Designing User Interface for Mobile Content in Flash lite

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  • As a management instructor I enjoy viewing the work of others. This is probably the best presentation on planning I have viewed.
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  • 1. Designing User Interface for Mobile Content in Flash Lite Flash your apps correctly yo!
  • 2. Sorry! • No scripting • No programming • This is BarCamp! Participate! • Disturb me and I’m happy :)
  • 3. User Interface • The interface that connects the user and the application • Have to be very intuitive, easy to navigate • Less is more
  • 4. Drawing Sitemap/ Flowchart • List all your pages • Just like a website, have structure, sitemap • Forsee the loops of action of user • Planning the application
  • 5. Your resolution • 176x208 - flash lite 1.1, early phones • 320x240 - flash lite 2.1, newer phone/with chip
  • 6. Arranging your layouts • icon/visual • button/softkey • content/interactive
  • 7. header sidebar /navi content footer websites
  • 8. status indicators / marks / timer content/interactivity button labels / main menu wapsite / mobile apps
  • 9. Just like website see the similarities
  • 10. Navigation Methods • Carousel/List • Typical/List • Complex Navi • Grid, 9 box
  • 11. carousel/list 1.combination of icon and list 2.view-appealing 3.easily understood m-travelogue
  • 12. typical list 1.a lot of data list 2.needs to have a scrollbar/total number of list goopymart
  • 13. complex navi 1.combination of 4 way scrolling 2.needs a good visualization to help /indicate user vienna travel guide
  • 14. grid /numerical keypress press on the numerical numbers 2.easy hint of numbers/touchfeel 3.cluttered, but effective - see all option mobiexplore croatia
  • 15. demo of the navigation
  • 16. Usability • Retaining indicators • Status bar, battery remaining, network strength • Scrollbars, early instructions
  • 17. Last but not least Always test the navigation on various devices/condition Count the clicks/hardness/usability
  • 18. Wallpaper demo/Flash lite examples by Ellem, Meobi
  • 19. Bluetooth session after my talk Suria KLCC Unofficial Guide Eid ul-Adha Mobile Magazine Thanks for attending BarCamp JB :) Ikhwan Nazri/tekong - Ellem -