Carrier Innovation Priorities – Summary slides from TC3 2011


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13 global telecom carriers took the stage at TC3 2011: Telecom Council Carrier Connections to draw attention to their innovative sides - what innovations they'd like to see from the startups and vendors and how to best work with them. This presentation includes the summary slides from many of the carriers who presented. These slides include the particular innovations they have a special interest in as well as contact information.

Save the date for TC3 2012 - held September 12-13 on the Juniper campus in Sunnyvale, CA.

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Carrier Innovation Priorities – Summary slides from TC3 2011

  1. 1. Orange questing for innovation in• Sensor Networks: Infrastructure, Back-end, & Data• Big Data / Personal Informatics: Application platforms, Real-time Analytics, Location Analytics, Visualization• Digital Media: New TV experience enablers, Home gateways of the future, New Business Model Enablers• Radio: SDR, Cognitive Radio, Seamless Hand-off• Business apps: - cloud based apps for SME’s, VAS for Email platforms• Social Consumption / Commerce: “like” vs. “link”, Reputation Management Personal data stores, & VRM systems.• Mobile traffic optimization: “CDNizing” mobile networks “end-to-end”, guaranteeing QoE, Peak load management of downloads.• Network: Virtualization & programmability to better support different services & logical architectures on the same physical infrastructure.• Semantics: Tools, frameworks, & solutions.• “Porous Enterprise”: Ad-hoc collaboration, cross-platform coupling, convergent social networks.• Social Voice: Platforms, services, & business model enablers.
  2. 2. SWISSCOM SWISSCOM SWISSCOM NEWGROUP CONSUMER CORPORATE BUSINESS /SMB• Technology and • Broadband • Unified • M2M measurement tools Services for communication • eHealth to increase E2E fibre and LTE • Market Place reliability of the ICT • Rich and Online • Smart Energy / infrastructure Communication Services for Grid• Identity-, Data- and without barriers SMB Security Managment • Social and • Cloud for our customers Crowd services Infrastructure to reduce costs• Tools to get more personalized, proactive and more valuable customer interactions
  3. 3. 7
  4. 4. Our Innovation AreasOur Goal Provide new experiences to our smartphone usersArea of focus Innovative Consumer Services to create value on Android PF Application suited to Mobile 4G Broadband Services that keep the customer experience simple Cross-device services which enrich multi-device experience 8
  5. 5. The LightSquared SandBox Team is seeking innovative companies, experts andentrepreneurs in the areas of VOIP, Video, Music Streaming, Immersive MultiplayerGaming, Mobile Analytics, Digital Advertising Technology, Security, DRM, Social Media,Location Based Services, Smart Grid, Machine to Machine Communication, Telematics,Mobile Health and Virtualization (Cloud) to test and optimize their solutions on theLightSquared network.Seeking Innovation to grow an ecosystem of third party software, hardware, and applicationproviders across multiple industries: Wireless, Healthcare, Automotive, Transportation,Education, Media, Entertainment, and EnergyThe only wireless lab in the United States to include satellite, terrestrial, and proximal radiotechnologies
  6. 6.  Contact the Sprint M2M Collaboration Center • E-mail: • Website: Attend the 2011 Sprint Open Solutions Conference • November 2-4, Santa Clara Convention Center • Go to to learn more and register
  7. 7. 13
  8. 8. • Our Innovation Centers inspire, enable, Our objective is to seek• and showcase new innovations!• We help companies develop: innovative solutions that – Non-traditional devices, applications, and services leverage our key assets to• Utilize our 3G and 4G LTE networks identify new market• Innovation through collaboration! opportunities and key strategic partnerships Leverage key technology trends • Industry leading 4G LTE latencies and speeds • Create new, sticky value for smartphones • Drive adoption of new classes of connected devices Bring wireless technology to new markets: • Local commerce and loyalty • Health, wellness, and fitness • Energy and connected home • Other adjacent markets
  9. 9. Our technologists’ current shopping list IaaS: i. Thin orchestrators assisting provisioning for the full stack ii. Non-clunky, single-pane-of-glass OSS iii. Advancements in Flash / SSD Data Centres: i. Low loss UPS ii. Pre-packaged data centre power and HVAC solutions System integration: i. Extended temperature (65Co) range Erbium doped fibre amplifiers ii. Quantum encryption of IP traffic iii. Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications systems Carrier networks: i. Network features that allow improvements in cost and delivery for cloud computing
  10. 10. W h e re T E L E C O M M e e t s I N N O VAT I O N
  11. 11. W h e re T E L E C O M M e e t s I N N O VAT I O N