECHNICAL DATAbuilt-in QuickRecovery soft- The LEXIUM FastAlign Manufacturer LEXIUMware, you don’t have to wor- 5110Pro digital satellite me- California, USAry about any of this. Simply ter is an extremely powerful Home Page www.LEXIUM-DVB.compress the “Recovery” button signal analyzer wrapped up E-mail sales@lexium-dvb.comto reset the meter back to its in a nice little package. It’s a Model FastAlign 5110Pro Digital Satellite Meteroriginal factory settings. How lightweight handheld device Input Frequency Range 950 – 2150 MHzgreat is that? that you can easily hold for LNB Power 13V, 18V; 400mA Earlier we mentioned the longer periods of time without C/Ku-band Compatible yesUSB port located on the bot- any fatigue. It comes with nu- Memory 300 channels (local channel list); 100 channels (user defined list)tom of the meter; this port merous useful features that Symbolrate 2 – 45 Ms/secallows you to connect the me- help make satellite installa-ter to your PC and gives you tions a breeze. It comes with 22 kHz Control yesthe ability to add, delete or a pre-installed list of satellites USB Interface yesmodify the satellite list, tran- from all around the world and Operating Temperature 0 - 40° Csponder specifications and yet is smart enough to only AC Power Supply Input 100 – 240VAC, 1.6A, 50-60Hz; Output 18.5VDC, 3.5A22 kHz settings directly from show those satellites that are Dimensions 142 x 82 x 35mmyour PC or laptop. In order to visible from your location. It Weight 1.0 LBS (including battery)be able to do this, you’d need would make the perfect addi-to download the necessary in- tion to any satellite installer’s More about this companyterface software which can be toolbox. Expert Opinion Lightweight, easy to use handheld digital satellite signal meter for precise alignment of antenna to target satellite. Its QuickSweep technology takes the worry out of accidentally+ passing the target satellite while moving the antenna in that the meter reacts instantly to Ron Roessel any antenna movements. Its three-digit azi- TELE-satellite Test Center muth display allows this meter to be used any- USA where in the world. No DiSEqC protocols; meter must be connected directly to– the LNB without any DiSEqC switches in between. There’s also no universal setting for the LOF; universal LNBFs can be used with this meter but the LOFs need to be set up manually.Using the LEXIUM Align 5110 Pro for the first time. Hardly had we keyed in 16° East and 48° North thatFastAlign 5110 Pro the FastAlign 5110 Pro called up a list of pre-programmed satellite positions rangingin Europe from 58° West to 92.2° East. This means the device truly shows all satellites that canThomas Haring be received at our current location – at least in theory. Why do we say in theory? Even though the LEXIUM global scale. Due to the fact rizon. Obviously, we were The fact is that the list ofFastAlign 5110 Pro is dis- that the local position has to more than happy to evaluate satellites shows visible satel-tributed by US company be entered when the meter the LEXIUM FastAlign 5110 lites, as opposed to receiv-WS International the device is first turned on, it is pos- Pro in one of our European able beams. For example,comes with all prerequisites sible for the device to find test centers in Austria. CHINASAT 9 at 92.2° East isthat are needed to use it in out fully automatically which First things first, and so we shown as the easternmostother regions as well. This is satellites are visible at the entered our coordinates for visible orbital position, evenall the more reason for mar- current location and which Vienna, Austria right after though its beams are sent toketing their latest meter on a positions are below the ho- turning on the LEXIUM Fast- China only and reception in — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 85
  • 63. LEXIUMVienna therefore is not pos- not everything that counts.sible. We think this makes The painful truth is that itsense as beams can easily can quickly become worth-be changed and moved by less if transponder data aresatellite operators, so that not equally up-to-date andthe odd Asian position might comprehensive. To checkin fact be of interest in Eu- the LEXIUM FastAlign 5110rope one day. If or when Pro’s worth in that field wesuch changes occur, the new randomly selected a numberLEXIUM signal meter will al- of European satellite posi-ready have the relevant pa- tions and tried to align ourrameters stored in its inter- dish to those birds using thenal memory. LEXIUM meter. We noticed We appreciated the fact right away that the pre-that LEXIUM has pre-stored stored LOF for the high bandboth C band and Ku band was correctly set at 10600transponders: While the Ku for some positions (suchband definitely dominates as ASTRA 4A at 4.8° East),the European market the C while other satellites (suchband is the preferred fre- as BADR 26° East) camequency range in most other with a wrong frequency ofcorners of the world. 10750. In addition, none of In total, we found 109 pre- the pre-stored high bandstored satellite entries on entries came with an acti-our list. You might object at vated 22 kHz signal, whichthis stage that this is way is required for the LNB tobeyond the number of re- switch from low band to high ing satellite antennas. It a swift alignment processceivable positions in Europe band. This means that Eu- worked nicely with weak- without the risk of overlook-– and you’re right. LEXIUM ropean users have to make er signals as well, such as ing a signal while moving thehas chosen to create sepa- a point of checking all pre- those from BADR 26° East or antenna.rate entries for Ku band and stored transponder settings ASTRA 2D 28.2° East – the To sum up, we truly en-C band transponders on sat- for the selected satellite and built-in tuner boasts a rea- joyed working with the LEX-ellites that use both bands, the LNB that is used. sonably low threshold and IUM FastAlign 5110 Pro un-such as INTELSAT 14 at 45° Most European satellites the measurement results der a European sky. It’s aWest. In terms of usability, come with correct tran- turned out to be very pre- very handy tool and if thethey couldn’t have made a sponder data, however, so cise. We loved how quickly manufacturer decides tosmarter decision. that the LEXIUM FastAlign the LEXIUM meter reacts to update the pre-stored tran- Then again, an impressive 5110 Pro turned out to be a changes in the incoming sig- sponder list it would leavenumber of satellite entries is useful companion for align- nal, which in turn allows for nothing to be desired.1 2 31. Signal measurement on TURKSAT 42° East 4 52. Signal measurement on ASTRA4A 4.8° East3. Signal measurement on EUTELSAT 7A 7°East4. You need to adjust and correct the tran-sponder details for ABS1 75° East before youcan actually receive a signal: Polarizationshould be vertical, the LOF does not cor-respond to universal Ku band LNBs (10600)commonly used in Europe, and the 22 kHz isnot active by default.5. Once we had adjusted all settings theLEXIUM FastAlign 5110 Pro was able to per-fectly scan and lock signals from ABS1 75°East.86 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 64. FEATURE Spark Receiver SoftwareTheWonderfulWorld ofSpark• Large selection of freely receivablechannels• Web-TV offers SD, HD and 3D channels• Simple manual editing of the channellist in Spark• Spark software shows all of thetechnical parameters of the Web-TVchannel88 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 65. Part 4: — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 89
  • 66. FEATURE Spark Receiver SoftwareUnlimited TV just software updates or the transfer of recordings.via the Internet Fulan takes it quite a few steps further and opens for the user not only the tun-Thomas Haring er input as a signal source but also the Internet as a way to view hundreds of TV channels. This function can be found on any Spark1 software equipped receiver under the Web-TV menu in the Networking section of the Main menu. Before we go deeper into the special- ties of this feature, we want to quickly get a handle on some of the terms that you might come across. The International Tele- communication Union (ITU) defines IPTV as TV, video, audio, picture, multimedia and data services that are transmitted via IP based networks with the required amount of quality, security, interactivity and reliability.2 Fulan, with their Spark Clearly, though, the Inter- software platform, has giv- net does not satisfy all of en themselves an ambitious the requirements of qual- goal: and that is to provide ity, security and reliability the end user a software so that it’s relatively easy package for their digital re- to tell the difference be- ceiver with the largest pos- tween WebTV and IPTV. If sible array of functions. Ob- an end-user uses his receiv- viously, with requirements er, whether it’s a mobile or like these, the network/ stationary device, to make Internet connection of the a direct connection with the receiver won’t be limited to IPTV network of his pro- vider without the need of an3 Internet connection, then we’re talking about IPTV. If the Internet is required as a transmission medium, then it’s WebTV. While the IPTV end-user, in a provider controlled en- 1. The WebTV player can be found in the Networking section of the Spark software 2. While the channel list appears on the right side of the display, the currently selected channel can be seen in a smaller window on the left side 3. Even HD content can be received via WebTV90 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 67. 4 56 essary reception hardware to the end-user. The absolute best part about WebTV is that so much content is available free of charge while IPTV is not free because of the costs incurred by the pro- viders for infrastructure maintenance. Let’s get back to the digi- tal receiver with the Spark software: when you turn on the WebTV function for the first time, you’ll be greeted with a blank screen with- out any programming en-7 vironment, can expect and tries. Fulan is planning to demand the proper content offer a standard channel quality, WebTV providers list with a number of inter- are not at risk in this regard. esting entries, but, unfor- Instead of setting up and tunately, this feature was using their own IP broad- not yet available on our test casting networks, they opt sample. While it is relatively to utilize the freely available easy with satellite or cable Internet and pass on the reception to set up a fre- problems of transmission speed, service availability 4. Depending on the WebTV broadcaster, the picture and in most cases the nec- quality is average to very8 good; there’s nothing to object to here 5. The individual WebTV stations can be edited directly from the receiver 6. New WebTV stations can be added with the push of just one button 7. Regardless of whether it’s music, movies, sports or adult- oriented content, Web-TV has something for everyone 8. Currently, there’s no standard channel list for WebTV available from Fulan, this will change in the future 9. Technical details of an HD stream via WebTV. The resolution is 720p while the signal is transmitted in MPEG4/H.264 10. An XML file with about two dozen WebTV channels92 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 68. 9quency/channel list based net that allows the repre- the Internet using the FTP brings the selected WebTVon the planned marketing sentation of hierarchically function in the Spark soft- channel to full-screen dis-area, this task would be structured data in a cross- ware. play.more difficult with WebTV. platform text file. Such anThe available content is far XML file can be displayed Of course, you can also The picture quality fromtoo extensive and the wish- and edited with most text edit the channel list directly one channel to another var-es of the end-users are also editors without any prob- from the receiver; the green ies greatly, ranging fromfar to individualized. lems (Note: text editor pro- function button will help you perfect HDTV to pixilated grams can only be used if get started here or you can SDTV. Once again the dif- For our tests the first task the text itself is not format- add a new WebTV channel ference between IPTV andwas to start an Internet ted). The pictures in this using the red function but- WebTV can clearly be In just a few mouse test report show an exam- ton. The Spark software With IPTV, the program-clicks we found a multitude ple of one of these XML files always blends in the chan- ming provider makes sureof complete lists with inter- that contain several dozen nel list on the right side of that every channel in theesting channels. It includ- interesting WebTV entries. the OSD while the desired package reaches the end-ed news reports, sporting To feed your Spark receiver WebTV channel is shown user in the same and music channels with this XML file you sim- in a smaller window on the With WebTV, factors suchas well as sub-channels, HD ply need to save the file to left side. This gives the user as the bandwidth of the In-and 3D movie broadcast- a USB storage device, con- a quick overview of what ternet connection, the num-ers and even adult-oriented nect it to your Spark re- channel or program is of in- ber of viewers and even thecontent. The URLs from all ceiver and then press the terest at the moment. Once budget of the WebTV broad-of these broadcasters are ‘Load’ button on the remote you’ve found the desired caster can affect the end-in an XML file; it’s a familiar control. You can also load channel, a simple push of user’s picture quality. All infile format from the Inter- the XML file directly from the yellow function button all though, we were able to10 — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 93
  • 69. determine that the picture The Spark software’s when they happen to be in looking for an alternative to and audio quality of the indi- WebTV function sup- Flash format, can only be TV reception via the three vidual channels ranged from ports the Flash format and played back if you know the classic methods of satel- very good to acceptable. To MPEG4/H.264 in SD and HD. exact address of the de- lite, cable or antenna, you’d play back SD content, your Keep in mind though, that sired stream. Unfortunately, have to go the IPTV route. Internet download connec- you will need to know the many providers go to great WebTV is a practical and, tion should be at least 1.0 URL of the WebTV stream. lengths to hide these ad- above all, mostly free way Mb/sec while for HD content Content from the media dresses from the end-users to watch TV channels via it should be at least 3.0 Mb/ sites of TV channels or clips mostly because they don’t the Internet but there’s no sec. from video platforms, even want to jeopardize any ad guarantee that the same channel you were watching11 today will be there tomor- row, and if it is still there, its quality is not guaranteed. Another thing to watch out for is that the channels in some of the WebTV lists are possibly being redistributed illegally. In the course of our testing we discovered one WebTV list with dozens of Russian-language TV chan- nels - all being redistributed over one server – that we managed to localize to the Ukraine. Included in the list of channels, in addition to Russian legal/public and private broadcasters, were other familiar channels such12 income that they would re- as MTV. It’s fairly safe to ceive from their own web assume that these streams site. were being redistributed without the owner’s per- So, is WebTV an alterna- mission. And sure enough, tive to TV reception via sat- when we tried to access the ellite, cable or antenna? At server just before our dead- the end of a test report like line, it could no longer be reached. this, you’d undoubtedly be asking yourself that very In the end though, it was question. Our simple an- for us a lot of fun to dive swer to that is ‘No’. If you’re into the world of WebTV but13 it still remains just an ex- pansion of all the other re- ception methods. We also liked that the picture qual- ity of the individual chan- nels was on average quite appealing and thanks to the logical and easy use of the Spark software, WebTV is definitely interesting for professionals and beginners alike. 11. 3D channels are also available via WebTV for free 12. Music channels of all different styles are also available 13. With X-Music, the name says it all94 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 70. SPARK OVERVIEW Spark Receiver SoftwareTheWonderfulWorld ofSpark Part 1: YouTube Read Full Report /12/03/spark96 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 71. Part 2: KartinaTV Read Full /12/05/spark Part 3: Spark Apps Read Full /12/07/spark Part 4: Web-TV Read Full /12/09/spark — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 97
  • 72. FEATURE AZBox ME Receiver SoftwarePart 3:PluginInstallation98 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 73. Revealing the Secrets of the AZBox ME Super Box • step-by-step guide to plugin installation• simple addition of new features and functions for the AZBox ME • AirPlayer plugin turns your TV into a multimedia center for watching photos with friends • seamless integration for smartphones and tablet PCs with the AZBox ME — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 99
  • 74. FEATURE AZBox ME Receiver SoftwareAirPlayer Pluginfor the AZBox MEVitor Martins Augusto One of the aces up the not provide links to those How to find out the IP Addresssleeve of Linux receivers servers. 1. Need to find out your AZBox ME’s IP address? Look itsuch as the AZBox ME is What this does not mean, up in the Setup menu.the option of installing new however, is that you can’t 2. Then select System.plugins and thereby adding make use of all the legal pl- 3. From there proceed to the Network functions and features. ugins hosted on such serv- 4. And finally choose Adapter Settings to…Keep reading to find out ers. You only need to know 5. …find out the current IP 1 Many Linux distributionscome with an integrateddownload function which al-lows installation of a rangeof plugins at the touch of abutton on the remote con-trol. A closer look at thosedownload menus, however,reveals that by default theAZBox ME offers only certainplugins for download. There’s a simple reasonfor that: A lot of plugin serv-ers for Linux receivers don’tonly host legal OpenSourceplugins, but also illegal of-ferings. It’s only logical thatthe original firmware does2 34 5100 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 75. 1 how to do it, and we’ll show yield numerous links to the you exactly that with the ex- readily compiled plugin. ample of the AirPlayer plu- You should, however, make gin. a point of downloading the This is a great plugin for ‘mipsel’ version, since this is presenting photos directly on supported by the AZBox ME the TV panel from an iPhone, processor. For a current ver- iPod Touch or iPad. The first sion please go to http://code. thing you need (apart from all the hardware, that is) is In addition to the plugin the plugin itself. itself you need an FTP cli- As always, a Google ent. At our test centre we search for ‘airplayer’ is the use FileZilla, which is a ful- best starting point and will ly-fledged FTP client that is not only totally free but also2 small in size and very capa- ble. Once again, Google will help you find a download link for that software. Finally, we have to estab- lish a direct connection to the AZBox ME via Telnet. For those of you not familiar with Telnet, this is a protocol that allows access to the receiver using command lines. Linux is Unix-based, and with Unix it is customary to work with command lines. Telnet is re- quired for exactly that, since 34 5102 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 76. it allows sending command menu of the receiver. Sim- window on the PC (press the the system will create a cor-lines from a remote location ply go to Setup, then select Windows and R buttons at the responding alert message.across a network. Windows System, followed by Network same time, then enter CMD In order to install the IPKoperating systems come with and finally Adapter Settings. and press ENTER). We then file on the AZBox the follow-a Telnet client right from the This will gives you the cor- key in ‘telnet’, ing ipkg command has to bestart, which can be called up rect IP. If you see with being the entered:in a DOS window, for exam- this means you first need to IP of our AZBox ME. The IP of Ipkg –install enigma2-ple: You only need to press go about configuring your lo- your receiver may of course plugin-extensions-airplay-the Windows and R buttons cal network before you are be different and you always er_0.1.10_mipsel.ipkat the same time to start it, able to proceed. have to use the actual IP ad-and then enter ‘cmd’. dress of your AZBox for this By the way: Use the TAB Apart from an IP address procedure to work. key to complete file names So let’s turn from theory FileZilla requires a username What follows next is a re- – in this case you only haveto practice now: In order to with corresponding pass- quest to enter the username to key in ipkg –install e andinstall the plugin you first word before it will establish (root) and password (press a touch of the TAB key willhave to copy it to the receiv- an FTP connection. Connec- ENTER to leave that field insert the rest using FTP. Ideally, the plu- tion data can be set up per- empty) in order to access Once the plugin has beengin should be placed into the manently or you may choose the home directory. Again, installed it is necessary to/tmp directory which is used to use the upper line to cre- we need to change from re-start the receiver. In mostfor temporary files (hence ate a ‘Quickconnect’ session. there to the /tmp directory, cases it will even suffice to re-the name /tmp) which are We use this field to enter the which can easily be done by start the user interface only.not required permanently for IP address of our AZBox ME, keying in ‘cd/tmp’. To the left At last the time has come tothe receiver to work. ‘root’ as the username and of the cursor the currently try out the new plugin. And The content of the /tmp we leave the password field selected directory is shown what an awesome plugin it is deleted every empty. This should work, and at this stage this should Simply take your iOS devicetime the receiver starts up, unless a password was spe- read root@AZBoxHD:/tmp#. (no matter whether it’s ansomething that is just right cifically set by the user via Using the command ‘ls’ iPhone, iPod or iPad), openfor us since the installation Telnet. calls up a list of all files in the a photo, click on the Airplayfile of the plugin will not be This set up should allow us current directory and one of icon, select the receiver (Air-required any longer after the to connect to the AZBox ME those files should be the in- Player E2) and as if by magicplugin is fully installed and and the first thing we will see stallation file of the plugin. the photo will appear on thethus will not occupy valu- is the base directory. From You might ask yourself TV. The same also works forable memory capacity. Even here, a double click on ‘tmp’ what the *.ipk file exten- videos, even though at thisthough the AZBox ME pro- will lead us to the /tmp di- sion stands for. IPK means stage the sound is unfortu-vides a generous amount of rectory, which is right where that files of this type are nately missing.memory there is no reason we belong at this stage. The managed by the so-called Obviously, your iOS deviceto be wasteful. link section of the FileZilla Itsy Package Management must use the same WiFi net- In the FTP client of your window displays the directo- System which makes sure work as your AZBox ME forchoice (FileZilla in our test) ry structure of the PC which that all files are automati- all this to work, but in mostyou then need to enter the IP means it is possible to drag cally copied into the correct environments this is theaddress of the AZBox ME re- and drop files from any di- directory of the AZBox ME. case anyway.ceiver. If you don’t know it or rectory of the PC to the /tmp In case runtime libraries are Thanks to this plugin theare not 100% sure you can directory of the receiver. not available the installation AZBox ME can easily becomealways look it up in the setup Next, we call up a DOS routine is interrupted and the centre for a slideshow Downloading and Installing the AirPlayer 1. Website for downloading FileZilla, a top-notch FTP client Plugin and required Tools that is available as freeware.6 2. The plugin is copied to the AZBox ME with the help of FileZilla. We have chosen Quickconnect and entered the IP address and username in the top line. A password is not required. 3. Then we start a Telnet session in the DOS window. 4. Once again we need to enter the username. And once again a password is not required – just press ENTER. 5. We now use the cd command to go into the /tmp directory. With the Is command we can call up all files inside that directory. 6. The ipkg command finally installs the plugin. The install option is also entered. — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 103
