Route to Professional Engineer (P.Eng) and Member of IEM (MIEM)


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Route to Professional Engineer (P.Eng) and Member of IEM (MIEM)

  1. 1. Institution of EngineersMalaysia1Route to MIEM / PERoute to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  2. 2. Institution of EngineersMalaysia2ContinuingProfessionalDevelopmentACADEMICREQUIREMENTSGRADUATEREGISTRATIONTRAININGREQUIREMENTSPROFESSIONALREGISTRATIONProfessionalEngineerIEM CorporateMemberRoute to MIEM /Professional EngineerCompetencyExaminationRecognizedMasters inEngineeringAccreditedEngineeringDegree(normal route)BEM GraduateEngineerIEM GraduateMemberProfessionalInterviewIEMBEMCompleted60-hrs of PDPMin 3-yrsrelevant workexperiences** Log BookSchemeUnrecognizedEngineeringDegreeForeignEngineer ** Only with recognised engineering degree. The foreign practicingengineer must also register as Temporary Engineer with BEM.
  3. 3. Institution of EngineersMalaysia3HYPER-LINK SLIDESPART-4Route to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  4. 4. Institution of EngineersMalaysia4LOCAL PUBLIC UNIVERSITIESLOCAL PRIVATE UNIVERSITIESAccrediting BodyEngineering Accreditation Council(EAC)Route to MIEM /Professional EngineerMembers:Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM)Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA)Public Services Department (PSD)
  5. 5. Institution of EngineersMalaysia5 United Kingdom (UK)Engineering Council, United Kingdom; United States of America (USA)ABET, USA; AustraliaIEAust, Australia; New ZealandIPENZ, New Zealand; UNIVERSITIESRoute to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  6. 6. Institution of EngineersMalaysia6ENGINEERINGINMALAYSIA• The engineering profession inMalaysia is regulated by theRegistration of Engineers Act, 1967(revised in 1974, 1987, 1989, 2002, 2007)Route to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  7. 7. Institution of EngineersMalaysia7Under Registration of Engineers Act,… the Board of Engineers, Malaysia (BEM)was established to administer its provision …Only Graduate Engineers andProfessional Engineers registered withthe Board of Engineers, Malaysia (BEM) areentitled to practice engineering in MalaysiaAll Engineers MUST register with BEMwithin 6-months of engineering practiceRoute to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  8. 8. Institution of EngineersMalaysia8Registration with BEMWeb site: to MIEM /Professional Engineer Graduate Engineer Professional Engineer Temporary Engineer Accredited Checker
  9. 9. Institution of EngineersMalaysia9Understanding Between …… roles of BEM and IEMBoard of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)Regulatory body for engineering practices in Malaysiaset-up under the Registration of Engineers Act, 1967. Allengineering practitioner MUST register with BEM within6-months of practice.Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM)A learned institution for practicing engineers in Malaysia;networking, technical learning and socializing group.Route to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  10. 10. Institution of EngineersMalaysia10Types of Membership within IEM Student Member – open to all engineering students. Graduate Member – open to all practicing engineers“registered with BEM”. Corporate / Fellow Member – upgrading for experienceengineers leading to Professional Engineer status. Associate Member – recognised diploma in engineering froma polytechnic/college or has obtained equivalent qualification. Incorporated Member – unrecognised engineering degree.(Not on The Institution’s Accredited List) Honorary Member – distinguish person who contributed toengineering profession.Route to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  11. 11. Institution of EngineersMalaysia11Only Engineering Degree / DiplomaPursuing Studentscan become a Student Member of IEMWeb site: BENEFITS as IEM Student Member Networking with practicing engineers. Technical Talks, Courses and Technical Visits. Mentorship program (with Senior Engineer esp. forFinal Year project). Potential Industrial Training Program (ITP)attachments. Potential future job employment.Introduction to IEM
