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Landform Glossary - Wilson

Landform Glossary - Wilson






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    Landform Glossary - Wilson Landform Glossary - Wilson Presentation Transcript

    • LandformGlossaryMrs. Wilson’s ClassNovember 2012
    • archipelago A group or chain of islands clusterd together in a sea or ocean By Yuval
    • atoll  Definition: a ring shaped group of islands around a lagoon  Fact: Majuro is the capital of the Marshall Islands, a nation in the Western Pacific Ocean. The Marshall Islands is an atoll.By Isabella
    • bay  A bay is a body of water partly enclosed by land  Massachusetts is called the Bay State because Massachusetts Bay is so large.By Madeline
    • capeA cape is a pointed pieceof land that sticks intothe water By Christopher
    • channel • Channel is land are area group of is lands in english channelBy Logan
    • continent Europe is connected to Asia.There are seven Continents all around the world.By Joey
    • Cove is a smallhorse shoeshaped body.Along the coast .The water issurrounded byland. Formed ofsoft rock. COVE By Ethan
    • equator • The equator is a line that goes around the earth. It lies halfway between the north and south pole. Near the equator it is very hot . By Charlotte
    • glacierA glacier is a large mass of icethat flows slowly.Glaciers form when snow falls. •Glaciers are big sheets of ice.By Skyler
    • island • Land that is surrounded by water. • Some islands do not have any people.By Gracie
    • isthmus Isthmus is a narrow strip of land that is a connection to larger bodies of land. Isthmus are narrow so you can dig canals to make shorter shipping routes. By Miya
    • longitude Longitudeis a line that goes from the south to the north pole. TheGreenwich is a special line that passes through Greenwich in London, England, a north-south direction. By Chris
    • mesa  Definition :A mountain or a hill that looks like a table .  Fact: Long ago, Indians called the Anasazi built cliff dwellings made of stone along canyons walls of a giant Mesa.By Sunny
    • ocean  The ocean is the large body of water that covers most of the earth’s surface.  The ocean covers about 70% of the Earth’s surface.By Carter
    • plain A plain is a big stretch of land that is nearly flat. Plains may be found along a coast or inland. Plains in warm, wet places are usually covered by thick forests.By Wyatt
    • plateau • a plateau is a high flat land • A plateau is a • large flat area of land that is higher than the surrounding landBy
    • pondA pond is a small part of a body of water.Ducks live around ponds and rivers and lakes. By Ava
    • sea A sea is a large flat area of land that the surrounding land. A Sea wasp is a dangerous stinging jellyfish.By Ryan
    • swamp • A swamp is an area of wet ,muddy land covered with plants. • Many kinds of plants and animals live in swamps.By Nina •
    • tributaryA tributary is a stream orriver that flows into alarger body of waterThe Tennessee River isone of the Ohio River`sbiggest tributaries. By Aleko
    • valley Definition: A valley is a natural dip in the ground. Valleys run through hills, mountains, and flat areas called plains.By Jennifer
    • volcano  A volcano is a hole or crack that sometimes erupts.  Most volcanoes are found along the edge of the Pacific Ocean. By Eden