  • 77. presentation with friends, skins, system extension etc.Using iPAD and iPhone with when you press Manage Ex- where anybody with an iOSAirPlayer Plugin device or Android mobile/ tensions (red button on the1. If you tap on the shown photo the AirPlay icon appears in the tablet can show their pic- remote) in the Plugin right corner. Here you select the required AirPlay server that tures and videos on the TV. A little bit of patience andwill receive the photo or video. In a word: brilliant! some hunting instincts will2. Of course it works just as nicely with the iPhone. give you many more plu-3. If the plugin is installed correctly the AZBox ME will act as This example goes to show gin and extension serversAirPlay server. that manual plugin installa- thanks to Google, and even1 tion is nothing to be afraid if a plugin you want to have of. There is, however, an- is not available in any reposi- other option that is even tory you can always decide more convenient: All you to install it manually – now need to do is copy another that you know how to do it. file with the extension *.conf into the /etc/opkg directory A word of caution: We all of the AZBox ME. This CONF now from experience that file contains information as we sometimes go overboard to where the plugin server with software experiments, is located. This way it even and AZBox ME plugins are becomes possible to tap into no exception. It may happen plugin servers of other firm- that the operating system is ware versions. damaged and the receiver The *.conf file can be will not re-start. named as you like and con- In such a case renewed sists of a command line with flashing of the firmware will the following format: quickly get you out of trou- src/gz openpli-azboxme ble. http://downloads.rsi-imag- Owners of the AZBox ME in particular need not worry too boxme/azboxme much: Their box comes with If, for example, you create a switch on the back panel a text file with this line using which can always program a Notepad on your PC, save it working bootloader into the under ‘test.conf’ and copy flash memory. For more de- it to the /etc/opkg directory tails about that handy fea- of the AZBox ME using FTP. ture see our AZBox ME test All of a sudden there will be report in TELE-satellite 02- available many more plugins, 03/2012.2 3 The only thing you have to take very seriously is a backup of all settings, which you should always create be- fore you start experiment- ing. Now that you know all about FTP it is child’s play to copy the entire /etc/tuxbox directory to the PC in order to have a backup of your channels lists. If things go astray on the AZBox ME you only need to copy that direc- tory onto the receiver and all is well and good again. Conclusion: Even all by it- self the AZBox ME is a great device. But if you make use of available plugins and sys- tem extensions which can be installed manually or from dedicated plugin servers you enter a whole new world of virtually endless possibilities for your AZBox ME.104 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 78. Using iPAD and iPhone with 6AirPlayer Plugin1. As soon as the AZBox ME has been chosen as AirPlay server thephoto on the iPad display will also appear on the TV panel.2. It does of course also work that way with the iPhone.1 Using Custom Plugin-Server 7. The plugin menu does not only give you access to all installed plugins, but theoretically also allows convenient installation of new plugins that are downloaded from a dedicated plugin server. 8. You need to go to the Manage Extension menu item, which can be called up with the red button on your remote control. 9. Now it is possible to manually set up plugin servers. The receiver then checks all these for available files and creates a list with all plugins, skins, channels lists etc. that can be downloaded from those servers.2 10. You can select any number of plugins, all of which will be installed or uninstalled automatically at the end of the routine. 7Starting the AirPlayer Plugin 83. After successful installation of the AirPlayer plugin and are-start of the receiver the AirPlayer plugin will appear on the listof available plugins.4. If you activate the plugin you can initiate the AirPlayer serviceand also make changes to its settings, if required.5. Once the plugin indicates that the service is active you may useyour iPad or iPhone to send pictures and videos from your mobiledevice directly to the AZBox ME via your WiFi network, and fromthe receiver to your TV.6. The picture that is currently selected is presented on your panel without further ado!3 9 10 4 5 — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 105
  • 79. AZBox SECRETS OVERVIEW AZBox ME Receiver Software Revealing the Secrets of the AZBox ME Super Box106 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 80. Part 1: Blindscan Read Full /12/05/azbox-me Part 2: Multimedia Read Full /12/07/azbox-me Part 3: Plugin- Installation Read Full /12/09/azbox-me — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 107
  • 81. DIGITAL receivers of 这些是获得最高奖的产品108 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 82. Manufacturer AZBox Website TELE-satellite HDTV / Miniature Function HDTV Linux Receiver with Multimedia Features Magazine /LAN Channel Memory ●/● unlimited Expert Opinion DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 / USALS S-Video/HDMI —/● Scart/Digital Audio —/● Read TELE-satellite Test Report 09-10/2012 ME AZBox mini with Network receiver Excellent mini- for a home network features - ideal 0.57 Manufacturer Amiko Website TELE-satellite Function / & Triple Tuner PVR Receiver Magazine Expert /LAN ●/● Channel Memory unlimited DiSEqC Opinion 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 S-Video/HDMI —/● Scart/Digital Audio ●/● Read TELE-satellite Test Report 06-07-08/2012 N2 AM IKO ALIE features and mbination of Unbeatable co cellent viewing pleasure! ex function – for0.57 — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 109
  • 83. AWARD WINNING Digital Receivers of 21st Century Manufacturer Panodic Website TELE-satellite Function Small HD PVR Receiver Magazine Expert /LAN —/— DiSEqC — S-Video/HDMI —/● Scart/Digital Audio ●/— Opinion Read TELE-satellite Test Report 2 06-07-08/201 27A DVB-T Panodic HDT-1 DVB-T Well-equipped r Mini-Receive 0.63 Manufacturer Skyworth Website TELE-satellite Magazine Very small PVR Function Receiver with HDMI Expert /LAN —/— DiSEqC — S-Video/HDMI —/● Scart/Digital Audio —/— Opinion 2 Read TELE-satellite Test Report 06-07-08/201 -21 DVB-T Sk ywor th HT eiver with best all rec Extremely sm cteristics reception chara 0.5110 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 84. 这些是获得最高奖的产品 Manufacturer Amiko Website TELE-satellite Magazine Function / & Com- bo Receiver with PVR Expert /LAN ●/● Channel Memory unlimited DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 S-Video/HDMI Scart/Digital Audio —/● ●/● Opinion Read TELE-satellite Test Report 04-05/2012 PV R -8 820 CI CX E AM IKO STHD ceive all Available Pe rfect Box to Re rammes HDTV Prog0.54 Manufacturer Skyworth Website TELE-satellite Magazine Function Very small PVR Receiver with HDMI /LAN ●/● DiSEqC S-Video/HDMI 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 —/● Expert Scart/Digital Audio —/— Opinion Read TELE-satellite Test Report 04-05/2012 -18 DVB- S2 Sk ywor th HS tured miniature , fully-fea Sophisticated receiver 0.56 — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 111
  • 85. AWARD WINNING Digital Receivers of 21st Century Manufacturer Panodic Website TELE-satellite Function Mini Receiver with HDMI and PVR Magazine Expert /LAN —/— DiSEqC — Opinion S-Video/HDMI —/● Scart/Digital Audio —/— Read TELE-satellite Test Report 04-05/2012 1E DVB-T Panodic M360 eiver with all rec Extremely sm y HDTV tuner high-sensitivit 0.55 Manufacturer AZBox Website TELE-satellite HDTV / Linux Function Receiver with Multimedia Features and large Flash- Magazine Expert memory for 3 Boot Images /LAN ●/● Opinion Channel Memory unlimited DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / USALS S-Video/HDMI —/● Scart/Digital Audio —/● Read TELE-satellite Test Report 02-03/2012 AZ Box ME ux Receiver Today‘s absolute best Lin 0.51112 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 86. 这些是获得最高奖的产品 Manufacturer Jiuzhou Website / , PVR TELE-satellite Magazine Function Digital Receiver /LAN ●/● Channel Memory PVR 4000 ● Expert Opinion S-Video/HDMI ●/● Scart/Digital Audio ●/● Read TELE-satellite Test Report 12-01/2012 695 o PV R DTS6 Jiuzhou Comb eiver for the Top-notch rec whole family0.2 Manufacturer Skyworth Website TELE-satellite Magazine Receiver with PVR Function function Expert /LAN —/— Channel Memory 1000 PVR ● S-Video/HDMI Scart/Digital Audio —/● —/— Opinion Read TELE-satellite Test Report 1/ 1 10-1 201 -T -11 PV R ISDB Sk ywor th HI trial receiver for res Easy to use ter America South0.59 — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 113
  • 87. AWARD WINNING Digital Receivers of 21st Century Manufacturer Jiuzhou Website TELE-satellite Magazine / , PVR Function Digital Receiver Expert /LAN ●/● Channel Memory 4000 PVR ● S-Video/HDMI Scart/Digital Audio ●/● —/● Opinion Read TELE-satellite Test Report 1 08-09/201 69 6 Jiuzhou DTS6mbo receiver HD Co Ide al living room America for South 0.57 Manufacturer Amiko Website TELE-satellite Magazine Function Digital HDTV including dual boot Expert /LAN ●/● Channel Memory unlimited DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 S-Video/HDMI Scart/Digital Audio —/● ●/● Opinion Read TELE-satellite Test Report 1 04-05/201 89 00 Alien Amiko SHD- er with two al boot receiv Innovative du erating systems differ ent op 0.5114 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 88. 这些是获得最高奖的产品Manufacturer FulanWebsite TELE-satellite Magazine Digital HDTV Receiver withFunction Dual-Boot and Spark online-plattform Expert /LAN ●/●Channel Memory unlimited OpinionDiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3S-Video/HDMI —/●Scart/Digital Audio —/● Read TELE-satellite Test Report 1 04-05/201 11 Fulan ST 71 ting software signed opera Excellently de in customer service with built-0.55Manufacturer AZBoxWebsite TELE-satellite Magazine Digital HDTV Receiver with and TunersFunction and various Multimedia Expert & Internet Features /LAN ●/●Channel Memory 15000DiSEqCS-Video/HDMIScart/Digital Audio 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 —/● ●/● Opinion Read TELE-satellite Test Report 1 12-01/201 HD Az Box Premium tching er for wa Perfect rec eiv ls available all TV chan ne ca in South Ameri — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 115
  • 89. AWARD WINNING Digital Receivers of 21st Century Manufacturer Jiuzhou Website TELE-satellite Function Digital PVR Receiver /LAN —/— Channel Memory 1000 Magazine Expert PVR ● S-Video/HDMI —/● Scart/Digital Audio ●/● Opinion 06-07/2010 Jiuzhou DT T6720 HDTV rec eiv er Read TELE-satellite Test Report Future- proof d with features for ter res trial TV loade ty g picture quali and outstandin 0.58 Manufacturer AZBox Website TELE-satellite HDTV receiver with Function various Multimedia & Internet Features Magazine /LAN Channel Memory ●/● 15000 Expert Opinion DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 S-Video/HDMI —/● Scart/Digital Audio ●/● Read TELE-satellite Test Report 04-05/2010 HD Plus Az Box Premium quality eo Excellent vid et ac cess with full Intern 0.52116 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 90. 这些是获得最高奖的产品
  • 91. HDTV PC cards OF 这些是获得最高奖的产品118 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 92. TELE-satellite Magazine Expert Opinion Read TELE-satellite Test Report Manufacturer Tenow International Website PCI-E card with 4 tuners compatible with Windows Function and Linux operating systems Channel Memory unlimited Satellite Memory unlimited Symbol Rates 1-45 Ms/sec (QPSK), 2-36 Ms/sec (8PSK) DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.x 10-1 1/201 1 Tenow TBS6984 Made for TV addicts who can never watch and record enough — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 119
  • 93. AWARD WINNING HDTV PC cards of 21st Century TELE-satellite TELE-satellite Magazine Magazine Expert Expert Opinion Opinion Read TELE-satellite Test Report Read TELE-satellite Test Report Manufacturer Tenow International Manufacturer Tenow International Website Website Function PCI-E professional card with Blindscan function Function / PCI-E card with 2 Tuners Channel Memory unlimited Channel Memory unlimited Satellite Memory unlimited Channel Bandwidth 6,7,8 MHz Symbol Rates 0.2-45 Ms/sec (QPSK), 0.2-45 Ms/sec (8PSK) FFT mode 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K, 16K, 32K DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.x Center IF Frequency 3 ~ 5 MHz 10-1 1/201 1 Tenow TBS6925 Has every reception feature you could possibly ask for, plus blind scan. The card of choice for true 10-1 1/201 1 die-hard professionals venturing Tenow TBS6280 to the extreme edges of Fit for the future thanks to impeccable satellite reception. DVB-T/T2 implementation.120 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 94. 这些是获得最高奖的产品 TELE-satellite TELE-satellite Magazine Magazine Expert Expert Opinion Opinion Read TELE-satellite Test Report Read TELE-satellite Test ReportManufacturer TeVii Technology Manufacturer TeVii TechnologyWebsite Website PCI-E card for TV & Radio reception on the PC in SDTV and Function PCI-E card for TV reception on the PC in SDTV and HDTVFunction HDTV with two separate Tuners Channel Memory unlimitedChannel Memory unlimited Satellite Memory 177Satellite Memory 178 preprogrammed - added by user: unlimited Symbol Rates 2-45 Ms/secSymbol Rates 2-45 Ms/sec DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 08-09/2009 06-07/201 1 TeVii DVB-S/S2 TeVii S480 TWIN TUNER PC CARD PCI-E CarD S470 Perfectly suited to upgrade a PC with An elegant solution for normal 2 x HDTV reception plus PVR and HDTV reception on a PC — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 121
  • 95. 这些是获得最高奖的产品122 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 96. TELE-satellite TELE-satellite Magazine Magazine Expert Expert Opinion Opinion Read TELE-satellite Test Report Read TELE-satellite Test ReportManufacturer LEXIUM Manufacturer Tianjin Deviser Electronics InstrumentWebsite Website www.devisertek.comFunction Digital Satellite Meter with QuickSweep Technology Function Professional Meter for , and CATV (analog TV)Frequency Range 950~2150 MHz Frequency Range 5 ~ 1000 MHzVideo Output — Video Output —Built-in Monitor LCD display Built-in Monitor 320 × 240 TFT display 09-10/2012 LEXIUM FastAlign 5110Pro Digital Satellite Meter Helps enormously to install any satellite dish 09-10/2012 DEVISER DS2400T This is by far the best handheld measuring instrument for DVB-T, DVB-C and CATV I have come across. Deviser has done an excellent job! — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 123
  • 97. AWARD WINNING Signal Analyzers of 21st Century TELE-satellite TELE-satellite Magazine Magazine Expert Expert Opinion Opinion Read TELE-satellite Test Report Read TELE-satellite Test Report Manufacturer SPAUN Electronic Manufacturer SatCatcher Website Website Function / and DSS Signal Analyzer Function Digital and analog cable TV meter Frequency Range 950-2150 MHz Frequency Range 46~862 MHz (for digital TV) and 46~870 MHz (for analog TV) Video Output — Video Output — Built-in Monitor 4.3” TFT LCD display (16:9) Built-in Monitor 120 x 64 3.5“ LCD color display 04-05/2012 02-03/2012 SPAROS SAT HD Satcatcher Digipro C Max Very useful meter for setting up critical More than a cable meter: includes satellite systems everything a professional installer needs124 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 98. 这些是获得最高奖的产品 TELE-satellite TELE-satellite Magazine Magazine Expert Expert Opinion Opinion Read TELE-satellite Test Report Read TELE-satellite Test ReportManufacturer Horizon Global Electronics Manufacturer LEXIUMWebsite Website www.lexium-dvb.comFunction Satellite and terrestrial antenna meter Function Digital Satellite Meter with AutoFind and QuickSweep featuresFrequency Range 45~861 MHz (terrestrial) and 950~2150 MHz (satellite) Frequency Range 950~2150 MHzVideo Output — Video Output —Built-in Monitor LCD display Built-in Monitor LCD display 12-01/2012 12-01/2012 Horizon HD-STM LEXIUM FastAlign 7100 Pro Perfect choice for an installer who values Excellent a practical instrument. Dish Installation Tool — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 125
  • 99. AWARD WINNING Signal Analyzers of 21st Century TELE-satellite TELE-satellite Magazine Magazine Expert Expert Opinion Opinion Read TELE-satellite Test Report Read TELE-satellite Test Report Manufacturer Tianjin Deviser Electronics Instrument Manufacturer 8dtek Technology Website Website Function Satellite Antenna Meter Function Satellite Meter for Antenna Alignment Frequency Range 950~2150 MHz Frequency Range L-Band (950-2150 MHz), DVB-S/S2 and analog signal Video Output — Video Output A/V (composite + mono) Built-in Monitor LCD display Built-in Monitor Color graphic 16:9 LCD 12-01/2012 08-09/201 1 Deviser S20 Satellite Meter 8dtek DSM Desired Ideally suited to fastly install dishes A HDTV signal meter and receiver all in one with plenty of professional features126 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 100. 这些是获得最高奖的产品 TELE-satellite TELE-satellite Magazine Magazine Expert Expert Opinion Opinion Read TELE-satellite Test Report Read TELE-satellite Test ReportManufacturer 8dtek Technology Manufacturer SatCatcherWebsite Website www.satcatcher.comFunction Satellite Meter for Antenna Alignment Signal meter for digital signals in DVB-S, DVB-T and DAB. Function Analogue signals in FM radio.Frequency Range L-Band (950-2150 MHz), DVB-S/S2 and analog signal Frequency Range 46~870 MHzVideo Output Composite Video Output CompositeBuilt-in Monitor Color graphic LCD Built-in Monitor 120 x 64 3.5“ LCD color display 06-07/201 1 06-07/201 1 8dtek DSM Gifted SatCatcher Digipro ST Combo Very useful small tv meter with Combo Signal Analyzer with Huge high-end features Memory for Satellite and Terrestrial Channels — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 127
  • 101. AWARD WINNING Signal Analyzers of 21st Century TELE-satellite TELE-satellite Magazine Magazine Expert Expert Opinion Opinion Read TELE-satellite Test Report Read TELE-satellite Test Report Manufacturer Horizon Global Electronics Manufacturer SPAUN Electronic Website Website Function Antenna Alignment Meter Function TV Signal Analyzer with WiFi Receiver Frequency Range 950~2150 MHz Frequency Range 45~865 MHz (terrestrial) and 950~2150 MHz (satellite) Video Output — Video Output RCA Composite Built-in Monitor LCD display Built-in Monitor 7 inch 16:9 color LCD display 08-09/2010 SPAROS 609 WIFI OPTION Converts the signal analyzer to a universally usable tool 10-1 1/2010 Horizon HD-S2 Extremely easy to use with an amazing list of features for the pros128 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 102. 这些是获得最高奖的产品 TELE-satellite TELE-satellite Magazine Magazine Expert Expert Opinion Opinion Read TELE-satellite Test Report Read TELE-satellite Test ReportManufacturer Horizon Global Electronics Manufacturer SatCatcherWebsite Website Digital and analog terrestrial TV meter Signal Meter for DVB-T, analogue TV, digital DAB radio,Function Function with spectrum analyzer and USB data output analogue FM radioFrequency Range 49~861 MHz Frequency Range 46~870 MHzVideo Output — Video Output —Built-in Monitor LCD display Built-in Monitor 120 x 64 3.5“ LCD color display 08-09/2010 06-07/2010 Horizon HD-TM USB PLUS Satcatcher Digipro T Max Small, economic and fast Easy to use signal meter that doesn’t stop terrestrial signal meter at DVB-T. Everything you want from a signal meter — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 129
