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Smarties Mag Ad

  1. 1. Eric Floresca<br />Primary Prospect Profile<br />Demographics<br />He is age 14 and likes a good snack. His Mom is in her mid-thirties Caucasian and he goes and asks her when they stop by a gas station to get him something. She remembers smarties from when she was a child. It was a simple snack that was everywhere. She is married with 2 young kids a boy and a girl. So while she may buy a snack for him she still wants to share it. She is university educated and loves working with people. Although she works in an office she has to go out to meet with clients regularly. She has been married 5-6 years and the two of them make most decisions jointly. They live in a middle class neighbourhood and she makes $40-45k a year and the household income is above $75k a year. They have 2 cars one is a crossover SUV with decent fuel economy for the kids and her car which she drives to work.<br />Psychographics<br />Mom is always on the move and so is dad. She wants to make sure her kids grow up healthy but isn’t against the occasional snack like chocolate although dad is much more willing to do the treating. She is busy and works so she is out early in the morning to get to work and drops her kids off at school. She works in an office and volunteers regularly. She tries to stay healthy but she doesn’t work out a lot and instead her running after her kids is often exercising enough. She tries to limit how much time her kids watch TV and has not introduced them to the computer yet. She wants them to remain kids as long as possible. Her husband has a weakness for technology but she lets him off since he lets her off with her shoe obsession. She used to enjoy going out but now is often too tired but they make time to go out with some of their friends. Her kids are chaotic and funny and they like to play outside. She and her husband don’t go out too often but when they do they like to get dressed up now and again to get away from the daily routine. She tries to be green but in her busy life it often goes by the wayside when things get hectic. She is practical, doesn’t consider things if they don’t make sense and is just trying to manage as best she can.<br />Consumer Characteristics<br />Sometimes she needs a snack but doesn’t want those candy bars and while she loves yogurt or something healthy there are time she just wants some chocolate. She reads the paper regularly and she tries to read her magazines regularly. She watches some television but not a lot because when she at home she is doing errands or chores along with her husband. They try to split the house work so she only watches 2 or 3 hours of TV. She likes comedies, news and has her favourite dramas but they always seem to get cancelled early in the season. She used to listen to the radio but now she mixes it up between her iPod and the radio and usually listens to the radio for news and the weather. Her kids are young and they try to keep them active. She reads Parenting magazine so she knows how she can give her kids the best she can.<br />Creative Brief<br />Objective<br />It brings smarties back to the limelight that when you stop by the convenience store and think of a snack, smarties is one of the first ones to come to mind.<br />Target Audience<br />Primary: Moms because they are the ones that would buy it for their kids. We want to remind them other their youth and the history they have with the brand. She is busy wants her children to be healthy but wants to give them a treat now and then. <br />Secondary: It needs to appeal to kids and tweens so that they ask for it, who would be the most interested in the product; we don’t want to advertise the product to them but show a fun image to them they can connect with and get their mom’s to buy it. <br />These would be our main focus but the most important element is to keep the concept broad so that it can appeal to that wider audience.<br />Benefit <br />They are small, delicious treats that you can have at any time no mess, no matter who you are who can forget the last smartie looking for your favorite one s in the box. It is simple, fun.<br />Support<br />It is fun snack that has a long history with anyone who has ever been to a convenience store or watched television you know what they are. For the busy person they are a snack you can save and are easy to handle. For kids they can be a game the colours something they can gravitate towards.<br />Brand Personality<br />Sheer pure coloured fun, it is joyous, energetic and colourful. Smarties are about the colours that fit how you feel; they are about the games kids play with them. They are about simple joy after you have the sweet taste of your favorite colour. They help the adult remember when they were a kid and are a small thing they can share with their kids. <br />Mandatories<br />The Nestlé name and logo<br />The smarties name<br />http://<br />AAM 402 Copywriting Techniques<br />Eric Floresca<br />Copywriting<br />Magazine Ad<br />HEAD:The 6 colours of fun<br />BODY COPY:Green is for their growth, red is for their love, with orange they create worlds to play in, yellow they feel joy, purple is steeped in mystery and brown is the colour of the surprise inside.<br />SUB HEAD:Sweeten your world with a little of theirs!<br />LOGO:Nestlé logo, Smarties logo,<br />LEGAL INFO:Nestle copyright information<br />