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Session from Contact Center Spring 2012 Conference & Expo, which took place in Orlando, FL, 4/23 – 4/26/12. John MacDaniel, Telerx’s Sr. Director, Voice of the Customer, discusses how to leverage …

Session from Contact Center Spring 2012 Conference & Expo, which took place in Orlando, FL, 4/23 – 4/26/12. John MacDaniel, Telerx’s Sr. Director, Voice of the Customer, discusses how to leverage contact center best practices and apply them to social media, and how by doing so, you prepare your contact center to take a leading role in managing social media monitoring and engagement efforts.

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  • 1. Managing Social MediaWithin Your Contact Center
  • 2. Confidential & Proprietary♦ The Landscape – How Can a Contact Center Help?♦ Selecting the Social CSR♦ Social Workforce Management♦ Social Training♦ Metrics the Contact Center CanProvide Workflow♦ Managing the Social Queue♦ Keyword DevelopmentAgenda
  • 3. Confidential & @JohnMacD1
  • 4. Confidential & ProprietarySo…How Cana ContactCenter Help?The Landscape
  • 5. Confidential & Proprietary♦Engagement• How do I improvecustomer engagementwith social media?♦Measurement:• How do I measure theeffect of socialmarketing on mybusiness?Customer Service IS the New MarketingRCUSTOMEAESERVCR K E T I N GSM Examiner-Industry Report-2011
  • 6. Confidential & ProprietaryConsumer Services…Gotta Grab a Bat!Social Media Mktg Spend - Forrester
  • 7. Confidential & Proprietary7Who is Monitoring?Photo:
  • 8. Confidential & ProprietaryPaidSM ToolsFreeSM ToolsQueryDevelopmentSocialMediaSocial CSRReportingAnalysisCodingEngagementCSRConsumerMarketingCustomerServicePhoneEmailChatMailTrainingWho in the Contact Center is Monitoring andEngaging via Social Media?Escalate
  • 9. Confidential & Proprietary♦ Experience & Knowledge• Personal SM Usage• Customer Service• Industry♦Skills• Computer• Writing• Typing♦ Talents• Pop Culture Interest• Critical Thinking & Common Sense• Problem Solving• Desire to Assist• Drive to Take Responsibility & Be AccountableCompetencies of the Social CSRTalentsSkillsExperience&Knowledge
  • 10. Confidential & Proprietary♦ Volume♦ Posts Per Hour (PPH)♦ Hours of Operation♦ Sweeps or Near Real-Time♦ Outage♦ MiscellaneousStaffing – FTE Calculation
  • 11. Confidential & Proprietary♦ Social Media 101 – Introduction♦ Technology♦ Keyword Development♦ Running Reports♦ Analyzing Trends♦ Identifying Relevant Intell♦ Insights♦ Engagement Process – Rules of Engagement♦ Engagement Quality – Social Customer ServiceTraining
  • 12. Confidential & ProprietaryMetricsInternal:To Manage the BusinessExternal: To Report RelevantIntel to Stakeholders
  • 13. Confidential & Proprietary13Build Metrics to Support Specific ObjectivesOBJECTIVESInnovationCustomerExperienceCampaignManagementSales/Lead GenBrandHealthEfficiencies/Costs
  • 14. Confidential & Proprietary♦ Service level – Speed of Answer• Red – Within 1 hour• Yellow – Within 24 hours• Green – Within 48 hours♦ First Post Resolution (FPR)♦ Positive Acknowledgement Response (PAR)♦ Service Sentiment♦ Content Correct – Yes/No♦ Tone of Response Appropriate – Yes/No♦ Voice of the Brand Represented – Yes/No♦ Support Brand Messaging – Yes/Nofor Improved Customer ExperienceQuality and Productivity Metrics
  • 15. Confidential & ProprietaryGet Beyond Traditional SocialMedia Metrics…Workflow…Leverage YourCRM Hierarchy
  • 16. Confidential & ProprietaryScreenshot from Radian6 Engagement ConsoleWorkflow
  • 17. Confidential & Proprietary♦ Insights & Analysis♦ Trending♦ Influencers♦ Hot Topics♦ Breaking Topics♦ Competitor information♦ Cross Channel Implications♦ Cross Channel Consumer Data♦ Action Items & Recommendations♦ Engagement Opportunities♦ Web AnalyticsReporting
  • 18. Confidential & ProprietaryManaging the Social QueuePHONE, CHAT, EMAILSOCIAL
  • 19. Confidential & ProprietaryBeyond the Branded Pages & AccountsKeyword Development
  • 20. Confidential & ProprietaryWhat Can You do?“The goal isn’t to be good atsocial media, the goal is to begood at business.”- Jay Bear
  • 21. Confidential & ProprietaryJohn MacDaniel@JohnMacD1267.942.3326Thank you forattending this session.Please fill out an evaluation form.