  • 103. AWARD WINNING Signal Analyzers of 21st Century TELE-satellite TELE-satellite Magazine Magazine Expert Expert Opinion Opinion Read TELE-satellite Test Report Read TELE-satellite Test Report Manufacturer 8dtek Technology Manufacturer Horizon Global Electronics Website Website Function DVB Signal Meter with tv monitor for DVB-S and DVB-T Function Handheld Satellite Meter for fast and easy Dish Alignment Frequency Range 950~2150 MHz (satellite) and UHF/VHF (terrestrial) Frequency Range 950~2150 MHz Video In/Output RCA/RCA Video Output — Built-in Monitor 3.5“ LCD color display Built-in Monitor 128x64 Pixel LCD 8dtek TSM-8800 04-05/2010 0.6 12-01/2010 Easy menu operation and exceptionally Horizon NanoSat simple to operate Ideal for the speedy alignment of satellite antennas130 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 104. 这些是获得最高奖的产品 TELE-satellite TELE-satellite Magazine Magazine Expert Expert Opinion Opinion Read TELE-satellite Test Report Read TELE-satellite Test ReportManufacturer Global Invacom Manufacturer Horizon Global ElectronicsWebsite Website www.horizonhge.comFunction Signal Analyzer with an Optical Input Function Satellite Meter optimized for Ka-BandFrequency Range 950(160)~2150 MHz Frequency Range 950~2150 MHzOptical Range +10 to -25 dBm Video Output —Video Output — Built-in Monitor LCD displayBuilt-in Monitor Eight-digit LCD display 10-1 1/2009 12-01/2010 Horizon HD-TC8 Ideal multirange signal analyzer Global Invacom OptiScan for the Ka and Ku-bands, optimized for Future-proof satellite signal analyzer Turbo Coded Data Transmissions for optical and coaxial LNBs — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 131
  • 105. 这些是获得最高奖的产品134 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 106. Manufacturer AZBox Website TELE-satellite Magazine HDTV / Miniature Function HDTV Linux Receiver with Multimedia Features /LAN Channel Memory ●/● unlimited Expert Opinion DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 / USALS S-Video/HDMI —/● Scart/Digital Audio —/● Read TELE-satellite Test Report 09-10/2012 ME AZBox mini with Network receiver Excellent mini- for a home network features - ideal 0.57 Manufacturer Amiko Website TELE-satellite Magazine / & Function Triple Tuner PVR Receiver Expert /LAN ●/● Channel Memory unlimited DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 S-Video/HDMI Scart/Digital Audio —/● ●/● Opinion Read TELE-satellite Test Report 06-07-08/2012 N2 AM IKO ALIE features and mbination of Unbeatable co cellent viewing pleasure! ex function – for0.57 — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 135
  • 107. AWARD WINNING IPTV/WebTV Receivers of 21st Century Manufacturer AZBox Website TELE-satellite HDTV / Linux Function Receiver with Multimedia Features and large Flash- Magazine Expert memory for 3 Boot Images /LAN ●/● Opinion Channel Memory unlimited DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / USALS S-Video/HDMI —/● Scart/Digital Audio —/● Read TELE-satellite Test Report 02-03/2012 AZ Box ME Receiver lute best Linux Today‘s abso 0.51 Manufacturer Logitech Website TELE-satellite Function IPTV Receiver Magazine Expert Opinion Read TELE-satellite Test Report136 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 108. 这些是获得最高奖的产品 Manufacturer Amiko Website TELE-satellite Magazine / & Function Combo Receiver with PVR Expert IPTV KartinaTV Opinion 04-05/2012 PV R Read TELE-satellite Test Report -8 820 CI CX E AM IKO STHD ceive all Available Re Perfect Box to ogrammes HDTV Pr0.54 Manufacturer Amino Website TELE-satellite Magazine Function IPTV Set-top-Box Stream Protocol UDP Menu Standards WLAN NetUP Middleware — Expert Opinion Read TELE-satellite Test Report 0.52 — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 137
  • 109. AWARD WINNING IPTV/WebTV Receivers of 21st Century 这些是获得最高奖的产品 Manufacturer Jiuzhou Website TELE-satellite Magazine Function IPTV Set-Top-Box Stream Protocol UDP Expert HTML4, Javascript 1.5, Java Menu Standards Virtual Machine WLAN ● (via USB stick) Opinion Read TELE-satellite Test Report 1 12-01/201 P830 0 Jiuzhou DT uipped r Eq IPTV Receive Technology with Top- Notch 0.57 Manufacturer AZBox Website TELE-satellite HDTV and IPTV Function receiver with various Multimedia&Internet Features Magazine Stream Protocol Menu Standards UDP html Expert Opinion WLAN — Read TELE-satellite Test Report 08-09/2010 HD Az Box Ultra tellite d Sa Fully Equippe r HDTV Receive and Internet 0.45138 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 110. Selfmade Dish ■ Satellite reception system made from Legos and aluminum foil.140 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 111. LegoAntenna• Even five-year-old kids can build a satellite system(if Dad helps)• You can make your own parabolic dish out ofaluminum foil• Installation on a balcony is only good on those dayswhen the wind is calm• Lego Antenna lifespan? No more than an hour sinceby then your daughter will want to build somethingelse with the Lego bricks• An interesting way to spend the afternoon withyour kids — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 141
  • 112. Selfmade DishA passionate satellite DXerplays with his daughterand uses Legos to builda satellite antenna!Vitor Martins Augusto Today, in an industry thatconsistently offers LNBswith lower and lower noisefigures and where satellitereceivers are getting moreand more sensitive, youtend to forget how power-ful DTH satellites have be-come. In Europe those sat-ellites would be ASTRA andHOTBIRD. To demonstratehow simple it really is to re-ceive a satellite signal andsince I had already commit-ted to spending some timewith my daughter in the af-ternoon, I decided to makethe best of things and useher Lego blocks to build a ■ The materials needed for the LegoLego satellite antenna with antenna: buildingmy daughter. The reflector blocks from mywas made out of aluminum daughter and a roll of aluminum foil from thefoil that I “borrowed” from wife in the kitchen. Forthe reflector three layers ofaluminum foil were foldedtogether resulting in a fairlystable square. The still flat aluminumfoil had to be molded intoa parabolic form. Since asimple imprint from anoth-er antenna was out of thequestion – that would have form. For best results, test the aluminum foil (i.e. sat- using a ball, it has a largerbeen cheating – the follow- the aluminum foil sever- ellite dish) so that it can be curvature to it compared toing technique was used: al times. If it hasn’t quite set to the proper angle and a standard antenna. Thisyou take the flat aluminum reached its parabolic shape, doesn’t fly away or become changes the f/D relation-foil and lay it on a couch or simply roll the ball in a spi- deformed with the slightest ship. Don’t be fooled bymattress or on some other ral fashion across the foil breeze. Second, it serves this; it’s better at first tosoft surface. Then you take again. By testing the shape as a mount for the LNB. Of have the LNB too close toa smooth ball and roll it on several times, you avoid ac- course, it has to be placed the foil instead of too farthe aluminum foil in a spi- cidentally over shaping the at the proper offset so that away!ral fashion from the center foil in which case you’d have it sits in the focal point ofto the outside. Repeat this to start over from the be- the antenna. Through trial and errorprocedure several times ginning. To secure the foil, and with the help of a signalwithout exerting too much a mount is built using the It was surprising how analyzer it shouldn’t takepressure. Lego blocks. This serves close the LNB was placed long to find the first tran- two purposes: first of all to the aluminum foil. Since sponders. By repositioning The result is a parabolic the mount has to support the foil was shaped by hand the LNB, you’ll find the best142 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 113. possible position so that theconstruction of the Legomount can be completed.Manual formation of thealuminum foil was alwaysnecessary in order to obtainthe best possible results. During the alignment ofthe Lego antenna, you’llnotice a huge disadvantagewhen analog satellite trans-missions are turned off:while an analog receiverallowed you to align an an-tenna in real time, a digitalreceiver brings with it a rel-atively large delay. It’s nowonder that more and moresatellite signal analyzersare appearing on the mar-ket! The real-time spec-trum display on an analyzeridentifies signals before thetuner in the receiver has achance to process the sig-nals. Unfortunately, mostlow-end signal analyzersdon’t have a spectrum dis-play or it’s extremely slowand therefore not quitesuitable for such an experi-ment. Of course it would benice to have a professionalanalyzer at hand. The further fine-tuningof the antennas alignmentalong with the manuallyshaped aluminum foil re-flector provide sufficientgain in the antenna sothat both analog and digi-tal transponders can bereceived. There were noproblems receiving ASTRAalthough it needs to bementioned that this smallantenna has no bad weath-er reserve and also that itshouldn’t be mounted on abalcony or terrace if it’s awindy day outside. This experiment clearlyshows how powerful mod-ern DTH satellites really areand how LNBs and tunershave become such high-quality items. The timewent by very fast that af-ternoon and my daughtergot a small peak into thefascination of satellite re-ception!144 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 114. ■ Just before assembly: the antenna made from Lego blocks, the parabolic shaped aluminum foil and the signal analyzer with attached — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 145
  • 115. Making a Parabolic Dishout of Aluminum Foil 1 2 3 1. Three layers of aluminum foil were folded on top of each other to form a square and then placed on a soft surface (here: carpet). 2. A smooth ball (also obtained from my daughter’s stash of toys) is rolled in a spiral fashion on the surface of the aluminum foil starting from the center and moving to the outside in order to form a para- bolic shape. 3. Next the curved aluminum foil is secured to the antenna mount. It’s a good idea to do this on calm days otherwise the reflector could blow away in the wind.146 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 116. 1 2 3 1. The Lego antenna without reflector and without LNB. 2. The Lego antenna from behind. 3. No problems with recep- tion according to the signal analyzer.148 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 117. FEATURE Fiber OpticsOpticalFibers150 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 118. Wavelengths& Connector Types • 6 different wavelength bands • what dispersion is doing to a signal • the advantages of Laser diodes • finding the lowest attenuation — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 151
  • 119. FEATURE Fiber OpticsConnecting the LightJacek Pawlowski Optical fibers introduced enormous made from gallium arsenide phosphide Band Wavelength Rangeimprovement in data transmission. An- (GaAsP) generate light at about 1300 O band 1260 to 1360 nmybody who is even moderately interest- nm while older types made from GaAs E band 1360 to 1460 nmed in technology knows that the most worked at 810-870 nm. That’s why we S band 1460 to 1530 nmimportant reason for that was the very still sometimes meet installations using C band 1530 to 1565 nmlow signal attenuation of fiber optic these wavelengths. LEDs produce inco- L band 1565 to 1625 nmcables. The first cables manufactured herent light – the signal peak is about U band 1625 to 1675 nmin 1970 had an attenuation of 20 dB/ ■ Table Today, we can achieve even 0.16dB per kilometer. It is almost nothingwhen compared to the classical electri-cal cables. However, there is yet another factorinfluencing the maximum useful lengthof a fiber optic cable. This is chromaticdispersion. To explain it in simple terms– various light rays in a fiber have a dif-ferent propagation time what distortsthe shape of the impulses carrying digi-tal data. Dispersion puts a limit on themaximum useful bit rate that can betransmitted in a given cable. Disper-sion is less painful in single mode fiber 30-60 nm wide. Laser diodes that pro- cal current. It is usually a photodiode.optic cable (i.e. those with a diameter duce coherent light are not only much Depending on the elements and com-less than 12 µm) but even such cables sharper in spectral view but also more pounds used to create a p-n junction,are not quite free from this phenom- efficient (50% vs. 1%) and ensuring we achieve maximum sensitivity for aenon due to material structure non- higher bit rates. Modern laser diodes different wavelength. For example, tohomogeneity. are not that much expensive anymore build a receiver for 1300 nm, one needs Attenuation and dispersion depend and they started superseding LEDs in either germanium (Ge), indium phos-on the light wavelength and optical many applications. phide (InP), or indium gallium arsenidefiber material. The first generation of To receive a signal at the other end of (InGaAs) photodiode.optical fiber worked with wavelengths a fiber optic cable, one needs an optical Detailed information on standardizedof around 850 nm, the second genera- receiver. Its main component is a photo optical connectors can be found in IECtion with 1300 nm and the third one detector converting light into electri- 61754 norm.with 1550 nm. Theoretically, the lowestattenuation is achievable for 1550 nm A number of connectors for fiber optic cableswhile the lowest dispersion (= the high-est bit rate) for 1300 nm. have been developed and standardized over the The wavelength used in optical fiber years. Here are the most popular connectors:based systems have been standard-ized. There are six transmission win- FC Connectordows named: O, E, S, C, L and U-band.The corresponding wavelength rangesare listed in the table 1. For your comparison, the visiblerange for humans is: 380-780 nm. So, FC Connectorthe light used in fiber optics, no matter The FC (Fixed Connector) iswhat band, lies in the deep infrared and a screw on type connector. Ayou cannot see it. threaded barrel is used to fix The optical transmitter generates the connection. This connec-(usually) modulated light in one of the tor type is used with GlobalIn-bands specified above. The transmitter vacom’s optical LNBs and dis-designs are based either on LEDs (Light tribution products.Emitting Diodes) or laser diodes. LEDs152 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 120. SC Connector ST Connector LC Connector MT-RJ Connector SMA Connector CLICK! SC Connector LC Connector SMA Connector SC (Subscriber Connector) is a LC (Lucent Connector) is a smaller SMA (SubMiniature version A) was the firstsnap-in connector. It is frequent- version of SC connector (the ferrule standardized connector for optical fibers. Itly used for newer network instal- is half the size). uses a threaded connection to keep the pluglations. intact in the socket MT-RJ Connector ST Connector MT-RJ (Mechanical Transfer Regis- CLICK! ST (Straight Tip) is a slotted tered Jack) is a small size connector This is a proprietary design – a push-pull lowbayonet style connector very commonly used for networking ap- profile connector dedicated for the miniaturepopular in late 80s and early 90s. plications. H+S fiber optic distribution system.154 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 121. Feature Special Transmission ModesMaking life hard for DXers– or: TV stations’ littletricks to avoid viewersThomas HaringTransmissions that are broadcast viasatellite usually can be received byanyone within a particular satellite’sfootprint. In the case of DTH (direct tohome) TV and radio reception this is awelcome scenario, because providers aretrying to max out on potential audiences.On the other hand, programs also needto be distributed within and betweendifferent providers without any viewersbeing able to receive them. In satellitespeak these transmissions are calledfeeds. Feeds can be used to transmit abaseball game from the US, for example,or a live report from a news event. ■ A motorised antenna is required for feed reception ■ SCPC reception with only 1.6 Ms/s ■ In Europe the most popular multi-feed reception system is aligned towards ASTRA 19.2° East and HOTBIRD 13° East. Feeds cannot be received with such a set-up.156 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 122. ■ List of today’s feed transmissions In both cases, TV stations do notwant any unwelcome viewers for their ■ Counting down to the beginning of a feed transmissionfeeds, because they only want the finalproduct to reach households, includingcommercial breaks. This is why trans-missions between studios or TV sta-tions frequently use fibre optic cablesto make sure only the two transmissionpartners can access material. Luckily for satellite DXers, in today’sworld a cable cannot always be used, forexample if the distance is too large or ifno cable is available on site to send alive report to station headquarters. Inthese cases, satellites have to be usedfor feeds. Of course all sorts of technical tricksare used to limit the number of onlook-ers and the following account lists majorstrategies TV stations rely on: Encryption This is the most effective protec- ■ MPEG 4:2:2 feed from the German parliament. A standard receiver would not be able to processtion against unwanted viewers and for this signal. With a PC and appropriate software the signal turns into nice video on the PC transmissions this inmost cases does not pose a challengefrom a technical point of view. With out-side broadcast (OB) vans it’s a differentstory altogether. While most OB vans are equippedwith encryption hardware, time is of theessence in live reports so that settingup the required encryption is frequentlynot possible as it takes some time untilall parameters are set and checked.Generally, feed transmissions fall backon directly addressable encryption sys-tems such as PowerVu or BISS. Thelatter, in particular, is protected by apassword that is defined by the TV sta-tion. Even if you try as hard as you can withthe help of BruteForce luck will probablynot be on your side in finding the correctpassword during the short time mostfeeds last. After all, the BISS passwordconsists of 16 hexadecimal digits. ■ Fashion TV on ABS1 75° East with an FEC of 7/8.158 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 123. Well-known feed hunters If a feed is used to transmit content that is protected by copyright laws (for ence does not result in different colour resolutions for the two spatial directions from all over example a rock concert with clearly specified exploitation rights) TV stations because of interlacing that is inherent in the analog PAL and NTSC standards. the world: will go out of their way to make sure the Special receivers are required to cor- feed is fully encrypted. If the content is rectly process and display such sig- in the public domain anyway the meas- nals and because these receivers are ures used by TV stations generally are designed for professionals only they less stringent but at the same time lock carry a rather hefty price tag and thus■ Applesat from Beijing, China out as many potential viewers as pos- are unaffordable for most amateurs. sible. However, most new Linux-based receivers allow real-time streaming of satellite signals to the PC using the Selection of satellite built-in network interface. On the PC software decoders (which are available Using a popular DTH satellite for feeds from the Internet at little or no cost) always results in a comparably high can take over decoding MPEG 4:2:2 sig- number of unintended viewers. In addi- nals and display feeds for DX enthusi- tion, the cost for using hugely popular asts. positions such as ASTRA 19.2° East or HOTBIRD 13° East is enormous, so why would a provider select these birds for feeds in the first place? Dozens of less known satellites are available for Low symbol rate that very same purpose and apart from This is a clever trick used to make being considerably less expensive they sure transmissions cannot be received■ Feed hunter Rini from cannot be received by 99% of satellite by just about anyone. Almost all DVB-S Amsterdam, Netherlands antenna owners. receivers available today are able to process symbol rates between 2 and In Europe, the most frequently used 45 Ms/s, with the symbol rate denot- satellites for feeds are EUTELSAT W2 ing the number of changes of state per at 16° East, EUTELSAT W3A at 7° East, second of the carrier signal. This is not EUTELSAT W1 at 10° East or TELSTAR to be confused with the bit rate which 12 at 15° West for feeds to and from specifies the number of bits transmit- North America, ATLANTIC BIRD 1 at ted per second and thus is an indication 12.5° West and PAS3R auf 43° West as of the video quality of a specific chan- the westernmost option. Unless you own nel. However, the two values are in fact a motorised dish or top-notch multi-feed interdependent as a low symbol rate antenna you’ll be left without a chance automatically means that less informa- tion can be transmitted and as a conse- to receive signals from these positions. quence the bit rate used must also be lower. MPEG 4:2:2 This means that using a low symbol rate for feeds is a delicate balancing act For many years, TV stations have tried for TV stations. On the one hand they■ Roy Carman from London, England to lock out viewers from feeds using want to lock out as many unwanted view- modified colour sub-sampling. Digital TV ers as possible by using a low symbol reception via satellite generally uses the rate, but on the other hand too low a 4:2:0 standard which is characterised by symbol rate automatically reduces video identical colour sampling in both spatial quality, which of course is an absolute directions, similar to the system used no-go in the professional world. for compressed JPEG images. In the end, mainly symbol rates MPEG 4:2:2, on the other hand, fea- between 5000 and 6000 Ks/s are used, tures a slightly different colour sampling which does in fact leave out a substan- process which distinguishes between tial proportion of DTH viewers, but still horizontal and vertical colour sampling. allows transmitting a high-quality signal. Colour sub-sampling has its origin in the analog NTSC colour system and is used Naturally, there are some examples for digital video signals based on the for extremely low values, such as signal ITU-R BT 601 norm. feeds of some Italian channels on NSS7 at 22° West which use symbol rates With MPEG 4:2:2 horizontal colour of way below 2000 KS/s and there- sampling has only half the size of ver- fore cannot be received on most digital tical colour sampling, yet this differ- boxes. 