How to do a foot massage

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How to do a foot massage …

How to do a foot massage
Learn at last how to do a nice foot massage. Everybody can do it. Its easy, fun and you can train with your partner any time.

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  • 1. How to do a foot massage Foot reflexology have an important role into thenervous system. Each of the nerves of the feet - and there are thousands - are connected to any other relevant part of the body. Now, knowing this, we can take advantage of the positive effects that massage the feet can bring in, besides the great relaxation. You'll notice that many people - no exaggeration - get to sleep when they have their feet massaged. So let's learn how to make a really nice massage and can easily be performed at home. Please have fluffy towels, massage oil and tissue, where the oil spill. Before starting the massage wash the feet of the person to be massaged with warm water and dry thoroughly. So tight - do not smoothly, as some people have tickled - Spread oil on the foot. When you finish the massage on one foot, gently wrap it in towel (can be pre-heated) and let it rest. While this begins to work the other leg, doing the same movements and involving it in another towel to end the massage. Pressing the soles toes Stretching Using the thumb Hold the foot with your hand with the palm of the hand, Work on the entire sole and press left, press with the fingers of the foot with both strength, the joints of the feet and hold back - thumbs at the same fingers of right hand in this position - count to time and covering the whole of the sole of the foot. Rub the sole of the foot in motion with small circular Repeat this movement and press the circular motion over 3 times. This is really hard. act on the entire sole of the foot helps stretch. toes. Among the instep tendons Ending With your thumbs on the top of the foot and hold the foot between its circular movements, divided by two tendons rub hands and imagine that the upper reach of each finger.
  • 2. Your hands are the leg, do not apply much support the foot in one of transferring energy to pressure, this is an are a and hands with the thumb of the foot. more sensitive. other hand placed between then, slowly, When you are the tendons, slide it in your hands in the slip next to avoid heel toward the toes toward the toes massaging the bone, feet from the heel until your fingers just slide your hand, make this move your fingers touching the fingers lightly over the separation between the foot. At this time take a heel bone. tendons. long pause and stay in this position just touching the tips of your fingers, then slide your hand up losing contact with the foot. FOOT MASSAGE 1. A fist of one hand and hold firmly with the other person's foot. With the knuckles massage the entire sole, circular motion, including the heel, 2. Then, the sole work with your thumbs in small circles - slowly and carefully 3. Also using the thumbs massage the instep ... to get around the ankle using the fingertips . I circle around the ankle bone several times between the two sides at the same time 4. When you reach the lower end of the heel, start to work their lower edge with your fingers and thumb, 5. I go around the tendons that run from the base of the ankle for each finger and slide the tip of the thumb downin each of the "valleys" between the tendons 6. Secure the leg with both hands, thenar and hypothenar eminences against the toes and fingertips pressing the middle of the sole. The eminences to play each other, like the fingers of both hands. press down towards the toe. Repeat three times 7. With one hand firmente secure the foot and hold each other with the toe and gently pull, moving from Corkscrew, letting it slip through our fingers,
  • 3. 8. Finish involving the foot with both hands, one pa lm over the back and another on the sole, and stand there for a while. I concentrate on breathing and let my energy to follow the course and mingle with the energy of the person entering into synergy. Check our links Rehabilitacion a domicilio Masajista a domicilio