  12. 12. Institution of EngineersMalaysia12Web site: BENEFITS as IEM Member Establish networking group amongst engineers. Attend Technical Talks, Seminars or Courses andTechnical Visits. Attend Professional Development Program (PDP). Route to Professional Engineers. Attend Continuing Professional Development (CPD).Route to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  13. 13. Institution of EngineersMalaysia13IEM Management StructureIntroduction to IEMCOUNCILEX-COMMSTANDINGCOMMITTEE(8)1. Activities SC2. Q&A SC3. PPC SC4. E&T SC5. Welfare SC6. Publication SC7. Pub. Affair SC8. Finance SCTECHNICALDIVISION(17)GRADUATE& STUDENT(YES)1. Mech Eng TD2. Elect Eng TD3. Civil & Struc TD4. Bldg Serv TD5. Geotech TD6. Highway & Transp TD7. Tunneling & U/G TD8. Environmental TD9. Chemical TD10. Agri & Food TD11. Oil, Gas & Mining TD12. Water Res TD13. Proj Mgnt TD14. Eng Education TD15. Prod & Manuf TD16. IT & SIG TD17. Electronic Eng TD
  14. 14. Institution of EngineersMalaysia14Log BookSchemeRoute to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  15. 15. Institution of EngineersMalaysia15Log-Book SchemeFor Graduate Engineer NOT having aProfessional Engineer (PE) of samediscipline within the organization Nominate a Mentor; PE of same discipline from otherorganization (preferably same industry BUT not mandatory) Mentor can be obtained from IEM; Graduate Memberhaving access of pool of PE to choose fromRoute to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  16. 16. Institution of EngineersMalaysia16IEMREQUIREMENTSRoute to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  17. 17. Institution of EngineersMalaysia17Professional ExperiencesGraduates are required to obtainprofessional experiences in:- Planning, design, execution or management ofengineering works; or Engineering research or the teaching of engineering.At least 3 years before eligible to apply for CorporateMembership of the IEM and subsequent ProfessionalEngineering registration with the BEM.Route to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  18. 18. Institution of EngineersMalaysia18Professional ExperiencesFor Civil Engineering candidates mustobtain professional experiences in:- Minimum twelve months of site experience Minimum twelve months of design experienceRoute to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  19. 19. Institution of EngineersMalaysia19Professional ExperiencesFor other Engineering candidates mustobtain professional experiences in:- Minimum six months of site experience for ElectricalEngineering only Minimum of twelve months site experience forMechanical Engineering only Minimum of twelve months design experience forElectrical Engineering only Minimum six months of design experience forElectronic & Communication, Mechanical EngineeringRoute to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  20. 20. Institution of EngineersMalaysia20Professional ExperiencesGraduates with international workexperiences The “foreign” experience MUST be certified by aProfessional Engineer or its equivalent of the respectivecountry and counter-signed by a local MIEM/PE(usually the current employer) BEM requires the candidate to have gained at least oneyear working experience locallyRoute to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  21. 21. Institution of EngineersMalaysia21Professional InterviewApplying for MIEM1.Submit application form.2.Make payment to attend Professional Interview.2.1 IEM Graduate Member: rm1502.2 Non-Member: rm2003.Upon successful, make payment for membershipapplication.3.1 Transfer (IEM >2yrs): rm100 + rm100 + rm130 (annual fee)3.2 Transfer (IEM <2yrs): rm250 + rm100 + rm130 (annual fee)3.3 Election: rm350 + rm100 + rm130 (annual fee)Route to MIEM /Professional EngineerPIFORM
  22. 22. Institution of EngineersMalaysia22Professional InterviewRequirementsNOTE: submit to Interviewer upon request together with IEM/PI (2) Form1.Submission of REPORT detailing of workexperiences – 2 sets.2.Submission of DOCUMENT on execution of“project” or “maintenance” work – 1 set.3.Attend interview.4.Write 2 sets of essay on4.1 Submitted DOCUMENT (as per item 2)4.2 Regulations on Professional Conduct (listed topics)Route to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  23. 