160 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 124. ■ Juan Carlos Duarte from Santiago, Chile Now you might wonder what it is that so many receivers encounter troubles with low symbol rates, while a few brave boxes seem to be unaffected at all. The root problem lies in the quality of the tuner as well as in software fine-tuning. If a transponder with extremely low symbol rates comes in, the bandwidth has to be reduced exactly in line with the symbol rate in order to arrive at a low noise level and achieve an optimum carrier-to-noise (C/N) ratio. In turn, the frequency has to be main- tained even more precisely for a stable and reliable signal. Many manufactur- ers are trying to cut costs both in the■ Ingo Salomon from Johannesburg, South Africa hardware and the software fine-tun- ing fields, which consequently creates problems with ultra low symbol rates. Yet, manufacturers are hardly to blame as their specifications in most cases explicitly state that only symbol rates of 2 MS/s and above are supported. Low FEC If a high-capacity transponder is required for a feed and the symbol rate cannot be reduced TV stations have the additional option of reducing the For- ward Error Correction (FEC). FEC is a mathematic correction process to set off signal errors that occur during satel- lite transmission. If it weren’t for this process, most of us would never be able to enjoy reliable satellite reception with reasonably small antennas. The FEC N/M value specifies how many M (gross) bits need to be trans- mitted for each N (net) bit. An FEC of 1/2 therefore means that two gross bits■ Vincent Witjhun from Pontianak, Indonesia are required for each net bit, with 3/4 it is four gross bits for 3 net bits and so on. The higher the FEC value, the lower the possibilities of mathematically cor- recting a faulty signal. If, for example, an FEC of 7/8 is in place you will need a very large antenna for reliable recep- tion. So basically, the FEC defines the size of the required antenna and this way the FEC of a transponder can be modified to allow for either easy reception with an FEC of 1/2 or very difficult recep- tion with an FEC of 7/8. As a matter of fact, the new DVB-S2 standard brought about even more FEC modes such as 2/3, 3/5, 4/5, 8/9 or 9/10. 162 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 125. ■ Diego Rosende from Tenerife, Spain Transponders lying close to each other The reception parameters required by standard users for their satellite receivers are average values. In other words, a transponder with a specified frequency of 12,600 MHz in general is not received at precisely this frequency but rather at an optimum frequency of, say, 12,598 MHz. This deviation between nominal and optimum frequency is caused by the LNB converter and cables, among others. Digital satellite receivers are designed to detect the optimum frequency and ■ Satheesan Puzhakkara from Thiruvananthapuram, India adjust their internal reception param- eters accordingly. Strong transponders with sufficient spacing between each other therefore hardly cause any problems due to this impreciseness, but SCPC transponders with identical or similar symbol rates, which are close to each other and of which one transponder is significantly stronger than the other will cause receivers to lock the stronger tran- sponder and ignore the weaker tran- sponder. The situation is aggravated by the fact that only very few receivers for pri- vate users still have the option of limit- ing the reception bandwidth, which can be used to force the receiver to select its frequency from a very limited range. The result of all this is that TV stations can easily hide individual transponders behind others. If you’re eager to find out how your receiver at home copes with this, you can try to receive hori- zontal channels between 11,619 MHz and 11,645 MHz on NSS7 at 22° West. The same is true for channels between 12,507 MHz and 12,655 MHz on EUTEL- SAT SEASAT 36° East – here too many receivers will try in vain to lock in a signal. As you can see there are many ways for TV stations to restrict feed reception for Joe Average even without resorting to encryption. However, if you’re in the know you can react accordingly and use suitable hardware to have your way in the end. In all TELE-satellite reports you will find some reference to a receiver’s SCPC capabilities and an account of how sensitively its tuner deals with weak sig- nals.■ Ron Roessl from New York, USA 164 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 126. DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY New DevelopmentsTake Advantage Read TELE-satellites Technical Feature Stories to Know All About the Digital Developments and New Technical Breakthroughs Enjoy Reading TELE-satellite FREE on Your Tablet Computer www.TELE-satellite.com166 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 127. The Secret Special Transmission Modes How a tuner for VCM About Fiber Optic Connectors DVB-S2 MIS Reception with VCM/ Knowledge: Polar Mount Antennas Automatic Creation of Hide the SD inside the HD How a Silicon Tuner — 06-07/2012 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite — The World‘s— 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 — — TELE-satellite International International Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine 167
  • 128. DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY New Developments Channel Capacity of a Transponder How HbbTV CI+ and HD+Encryption How DVB-C2 How MPEG Surround Works Streaming TV via the mpeg-surround.pdf How the SFN Modulation Works Testing Horizon to Horizon TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 129. How SCR Works How to Calculate the Power Decoding Works How to Solve Problems with ABS-S Works How the 3D Diffractive Antenna LNB with Dish Relation between Dish Size and — 06-07/2012 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite — The World‘s— 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 — — TELE-satellite International International Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine 169
  • 130. DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY New Developments Secrets of the Aspect Ratio Secrets of Antenne How the Network Connection Works The Secrets of How the Ka Band Works The Relation of Dish Size and How MPEG Works The Secrets of TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 131. The Secrets of New FEC in Secrets of — 06-07/2012 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite — The World‘s— 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 — — TELE-satellite International International Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine 171
  • 132. FEATURE CommunicAsia Exhibition 2012LatestTechnologiesCame To Lifeat:CommunicAsia2012EnterpriseIT2012 &BroadcastAsia2012172 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 133. • close to 2000 exhibitors• attendees from more than 56 countries and regions• big get-together of broadcast executives in Asia• showcase of many new technologies in digital tv ■ Singapores impressive hypermodern skyline at dawn. Here at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center the CommunicAsia2012 and EnterpriseIT2012 were held. BroadcastAsia2012 took place at the Suntec Singapore Convention Center. [Foto: Luo Shigang] — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 173
  • 134. FEATURE CommunicAsia Exhibition 2012174 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 135. Attendees to establishedindustry trade showsimmersed in the latestinnovations andkey discussions withbusiness leaders CommunicAsia2012 and EnterpriseIT2012and BroadcastAsia2012, Asia’s three focalindustry venues for ICT, digital broadcast-ing and entertainment technology industryprofessionals, was held in Singapore; thefirst two at the Marina Bay Sands Conven-tion Center and the latter at the Suntec Sin-gapore Convention Center. Attendees from more than 56 countriesand regions were counted over the four daysthe venue lasted. Close to 2,000 exhibitorspresented the latest technologies in nextgeneration fibre broadband, M2M technol-ogy, cloud security, DVB-T2, Over-the-TopTechnology (OTT) and more. Conferencespeakers addressed pertinent industry top-ics and presented insightful industry trendsand views. About 49,000 attendees includ-ing exhibiting staff, visitors, conferencespeakers and delegates, and members ofthe media were at this year’s CommunicA-sia, EnterpriseIT and BroadcastAsia. “The shows brought together like-mindedindustry professionals to network, discusscurrent trends and challenges, exchangeideas, and forge new partnerships. Thisyear, we received posit ive response to thenew conference tracks, increased hospital-ity suites and new tech zones,” says Mr. Ste-phen Tan, Chief Executive of show organ-iser, Singapore Exhibition Services (SES).“We will continue to evolve the contentand format of our shows to be in tune withthe latest trends and technology advance-ments, to meet the most current needs ofthe industry. This is why exhibitors and visi-tors, speakers and delegates, return to theshows, year after year. Our gratitude goesout to all participants who have contributedto the success of the event, and we lookforward to staging yet another successful ■ Stephen Tan is Chief Executive of Singapore Exhibition Services, organizer of the CommunicAsia, EnterpriseIT and BroadcastAsiaevent in 2013,” Mr. Tan adds. exhibitions held in each year in Singapore. — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 175
  • 136. Latest Technologies andInnovations at CommunicAsia2012 The Huawei booth, individual largest in CommunicAsia, and has committed enterprise customers to end users whoexhibitor at CommunicAsia2012, wowed to not only make an appearance, but are interested in the latest release, sig-the crowd with its new, sleek range of to surprise our customers through Hua- nature Huawei smartphone – Ascendconsumer and enterprise products, in- wei’s innovative end to end ICT solu- P1,” says Mr. Lim Chee Siong, CMO ofcluding the Android-powered Ascend tions. The Huawei booth received over- South Pacific Region, Huawei.handsets and mobile Wi-Fi devices. whelming attention from the crowds,“Huawei sees the value of participating ranging from business partners and■ Huawei presented the new Android-powered Ascend handset [Foto: Luo Shigang]176 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 137. ■ ST Electronicsshowed datamanagement andresource utilasationfor publi utilities[Foto: Luo Shigang] ST Electronics also attract-ed a continuous stream ofvisitors with its Smart Citiesshowcase of the latest in datamanagement and resourceutilisation for public utilities– a technology concept thatis making waves across theglobe. MAVEN – a robot from Nan-yang Technological Univer-sity’s Institute for Media In-novation – excited the crowdwith its ability to recreate a3D representation of its sur-roundings as it travelled theexhibition floor. MAVEN, inaddition to Singapore Poly-technic’s Express Melody, asolution that leverages oncloud technology and helpsbusinesses to attach a uniquesound to their brand, wereamongst some of the innova-tions showcased at the newDiscovery Lounge at Commu-nicAsia2012.■ 3D presentations atCommunicAsia2012[Foto: Luo Shigang]178 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 138. Human IT Solutions in the Korea pa- vilion unveiled ‘Human Gate – Lite’, an indoor gateball system using infrared motion capture of the whole body so that the player does not need to wear any equipment or use a handheld de- vice. EnterpriseIT, held in conjunction with CommunicAsia, showcased exhibitors comprising international IT systems providers and companies offering en- terprise solutions ranging from cloud computing, data centre services, se- curity and M2M, to mobility solutions and video conferencing. Mr. Adrian Tee, Head of Software Solutions of O’Connor’s Singapore declares, “This is the first time the O’Connor’s Software Solutions Business Unit is participat- ing in CommunicAsia to showcase two software solutions, Puffersoft Labs’ re- verse cloud desktop virtualisation and Zenprise’s mobile device management. We are surprised and pleased with the overwhelming response and interest we received from customers and potential partners in the region. Our teams were engaged in back to back meetings from the start of the day till way past closing■ TELE-satellite Magazines booth at CommunicAsia2012 in Singapore [Foto: Luo Shigang] time. The exhibition certainly exceeded our expectations.” The special OTT feature area, one of the star attractions at BroadcastA- sia2012, saw a huge number of visi- tors stopping to catch a glimpse of the Euro2012 on various platforms in- cluding TV, laptop, tablet and mobile phone; and other content contributed by Sony Pictures. A consortium of ex- hibitors facilitated this multi-platform delivery of content. The Cinematogra- phy/Film/Production zone drew packed audiences keen to see and learn about the latest motion picture tools and soft- ware. The Media Village’s hourly dem- onstrations of the most exciting post production and visual effects solutions was seen to be highly popular with the audience. An interesting draw was the photography subject Sony used to demonstrate the features and versa- tility of its cameras – a sparkling Mini Cooper. Sony showcased its PMW-100 professional camera that is particularly popular in broadcasting stations and production houses for gathering news and producing documentaries. “As Topas TV is a new DTH satellite and pay TV station broadcasting 65 — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 179
  • 139. ■ High level interviews were conducted during the venue and transmitted live to a worldwide audiencechannels, I came to BroadcastAsia2012 exciting questions and discussions their expertise and experiences work-to shop for equipment from set-top generated during the sessions, work- ing on world-famous projects. “Theboxes to head-end products and en- shops and panel discussions. Over conference experience has been verycoders. I visited COSHIP, Harmonic, 200 speakers including two visionary informative. It covered a wide rangeWellav, Grass Valley and Ideal Systems, speakers, Ms. Aliza Knox from Google of topics, and dealt with convergenceas well as updated myself on the new- and Ambassador David Gross from and new technologies which helps usest technologies. I am happy with the Wiley Rein LLP, ensured delegates had to keep abreast of developments,” saysmanagement of the exhibition. Every- something to debate. The BroadcastA- Mr. Mautik Tolia, Executive VP (Pro-thing is very well arranged,” says Mr. sia2012 International Conference and gramming), NEO Sports Broadcast.Michael Mulyanto, Chief Operating Of- Creative Content Production Confer- The next exhibitions CommunicA-ficer, Topas TV, Indonesia. ence featured speakers from some of sia2013, EnterpriseIT2013 and Broad- The CommunicAsia2012 Summit, the media and broadcasting industries’ castAsia2013 will all three be held fromBroadcastAsia2012 International Con- most successful companies including 18 -21 June 2013 at Marina Bay Sandsference and Creative Content Produc- Fremantle Productions, Lucasfilm Ani- Convention Center in Singapore.tion Conference, received overwhelm- mation, Pinewood Iskander Malaysia More information:ing response from delegates, with and Pixelmetrix Corporation, sharing■ A packed audience at the BroadcastAsia2012 International Conference180 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 140. Impressions from CommunicAsia2012 [Fotos: Luo Shigang]182 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 141. — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 183
  • 142. 184 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 143. COMPANY REPORT Satellite Wholesaler and Meter Manufacturer DMS, USAAmericas BusiestSatellite EnthusiastTim Heinrichs f186 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 144. • Always working enthusiastically on new products • Special focus on signal analyzers for the semi- professional • Enormous growth of the international market outside of North America • Innovative expansion of signal analyzer models for 2012 ■ DMS International could be found here in the Northpoint Business Park with its two buildings and attached warehouse.from DMS — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 187
  • 145. COMPANY REPORT Satellite Wholesaler and Meter Manufacturer DMS, USAActively Involved in SatelliteBusiness for 33 Years There aren’t too many companiesthat have hung around for decades and heed and Marietta northwest of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, we ë Acworth,at the same time are still in the same found Tim Heinrichs and his Atlanta, GA, USAbusiness segment. DMS International, wife Vicky, the President ofwhich has been in existence since the the company. We wanted tovery early days of TV reception via know how DMS Internationalsatellite, belongs to that group. Tim became what it is today.Heinrichs is Founder and CEO of satel-lite wholesaler DMS International and if Tim Heinrichs has been a DXeryou’ve been in the same business for so for a long time: he was excited aboutlong, there’s absolutely no doubt that CB communications when it first start- communicate wirelessly with each otheryou are a real enthusiast. In the small ed and all that could be done with it. without too much in the form of tech-town of Acworth, not too far from Lock- It allowed people for the first time to nical requirements. Oh really? In 1968 Tim erected a tower 25 meters high for his CB antenna. He used it to listen in when railroad employees talked to each other, when construction companies passed on work orders to their builders, when truck drivers warned others of ra- dar traps on the highways and when the police would coordinate road blocks with their headquarters. But Tim was espe- cially fascinated with the phenomenon of “skip” transmissions: under certain weather conditions CB radio transmis- ■Tim Heinrichs, DMS International’s CEO, in his office in Acworth, Georgia, northwest of Atlanta. He’s testing an FS2 signal analyzer beta model.188 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 146. 1 2190 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 147. sions in the 27 MHz range would skip quite heavy; they were made of fiber- President of the company.”off the ionosphere or troposphere allow- glass with metal braces and weigheding for two-way communications over 400 pounds.” Tim still remembers today In 1991 another big decision had toextremely long distances. “Back then I what an experience it was to be able to be made: the market in Nebraska wascollected QSL cards from my contacts receive a TV picture with his new dish. covered so in order to better expand hisand managed to collect nearly 1000 of “It was an absolute sensation to be able business the decision was made to movethose cards.” to receive a signal from space from so his company to Atlanta, Georgia. DMS far away.” International can still be found there to- Tim also worked for the railroad in day. “Transportation costs are cheaperNebraska and when word got around Then came the turning point in Tim here”, rationalizes Tim regarding thisamong his friends and coworkers that Heinrichs’ evening job: a farmer bought decision and then grins as he adds,he liked to tinker with radios in his free that dish from him. “That’s when it all “Besides, the weather is much bettertime, they began bringing him defec- started, next I bought two new dishes.” here.” Sure enough, the company expe-tive radios, TVs and CBs. At first it was That was in 1980 and it was at this point rienced quite a boom in business. Vickytedious, but later on it became routine that Tim Heinrichs recognized that there provides us with a few sales figures: “Infor him to repair these devices. “Even was a new business brewing. He sold 1991 DMS managed sales of roughlythe police came to me to repair their and installed these dish antennas at a $2.0 million.” The company’s best yearradios.” Tim was becoming more and faster and faster rate. The breakthrough was 2008: “Back then we had sales ofmore experienced in radio technology. came in 1982: “I invested $40,000 and $12 million. Sales have pulled back a lit-In 1979 he read an article in a techni- bought my first truckload of dishes - it tle bit since then although in 2009 theycal magazine about satellite reception. was 500 three-meter antennas.” Tim were still at about $9.0 million.”This new technology was irresistible to Heinrichs young company became a sat-Tim; he simply had to have it. He spent ellite wholesaler. For many years DMS Internationala lot of money on his first three-meter was a small company with very fewdish. “Back then the dish antennas were “At first I worked both jobs; my regu- employees: It was Vicky and Tim along lar job at the railroad and at nights and with one or two warehouse and admin-1. Vicky Heinrichs is the President of DMS weekends at my own company DMS In- istrative employees. “Today we haveInternational and runs the administrativeside of the company. ternational.” That only worked for a few 10 employees with a warehouse that is2. Ivy Bliss is the receptionist and takes months: he had to make a decision and 14,000 Sq-ft in size.” Up until recentlycare of DMS International’s website naturally he chose his own company. DMS International was mainly focused( If you call thecompany, Ivy is your first contact. “My wife Vicky worked along side me on the North American market, “that3. Tina Ryan handles the accounting from the beginning; at first she took is, the USA, Canada and Mexico”, ex- care of the books and now she’s the plains Tim. As recently as 2009/20103 — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 191
