Tim Horton's Newspaper Ad


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Tim Horton's Newspaper Ad

  1. 1. 09/02/2009<br />Eric Floresca (300507114)<br />Primary Prospect Profile<br />Demographics<br />Our Tim Horton’s coffee drinker Jacob is a 37 year old male married with 2 young kids. The household income is $55-75k a year. Both parents work and make decisions jointly. He has post secondary education university graduate and works in an office.<br />Psychographics<br />For this person coffee is a basic physiological need. It is a daily ritual something that he takes to give him the kick he needs to start the day with the same being said for his wife.<br />A part of work he spends his time with his family helping out fixing things in the house, watches hockey and baseball and goes out for the occasional beer with his coworkers and his friends. He enjoys entertaining friends and family and has the occasional get together with them. <br />He is considering upgrading his main television in the living room to a flat panel display. They have 2 cars since they both work with one being a mid-size sedan and the other a crossover vehicle which they use when going camping and driving the kids to soccer practice.<br />He doesn’t get the chance to watch a lot of TV. He watches after dinner and doing housework. He and his wife often take turns doing different jobs around the house. He watches the news on satellite, movies and has a couple favourite shows. He is over CSI although he will watch reruns of his favourite episodes. He is into dramas, likes to watch Lost but is lost on what is going to happen next, he follows his team the Leafs but not religiously as his friends do. He loves Mad Men and the Office but hates reality TV. His favourite movies are action or thrillers; he really enjoyed the Bourne series but thought the first was the best in the series.<br /> <br />His magazines are Mcleans, Sports Illustrated and Men’s Health. He reads the National Post and or the Globe and Mail online and gets the local paper delivered. He spends a fair a bit of time online for work, checking e-mail conference calling and working with people throughout the organization.<br />Consumer Characteristics<br />He is brand loyal to a few products like Gillette razors, his crack I mean Blackberry and a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee. He thinks paying a lot for coffee is a waste and he likes to drink Heineken when he is out with friends for a drink. Although he has his products he likes to keep an open mind because he likes to be surprised.<br />He would purchase this coffee maker because of its speed and convenience. It means that he and his wife don’t have to worry about making the coffee early in the morning. Saving even a few minutes means a lot to the both of them in their daily lives. They would use the product daily because they need their coffee and it makes getting it that much easier and less hassle than it was before.<br />AAM 402 Copywriting Techniques<br />Eric Floresca<br />Copywriting<br />Newspaper Ad<br />HEAD:Time in a Coffee Cup<br />BODY COPY:The morning doesn’t start until you get your Tim Horton’s coffee. The days of waiting endless seconds for that hot fresh cup are over. Now with the same machine used at all our stores in your home the waiting is over, pre-heated water means no waiting can serve 12 of your friends and has an alarm clock so it begins working while you are sleeping.<br />SUB HEAD:So don’t worry hit the snooze button, your coffee will be ready when you are. You can find it at your local Tim Horton’s or Sears stores and get it by Mach 31 2009 with 50 filters and a tin of Tim Horton’s coffee free.<br />LOGO: Logo and a link highlighting the Tim Horton’s website.<br />LEGAL INFO:Copyright of the logo, name, and product information along with the standard disclaimers.<br />