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Analyst & Journalist Meeting Tele2 2013 - Joachim Horn - MNO Rollout
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Analyst & Journalist Meeting Tele2 2013 - Joachim Horn - MNO Rollout


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  • 1. 1 MNO ROLLOUT Joachim Horn
  • 2. 2  Spectrum availability  Targeted quality and performance  Expected traffic  Population density, distribution and migration pattern  Topography  Type of buildings Key criteria for designing coverage
  • 3. 3 SWE NL Total surface (km2) 450,300 41,540 Non water or forest 28.5% 72.4% Population 9,5 M 16,7 M Population per km2 non forest / water** 73.6 555.0 Demography and geography impacts coverage 50%100% Sweden Netherlands Populationcoverage* 30% Sites 15% *Approximate Source: 2011 **Assuming no inhabitants in forest or water areas
  • 4. 4 Signalstrength Distance [km] 800MHz 2600MHz Tele2 has a very powerful spectrum position… Penetrationloss Wall 8002.6 8002.6 Coverage Km2 OutdoorIndoor Signal loss when covering indoor 10 MHz in 800 MHz Ideal for coverage 20 MHz in 2.6 GHz Ideal for capacity Difference indoor/outdoor … enabling a competitive and cost efficient rollout
  • 5. 5 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% Time Network planning done, site sharing deal signed, suppliers chosen and rollout started  Approx. 3,500 sites for initial rollout  Priority to achieve full coverage  Competitive capacity, speed and quality  First sites being finalized * Approximate Population coverage over time*
  • 6. 6 Leveraging synergies with our backbone and FttH LTE POP Consumer Small business Microwave = Tele2 infrastructure = Rented from Reggefiber
  • 7. 7 Principles of site sharing with T-Mobile NL RRH* Antenna T-Mobile base station Tele2 base station Backhaul Tele2 core network T-Mobile core network 2G 3G 4G 4G X X X  Passive sharing of infrastructure and antennas  Sharing of backhaul, power and field services is optional  Majority of sites will be shared with T-Mobile, first sites available soon *RRH = Remote Radio Head
  • 8. 8 RAN Core IMS/Voice over LTE platform Network procurement done  Mainly price  Similar quality and capabilities of different vendors  Vendor capabilities  Vendor experience  Existing references  Vendor experience  Vendor flexibility Equipment Vendor Main decision criteria
  • 9. 9 SE 2003 SE 2008 SE 2013 SE share 2013 NL 2013 Sweden reference Rollout versus license investments NL MEUR 161172 License Network rollout MEUR CAPEX for initial rollout* Comparison radio equipment cost MEUR Costpersite • Competitive equipment prices keep investments low *Approx. 3,500 sites
  • 10. 10 LTE supports carrier grade VoIP, i.e. Voice over LTE  First carrier grade voice over IP-solution in mobile  Future proof “Over-The-Top” competitive service  Generally available from beginning of 2014 (standardization, chipsets)  Dec. 2012: Tele2 first live VoLTE trial in EU • Tele2 targets to offer VoLTE early
  • 11. 11 VoLTE brings substantial benefits Better sound Less delay Up to 6x faster establishment times Spectral efficiency No national roaming costs
  • 12. 12 Preparing Tele2’s customer base for LTE US and Asian operators to launch VoLTE within next 12-18 months 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Top tier handsets likely to support VoLTE from 2014 Potential upgrade of existing LTE handsets with VoLTE LTE enabled handsets sold by Tele2 NL Jul 2012 Jul 2013 • More than 50% of handsets sold in July 2014 are already LTE enabled
  • 13. 13 How we will ensure quality Full LTE coverage with best in class ambition National Roaming Agreement  Building our own network based on newest technology without legacy  Ambition to achieve a full LTE coverage as soon as possible  Keep our customers in the Tele2 network throughout the country  Quality design is based on KPI:s which beats best in class in Sweden  Seamless coverage experience for Tele2 customers (2G and 3G)  Similar setups working very well in Tele2 Norway and Croatia  Proven CSFB* technology to deliver voice (2G and 3G) to 4G customers  Tele2 was the first operator in Europe to launch CSFB (2011) *CSFB = Circuit Switch Fallback
  • 14. 14 Tele2 will have a very competitive IT landscape New IT architecture  Ahead of the pack – legacy free  Flexible best of breed system, fully agile approach  All current and future business needs, fixed and mobile Customer benefits  Transparent and clear communication to the customers  Online focus: My Tele2, customer portals and apps  Real-time information for consumption and charging • Architecture defined, suppliers chosen and development started
  • 15. 15 Key take-aways  In control for best customer experience  Building our own network  Implementing a competitive IT landscape  All legacy free  Planning done, suppliers chosen, implementation started  Initial rollout of 3,500 sites, most of which are shared  Supporting business success with competitive cost position  Working on early launch of VoLTE for true 4G experience
  • 16. 16 Q&APART 2 Günther Vogelpoel Joachim Horn