  • 148. 70% of all shipments were sent to thislocal market. “That all changed dramati-cally in 2011”, reveals Tim to us, “Exportshipments sharply increased to 60%.”The largest increase was for shipmentsto South America (30%); other largemarkets for DMS International are India,Africa and surprisingly Portugal. “Someshipments from Portugal find their wayback to Brazil”, says Tim regarding theoccasionally roundabout paths that canbe taken in the global marketplace. As a satellite wholesaler, DMS Inter-national for many years sold everythingthat an installer would need. It’s not likethat today anymore. DMS Internationalis now concentrating on a few productsegments. “Our largest sales item issatellite signal analyzers at around 50%.We produce analyzers under the brandname ‘First Strike’.” Tim wants to takethe newest version of these analyzersand further expand his export business:“My goal is analyzers that can be usedanywhere in the world.” Another impor-tant segment is LNBs: “They account forroughly 25% of our sales.” That is onlyaccomplished because DMS Interna-tional sells large numbers of LNBs; themargin with LNBs has in the meantimebecome very small. “We also sell multi-switches, receivers and dishes.” Vicky has some more numbers for us:“In 2011 we sold about 30,000 signalanalyzers, roughly 100,000 LNBs andaround 15,000 receivers.” In 2008 DMSInternational began marketing theirown line of signal analyzers under thebrand name ‘First Strike’ and the firstmodel FS1. The successor model FS2 isplanned for release when this report ispublished and will soon after be supple-mented by the FS2Pro. The FS2Pro willbe for DVB-S2 with a color display and- according to the plan - a GPS receiverfor the direct display of satellite antennadata (azimuth and elevation). “Our sig-nal analyzers are not modified satellitereceivers; instead they are true mea-surement instruments”, comments Tim,“that provide comparable measurementdata.” Additional ‘First Strike’ mod-els include a cable TV analyzer as wellas a terrestrial model. “We’re makingsure that these signal analyzers can beused internationally. The cable analyzerwill operate on an expanded frequencyrange so that it will cover every possiblecable TV network.” Tim has something ■Who needs a satellite dish? Warehousespecial in mind for the terrestrial ana- Manager Luis Burrion is responsible forlyzer model: “It will be able to receive shipping their products.every known signal standard - ATSC,ISDB-T and DVB-T.” Obviously, Tim Heinrichs still has the192 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 149. — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 193
  • 150. ■An antenna by the stockroom serves as a test bed to check out the LNBs. ■A selection of LNBs that DMS International distributes. The Avenger model using PLL technology is one of their best sellers.194 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 151. 1 1. Extremely popular just same enthusiasm that he had 33 years a few years ago, today ago. He consistently comes up with new there’s not much demand 2 for C-band scalar rings. ideas and new products that allow him 2. Demand has also to conquer new markets. After so many declined here: Combi years of experience he knows that ex- LNBs for the C-band and isting markets can disappear but that Ku-band 3. DMS International has there are always new markets that pro- a specialty to offer: LNBs vide new opportunities. Tim Heinrichs from INVACOM that can remains devoted and is always keeping receive both circular and linear polarizations at the an eye out for the latest technological same time advancement. 3196 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 152. ■An interesting side business isreception dishes for commercialservices such as wireless datatransmissions. Tim Heinrichs showsus a reflector from one of theseprofessional reception antennas.198 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 153. — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 199
  • 154. COMPANY REPORT Original Equipment Manufacturer Topsignal, ChinaSuccess in theMillions FromTopsignal200 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 155. • OEM delivering exclusively to Wholesalers• Specializes in large production quantities• Produces millions of satellite dishes and LNBs• Majority of shipments go to South America• Expanding product palette to include high-qualityLNBs and VSAT ■ Topsignal’s production plant in Ninghai, China. The administration building is to the left and two of the four production buildings are to the right. Satellite dishes and LNBs are manufactured here in large quantities. — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 201
  • 156. COMPANY REPORT Original Equipment Manufacturer Topsignal, ChinaEnormous Numbersfor the World Market ë Ninghai (Ningbo) With a yearly production of five mil- in Ninghai back in the year 2003. Backlion satellite dishes and even more then antenna motors for satellite dishesLNBs, Topsignal is one of the largest were in demand and Zongbao King builtmanufactures of these products. The a production facility for these actually started in a com- “Unfortunately, today there’s not muchpletely different product segment: ac- demand for these motors anymore”, started manufacturing satellite dish-tuators and motors for satellite dish- explains Sales Manager James You to es and in 2011 we started producinges. It’s an unusual development that us. Order quantities have steadily de- LNBs.” The quantities are huge: nearlywe had a look at in the small city of creased, “but we can still handle any a half million satellite dishes are pro-Ninghai. Ninghai is located near Ningbo kind of order since our storeroom is still duced monthly and even more LNBs.which itself is a three-hour train ride fully stocked.” The reason these production numberssouth of Shanghai. Two other product groups are today’s are almost the same is simply that the Zongbao King founded the company sales giants at Topsignal: “In 2008 we dishes and LNBs are sold in sets. A ■Topsignal’s Founder and Chairman of the Board Zongbao King202 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 157. large portion of their production is for A small in-house team of 10 R&D en-the 60cm and 90cm variants; a smaller gineers is currently working on this butportion is for 75cm antennas. Topsignal also receives additional de- Where do these antenna sets end up? sign input from outside specialists for“Roughly 80% of our production gets these new markets. “We are currentlyshipped to South America, above all to working on a new LNB series with spec-Brazil.” ifications that are far better than our However you won’t have much luck current production.”searching for the Topsignal brand name As you can see, Topsignal is consis-in Brazil: the company is an origi- tently working on improving their prod-nal equipment manufacturer (OEM) ucts. At the moment, Topsignal’s LNBand the satellite dishes and LNBs are assortment consists of Single, Twin andshipped without any name stenciled on Quattro LNBs; additional variants are inthem. “We work together with an agent the works.who resells the sets in Brazil and adds Sales Manager James You is very op-the brand names of the large custom- timistic with their new LNB series. Heers right there in Brazil.” takes a look into his crystal ball: “In Topsignal’s next largest shipping zone 2011 our sales amounted to roughly 50is The Middle East and Africa account- million RMB (about US$8 million), buting for 15% of deliveries. The remain- for 2012 we foresee a 30% increaseing production goes to large distribu- due in large part to our new and im-tors and dealers in Southeast Asia. “1.5 proved products.”and 1.7-meter mesh antennas are quite With its enormous quantities, Topsig-popular there.” nal has managed in just ten years to Now Topsignal is looking to pene- work its way up into the top class oftrate the large markets in Europe and manufacturers. With new and improvedNorth America. “We want to start there products and the expansion into newby concentrating on our LNB products markets, Topsignal wants to continuesuch as the Ka-band LNB in the USA.” this success.But VSAT is also on the list of newly de- The next 10 years should be very ex-veloped products from Topsignal. citing at Topsignal!204 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 158. ■The receptionist greets every — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 205
  • 159. 1 1. Chaofeng Ge is General Manager. He coordinates production and is always on the phone coordinating production with customer orders. 2. James You is Sales Manager and counts on the help of the Lion in front of the entrance to Topsignal’s building. 2206 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 160. 343. Some of the R&D engineers. Atotal of 10 engineers work here.4. View of the four productionbuildings as seen from theadministration building — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 207
  • 161. 1 2 4 3 5208 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 162. 61. This is just a smallportion of the in-linestorage area. The disheswait here for furtherassembly.2. One of the many stepsinvolved in a completeddish: the raw shapesare hung on a chain anddriven through a paintstation.3. Another paint stationis used for the smallerdishes.4. Employees inspecteach and every dish fordefects. Those that passinspection are placed on apalette; those that fail areremoved from the rest.5. The mounting holes arepunched here6. Topsignal sells satelliteantennas and LNBs insets. Naturally mountsare also included. Wall 7mounts are pressed intoshape here. Topsignaluses pipes with 42mm and47mm diameter dependingon the size of the dish.7. How do the holesget into the mounts?Yes exactly, with thismachine. Topsignal hasmore than one of thesemachines and they areused to punch holes in themounts.8. The mounts travel alonga long chain throughthe paint station wherethey are spray painted byworkers and then dried. 8 — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 209
  • 163. 910 1211 13210 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 164. 14 15 9. Topsignal requires an enormous amount of raw materials. 16 Truckloads of tubes are delivered that only a short time later become mounts. 10. The LNB mount is shaped. A waveguide is pulled along and then shaped into the proper form with a press. 11. The LNB mounts also need holes. This takes place here. 12. The required pieces are pressed from an endless roll of sheet metal which will then be converted into the dish mounts. 13. The dish mounts are prepared here. The spacers are formed here and fitted with the necessary holes. 14. Workers hang the antenna mounts for passage through the paint station. 15. Topsignal also has mast mounts. A worker can be seen here punching holes in the mast brackets. 16. Topsignal also manufactures mesh antennas. The panels are stamped here. 17. The assembly pieces for the mesh dishes are prepared here. 18. The LNB mounts for the PFA mesh dishes 17 — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 211
  • 165. 19 21 2219. Peter Lin is the LNB Production Manager.“We operate four production lines and work ineight-hour shifts.”20. A look at LNB production21. Each LNB is tested for functionality22. If everything checks out, the LNBs arepacked for shipping. As an OEM, Topsignalships the LNBs in neutral packaging withoutany brand names.20212 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 166. 23 23. The quality control station takes sample LNBs and checks to see that they function correctly. 24. One of the quality checks involves testing the LNBs in a refrigerated environmental chamber. Topsignal has two of these test chambers. 25. If there are defective LNBs, they are checked out here to identify weak spots 26. Workers can be seen here packing completed products for shipment. It’s always palette-sized shipments because of the enormous numbers involved24214 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 167. 25 — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 215
  • 169. Aluo-Sat China Consulting Distribution Turnover US$ 1-5mio Employees 5-10 Read Full Report Applied Instr. USA Manufacturer of Signal Analyzer and Noise Generator Turnover US$ 10-25mio Employees 25-50 Read Full Report AZBox Portugal STB Manufacturer Turnover US$ 10-25mio Employees 25-50 — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 217
  • 170. COMPANIES OVERVIEW Best Digital TV Companies of the World Azureshine Taiwan Manufacturer of Professional Dishes Turnover US$ 5-10mio Employees 50-100 Read Full Report Boiingsat China LNB Manufacturer Turnover US$ 10-25mio Employees 100-250 Read Full Report BSD Brazil Digital TV Information Website Turnover US$ 0.5-1mio Employees 5-10 Read Full Report TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 171. Deviser China Manufacturer of Signal Analyzers and Broadcast Measurement Instruments Turnover US$ 25-30mio Employees 250-500 Read Full Report Dishpointer UK Information Website and Software Programming Turnover US$ 0.5-1mio Employees 5-10 Read Full Report DVBCN China Digital TV Forum Website and Software Programming Turnover US$ 1-2.5mio Employees 10-25 Read Full Report — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 219
  • 172. COMPANIES OVERVIEW Best Digital TV Companies of the World GlobalInvacom UK Manufacturer of Fibre Optic Products Turnover US$ 5-10mio Employees 50-100 Read Full Report Golden Media Germany Manufacturer of Digital TV Receiver Turnover US$ 1-5mio Employees 10-25 Read Full Report GOOSAT China High Quantity Manufacturer Turnover US$ 100-150mio Employees 500-1000 Read Full Report TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 173. Horizon UK Manufacturer of Signal Meters Turnover US$ 2-5mio Employees 10-50 Read Full Report Jiuzhou China Manufacturer of STB, IPTV, LNB, Fibre Optics Turnover US$250-500mio Employees 1000-2500 Read Full Report MFC USA HF Filter Manufacturer Turnover US$2.5-5mio Employees 50-100 Read Full Report — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 221
  • 174. COMPANIES OVERVIEW Best Digital TV Companies of the World Panodic China STB Manufacturer Turnover US$ 100-150mio Employees 1500-2000 Read Full Report Prevail China Manufacturer of Fibre Optics and Headends Turnover US$ 10-25mio Employees 250-500 Read Full Report Satbeams Belgium Satellite Information Website and Software Programming Turnover US$ 0.5-1mio Employees 2-5 Read Full Report TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 175. SatGuys USA Satellite Information Website and Forum Turnover US$ 0.5-1mio Employees 5-10 Read Full Report Skyworth China High Quantity STB Manufacturer Turnover US$ 200-300mio Employees 2000-3000 Read Full Report SmartWi Denmark Manufacturer of Wireless Card Reader Turnover US$ 1-2mio Employees 5-10 Read Full Report — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 223
  • 176. COMPANIES OVERVIEW Best Digital TV Companies of the World Sowell China Digital TV STB Manufacturer Turnover US$ 50-100mio Employees 50-100 Read Full Report Spaun Germany High Quality Accessories Manufacturer Turnover US$ 10-25mio Employees 50-100 Read Full Report Spaun Power Germany Manufacturer of Power Supplies Turnover US$ 2.5-5mio Employees 25-50 Read Full Report TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 177. SVEC China Satellite Dish Manufacturer Turnover US$ 50-75mio Employees 1000-1250 Read Full Report Tenow China PC Card Manufacturer Turnover US$ 2-5mio Employees 10-25 Read Full Report Tevii Taiwan PC Card and STB Manufacturer Turnover US$ 2-5mio Employees 5-10 Read Full Report — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 225
  • 178. COMPANIES OVERVIEW Best Digital TV Companies of the World Trimax China DVB Products Manufacturer Turnover US$ 2.5-5mio Employees 5-10 Read Full Report TSReader USA Analyzer Software and Programming Turnover US$ 0.5-1mio Employees 1-5 Read Full Report WSInternational USA Manufacturer of STB and Meters Turnover US$ 1-2mio Employees 5-10 Read Full Report TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 179. — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 227
  • 180. COMPANY REPORT Satellite Installer Nivaldo da Silva, Sao Paulo, BrazilThe‚AntennaWhisperer‘228 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 181. • Went from hobbyist to successful specialist• Able to precisely align the largest of dishes• Focuses on elaborate installations with goodquality material• Demonstrates that specialization can bringsuccess — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 229
  • 182. COMPANY REPORT Satellite Installer Nivaldo da Silva, Sao Paulo, Brazil Nivaldo da Silva Knows How to Align Large Antennas ■ ‘Antenna Whisperer’ Nivaldo da Silva in front of his TV Século 21 satellite antenna installations in Valinhas, Sao Paulo Province, Brazil230 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 183. ■ The broadcasting antenna and the large 6.0 meter satellite dish for the TV Século 21 station. If you look closely, you’ll ë São Paulo see a 1.2-meter offset dish mounted by Nivaldo da Silva up on the mast in an inverted position. Anyone who has any experience set- ting up and aligning satellite antennas knows only too well the difference be- tween small dishes and larger dishes: the smaller the antenna, the easier it is to align it to the desired satellite; on the other side of the coin, the larger the dish, the more difficult it is to bring it into focus on the right satellite. Some installers have a certain way of performing these alignments and one of them is Nivaldo da Silva from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has the ability to per- fectly align the largest of antennas and seems to be able to talk to the dishes. They call him the ‘Antenna Whisperer’.232 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 184. 1 He’s been installing antennas for 40 years. “I erected my first antennas back in 1966”, he says remembering the start of it all. When the first satel- lite signals began streaming down into Brazil, Nivaldo da Silva became instant- ly excited about this new technology. “There was hardly any literature on the subject. Back then we had to work out everything ourselves - we even built the parabolic dishes ourselves.” The first attempt was not very suc- cessful: “We simply couldn’t find the satellite signal.” Eventually they did succeed when they acquired a used satellite dish and successfully installed it. Now there was nothing to hold him back and Nivaldo da Silva installed one system after the another. He be-234 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 185. gan purchasing the necessary materi- nas in the Sao Paulo province in south- antenna.” One of the 3.2-meter dishesals in combination with others. Nivaldo eastern Brazil. was fitted with a motor by Nivaldo, theda Silva is very concerned about the José Maria Albiero is TV Século 21’s others are all fixed in place.quality of the materials he uses for his TV Director. He willingly showed us ‘Antenna Whisperer’ Nivaldo da Silvaown installations: “It always pays to the antenna installation that ‘Antenna can be proud of what he’s achieved. Heuse quality materials in the long run.” Whisperer’ Nivaldo erected at his sta- took his personal interest in satelliteIn 1977 he started his own installation tion. “We’ve been operating a TV pro- technology and successfully turned itcompany. duction facility here since 1994 and into a flourishing business. His focus on It didn’t take long for the profession- since 1998 we’ve been transmitting careful and precise installations has re-al users of satellite signals to discover our program on channel 53.” And since sulted in him becoming one of the mosthim. “Rede Globo de Televisao was my 2000 TV Século 21 has been occupy- sought after large antenna specialistsfirst professional customer; I installed ing an 18 MHz half-transponder on the in his region.satellite systems for the broadcaster’s STARONE C2 satellite at 70W. “We useadvertising customers.” Later on he ac- a 6.0-meter antenna to uplink our pro-quired contracts with other broadcast- gram to that satellite. This dish was 1. José Maria Albiero is TV Século 21’s TV Director and is seen here showing users like TV Campinas, an affiliate of TV erected by Nivaldo.” the satellite signal reception componentsBandeirantes, for SBT, TV Cultura and Nivaldo lists for us: “For TV Século 21 2. A look in the TV Século 21the religious channel TV Século 21. I installed a total of five dish antennas broadcasting control room. Programming This broadcaster is located in the - three that are 3.2 meters in diame- is transmitted locally via UHF channel 53 but can also be received through thesmall city of Valinhas, south of Campi- ter, a 2.6-meter dish and a 4.5-meter Internet at 2 — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 235
  • 186. BESTUPLINK OVERVIEW TELE-satellite’s Best Satellite Uplink Earth Stations SATELLITE UPLINK EARTH STATIONS IN THE WORLD BT CASTOR Burum CBC Madley Netherlands ▼ Cologne UK ► ◄ Germany SES ASTRA ► ◄ MEDIA BROADCAST Luxembourg Usingen Germany PTS Taipei SHENZHEN TV ► ◄ Taiwan Shenzhen China ◄ Nivalod da Silva São Paulo, Brazil ◄ TV Bandeirantes Campinas (São Paulo) ◄ TELEMEDIA Brazil Johannesburg South Africa236 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 187. Nivaldo da Silva São Paulo Brazil Read Full /12/09/nivaldodasilvaTV Bandeirantes São Paulo Brazil Read Full /12/07/tvbandeirantes Shenzhen TV Shenzhen China Read Full /12/05/shenzhen-tv — 06-07/2012 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite — The World‘s— 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 — — TELE-satellite International International Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine 237
  • 188. UPLINK OVERVIEW TELE-satellite’s Best Satellite Uplink Earth Stations Castor Burum Netherlands Read Full Report /12/03/castor CBC Cologne Germany Read Full Report /12/01/cbc BT Madley UK Read Full Report /11/11/bt238 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 189. — 06-07/2012 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite — The World‘s— 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 — — TELE-satellite International International Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine 239
  • 190. UPLINK OVERVIEW TELE-satellite’s Best Satellite Uplink Earth Stations SES ASTRA Luxembourg Read Full Report /11/09/ses Media Broadcast Usingen Germany Read Full Report /10/09/mediabroadcast Telemedia Johannesburg South Africa Read Full Report /07/09/telemedia240 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 191. — 06-07/2012 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite — The World‘s— 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 — — TELE-satellite International International Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine 241
  • 192. COMPANY REPORT Chinese TV Provider ICN, USAChina TVfor the USA242 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 193. • Produces a number of Chinese- language TV channels for the USA • Utilizes original material from China • Semi-live TV news broadcast from China • Already active in IPTV • Transmits in the clear via ATSC stations■ On the first floor of thisoffice building in El Monte,east of Los Angeles, you’llfind ICN’s headquarters.ICN stands for “Information,Culture, News” andperfectly describes thecontent of ICN’s producedTV programs. About 35employees work here withanother 30 employeeslocated in those cities withICN TV stations. — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 243