23. Institution of EngineersMalaysia23Professional AssessmentDetailing of Work ExperiencesREPORTS on trainings and work experiences; to beverified or certified by Professional Engineer (PE)(must be PE of same discipline applied within theOrganization)ALTERNATIVELOG BOOK (if no PE within the Organization); toundergo Mentorship Program with a ProfessionalEngineer of same discipline.Route to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  24. 24. Institution of EngineersMalaysia24Professional AssessmentSubmission of Report DOCUMENT on a particular project undertakenwithin the engineering career; to be verified orcertified by Professional Engineer. DRAWINGS and/or OTHER DOCUMENTS;to be verified or certified by Professional Engineer.Route to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  25. 25. Institution of EngineersMalaysia25Professional AssessmentProfessional Interview and Essay WritingWhat being assessed Sound understanding of engineering knowledge. Capacity to accept professional responsibilities. Ability to communicate and make effectivepresentation.Route to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  26. 26. Institution of EngineersMalaysia26Essay Writing DuringProfessional Interview Two essays within 1 ½ hours each. Section A: on candidate’s DOCUMENT submission. Section B: on one of the 13 Regulations onProfessional Conduct questions. Objective is to test candidate’s knowledge tocommunicate well in language as well as to gatherhis/her thoughts in a clear and concise manner.Route to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  27. 27. Institution of EngineersMalaysia27BEMREQUIREMENTSRoute to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  28. 28. Institution of EngineersMalaysia28Competency ExaminationRequirements Pass PAE (thru BEM) or PI (thru IEM). Full-filled minimum 60-hours of ProfessionalDevelopment Program (PDP) – those BEMRegistered Engineer after 1/1/2005. Attend Competency Examination.Route to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  29. 29. Institution of EngineersMalaysia29New BEM RequirementsAspiring PE registering with the BEM after: 1st Jan-2005 as BEM Graduate Engineer required toUndergo a period of Professional DevelopmentProgram (PDP).Route to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  30. 30. Institution of EngineersMalaysia30Professional Development Program(as of 1/1/2005 BEM Graduate to become PE)60 Hours PDPRoute to MIEM /Professional EngineerMandatory Learning12hr: OSH and Environment12hr: Engineering Management12hr: Code of EthicsAdditional Learning24hr: Courses/Seminars or Talksin the Engineering Discipline ofCandidate.
  31. 31. Institution of EngineersMalaysia36Route to MIEM /Professional EngineerContinuing Professional Development(from 1/1/2006, all registered PE be subjected)50 Hours CPD Per AnnumContinual Learning or ContributionsCan be in the form of: Technical Courses/Seminarsor Talks. Contributions towardsEngineering advancement.
  32. 32. Institution of EngineersMalaysia37Teaching in Engineering Teaching in an EAC approved engineering degreeprogram; and At least one year teaching in final two years of theengineering course; and Have an equivalent of one year practical engineeringexperience; can be cumulative; and Have more than 3-years experience for above; may alsoinclude post-graduate study or research while holding theteaching post.Route to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  33. 33. Institution of EngineersMalaysia38Foreign EngineerREQUIREMENTSRoute to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  34. 34. Institution of EngineersMalaysia39Foreign Engineer Membership All foreign engineers practicing in Malaysiamust register with the Board of Engineer (BEM)as a Temporary Engineer With a “recognized engineering degree”,foreign engineer  Graduate or Corporatemember with IEM With a “non-recognized engineering degree”,foreign engineer  Incorporated Member withIEMRoute to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  35. 35. Institution of EngineersMalaysia40Un-Recognize DegreeREQUIREMENTSRoute to MIEM /Professional Engineer
  36. 36. Institution of EngineersMalaysia41Un-Recognized Degree MembershipRoute to MIEM /Professional Engineer All Un-Recognized Engineering Degreemust do a Top-Up in order to make theirdegree acceptable by BEM Top-Up can be in the form of- Master Degree in Engineering byCoursework Un-Recognized engineering degree canjoin IEM as an Incorporated Member