  • 194. COMPANY REPORT Chinese TV Provider ICN, USAICN supplies ë Los AngelesChineseAmericans withTV from Home In most countries the terrestrial TV able TV channels in every conceivable ■Neil Nieh is Vice President andfrequencies are reserved for those language including Chinese. Director of ICN. He is responsible for the technical side of the operationchannels that broadcast in that coun- and is standing here in the studio ICNtry’s language. In a melting pot coun- One of the larger providers of Chi- uses for their locally produced news broadcasts.try like the USA, there are so many nese-language TV in the USA is thelanguages spoken by immigrants from company ICN ( or www.every corner of the world and this is re- whose headquartersflected by the terrestrially broadcastedTV channels. There are freely receiv-244 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 195. can be found in Los Angeles, Califor- We wanted to know more about this: and Director and is primarily respon-nia. There you’ll find two digital ICN where does ICN get its programming sible for the technical side of the busi-TV channels receivable terrestrially in content from and how is all of this fi- ness. He explains to us how ICN got itsATSC, one of them in Chinese and the nanced? start: “In 1982 the government in Tai-other in English with a focus on Asia as wan decided to address the interests ofwell as China. The right person to talk to about this the out-of-country Chinese in the USA is Neil Nieh. He is ICN’s Vice President by making available video cassettes of movies and TV series from Taiwan.”■Broadcasting network for ICN in the USA. From the headquarters in Los Angeles,the programming is distributed to various cities in the USA via fiber optic link andthen transmitted terrestrially in ATSC in these cities. In just a few years a network of 400 — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 245
  • 196. distribution stations all across the Neil Nieh, who had been working forUSA had been built up through which ICN already since 1990, and a coworkerthese video cassettes could be rented. in administration, Amanda Lee, rec-In 1998 a satellite channel was even ognized ICN’s potential and offered toleased and was used to broadcast three take over the nearly collapsed companyChinese-language channels in Viaccess. in a management buyout. “I took over 60% and my partner Amanda Lee took But then in 2004 the elections in over the remaining 40%”, explains NeilTaiwan resulted in a new government. Nieh to us.The new government decided to sendover to the USA a new leadership for Amanda Lee as the CEO runs theICN. Inexperienced and naïve, these company’s daily operations while Neilnew bosses ran the company into the Nieh is the Technical Director for Pro-ground in just a few months. gramming Development. The owner-246 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 197. ■From here the technician controls the variety ofprogramming that ICN broadcasts in six cities inthe USA. — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 247
  • 198. ■A look in ICN’sNetwork OperationsCenter control roomin Los Angeles. Someprograms such asnews presentationsare broadcast ona two-hour delay.Other programs arefirst recorded andthen rebroadcastindividually.248 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 199. ■The final stop of the fiber optic cable from Beijing that carries the TV channels from China.ship changed once again in 2009 when to produce cooking shows, kids pro- stations in ATSC, they are also avail-the company “Beauty Media” acquired grams and local news broadcasts. ICN able via cable networks in these 85% stake in ICN. can be viewed not only in Los Ange- “Not only that, we also have capacity les via terrestrial ATSC broadcasters, with satellite provider DishNetwork and Neil Nieh explains to us how ICN but can also be seen in San Francisco, our programming can also be viewedfunctions technically: “We receive Houston, New York and Seattle. These through the three large IPTV providers:about nine channels from state-run other stations also have to follow the KyLinTV (, iTV (www.CCTV and an additional 16 Chinese same FCC rules regarding local content. and iTalkTV (“provincial TV channels (the number of “We have our own TV studio in each ofchannels changes from time to time) these cities so that we can produce lo- How does ICN finance all of this?directly out of China from the program- cal programming. The locally produced Neil Nieh explains: “40% of our incomeming provider “Great Wall” (a state-run programs are then transferred to our comes from advertisements, 30% fromcompany) via a trans-pacific fiber-optic network control center here in Los An- subscription fees and the remainingcable.” From all of this ICN selects the geles where we put everything togeth- 30% from our Home Shopping activi-programming compatible for viewers in er.” ties and other events.” How does thethe USA. “CCTV’s news programs we future look to him? “A real problem forcarry, for example, with a two-hour de- Neil Nieh gives us an idea on viewer us are the advertising agencies thatlay while popular TV series are delayed potential: “Officially there are around are consistently under more and moreby four weeks or three months.” ICN one million Chinese people living in the pressure by their own customers to in-also offers video-on-demand services Los Angeles area but we estimate that vest in Internet advertising. We have toso that viewers can see their favorite unofficially it’s more like two million.” revamp our advertising in such a wayseries sooner for a fee. This potential is about the same in the that they can satisfy the requirements other cities. “Only in New York do we of the ad agencies.” Neil Nieh makes ICN doesn’t rebroadcast the origi- broadcast our two channels in English it clear: “a simple website for our TVnal Chinese TV channels; instead they with Chinese subtitles because of the channels is not what is in demand.”create their own programming using many second and third generation Chi- That’s why Neil Nieh is working on OTTthe programs from the Chinese broad- nese that live there.” ICN is planning concepts and interactive services. Onecasters. “We have a license from the additional TV stations in Chicago, At- thing is clear: ICN has to change sinceAmerican FCC (Federal Communica- lanta and Boston. ICN is taking small not only are the requirements of thetions Commission) to operate as full steps in expanding its network across viewers changing, the advertising cus-broadcaster and that means we have the entire USA. tomers are also adjusting to this changeto include local content in our program- and expect new offerings. And just likeming.” And that’s the reason why ICN But ICN doesn’t only broadcast their every other programming provider, ICNoperates their own studio. They use it programming for free via terrestrial TV is constantly adjusting itself. — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 249
  • 200. DXer REPORT Oscar Campos, Santiago de ChileOscarsSatelliteStation• Receives the entire worldwith his seven Ku-banddishes and one C-bandantenna• As a former uplink stationemployee, he knows hisway around satellite TV• His dishes are his mascots• Always comes homefrom trips with satellitecomponents250 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 201. ■ Satellite DXer Oscar Campos on his covered terrace at his home in Santiago de Chile. From here he enjoys watching satellite TV channels from all over the — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 251
  • 202. DXer REPORT Oscar Campos, Santiago de Chile ■Oscar Campos mounted six 70cm dishes in a row: three of them were installed normally while the other three were installed in the inverted position. In the middle is a Helix antenna for the reception of the NOAA weather satellites. ë Santiago de Chile From long-distance radio listener to long-distance TV viewer252 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 203. Satellite reception is nothing new for He has an array of 70cm dishes: verted position so that I could also re-Oscar Campos, he worked for many “Here on the left side is the dish aligned ceive satellites at very low elevations.”years at an earth station. His employ- to TELSATR 12 at 15W; the antennaer was the Chilean Telecommunica- on the right side is pointed to SATMEX For the C-band Oscar Campos usestions company ENTEL and he worked 6 at 113W”, he points out. He uses a a 1.8-meter dish on which he mountedat he Longovilo teleport southwest of DiSEqC multiswitch to switch between expansion panels to convert it into athe Chilean capital of Santiago as an the antennas and two FTA receivers. 2.4-meter antenna. “I use it to receiveelectrical engineer. That’s already nine “This setup lets me receive channels the analog channels from Brazil but thisyears ago but since then he’s managed from all over the world including chan- won’t last too much longer; at someto construct his own satellite reception nels in Chinese, Russian, Arabic as well point the analog channels will be turnedsystem at his home. as many European channels and, of off.” In return though he also receives course, channels from Brazil, Argentina the very new 3D and HD channels in “The dishes are here on my terrace”, and Chile.” DVB-S2.he explains to us. He refers to them ashis mascots. “I don’t have a cat or a When he looks for new channels he An interesting feature in his anten-dog; I have my dish antennas to take makes use of a motorized test antenna na park is a helix antenna. “It’s a QFHcare of”, he says smiling. that he has mounted on a pedestal. “I Quadri Filar Helix antenna that I use mounted this 90cm antenna in the in- to receive APT signals in the 137 MHz — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 253
  • 204. range. It has to do with the NOAA polar I always bring something back for my ellites, I can watch TV from these coun-satellites that transmit weather images reception system; it could be a multi- tries!” He also likes to watch the newsthat are freely receivable.” With this switch, an LNB or a new receiver.” The channels on CCTV from China as well asantenna he can always check live what channels that he enjoys the most are NHK from Japan. He finds particularlythe weather is like at that particular mo- the Russian channels CTC on TELSTAR interesting the channels Rede TV andment. “It’s also FTA even though there’s 12 and Russia Today on INTELSAT 9. TV Scola from Brazil on STARONE TV or radio; but very few people There’s a reason for this: “When I wasknow about this free service.” younger I heard Radio Moscow for the Oscar Campos is the master of his own first time on my father’s shortwave ra- satellite station with which he watches He is always busy modifying his an- dio. I was fascinated by that and won- channels from all over the world in thetenna system and installing new dishes. dered how people lived on the other best quality right in his home in San-“Whenever I travel out of the country side of the world. Today, thanks to sat- tiago. ■The large 2.4-meter antenna he uses for analog signal reception.254 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 205. 1 1. Oscar Campos’ test system that he uses to find new satellites and new channels 2. This is how Oscar Campos receives weather information from the NOAA satellites 2256 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 206. SATELLITE DXer OVERVIEW Hall of Fame of Satellite Enthusiasts of the World Hall of Fame of Satellite Enthusiasts of the World Roy Carman Ralf S London Eml Tony Toronto Scott Greczkowski Newington, CT Diego Tenerife Benni Jundiaí (SP) Big Ronaldo Campinas (SP) Juan Carlos Santiago Oscar Campos SantiagoMOST FAMOUSSatellite and TVROEnthusiastsWORLDWIDE258 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 207. Feedhunter Rini Amsterdam Ron Eberson AmsterdamSunke Rainer Schulz and Berndtlichheim Rosenberger, Tröbitz Leo Jiri Vanek Leuven Jablonec nad Nisou BSH Györgi Laszlo Toth Brussels Budapest Püspökladany Thomas Cahit Nuri Or Vienna Adapazari Applesat Hakan Kasli Beijing Antalya Pepsi ShiToy Jang Lee Keito Takahashi and Mengyang Beijing Gangwon Takao Kameda, Tokyo Yahya Luo Shigang Saudi Arabia Shenzhen Siddharth Gautam Ken Wong New Delhi Hongkong Satheesan Puzhakkara Thiruvananthapuram Vincent Jakarta Pharmacist Klerksdorp Ingo Stilfontein Grandfather Johannesburg — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 259
  • 208. SATELLITE DXer OVERVIEW Hall of Fame of Satellite Enthusiasts of the World Hall of Fame of Satellite Enthusiasts of the World Oscar Oscar Campos, Santiago, Chile Chile SatGuy Scott Greczkowski, Newington, CT, USA USA Big Ronaldo Ronaldo Zovaro, Louveira, Brazil Brazil Györgi Györgi (George), Budapest Hungary DX-Ralf Ralf Sunke, Emlichheim, Germany Germany Benni Marcos Eduardo Bernardini, Jundiaí (SP) Brazil TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 209. DX Bozoth Laszlo Toth, Püspökladany Hungary Jang Lee Jang Lee, Gangwon Wong Ken Wong, Hongkong Hongkong Keito, Takao Keito Takahashi and Takao Kameda, Tokyo Daryoush, Mehdi, Saeed, Davood, Milad Iran Ponny Germany Rainer Schulz and Berndt Rosenberger, Trö — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 261
  • 210. SATELLITE DXer OVERVIEW Hall of Fame of Satellite Enthusiasts of the World Hall of Fame of Satellite Enthusiasts of the World Pepsi Pepsi, Mengyang, Sichuan, China China Astra Fan Cahit Nuri Or, Adapazari Turkey Jiri Jiri Vanek, Jablonec nad Nisou Czech Satheesan India Satheesan Puzhakkara, Thiruvananthapuram Siddharth Siddharth Gautam, New Delhi India Hakan Turkey Hakan Kasli, Antalya TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 211. Yahya Yahya, Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Roy Roy Carman, London Vincent, Jakarta Indonesia Applesat Applesat, Beijing ShiToy, Beijing China Aluosat Luo Shigang, Shenzhen — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 263
  • 212. SATELLITE DXer OVERVIEW Hall of Fame of Satellite Enthusiasts of the World Hall of Fame of Satellite Enthusiasts of the World Pharmacist South Africa Ron Pieter Redelinghuys, Klerksdorp Ron Eberson, Amsterdam Netherlands Diego Diego Fernando Sanchez Rosende, Tenerife Spain Juan Carlos Juan Carlos Miranda Duarte, Santiago Chile Feedhunter Netherlands Tony Rini de Weijze, Amsterdam Tony Di Rienzo, Toronto Canada TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 213. The New IPTV Standard• OIPF provides the IPTV market with open end-2-end IPTV specifications• OIPF includes most IPTV stakeholders• OIPF stimulates a go-to-market drive from the IPTV industryOpen IPTV Forum Tel: +33 4 92 94 43 83650, Route des Lucioles Fax: +33 4 92 38 52 90F-06921 SOPHIA-ANTIPOLIS Cedex Email: contact@oipf.tvFrance Website:
  • 214. UR LS AT C 6 A DE AS AS I SPTRANSPONDER STREAMS EX 6 M L )A L ON )H AN TM ° W RE MA Z °W TL SA ( 72 ES T ) A (30 )A W) 8° E ) °W 0°E 5° W 3° 28 (63° W (61 33 (7. (11 E °E °E °E °E 9° .5 9. 2 2 47 2 97 29 3 52 35 Birmingham London , Plymouth , Hartford Zurich Newark New York Porto , Denver Baltimore Las Vegas Philadelphia Los Angeles Kansas City Atlanta Sidi Bel-Abbes Sao PauloDIGITAL TVTransponder Streamsaround theWORLD266 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 215. 1 I RD CBNT I OR 5 RD TS流:用于测试机顶盒和前端 )T H O BI 1 °W UR I RD RA TR A AT OM AD 0. 8 E TB A KS LK APE( 9°E O S TR A ST AS T U R E PA L ° EH EA °E .2° E °E ° ET °E 13 19 ° 2 3.5 28 42 10 8 113 , Moscow Amsterdam , , , Munich , , Vienna , Budapest Beijing Chengdu Eilat Shanghai Doha Guangzhou , Shenzhen HongKong Highlights: DTMB with HDTV (China) DVB-S2 with HDTV (AMAZONAS) ATSC with HDTV (USA) DTMB with false video descriptor (China) DVB-S2 with 3D (THOR) ATSC with 1 Single Channel (USA) DTMB with MHEG (Hongkong) DVB-S2 with 1Seg mobile TV (AMC 6) ATSC with 2 Audio PIDs for 1 Video (USA) DVB-C in Nagravision 3 (Portugal) DVB-T with radio (Netherlands) ATSC with High Null Packets (USA) DVB-S with 3D (ASTRA) DVB-T with MHEG (UK) ATSC with Wrong TS ID (USA) DVB-S with MPEG2 and H.264 mix (PALAPA) DVB-T as retransmission off satellite (Qatar) ATSC Fully Packed (USA) DVB-S in MIS (ATLTANIC BIRD) DVB-T2 with HDTV (Germany, UK) ATSC with Channel Name Missing (USA) DVB-S2 with HDTV (HOTBIRD) ISDB-T with 1Seg mobile TV and HD (Brazil) ATSC with Private Sections DVB-S2 with MPEG 4:2:2 (EUROBIRD) ATSC with Additional Data Services DVB-S2 with 3D (TURKSAT) — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 267
  • 216. TRANSPONDER STREAMS ATSCterrestrial USUSA US Transportstream ID 751 Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter Atlanta Channel 19 Remark 1 Single Channel PID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 4621 0x120D ETT - 0.87 0.00 N/A 4107 0x100B EIT - 0.44 0.00 N/A 49 0x0031 MPEG2 Video - 16521.84 85.17 WGCL-TV 4125 0x101D EIT - 0.66 0.00 N/A 4106 0x100A EIT - 0.44 0.00 N/A 8182 0x1FF6 ? - 1831.31 9.44 N/A 4104 0x1008 EIT - 0.66 0.00 N/A 4105 0x1009 EIT - 0.44 0.00 N/A 52 0x0034 AC3 Audio - 460.87 2.38 WGCL-TV 4102 0x1006 EIT - 0.66 0.00 N/A 4103 0x1007 EIT - 0.44 0.00 N/A 512 0x0200 AC3 Audio - 263.35 1.36 N/A 4101 0x1005 EIT - 0.66 0.00 N/A 4100 0x1004 EIT - 0.44 0.00 N/A 8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 182.61 0.94 N/A 4099 0x1003 EIT - 0.66 0.00 N/A 4097 0x1001 EIT - 0.44 0.00 N/A 8187 0x1FFB MGT - 60.20 0.31 N/A 4098 0x1002 EIT - 0.66 0.00 N/A 4096 0x1000 EIT - 0.44 0.00 N/A 0 0x0000 PAT - 15.08 0.08 N/A 4124 0x101C EIT - 0.52 0.00 N/A 4121 0x1019 EIT - 0.35 0.00 N/A 48 0x0030 PMT - 15.04 0.08 WGCL-TV 4123 0x101B EIT - 0.52 0.00 N/A 4120 0x1018 EIT - 0.35 0.00 N/A 1 0x0001 CAT - 15.04 0.08 N/A 4122 0x101A EIT - 0.52 0.00 N/A 4119 0x1017 EIT - 0.35 0.00 N/A 4108 0x100C EIT - 6.65 0.03 N/A 4117 0x1015 EIT - 0.52 0.00 N/A 4118 0x1016 EIT - 0.35 0.00 N/A 4620 0x120C ETT - 4.46 0.02 N/A 4116 0x1014 EIT - 0.52 0.00 N/A 4113 0x1011 EIT - 0.35 0.00 N/A 8186 0x1FFA ? - 1.57 0.01 N/A 4115 0x1013 EIT - 0.52 0.00 N/A 4112 0x1010 EIT - 0.35 0.00 N/A 4109 0x100D EIT - 1.44 0.01 N/A 4114 0x1012 EIT - 0.52 0.00 N/A 4616 0x1208 ETT - 0.22 0.00 N/A 4111 0x100F EIT - 0.96 0.00 N/A 4127 0x101F EIT - 0.44 0.00 N/A 4637 0x121D ETT - 0.17 0.00 N/A 4110 0x100E EIT - 0.96 0.00 N/A 4126 0x101E EIT - 0.44 0.00 N/A 4634 0x121A ETT - 0.17 0.00 N/A TELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners Only Duration: 30 Sec, File Size: 83 MB Transponderstream Technical Service File Download for Clients Only Duration: 5 Min, File Size: 740 MB US Transportstream ID 1379 Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter Baltimore Channel 42 PID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 69 0x0045 AC3 Audio - 197.86 1.02 MPT-2 7683 0x1E03 ETT - 4.04 0.02 N/A 49 0x0031 MPEG2 Video - 12609.24 64.85 MPT-HD 68 0x0044 AC3 Audio - 197.86 1.02 MPT-2 80 0x0050 PMT - 4.04 0.02 V-me 65 0x0041 MPEG2 Video - 3042.52 15.65 MPT-2 7427 0x1D03 EIT - 28.68 0.15 N/A 64 0x0040 PMT - 4.04 0.02 MPT-2 81 0x0051 MPEG2 Video - 2040.13 10.49 V-me 7426 0x1D02 EIT - 25.49 0.13 N/A 48 0x0030 PMT - 3.93 0.02 MPT-HD 8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 405.07 2.08 N/A 7425 0x1D01 EIT - 25.17 0.13 N/A 7682 0x1E02 ETT - 3.82 0.02 N/A 52 0x0034 AC3 Audio - 394.67 2.03 MPT-HD 8187 0x1FFB MGT - 18.90 0.10 N/A 7681 0x1E01 ETT - 3.82 0.02 N/A 85 0x0055 AC3 Audio - 197.86 1.02 V-me 7424 0x1D00 EIT - 18.90 0.10 N/A 7680 0x1E00 ETT - 3.19 0.02 N/A 84 0x0054 AC3 Audio - 197.86 1.02 V-me 0 0x0000 PAT - 15.82 0.08 N/A 7808 0x1E80 ETT - 0.53 0.00 N/A TELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners Only Duration: 30 Sec, File Size: 76 MB Transponderstream Technical Service File Download for Clients Only Duration: 5 Min, File Size: 744 MB US Transportstream ID 459 Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter Denver Channel 18 Remark Additional Data Services PID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 154 0x009A Data - 91.11 0.46 _Service 9 4609 0x1201 ETT - 8.42 0.04 N/A 49 0x0031 MPEG2 Video - 6899.04 35.11 KRMA-DT 4097 0x1001 EIT - 32.86 0.17 N/A 160 0x00A0 PMT - 3.94 0.02 _Service 10 8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 5270.25 26.82 N/A 4096 0x1000 EIT - 29.87 0.15 N/A 144 0x0090 PMT - 3.94 0.02 _Service 9 81 0x0051 MPEG2 Video - 3293.70 16.76 Create 8187 0x1FFB MGT - 22.41 0.11 N/A 80 0x0050 PMT - 3.94 0.02 Create 65 0x0041 MPEG2 Video - 2917.56 14.85 V-Me 0 0x0000 PAT - 16.97 0.09 N/A 64 0x0040 PMT - 3.94 0.02 V-Me 52 0x0034 AC3 Audio - 466.84 2.38 KRMA-DT 4608 0x1200 ETT - 13.04 0.07 N/A 48 0x0030 PMT - 3.94 0.02 KRMA-DT 84 0x0054 AC3 Audio - 200.02 1.02 Create 170 0x00AA Data - 10.18 0.05 _Service 10 4099 0x1003 EIT - 3.26 0.02 N/A 68 0x0044 AC3 Audio - 200.02 1.02 V-Me 4610 0x1202 ETT - 9.23 0.05 N/A 4098 0x1002 EIT - 2.99 0.02 N/A 69 0x0045 AC3 Audio - 133.34 0.68 V-Me 4611 0x1203 ETT - 8.69 0.04 N/A 5120 0x1400 ETT - 1.09 0.01 N/A TELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners Only Duration: 30 Sec, File Size: 74 MB Transponderstream Technical Service File Download for Clients Only Duration: 5 Min, File Size: 739 MB US Transportstream ID 455 Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter Denver Channel 34 PID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 8187 0x1FFB MGT - 78.96 0.41 N/A 4103 0x1007 EIT - 5.20 0.03 N/A 49 0x0031 MPEG2 Video - 12364.43 63.44 KWGN-DT 0 0x0000 PAT - 18.07 0.09 N/A 4614 0x1206 ETT - 4.70 0.02 N/A 65 0x0041 MPEG2 Video - 3283.25 16.84 THISTV 64 0x0040 PMT - 17.82 0.09 THISTV 4613 0x1205 ETT - 2.72 0.01 N/A 8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 2876.56 14.76 N/A 48 0x0030 PMT - 17.82 0.09 KWGN-DT 4615 0x1207 ETT - 2.23 0.01 N/A 52 0x0034 AC3 Audio - 395.55 2.03 KWGN-DT 4101 0x1005 EIT - 11.14 0.06 N/A 4616 0x1208 ETT - 1.24 0.01 N/A 53 0x0035 AC3 Audio - 198.52 1.02 KWGN-DT 4102 0x1006 EIT - 7.18 0.04 N/A 4607 0x11FF ETT - 0.50 0.00 N/A 68 0x0044 AC3 Audio - 198.27 1.02 THISTV 4104 0x1008 EIT - 6.93 0.04 N/A TELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners Only Duration: 30 Sec, File Size: 76 MB Transponderstream Technical Service File Download for Clients Only Duration: 5 Min, File Size: 740 MB TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 217. TS流:用于测试机顶盒和前端 US Transportstream ID 515 Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter Hartford Channel 35 Remark big null packetPID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 64 0x0040 PMT - 25.04 0.13 NBC+ 5006 0x138E EIT - 1.30 0.01 N/A49 0x0031 MPEG2 Video - 12228.17 63.00 WVIT-HD 48 0x0030 PMT - 25.04 0.13 WVIT-HD 5132 0x140C ETT - 1.14 0.01 N/A8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 3266.54 16.83 N/A 0 0x0000 PAT - 24.98 0.13 N/A 5130 0x140A ETT - 1.14 0.01 N/A8182 0x1FF6 ? - 1841.61 9.49 N/A 5000 0x1388 EIT - 10.73 0.06 N/A 5129 0x1409 ETT - 0.98 0.01 N/A65 0x0041 MPEG2 Video - 1091.77 5.63 NBC+ 5133 0x140D ETT - 3.25 0.02 N/A 5007 0x138F EIT - 0.98 0.01 N/A52 0x0034 AC3 Audio - 395.05 2.04 WVIT-HD 5005 0x138D EIT - 1.95 0.01 N/A 5128 0x1408 ETT - 0.87 0.00 N/A53 0x0035 AC3 Audio - 197.63 1.02 WVIT-HD 5001 0x1389 EIT - 1.79 0.01 N/A 5003 0x138B EIT - 0.81 0.00 N/A68 0x0044 AC3 Audio - 197.58 1.02 NBC+ 5134 0x140E ETT - 1.63 0.01 N/A 5002 0x138A EIT - 0.81 0.00 N/A8187 0x1FFB MGT - 86.65 0.45 N/A 5131 0x140B ETT - 1.30 0.01 N/A 5004 0x138C EIT - 0.54 0.00 N/ATELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners OnlyDuration: 30 Sec, File Size: 74 MB Technical Service File Download for Clients OnlyDuration: 5 Min, File Size: 602 MB US Transportstream ID 1639 Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter Kansas City Channel 24 Remark one channel with high bitratePID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 4101 0x1005 EIT - 7.38 0.04 N/A 4353 0x1101 ETT - 0.41 0.00 N/A49 0x0031 MPEG2 Video - 18493.27 95.49 KCTV 4100 0x1004 EIT - 7.38 0.04 N/A 4099 0x1003 EIT - 0.41 0.00 N/A52 0x0034 AC3 Audio - 394.20 2.04 KCTV 4357 0x1105 ETT - 5.74 0.03 N/A 4098 0x1002 EIT - 0.41 0.00 N/A8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 367.74 1.90 N/A 4103 0x1007 EIT - 5.33 0.03 N/A 4097 0x1001 EIT - 0.41 0.00 N/A8187 0x1FFB MGT - 31.18 0.16 N/A 4102 0x1006 EIT - 4.92 0.03 N/A 4355 0x1103 ETT - 0.21 0.00 N/A48 0x0030 PMT - 14.97 0.08 KCTV 4358 0x1106 ETT - 1.44 0.01 N/A 4354 0x1102 ETT - 0.21 0.00 N/A1 0x0001 CAT - 14.97 0.08 N/A 4359 0x1107 ETT - 0.82 0.00 N/A 4352 0x1100 ETT - 0.21 0.00 N/A0 0x0000 PAT - 14.97 0.08 N/A 4096 0x1000 EIT - 0.62 0.00 N/ATELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners OnlyDuration: 30 Sec, File Size: 76 MB Technical Service File Download for Clients OnlyDuration: 5 Min, File Size: 741 MB US Transportstream ID 2083 Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter Las Vegas Channel 11PID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 8187 0x1FFB MGT - 35.98 0.18 N/A 7683 0x1E03 ETT - 7.77 0.04 N/A49 0x0031 MPEG2 Video - 7803.76 40.09 KLVXHD 7680 0x1E00 ETT - 28.44 0.15 N/A 7684 0x1E04 ETT - 5.71 0.03 N/A65 0x0041 MPEG2 Video - 3571.86 18.35 KLVXSD1 7424 0x1D00 EIT - 24.10 0.12 N/A 7426 0x1D02 EIT - 5.37 0.03 N/A8182 0x1FF6 ? - 2763.31 14.20 N/A 0 0x0000 PAT - 16.79 0.09 N/A 7685 0x1E05 ETT - 5.25 0.03 N/A81 0x0051 MPEG2 Video - 2496.00 12.82 KLVXSD2 128 0x0080 PMT - 15.19 0.08 _Service 8 7686 0x1E06 ETT - 4.57 0.02 N/A2304 0x0900 Private Data - 1038.73 5.34 _Service 6 112 0x0070 PMT - 15.19 0.08 _Service 7 7687 0x1E07 ETT - 4.11 0.02 N/A52 0x0034 AC3 Audio - 394.91 2.03 KLVXHD 64 0x0040 PMT - 15.19 0.08 KLVXSD1 7427 0x1D03 EIT - 3.88 0.02 N/A8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 219.21 1.13 N/A 96 0x0060 PMT - 15.08 0.08 _Service 6 7428 0x1D04 EIT - 3.77 0.02 N/A68 0x0044 AC3 Audio - 198.20 1.02 KLVXSD1 80 0x0050 PMT - 15.08 0.08 KLVXSD2 126 0x007E ? - 3.77 0.02 N/A84 0x0054 AC3 Audio - 197.51 1.01 KLVXSD2 48 0x0030 PMT - 15.08 0.08 KLVXHD 7808 0x1E80 ETT - 2.97 0.02 N/A85 0x0055 AC3 Audio - 132.17 0.68 KLVXSD2 7681 0x1E01 ETT - 14.16 0.07 N/A 7431 0x1D07 EIT - 2.51 0.01 N/A69 0x0045 AC3 Audio - 132.17 0.68 KLVXSD1 122 0x007A Data - 10.05 0.05 _Service 7 7430 0x1D06 EIT - 2.51 0.01 N/A53 0x0035 AC3 Audio - 132.05 0.68 KLVXHD 7682 0x1E02 ETT - 9.37 0.05 N/A 7429 0x1D05 EIT - 2.51 0.01 N/A138 0x008A Data - 90.24 0.46 _Service 8 7425 0x1D01 EIT - 8.22 0.04 N/A 8186 0x1FFA ? - 1.49 0.01 N/ATELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners OnlyDuration: 30 Sec, File Size: 75 MB Technical Service File Download for Clients OnlyDuration: 5 Min, File Size: 741 MB US Transportstream ID 0 Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter Las Vegas Channel 15 High Null Packets, Wrong TS IDPID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 0 0x0000 PAT - 15.84 0.08 N/A 7424 0x1D00 EIT - 3.14 0.02 N/A8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 10779.99 55.30 N/A 7425 0x1D01 EIT - 9.90 0.05 N/A 7681 0x1E01 ETT - 1.49 0.01 N/A49 0x0031 MPEG2 Video - 8444.28 43.32 KELV HD 7427 0x1D03 EIT - 9.41 0.05 N/A 7683 0x1E03 ETT - 0.99 0.01 N/A51 0x0033 AC3 Audio - 198.52 1.02 KELV HD 7426 0x1D02 EIT - 6.27 0.03 N/A 7682 0x1E02 ETT - 0.83 0.00 N/A8187 0x1FFB MGT - 18.81 0.10 N/A 48 0x0030 PMT - 3.96 0.02 KELV HD 7680 0x1E00 ETT - 0.66 0.00 N/ATELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners OnlyDuration: 30 Sec, File Size: 75 MB Technical Service File Download for Clients OnlyDuration: 5 Min, File Size: 747 MB US Transportstream ID 2085 Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter Las Vegas Channel 17 Remark High Null PacketsPID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 7680 0x1E00 ETT - 8.91 0.05 N/A 7425 0x1D01 EIT - 1.98 0.01 N/A8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 9607.46 49.38 N/A 7424 0x1D00 EIT - 5.94 0.03 N/A 7808 0x1E80 ETT - 1.48 0.01 N/A49 0x0031 MPEG2 Video - 9584.70 49.26 KEEN 7681 0x1E01 ETT - 4.62 0.02 N/A 7426 0x1D02 EIT - 1.32 0.01 N/A51 0x0033 AC3 Audio - 198.06 1.02 KEEN 48 0x0030 PMT - 3.79 0.02 KEEN 7427 0x1D03 EIT - 0.99 0.01 N/A0 0x0000 PAT - 16.66 0.09 N/A 7682 0x1E02 ETT - 3.46 0.02 N/A8187 0x1FFB MGT - 16.00 0.08 N/A 7683 0x1E03 ETT - 2.31 0.01 N/ATELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners OnlyDuration: 30 Sec, File Size: 82 MB Technical Service File Download for Clients OnlyDuration: 5 Min, File Size: 742 MB — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 269
  • 218. TRANSPONDER STREAMS US Transportstream ID 1 Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter Las Vegas Channel 28 High Null Packets, Wrong TS ID PID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 483 0x01E3 AC3 Audio - 198.34 1.02 SBN 8147 0x1FD3 EIT - 5.95 0.03 N/A 8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 15042.84 77.13 N/A 8187 0x1FFB MGT - 30.96 0.16 N/A 8146 0x1FD2 EIT - 5.95 0.03 N/A 481 0x01E1 MPEG2 Video - 3979.30 20.40 SBN 480 0x01E0 PMT - 14.87 0.08 SBN 8145 0x1FD1 EIT - 5.95 0.03 N/A 482 0x01E2 AC3 Audio - 198.48 1.02 SBN 0 0x0000 PAT - 14.87 0.08 N/A 8144 0x1FD0 EIT - 5.95 0.03 N/A TELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners Only Duration: 30 Sec, File Size: 75 MB Transponderstream Technical Service File Download for Clients Only Duration: 5 Min, File Size: 728 MB US Transportstream ID 359 Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter Los Angeles Channel 18 Remark Mechanic Channel Names PID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 100 0x0064 AC3 Audio - 133.12 0.68 LA18.4 7808 0x1E80 ETT - 13.63 0.07 N/A 65 0x0041 MPEG2 Video - 2950.49 15.06 LA18.2 68 0x0044 AC3 Audio - 133.12 0.68 LA18.2 7426 0x1D02 EIT - 13.14 0.07 N/A 177 0x00B1 MPEG2 Video - 2525.59 12.89 LA18.9 180 0x00B4 AC3 Audio - 132.87 0.68 LA18.9 7427 0x1D03 EIT - 12.39 0.06 N/A 129 0x0081 MPEG2 Video - 2525.34 12.89 LA18.6 148 0x0094 AC3 Audio - 132.87 0.68 LA18.7 176 0x00B0 PMT - 9.17 0.05 LA18.9 145 0x0091 MPEG2 Video - 2453.95 12.52 LA18.7 132 0x0084 AC3 Audio - 132.87 0.68 LA18.6 160 0x00A0 PMT - 9.17 0.05 LA18.8 161 0x00A1 MPEG2 Video - 1914.02 9.77 LA18.8 84 0x0054 AC3 Audio - 132.87 0.68 LA18.3 144 0x0090 PMT - 9.17 0.05 LA18.7 81 0x0051 MPEG2 Video - 1649.76 8.42 LA18.3 52 0x0034 AC3 Audio - 132.87 0.68 LA18.1 128 0x0080 PMT - 9.17 0.05 LA18.6 113 0x0071 MPEG2 Video - 1582.83 8.08 LA18.5 7424 0x1D00 EIT - 85.77 0.44 N/A 112 0x0070 PMT - 9.17 0.05 LA18.5 97 0x0061 MPEG2 Video - 1260.07 6.43 LA18.4 8187 0x1FFB MGT - 31.24 0.16 N/A 96 0x0060 PMT - 9.17 0.05 LA18.4 49 0x0031 MPEG2 Video - 1020.85 5.21 LA18.1 0 0x0000 PAT - 30.49 0.16 N/A 80 0x0050 PMT - 9.17 0.05 LA18.3 8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 164.36 0.84 N/A 7425 0x1D01 EIT - 28.01 0.14 N/A 64 0x0040 PMT - 9.17 0.05 LA18.2 164 0x00A4 AC3 Audio - 133.12 0.68 LA18.8 7680 0x1E00 ETT - 23.80 0.12 N/A 48 0x0030 PMT - 9.17 0.05 LA18.1 116 0x0074 AC3 Audio - 133.12 0.68 LA18.5 7681 0x1E01 ETT - 18.84 0.10 N/A 7683 0x1E03 ETT - 6.45 0.03 N/A TELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners Only Duration: 30 Sec, File Size: 75 MB Transponderstream Technical Service File Download for Clients Only Duration: 5 Min, File Size: 742 MB US Transportstream ID 325 Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter Los Angeles Channel 24 Remark Identical Channel Names PID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 84 0x0054 AC3 Audio - 201.59 1.02 KBEH-DT 112 0x0070 PMT - 11.66 0.06 KBEH-DT 65 0x0041 MPEG2 Video - 2642.06 13.35 KBEH-DT 68 0x0044 AC3 Audio - 201.59 1.02 KBEH-DT 96 0x0060 PMT - 11.66 0.06 KBEH-DT 145 0x0091 MPEG2 Video - 2336.30 11.80 KBEH-DT 52 0x0034 AC3 Audio - 201.59 1.02 KBEH-DT 80 0x0050 PMT - 11.66 0.06 KBEH-DT 81 0x0051 MPEG2 Video - 2251.67 11.38 KBEH-DT 148 0x0094 AC3 Audio - 200.83 1.01 KBEH-DT 64 0x0040 PMT - 11.66 0.06 KBEH-DT 49 0x0031 MPEG2 Video - 2223.47 11.23 KBEH-DT 116 0x0074 AC3 Audio - 200.83 1.01 KBEH-DT 48 0x0030 PMT - 11.66 0.06 KBEH-DT 129 0x0081 MPEG2 Video - 2115.90 10.69 KBEH-DT 100 0x0064 AC3 Audio - 200.46 1.01 KBEH-DT 5130 0x140A ETT - 10.15 0.05 N/A 257 0x0101 MPEG2 Video - 2105.00 10.64 KBEH-DT 8187 0x1FFB MGT - 55.29 0.28 N/A 5129 0x1409 ETT - 9.78 0.05 N/A 113 0x0071 MPEG2 Video - 1974.49 9.98 KBEH-DT 5000 0x1388 EIT - 45.13 0.23 N/A 5128 0x1408 ETT - 9.78 0.05 N/A 97 0x0061 MPEG2 Video - 1835.34 9.27 KBEH-DT 0 0x0000 PAT - 23.32 0.12 N/A 5001 0x1389 EIT - 9.03 0.05 N/A 8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 400.16 2.02 N/A 256 0x0100 PMT - 11.66 0.06 KBEH-DT 5003 0x138B EIT - 4.51 0.02 N/A 260 0x0104 AC3 Audio - 233.18 1.18 KBEH-DT 144 0x0090 PMT - 11.66 0.06 KBEH-DT 5002 0x138A EIT - 4.51 0.02 N/A 132 0x0084 AC3 Audio - 202.34 1.02 KBEH-DT 128 0x0080 PMT - 11.66 0.06 KBEH-DT TELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners Only Duration: 30 Sec, File Size: 74 MB Transponderstream Technical Service File Download for Clients Only Duration: 5 Min, File Size: 742 MB US Transportstream ID 2011 Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter Newark Channel 13 PID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 85 0x0055 AC3 Audio - 132,48 0,68 WNET-HD 64 0x0040 PMT - 15,18 0,08 V-ME 81 0x0051 MPEG2 Video - 12062,07 61,75 WNET-HD 149 0x0095 Data - 90,50 0,46 _Service 101 48 0x0030 PMT - 14,89 0,08 KIDS 65 0x0041 MPEG2 Video - 2855,28 14,62 V-ME 7680 0x1E00 ETT - 42,57 0,22 N/A 7682 0x1E02 ETT - 12,50 0,06 N/A 49 0x0031 MPEG2 Video - 2486,42 12,73 KIDS 7424 0x1D00 EIT - 35,72 0,18 N/A 7425 0x1D01 EIT - 11,31 0,06 N/A 8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 685,91 3,51 N/A 8187 0x1FFB MGT - 32,15 0,16 N/A 7683 0x1E03 ETT - 7,74 0,04 N/A 84 0x0054 AC3 Audio - 398,03 2,04 WNET-HD 144 0x0090 PMT - 30,37 0,16 101 _Service 7426 0x1D02 EIT - 7,74 0,04 N/A 68 0x0044 AC3 Audio - 198,87 1,02 V-ME 0 0x0000 PAT - 30,07 0,15 N/A 7684 0x1E04 ETT - 6,85 0,04 N/A 52 0x0034 AC3 Audio - 198,87 1,02 KIDS 7681 0x1E01 ETT - 19,35 0,10 N/A 7427 0x1D03 EIT - 5,66 0,03 N/A 86 0x0056 AC3 Audio - 132,78 0,68 WNET-HD 80 0x0050 PMT - 15,18 0,08 NET-HD W 7685 0x1E05 ETT - 5,06 0,03 N/A TELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners Only Duration: 30 Sec, File Size: 74 MB Transponderstream Technical Service File Download for Clients Only Duration: 5 Min, File Size: 716 MB Transponderstreams are available on memory cards or by Internet download www.transponderstream.com270 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 219. TS流:用于测试机顶盒和前端 US TransportStream ID 2015 Recording Ron Roessel Transmitter New York Channel 63 PID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 132 0x0084 AC3 Audio - 103.50 0.53 Azteca 80 0x0050 PMT - 15.04 0.08 CGN-TV49 0x0031 MPEG2 Video - 4004.26 20.62 WMBC DT 116 0x0074 AC3 Audio - 103.50 0.53 NTDTV 48 0x0030 PMT - 15.04 0.08 WMBC DT129 0x0081 MPEG2 Video - 3003.24 15.47 Azteca 100 0x0064 AC3 Audio - 103.50 0.53 SinoVSN 1 0x0001 CAT - 15.04 0.08 N/A113 0x0071 MPEG2 Video - 3003.20 15.47 NTDTV 68 0x0044 AC3 Audio - 103.50 0.53 MBN 4111 0x100F EIT - 7.62 0.04 N/A97 0x0061 MPEG2 Video - 2502.68 12.89 SinoVSN 4110 0x100E EIT - 53.12 0.27 N/A 4117 0x1015 EIT - 2.93 0.02 N/A81 0x0051 MPEG2 Video - 2002.13 10.31 CGN-TV 8187 0x1FFB MGT - 45.62 0.23 N/A 4112 0x1010 EIT - 2.93 0.02 N/A65 0x0041 MPEG2 Video - 2002.13 10.31 MBN 160 0x00A0 PMT - 15.08 0.08 WDNJ 4116 0x1014 EIT - 2.73 0.01 N/A8182 0x1FF6 ? - 921.74 4.75 N/A 112 0x0070 PMT - 15.08 0.08 NTDTV 4114 0x1012 EIT - 2.73 0.01 N/A8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 780.78 4.02 N/A 96 0x0060 PMT - 15.08 0.08 SinoVSN 4113 0x1011 EIT - 2.73 0.01 N/A52 0x0034 AC3 Audio - 197.63 1.02 WMBC DT 64 0x0040 PMT - 15.08 0.08 MBN 4115 0x1013 EIT - 2.54 0.01 N/A84 0x0054 AC3 Audio - 103.54 0.53 CGN-TV 0 0x0000 PAT - 15.08 0.08 N/A 8186 0x1FFA ? - 1.56 0.01 N/A164 0x00A4 AC3 Audio - 103.50 0.53 WDNJ 144 0x0090 PMT - 15.04 0.08 KCBN 4623 0x120F ETT - 0.20 0.00 N/A148 0x0094 AC3 Audio - 103.50 0.53 KCBN 128 0x0080 PMT - 15.04 0.08 AztecaTELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners OnlyDuration: 30 Sec, File Size: 89 MB Technical Service File Download for Clients OnlyDuration: 5 Min, File Size: 729 MB US Transportstream ID 2491 Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter Philadelphia Channel 34 Remark 2 Audio PIDs for 1 VideoPID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 48 0x0030 PMT - 25.08 0.13 WCAU-DT 7427 0x1D03 EIT - 1.11 0.01 N/A49 0x0031 MPEG2 Video - 12865.42 66.17 WCAU-DT 0 0x0000 PAT - 25.08 0.13 N/A 7556 0x1D84 ETT - 1.02 0.01 N/A65 0x0041 MPEG2 Video - 3483.70 17.92 NonStop 7424 0x1D00 EIT - 14.49 0.07 N/A 7558 0x1D86 ETT - 0.93 0.00 N/A8182 0x1FF6 ? - 1830.51 9.41 N/A 7425 0x1D01 EIT - 1.95 0.01 N/A 7554 0x1D82 ETT - 0.84 0.00 N/A52 0x0034 AC3 Audio - 395.90 2.04 WCAU-DT 7559 0x1D87 ETT - 1.49 0.01 N/A 7429 0x1D05 EIT - 0.84 0.00 N/A8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 377.23 1.94 N/A 7557 0x1D85 ETT - 1.49 0.01 N/A 7552 0x1D80 ETT - 0.74 0.00 N/A68 0x0044 AC3 Audio - 197.86 1.02 NonStop 7426 0x1D02 EIT - 1.49 0.01 N/A 7555 0x1D83 ETT - 0.65 0.00 N/A53 0x0035 AC3 Audio - 103.67 0.53 WCAU-DT 7431 0x1D07 EIT - 1.39 0.01 N/A 7553 0x1D81 ETT - 0.65 0.00 N/A8187 0x1FFB MGT - 82.58 0.42 N/A 7430 0x1D06 EIT - 1.11 0.01 N/A64 0x0040 PMT - 25.08 0.13 NonStop 7428 0x1D04 EIT - 1.11 0.01 N/ATELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners OnlyDuration: 30 Sec, File Size: 74 MB Technical Service File Download for Clients OnlyDuration: 5 Min, File Size: 739 MB CN Network Name 1 Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter Beijing Channel 59 Remark encryptedPID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 211 0x00D3 ECM/EMM - 186.35 3.44 N/A 48 0x0030 PMT - 6.84 0.13 DVT174 0x004A MPEG2 Video $ 2391.17 44.15 DVT2 1282 0x0502 ECM/EMM - 14.88 0.27 DVT2 1 0x0001 CAT - 6.82 0.13 N/A58 0x003A MPEG2 Video $ 2390.80 44.14 DVT1 1281 0x0501 ECM/EMM - 14.88 0.27 DVT1 0 0x0000 PAT - 3.71 0.07 N/A75 0x004B MPEG Audio $ 188.09 3.47 DVT2 8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 13.47 0.25 N/A 17 0x0011 SDT - 2.97 0.05 N/A59 0x003B MPEG Audio $ 188.05 3.47 DVT1 64 0x0040 PMT - 6.84 0.13 DVT2 21 0x0015 Network Sync - 1.51 0.03 N/ATELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners OnlyDuration: 30 Sec, File Size: 20 MB Technical Service File Download for Clients OnlyDuration: 5 Min, File Size: 207 MB CN Network Name 65535 Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter Chengdu Channel 40 Remark HDTVPID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 1002 0x03EA MPEG Audio - 189.15 0.90 SCTV 3 T 258 0x0102 PMT - 9.93 0.05 SCTV 1 T1201 0x04B1 H.264 Video - 10291.69 49.22 CCTV HD T 1310 0x051E MPEG Audio - 188.90 0.90 SCTV 1 T 16 0x0010 NIT - 9.93 0.05 N/A1001 0x03E9 H.264 Video - 2605.87 12.46 SCTV 3 T 1308 0x051C PCR - 50.39 0.24 N/A 1 0x0001 CAT - 9.93 0.05 N/A1309 0x051D H.264 Video - 2588.00 12.38 SCTV 5 T 1300 0x0514 PCR - 50.39 0.24 N/A 257 0x0101 PMT - 9.68 0.05 CCTV HD T1301 0x0515 H.264 Video - 2585.77 12.37 SCTV 1 T 1200 0x04B0 PCR - 50.39 0.24 N/A 256 0x0100 PMT - 9.68 0.05 SCTV 3 T8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 1539.50 7.36 N/A 1000 0x03E8 PCR - 50.39 0.24 N/A 0 0x0000 PAT - 9.68 0.05 N/A1202 0x04B2 MPEG Audio - 440.85 2.11 CCTV HD T 17 0x0011 SDT - 18.62 0.09 N/A1302 0x0516 MPEG Audio - 189.15 0.90 SCTV 5 T 259 0x0103 PMT - 9.93 0.05 SCTV 5 TTELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners OnlyDuration: 30 Sec, File Size: 85 MB Technical Service File Download for Clients OnlyDuration: 5 Min, File Size: 807 MB — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 271
  • 220. TRANSPONDER STREAMS CN Network Name 1 Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter Chengdu Channel 60 Remark MPEG2 and MPEG4 PID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 1002 0x03EA MPEG Audio - 138.16 2.55 MOBILE 0 0x0000 PAT - 3.39 0.06 N/A 1001 0x03E9 MPEG2 Video - 2216.28 40.89 MOBILE 1202 0x04B2 MPEG Audio - 69.75 1.29 SCTV-1 1300 0x0514 PMT - 3.32 0.06 CCTV-1 1201 0x04B1 H.264 Video - 888.89 16.40 SCTV-1 1102 0x044E MPEG Audio - 69.75 1.29 CCTV-NEWS 1100 0x044C PMT - 3.32 0.06 CCTV-NEWS 1101 0x044D H.264 Video - 786.84 14.52 CCTV-NEWS 1302 0x0516 MPEG Audio - 34.84 0.64 CCTV-1 1000 0x03E8 PMT - 3.32 0.06 MOBILE 1301 0x0515 H.264 Video - 735.75 13.57 CCTV-1 1200 0x04B0 PMT - 3.39 0.06 SCTV-1 17 0x0011 SDT - 0.78 0.01 N/A 8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 459.00 8.47 N/A 1 0x0001 CAT - 3.39 0.06 N/A 16 0x0010 NIT - 0.14 0.00 N/A TELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners Only Duration: 30 Sec, File Size: 20 MB Transponderstream Technical Service File Download for Clients Only Duration: 5 Min, File Size: 212 MB CN Network Name 3 Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter Chengdu Channel 62 PID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 1042 0x0412 MPEG Audio - 69.92 0.97 CITY 1170 0x0492 PMT - 4.95 0.07 SCTV-4 8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 1502.52 20.77 N/A 1032 0x0408 MPEG Audio - 69.92 0.97 CCTV-6 1150 0x047E PMT - 4.95 0.07 SCTV-3 1041 0x0411 H.264 Video - 1043.40 14.42 CITY 6102 0x17D6 MPEG Audio - 69.76 0.96 CCTV-5 1030 0x0406 PMT - 4.95 0.07 CCTV-6 1171 0x0493 H.264 Video - 992.28 13.71 SCTV-4 6002 0x1772 MPEG Audio - 69.76 0.96 CCTV-3 0 0x0000 PAT - 4.95 0.07 N/A 1031 0x0407 H.264 Video - 941.15 13.01 CCTV-6 1152 0x0480 MPEG Audio - 34.80 0.48 SCTV-3 17 0x0011 SDT - 3.30 0.05 N/A 6101 0x17D5 H.264 Video - 787.79 10.89 CCTV-5 18 0x0012 EIT - 18.14 0.25 N/A 1 0x0001 CAT - 3.30 0.05 N/A 6001 0x1771 H.264 Video - 787.79 10.89 CCTV-3 6000 0x1770 PMT - 5.11 0.07 CCTV-3 16 0x0010 NIT - 0.16 0.00 N/A 1151 0x047F H.264 Video - 736.66 10.18 SCTV-3 1040 0x0410 PMT - 5.11 0.07 CITY 1172 0x0494 MPEG Audio - 69.92 0.97 SCTV-4 6100 0x17D4 PMT - 4.95 0.07 CCTV-5 TELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners Only Duration: 30 Sec, File Size: 27 MB Transponderstream Technical Service File Download for Clients Only Duration: 5 Min, File Size: 281 MB CN Network Name [none] Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter Guangzhou Channel 57 Remark unqualified descriptor PID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 85 0x0055 MPEG Audio - 69.70 0.72 GZ-M3 1 0x0001 CAT - 15.05 0.16 N/A 163 0x00A3 MPEG2 Video - 3079.28 31.92 GZ-M3 81 0x0051 MPEG Audio - 69.70 0.72 _Service 154 17 0x0011 SDT - 2.97 0.03 N/A 512 0x0200 MPEG2 Video - 2772.28 28.74 _Service 1 0 0x0000 PAT - 16.73 0.17 N/A 16 0x0010 NIT - 2.97 0.03 N/A 161 0x00A1 MPEG2 Video - 1950.78 20.22 _Service 154 32 0x0020 PMT - 15.15 0.16 _Service 1 20 0x0014 TOT - 0.20 0.00 N/A 8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 1489.94 15.44 N/A 1027 0x0403 PMT - 15.05 0.16 _Service 154 650 0x028A MPEG Audio - 132.56 1.37 _Service 1 1026 0x0402 PMT - 15.05 0.16 GZ-M3 TELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners Only Duration: 30 Sec, File Size: 39 MB Transponderstream Technical Service File Download for Clients Only Duration: 5 Min, File Size: 372 MB CN Network Name 3 Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter Shanghai Channel 50 Remark video descriptor false PID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 850 0x0352 MPEG Audio - 75.39 0.52 CCTV-NEW 840 0x0348 ECM/EMM - 15.14 0.10 ICS 8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 5683.78 39.37 N/A 833 0x0341 MPEG Audio $ 75.34 0.52 ICS 838 0x0346 ECM/EMM - 15.14 0.10 ICS 801 0x0321 MPEG1 Video $ 2255.69 15.62 MMTV 864 0x0360 PMT - 30.08 0.21 ELECTRONIC BOARD 808 0x0328 ECM/EMM - 15.14 0.10 MMTV 817 0x0331 MPEG1 Video - 1642.36 11.37 MPEG TEST 848 0x0350 PMT - 30.08 0.21 CCTV-NEW 806 0x0326 ECM/EMM - 15.14 0.10 MMTV 834 0x0342 ? $ 1396.46 9.67 N/A 832 0x0340 PMT - 30.08 0.21 ICS 20 0x0014 TOT - 9.91 0.07 N/A 865 0x0361 Video - 1390.71 9.63 ELECTRONIC BOARD 816 0x0330 PMT - 30.08 0.21 MPEG TEST 55 0x0037 ? - 7.53 0.05 N/A 849 0x0351 Video - 1287.93 8.92 CCTV-NEW 800 0x0320 PMT - 30.08 0.21 MMTV 1296 0x0510 ECM/EMM - 2.34 0.02 N/A 818 0x0332 MPEG Audio - 116.39 0.81 MPEG TEST 17 0x0011 SDT - 30.08 0.21 N/A 21 0x0015 Network Sync - 1.49 0.01 N/A 802 0x0322 MPEG Audio $ 116.39 0.81 MMTV 1 0x0001 CAT - 30.08 0.21 N/A 1280 0x0500 ECM/EMM - 0.19 0.00 N/A 866 0x0362 MPEG Audio - 75.40 0.52 ELECTRONIC BOARD 0 0x0000 PAT - 30.08 0.21 N/A TELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners Only Duration: 30 Sec, File Size: 57 MB Transponderstream Technical Service File Download for Clients Only Duration: 5 Min, File Size: 552 MB CN Network Name 脦脿脥漏脡陆路垄脡盲脤篓 Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter Shenzhen Channel 32 PID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 2001 0x07D1 AC3 Audio - 262.33 1.26 SZTV-HD 33 0x0021 PMT - 15.06 0.07 SZTV-3 101 0x0065 H.264 Video - 10428.31 50.15 SZTV-HD 18 0x0012 EIT - 224.23 1.08 N/A 45 0x002D PMT - 15.02 0.07 CCTV-4 104 0x0068 H.264 Video - 2405.08 11.57 SZTV-7 1014 0x03F6 MPEG Audio - 66.10 0.32 CCTV-4 34 0x0022 PMT - 15.02 0.07 SZTV-5 103 0x0067 H.264 Video - 2002.94 9.63 SZTV-5 1013 0x03F5 MPEG Audio - 66.10 0.32 GDTV 32 0x0020 PMT - 15.02 0.07 SZTV-HD 102 0x0066 H.264 Video - 1421.97 6.84 SZTV-3 1004 0x03EC MPEG Audio - 66.10 0.32 SZTV-7 0 0x0000 PAT - 15.02 0.07 N/A 113 0x0071 H.264 Video - 1351.58 6.50 GDTV 1003 0x03EB MPEG Audio - 66.10 0.32 SZTV-5 17 0x0011 SDT - 4.55 0.02 N/A 114 0x0072 H.264 Video - 1105.19 5.31 CCTV-4 1002 0x03EA MPEG Audio - 66.10 0.32 SZTV-3 20 0x0014 TOT - 2.60 0.01 N/A 8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 687.67 3.31 N/A 44 0x002C PMT - 15.06 0.07 GDTV 21 0x0015 Network Sync - 1.52 0.01 N/A 1001 0x03E9 AC3 Audio - 459.03 2.21 SZTV-HD 35 0x0023 PMT - 15.06 0.07 SZTV-7 16 0x0010 NIT - 1.30 0.01 N/A TELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners Only Duration: 30 Sec, File Size: 90 MB Transponderstream Technical Service File Download for Clients Only Duration: 5 Min, File Size: 812 MB TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 221. TS流:用于测试机顶盒和前端 CN Network Name 脦脿脥漏脡陆路垄脡盲脤篓 Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter Shenzhen Channel 50 PID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 1010 0x03F2 MPEG Audio - 66.57 0.69 SZTV-M2 39 0x0027 PMT - 15.06 0.16 CCTV-NEWS108 0x006C H.264 Video - 1653.32 17.10 CCTV-NEWS 1006 0x03EE MPEG Audio - 66.57 0.69 SZTV-2 38 0x0026 PMT - 15.06 0.16 GD110 0x006E H.264 Video - 1572.80 16.26 SZTV-M2 1008 0x03F0 MPEG Audio - 66.39 0.69 CCTV-NEWS 37 0x0025 PMT - 15.06 0.16 SZTV-2105 0x0069 H.264 Video - 1533.57 15.86 SZTV-1 1007 0x03EF MPEG Audio - 66.39 0.69 GD 0 0x0000 PAT - 15.06 0.16 N/A106 0x006A H.264 Video - 1517.57 15.69 SZTV-2 1005 0x03ED MPEG Audio - 66.39 0.69 SZTV-1 17 0x0011 SDT - 4.65 0.05 N/A107 0x006B H.264 Video - 1327.72 13.73 GD 1009 0x03F1 MPEG Audio - 66.20 0.68 SZTV-M1 20 0x0014 TOT - 2.60 0.03 N/A109 0x006D H.264 Video - 1176.53 12.17 SZTV-M1 36 0x0024 PMT - 15.25 0.16 SZTV-1 21 0x0015 Network Sync - 1.49 0.02 N/A8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 189.67 1.96 N/A 41 0x0029 PMT - 15.06 0.16 SZTV-M2 16 0x0010 NIT - 1.30 0.01 N/A18 0x0012 EIT - 185.02 1.91 N/A 40 0x0028 PMT - 15.06 0.16 SZTV-M1TELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners OnlyDuration: 30 Sec, File Size: 38 MB Technical Service File Download for Clients OnlyDuration: 5 Min, File Size: 382 MB CN Network Name 脦脿脥漏脡陆路垄脡盲脤篓 Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter Shenzhen Channel 60 Remark HD onlyPID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 1011 0x03F3 AC3 Audio - 459.43 1.88 CCTV-1 HD 17 0x0011 SDT - 3.97 0.02 N/A112 0x0070 H.264 Video - 11465.37 47.01 CCTV-HD 18 0x0012 EIT - 215.68 0.88 N/A 20 0x0014 TOT - 2.64 0.01 N/A111 0x006F H.264 Video - 10973.21 44.99 CCTV-1 HD 42 0x002A PMT - 15.09 0.06 CCTV-1 HD 16 0x0010 NIT - 1.32 0.01 N/A8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 762.57 3.13 N/A 43 0x002B PMT - 15.04 0.06 CCTV-HD1012 0x03F4 AC3 Audio - 459.43 1.88 CCTV-HD 0 0x0000 PAT - 15.04 0.06 N/ATELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners OnlyDuration: 30 Sec, File Size: 100 MB Technical Service File Download for Clients OnlyDuration: 5 Min, File Size: 950 MB HK Network Name [none] Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter HongKong Channel 30 PID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 812 0x032C AC3 Audio - 197.65 0.91 Jade 17 0x0011 SDT - 2.97 0.01 N/A111 0x006F MPEG2 Video - 5337.54 24.61 Home 163 0x00A3 AC3 Audio - 197.04 0.91 World 846 0x034E DVB Subtitles - 0.77 0.00 Pearl811 0x032B MPEG2 Video - 5206.29 24.00 Jade 112 0x0070 AC3 Audio - 196.99 0.91 Home 845 0x034D DVB Subtitles - 0.77 0.00 Pearl161 0x00A1 MPEG2 Video - 3701.24 17.06 World 162 0x00A2 AC3 Audio - 196.93 0.91 World 817 0x0331 DVB Subtitles - 0.77 0.00 Jade841 0x0349 MPEG2 Video - 3589.95 16.55 Pearl 113 0x0071 AC3 Audio - 196.93 0.91 Home 816 0x0330 DVB Subtitles - 0.77 0.00 Jade8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 1984.21 9.15 N/A 840 0x0348 PMT - 15.06 0.07 Pearl 815 0x032F DVB Subtitles - 0.77 0.00 Jade18 0x0012 EIT - 209.96 0.97 N/A 810 0x032A PMT - 15.06 0.07 Jade 16 0x0010 NIT - 0.27 0.00 N/A843 0x034B AC3 Audio - 197.76 0.91 Pearl 160 0x00A0 PMT - 15.06 0.07 World 20 0x0014 TOT - 0.16 0.00 N/A842 0x034A AC3 Audio - 197.70 0.91 Pearl 110 0x006E PMT - 15.06 0.07 Home813 0x032D AC3 Audio - 197.70 0.91 Jade 0 0x0000 PAT - 15.06 0.07 N/ATELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners OnlyDuration: 30 Sec, File Size: 86 MB Technical Service File Download for Clients OnlyDuration: 5 Min, File Size: 841 MB HK Network Name MFN_TVB Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter HongKong Channel 35 Remark MHEGPID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 823 0x0337 AC3 Audio - 197.41 0.91 J2 21 0x0015 Network Sync - 1.49 0.01 N/A851 0x0353 H.264 Video - 11970.85 55.26 High Definition Jade 822 0x0336 AC3 Audio - 197.41 0.91 J2 17 0x0011 SDT - 0.95 0.00 N/A821 0x0335 H.264 Video - 3698.76 17.07 J2 832 0x0340 AC3 Audio - 133.20 0.61 iNews 16 0x0010 NIT - 0.36 0.00 N/A831 0x033F H.264 Video - 2983.64 13.77 iNews 834 0x0342 AC3 Audio - 100.73 0.47 iNews 20 0x0014 TOT - 0.18 0.00 N/A8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 866.69 4.00 N/A 833 0x0341 AC3 Audio - 100.73 0.47 iNews 857 0x0359 DVB Subtitles - 0.05 0.00 High Definition Jade1001 0x03E9 MHEG - 490.60 2.26 J2 850 0x0352 PMT - 15.04 0.07 High Definition Jade 856 0x0358 DVB Subtitles - 0.05 0.00 High Definition Jade853 0x0355 AC3 Audio - 423.06 1.95 High Definition Jade 830 0x033E PMT - 15.04 0.07 iNews 855 0x0357 DVB Subtitles - 0.05 0.00 High Definition Jade852 0x0354 AC3 Audio - 235.06 1.09 High Definition Jade 820 0x0334 PMT - 15.04 0.07 J2 825 0x0339 DVB Subtitles - 0.05 0.00 J218 0x0012 EIT - 200.74 0.93 N/A 0 0x0000 PAT - 15.04 0.07 N/ATELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners OnlyDuration: 30 Sec, File Size: 90 MB Technical Service File Download for Clients OnlyDuration: 5 Min, File Size: 844 MB — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 273
  • 222. TRANSPONDER STREAMS HK Network Name aTV-SFN Recording TELE-satellite Transmitter HongKong Channel 37PID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 122 0x007A AC3 Audio - 196.90 0.91 Asia 0 0x0000 PAT - 15.06 0.07 N/A121 0x0079 H.264 Video - 14865.22 68.58 Asia 18 0x0012 EIT - 194.28 0.90 N/A 150 0x0096 PMT - 15.02 0.07 CCTV-1151 0x0097 H.264 Video - 1553.23 7.17 CCTV-1 132 0x0084 AC3 Audio - 100.86 0.47 TVS 120 0x0078 PMT - 15.02 0.07 Asia131 0x0083 H.264 Video - 1553.23 7.17 TVS 172 0x00AC AC3 Audio - 100.82 0.47 SZTV 17 0x0011 SDT - 2.28 0.01 N/A171 0x00AB H.264 Video - 1553.18 7.17 SZTV 152 0x0098 AC3 Audio - 100.77 0.46 CCTV-1 21 0x0015 Network Sync - 1.51 0.01 N/A8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 982.23 4.53 N/A 170 0x00AA PMT - 15.06 0.07 SZTV 16 0x0010 NIT - 1.16 0.01 N/A123 0x007B AC3 Audio - 393.76 1.82 Asia 130 0x0082 PMT - 15.06 0.07 TVS 20 0x0014 TOT - 0.09 0.00 N/ATELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners OnlyDuration: 30 Sec, File Size: 94 MB Technical Service File Download for Clients OnlyDuration: 5 Min, File Size: 843 MB PTPortugal PT Network Name Cabo Porto Recording Vitor Martins Augusto Transmitter Porto Channel 48 PID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 6288 0x1890 MPEG2 Video - 1766.40 4.64 Rússia 24 6289 0x1891 MPEG Audio - 131.63 0.35 Rússia 246256 0x1870 MPEG2 Video - 3772.57 9.91 BNT World 8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 1509.76 3.97 N/A 6241 0x1861 MPEG Audio - 131.63 0.35 RTR-Planeta6176 0x1820 MPEG2 Video - 3304.36 8.68 Deutsche Welle 817 0x0331 PMT - 297.58 0.78 _Service 4 6209 0x1841 MPEG Audio - 131.63 0.35 Phoenix CNE6192 0x1830 MPEG2 Video - 3283.63 8.63 Inter+ 7563 0x1D8B MPEG Audio - 263.44 0.69 Aljazeera 6305 0x18A1 MPEG Audio - 101.98 0.27 Eurosport 26304 0x18A0 MPEG2 Video - 3203.01 8.42 Eurosport 2 6177 0x1821 MPEG Audio - 203.87 0.54 Deutsche Welle 6225 0x1851 MPEG Audio - 73.24 0.19 Phoenix Infonews7562 0x1D8A MPEG2 Video - 3151.46 8.28 Aljazeera 18 0x0012 EIT - 198.70 0.52 N/A 17 0x0011 SDT - 55.15 0.14 N/A6352 0x18D0 MPEG2 Video - 3000.76 7.89 RAI News 6257 0x1871 MPEG Audio - 198.66 0.52 BNT World 0 0x0000 PAT - 37.52 0.10 N/A6208 0x1840 MPEG2 Video - 2823.47 7.42 Phoenix CNE 33 0x0021 Private Sections - 198.07 0.52 N/A 1 0x0001 CAT - 24.74 0.07 N/A6240 0x1860 MPEG2 Video - 2621.93 6.89 RTR-Planeta 6353 0x18D1 MPEG Audio - 196.90 0.52 RAI News 16 0x0010 NIT - 21.59 0.06 N/A6160 0x1810 MPEG2 Video - 2537.14 6.67 Cubavisión Internacional 6161 0x1811 MPEG Audio - 138.06 0.36 Cubavisión Internacional 20 0x0014 TOT - 2.70 0.01 N/A6272 0x1880 MPEG2 Video - 2325.39 6.11 TVR International 6193 0x1831 MPEG Audio - 138.02 0.36 Inter+6224 0x1850 MPEG2 Video - 2078.96 5.46 Phoenix Infonews 6273 0x1881 MPEG Audio - 132.39 0.35 TVR InternationalTELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners OnlyDuration: 1 Min, File Size: 286 MB Technical Service File Download for Clients OnlyDuration: 5 Min, File Size: 1425 MB PT Network Name Cabo Porto Recording Vitor Martins Augusto Transmitter Porto Channel 54 Remark Nagravision 3PID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 8144 0x1FD0 Private Sections - 200.03 0.53 N/A 6760 0x1A68 Data - 100.02 0.26 Canal de Teste5184 0x1440 MPEG2 Video $ 5827.72 15.32 TVI 8096 0x1FA0 Private Sections - 200.01 0.53 N/A 119 0x0077 ECM/EMM - 92.30 0.24 N/A7968 0x1F20 MPEG2 Video $ 4930.85 12.97 SIC Notícias 5185 0x1441 MPEG Audio $ 198.53 0.52 TVI 17 0x0011 SDT - 56.40 0.15 N/A5168 0x1430 MPEG2 Video $ 3740.60 9.84 SIC 5233 0x1471 MPEG Audio $ 198.51 0.52 Canal Panda 217 0x00D9 ? - 56.30 0.15 N/A7210 0x1C2A MPEG2 Video $ 3603.73 9.48 RTP Informação 5169 0x1431 MPEG Audio $ 198.51 0.52 SIC 0 0x0000 PAT - 37.51 0.10 N/A5152 0x1420 MPEG2 Video $ 3562.78 9.37 RTP 2 5153 0x1421 MPEG Audio $ 198.51 0.52 RTP 2 1 0x0001 CAT - 24.70 0.06 N/A8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 3027.04 7.96 N/A 5137 0x1411 MPEG Audio $ 198.51 0.52 RTP 1 16 0x0010 NIT - 21.76 0.06 N/A5136 0x1410 MPEG2 Video $ 2988.99 7.86 RTP 1 7969 0x1F21 MPEG Audio $ 198.48 0.52 SIC Notícias 1193 0x04A9 ECM/EMM - 15.05 0.04 Panda Biggs5232 0x1470 MPEG2 Video $ 2266.82 5.96 Canal Panda 7649 0x1DE1 MPEG Audio $ 198.48 0.52 Panda Biggs 1166 0x048E ECM/EMM - 15.05 0.04 RTP Informação7648 0x1DE0 MPEG2 Video $ 2087.22 5.49 Panda Biggs 7211 0x1C2B MPEG Audio $ 198.48 0.52 RTP Informação 1017 0x03F9 ECM/EMM - 15.05 0.04 SIC Notícias18 0x0012 EIT - 696.07 1.83 N/A 33 0x0021 Private Sections - 198.18 0.52 N/A 1006 0x03EE ECM/EMM - 15.05 0.04 Canal Panda6743 0x1A57 ? - 350.08 0.92 N/A 5280 0x14A0 MPEG2 Video - 195.96 0.52 Canal de Teste 1003 0x03EB ECM/EMM - 15.05 0.04 TVI6772 0x1A74 Data - 300.07 0.79 DSMCC - IPPV 5138 0x1412 Teletext - 188.10 0.49 RTP 1 1002 0x03EA ECM/EMM - 15.05 0.04 SIC817 0x0331 PMT - 297.25 0.78 Canal de Teste 6776 0x1A78 Data - 170.04 0.45 DSMCC - RADIOS 1001 0x03E9 ECM/EMM - 15.05 0.04 RTP 25186 0x1442 Teletext - 263.26 0.69 TVI 8162 0x1FE2 Private Sections - 150.02 0.39 N/A 1000 0x03E8 ECM/EMM - 15.05 0.04 RTP 15170 0x1432 Teletext - 225.63 0.59 SIC 8128 0x1FC0 Private Sections - 150.02 0.39 N/A 216 0x00D8 ? - 8.38 0.02 N/A8160 0x1FE0 Private Sections - 200.03 0.53 N/A 8176 0x1FF0 Private Sections - 100.02 0.26 N/A 20 0x0014 TOT - 2.74 0.01 N/ATELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners OnlyDuration: 1 Min, File Size: 273 MB Technical Service File Download for Clients OnlyDuration: 5 Min, File Size: 1401 MB TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  • 223. TS流:用于测试机顶盒和前端DVB-Ssatellite9°EEUROBIRD 9°E Network Name Skylogic Recording Thomas Haring Transmitter EUROBIRD 11.823HPID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 5634 0x1602 MPEG Audio $ 132.39 0.35 Lifestyle 5632 0x1600 PMT - 5.01 0.01 Lifestyle1701 0x06A5 H.264 Video - 11406.99 29.99 3D SAT TV 5122 0x1402 MPEG Audio $ 132.39 0.35 TVB_Junior 5376 0x1500 PMT - 5.01 0.01 TVB_Premium_Drama5633 0x1601 MPEG2 Video $ 3605.94 9.48 Lifestyle 4611 0x1203 MPEG Audio $ 132.39 0.35 TVBS_Europe 5120 0x1400 PMT - 5.01 0.01 TVB_Junior4865 0x1301 MPEG2 Video $ 3070.46 8.07 TVBN 5378 0x1502 MPEG Audio $ 132.36 0.35 TVB_Premium_Drama 4864 0x1300 PMT - 5.01 0.01 TVBN4609 0x1201 MPEG2 Video $ 2822.57 7.42 TVBS_Europe 4866 0x1302 MPEG Audio $ 132.36 0.35 TVBN 4608 0x1200 PMT - 5.01 0.01 TVBS_Europe1841 0x0731 MPEG2 Video $ 2725.62 7.17 S2K 4610 0x1202 MPEG Audio $ 132.36 0.35 TVBS_Europe 2200 0x0898 PMT - 5.01 0.01 BCC TEST5377 0x1501 MPEG2 Video $ 2585.26 6.80 TVB_Premium_Drama 1843 0x0733 MPEG Audio $ 98.68 0.26 S2K 2100 0x0834 PMT - 5.01 0.01 BCC TV 1 and 21801 0x0709 MPEG2 Video - 2412.11 6.34 SMtv San Marino 1842 0x0732 MPEG Audio $ 98.66 0.26 S2K 2000 0x07D0 PMT - 5.01 0.01 BCC TV 25121 0x1401 MPEG2 Video $ 2326.55 6.12 TVB_Junior 601 0x0259 ECM/EMM - 15.04 0.04 RTHK 1900 0x076C PMT - 5.01 0.01 BCC TV 12001 0x07D1 Data $ 1691.88 4.45 BCC TV 2 501 0x01F5 ECM/EMM - 15.04 0.04 Lifestyle 1800 0x0708 PMT - 5.01 0.01 SMtv San Marino1901 0x076D Data $ 1268.79 3.34 BCC TV 1 401 0x0191 ECM/EMM - 15.04 0.04 TVB_Premium_Drama 1700 0x06A4 PMT - 5.01 0.01 3D SAT TV2201 0x0899 Data $ 1057.40 2.78 BCC TEST 301 0x012D ECM/EMM - 15.04 0.04 TVB_Junior 1571 0x0623 PMT - 5.01 0.01 Ecoradio8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 597.27 1.57 N/A 201 0x00C9 ECM/EMM - 15.04 0.04 TVBN 1561 0x0619 PMT - 5.01 0.01 Millennium Radio1550 0x060E MPEG Audio - 200.65 0.53 Radio Studio 7 101 0x0065 ECM/EMM - 15.04 0.04 TVBS_Europe 1551 0x060F PMT - 5.01 0.01 Radio Studio 71702 0x06A6 MPEG Audio - 198.58 0.52 3D SAT TV 504 0x01F8 ECM/EMM - 14.88 0.04 BCC TEST 1541 0x0605 PMT - 5.01 0.01 Radio CRC1802 0x070A MPEG Audio - 137.94 0.36 SMtv San Marino 503 0x01F7 ECM/EMM - 14.88 0.04 BCC TV 1 and 2 32 0x0020 PMT - 5.01 0.01 S2K5890 0x1702 MPEG Audio $ 135.87 0.36 RTHK 502 0x01F6 ECM/EMM - 14.88 0.04 BCC TV 2 0 0x0000 PAT - 5.01 0.01 N/A1570 0x0622 MPEG Audio - 135.87 0.36 Ecoradio 500 0x01F4 ECM/EMM - 14.88 0.04 BCC TV 1 16 0x0010 NIT - 3.01 0.01 N/A1560 0x0618 MPEG Audio - 135.87 0.36 Millennium Radio 17 0x0011 SDT - 10.01 0.03 N/A 1 0x0001 CAT - 3.01 0.01 N/A1540 0x0604 MPEG Audio - 135.85 0.36 Radio CRC 240 0x00F0 ECM/EMM - 5.06 0.01 N/A 1844 0x0734 Private Data $ 1.51 0.00 S2K5635 0x1603 MPEG Audio $ 132.39 0.35 Lifestyle 5888 0x1700 PMT - 5.01 0.01 RTHK 20 0x0014 TOT - 0.11 0.00 N/ATELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners OnlyDuration: 30 Sec, File Size: 145 MB Technical Service File Download for Clients OnlyDuration: 5 Min, File Size: 1429 MB 9°E Network Name BSS LIEDEKERKE Recording Thomas Haring Transmitter EUROBIRD 11.843VPID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 3015 0x0BC7 MPEG Audio - 132.62 0.35 LUXE. TV HD 3010 0x0BC2 PMT - 3.17 0.01 LUXE. TV HD2511 0x09CF H.264 Video - 8001.68 21.04 TRACE TROPICAL HD 3013 0x0BC5 MPEG Audio - 132.62 0.35 LUXE. TV HD 2510 0x09CE PMT - 3.17 0.01 TRACE TROPICAL HD3011 0x0BC3 H.264 Video - 5134.35 13.50 LUXE. TV HD 2504 0x09C8 MPEG Audio - 132.33 0.35 EUROSPORT 2 BL 704 0x02C0 PMT - 3.17 0.01 DENGE RADIO8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 4596.79 12.09 N/A 768 0x0300 MPEG Audio - 118.39 0.31 DENGE RADIO 410 0x019A PMT - 3.17 0.01 NEWROZ TV2500 0x09C4 MPEG2 Video $ 4300.86 11.31 EUROSPORT 2 BL 2052 0x0804 MPEG Audio - 116.40 0.31 BSS 0 0x0000 PAT - 3.17 0.01 N/A2051 0x0803 MPEG2 Video - 3992.95 10.50 BSS 712 0x02C8 MPEG Audio - 116.40 0.31 MESOPOTAMIA TV 2050 0x0802 PMT - 3.16 0.01 BSS711 0x02C7 MPEG2 Video - 3468.58 9.12 MESOPOTAMIA TV 702 0x02BE MPEG Audio - 116.40 0.31 ROJ TV 710 0x02C6 PMT - 3.16 0.01 MESOPOTAMIA TV701 0x02BD MPEG2 Video - 3205.81 8.43 ROJ TV 412 0x019C MPEG Audio - 116.40 0.31 NEWROZ TV 700 0x02BC PMT - 3.16 0.01 ROJ TV411 0x019B MPEG2 Video - 3055.43 8.04 NEWROZ TV 2502 0x09C6 MPEG Audio $ 100.29 0.26 EUROSPORT 2 BL 1 0x0001 CAT - 3.16 0.01 N/A2512 0x09D0 MPEG Audio - 198.49 0.52 TRACE TROPICAL HD 2501 0x09C5 MPEG Audio $ 100.29 0.26 EUROSPORT 2 BL 17 0x0011 SDT - 1.58 0.00 N/A3014 0x0BC6 MPEG Audio - 165.32 0.43 LUXE. TV HD 2508 0x09CC Teletext - 75.22 0.20 EUROSPORT 2 BL 2509 0x09CD Private Sections - 1.51 0.00 N/A2503 0x09C7 MPEG Audio - 164.53 0.43 EUROSPORT 2 BL 33 0x0021 ECM/EMM - 15.83 0.04 EUROSPORT 2 BL 16 0x0010 NIT - 0.32 0.00 N/A3018 0x0BCA MPEG Audio - 132.62 0.35 LUXE. TV HD 32 0x0020 ECM/EMM - 15.83 0.04 EUROSPORT 2 BL 20 0x0014 TOT - 0.19 0.00 N/A3017 0x0BC9 MPEG Audio - 132.62 0.35 LUXE. TV HD 18 0x0012 EIT - 12.66 0.03 N/A3016 0x0BC8 MPEG Audio - 132.62 0.35 LUXE. TV HD 500 0x01F4 PMT - 6.34 0.02 EUROSPORT 2 BLTELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners OnlyDuration: 30 Sec, File Size: 148 MB Technical Service File Download for Clients OnlyDuration: 5 Min, File Size: 1431 MB 9°E Network Name E.B.9 NMX Recording Thomas Haring Transmitter EUROBIRD 11.919VPID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 4011 0x0FAB MPEG Audio $ 198.50 0.37 FOX HD 119 0x0077 ECM/EMM - 15.09 0.03 National Geographic HD8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 9324.02 17.51 N/A 1000 0x03E8 ECM/EMM - 98.30 0.18 N/A 121 0x0079 ECM/EMM - 15.07 0.03 National Geographic HD2010 0x07DA H.264 Video $ 8202.59 15.40 National Geographic HD 18 0x0012 EIT - 85.39 0.16 N/A 118 0x0076 ECM/EMM - 15.07 0.03 FOX HD2011 0x07DB H.264 Video $ 8002.47 15.03 FOX HD 501 0x01F5 ECM/EMM - 78.33 0.15 N/A 117 0x0075 ECM/EMM - 15.07 0.03 MEZZO HD2001 0x07D1 H.264 Video - 7302.32 13.71 FTV HD 4001 0x0FA1 MPEG Audio - 73.14 0.14 FTV HD 112 0x0070 ECM/EMM - 15.07 0.03 Duck TV HD2007 0x07D7 H.264 Video $ 6567.28 12.33 MEZZO HD 16 0x0010 NIT - 25.08 0.05 N/A 108 0x006C ECM/EMM - 15.07 0.03 Duck TV HD2002 0x07D2 H.264 Video $ 5414.85 10.17 iConcerts 1 0x0001 CAT - 25.06 0.05 N/A 131 0x0083 ECM/EMM - 15.05 0.03 iConcerts2006 0x07D6 H.264 Video $ 4501.45 8.45 Duck TV HD 0 0x0000 PAT - 25.06 0.05 N/A 114 0x0072 ECM/EMM - 15.05 0.03 Penthouse HD3006 0x0BBE MPEG Audio $ 397.01 0.75 Duck TV HD 1011 0x03F3 PMT - 24.26 0.05 FOX HD 133 0x0085 ECM/EMM - 15.04 0.03 Penthouse HD3001 0x0BB9 MPEG Audio - 397.01 0.75 FTV HD 1010 0x03F2 PMT - 24.26 0.05 National Geographic HD 120 0x0078 ECM/EMM - 15.04 0.03 FOX HD5011 0x1393 AC3 Audio $ 394.92 0.74 FOX HD 1008 0x03F0 PMT - 24.26 0.05 Penthouse HD 115 0x0073 ECM/EMM - 15.04 0.03 Penthouse HD4010 0x0FAA AC3 Audio $ 394.92 0.74 National Geographic HD 1007 0x03EF PMT - 24.26 0.05 MEZZO HD 100 0x0064 ECM/EMM - 7.57 0.01 MEZZO HD3010 0x0BC2 AC3 Audio $ 394.92 0.74 National Geographic HD 1006 0x03EE PMT - 24.26 0.05 Duck TV HD 101 0x0065 ECM/EMM - 7.55 0.01 MEZZO HD3007 0x0BBF MPEG Audio $ 266.41 0.50 MEZZO HD 1002 0x03EA PMT - 24.26 0.05 iConcerts 103 0x0067 ECM/EMM - 7.53 0.01 iConcerts3002 0x0BBA MPEG Audio $ 266.41 0.50 iConcerts 1001 0x03E9 PMT - 24.26 0.05 FTV HD 102 0x0066 ECM/EMM - 7.53 0.01 iConcerts502 0x01F6 ECM/EMM - 211.56 0.40 N/A 116 0x0074 ECM/EMM - 15.10 0.03 MEZZO HD 17 0x0011 SDT - 6.02 0.01 N/A3011 0x0BC3 MPEG Audio $ 198.51 0.37 FOX HD 132 0x0084 ECM/EMM - 15.09 0.03 MEZZO HD 20 0x0014 TOT - 0.13 0.00 N/ATELE-satellite Technical Service File Download for TELE-satellite Cooperation Partners OnlyDuration: 30 Sec, File Size: 148 MB Technical Service File Download for Clients OnlyDuration: 5 Min, File Size: 1431 MB — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 275
  • 224. TRANSPONDER STREAMS 9°E Network Name E.B.9 NMX Recording Thomas Haring Transmitter EUROBIRD 11.938H PID Hex PID Stream Type Encrypted kbps % Service Name 1102 0x044E MPEG Audio - 132.36 0.35 PTV 1570 0x0622 PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Bucarest 4331 0x10EB MPEG2 Video $ 4105.59 10.79 RAI Africa 1101 0x044D MPEG Audio $ 132.36 0.35 Walf TV 1569 0x0621 PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Lisbonne 1026 0x0402 MPEG2 Video $ 3659.23 9.62 Disney Channel ME 1321 0x0529 MPEG Audio - 132.33 0.35 Ayngaran TV 1568 0x0620 PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Sofia 1011 0x03F3 MPEG1 Video - 2862.23 7.53 CCTV9 DOCUMENTARY 1109 0x0455 MPEG Audio - 132.33 0.35 Africa 7 1567 0x061F PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Bakou 1005 0x03ED MPEG2 Video - 2759.03 7.25 NET 25 INTERNATIONAL 1103 0x044F MPEG Audio - 132.33 0.35 JSTV 1566 0x061E PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Tbilissi 1003 0x03EB MPEG2 Video - 2327.30 6.12 JSTV 1111 0x0457 MPEG Audio - 131.57 0.35 CCTV9 DOCUMENTARY 1565 0x061D PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Prague 1004 0x03EC MPEG2 Video $ 2215.43 5.82 TFM Senegal 1605 0x0645 MPEG Audio - 69.66 0.18 RFI Divers 1 1564 0x061C PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Germany 1221 0x04C5 MPEG2 Video - 2105.53 5.54 Ayngaran TV 8190 0x1FFE PCR - 44.25 0.12 CCTV9 DOCUMENTARY 1563 0x061B PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Americas 5 1231 0x04CF MPEG2 Video - 1941.20 5.10 Jaya TV 1029 0x0405 PCR - 39.37 0.10 N/A 1562 0x061A PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Music 1211 0x04BB MPEG2 Video - 1649.68 4.34 Touba Medias 18 0x0012 EIT - 25.40 0.07 N/A 1561 0x0619 PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Divers 4 1002 0x03EA MPEG2 Video - 1498.68 3.94 PTV 8000 0x1F40 ECM/EMM - 15.83 0.04 RAI Africa 1560 0x0618 PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Divers 3 1007 0x03EF MPEG2 Video - 1437.95 3.78 YAARL TV 1511 0x05E7 ECM/EMM - 15.83 0.04 Walf TV 1559 0x0617 PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Latine 601 0x0259 Data - 1426.52 3.75 PMI Streaming W3 971 0x03CB ECM/EMM - 15.83 0.04 TFM Senegal 1558 0x0616 PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Rmc Mo 1001 0x03E9 MPEG2 Video $ 1390.50 3.66 Walf TV 961 0x03C1 ECM/EMM - 15.83 0.04 Walf TV 1557 0x0615 PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Divers 7 1008 0x03F0 MPEG2 Video - 1159.79 3.05 KURD1 126 0x007E PMT - 15.83 0.04 Disney Channel ME 1556 0x0614 PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Divers 2 8191 0x1FFF Null Packets - 1027.15 2.70 N/A 0 0x0000 PAT - 15.83 0.04 N/A 1555 0x0613 PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Divers 1 1009 0x03F1 MPEG2 Video - 926.76 2.44 Africa 7 17 0x0011 SDT - 15.71 0.04 N/A 1554 0x0612 PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Afrique 600 0x0258 Data - 200.91 0.53 PMI File W3 1130 0x046A DVB Subtitles - 13.73 0.04 Disney Channel ME 1553 0x0611 PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Langues Div 1154 0x0482 MPEG Audio $ 200.65 0.53 RFM 500 0x01F4 PMT - 7.94 0.02 PMI File W3 1552 0x0610 PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Langues Est 1127 0x0467 MPEG Audio $ 198.55 0.52 Disney Channel ME 111 0x006F PMT - 7.94 0.02 CCTV9 DOCUMENTARY 1551 0x060F PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Français 1129 0x0469 MPEG Audio $ 198.52 0.52 Disney Channel ME 102 0x0066 PMT - 7.94 0.02 PTV 501 0x01F5 PMT - 7.91 0.02 PMI Streaming W3 4332 0x10EC MPEG Audio $ 196.81 0.52 RAI Africa 1599 0x063F PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Test 151 0x0097 PMT - 7.91 0.02 Walf 2 1128 0x0468 MPEG Audio $ 196.81 0.52 Disney Channel ME 1592 0x0638 PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Skopje 150 0x0096 PMT - 7.91 0.02 Walf 1 1126 0x0466 MPEG Audio $ 196.81 0.52 Disney Channel ME 1591 0x0637 PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Anik 123 0x007B PMT - 7.91 0.02 Jaya TV 1150 0x047E MPEG Audio $ 135.88 0.36 Walf 1 1589 0x0635 PMT - 7.91 0.02 RFI Barcelona 122 0x007A PMT -