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Landform Glossary - Wilson

  1. 1. LandformGlossaryMrs. Wilson’s ClassNovember 2012
  2. 2. archipelago A group or chain of islands clusterd together in a sea or ocean By Yuval
  3. 3. atoll  Definition: a ring shaped group of islands around a lagoon  Fact: Majuro is the capital of the Marshall Islands, a nation in the Western Pacific Ocean. The Marshall Islands is an atoll.By Isabella
  4. 4. bay  A bay is a body of water partly enclosed by land  Massachusetts is called the Bay State because Massachusetts Bay is so large.By Madeline
  5. 5. capeA cape is a pointed pieceof land that sticks intothe water By Christopher
  6. 6. channel • Channel is land are area group of is lands in english channelBy Logan
  7. 7. continent Europe is connected to Asia.There are seven Continents all around the world.By Joey
  8. 8. Cove is a smallhorse shoeshaped body.Along the coast .The water issurrounded byland. Formed ofsoft rock. COVE By Ethan
  9. 9. equator • The equator is a line that goes around the earth. It lies halfway between the north and south pole. Near the equator it is very hot . By Charlotte
  10. 10. glacierA glacier is a large mass of icethat flows slowly.Glaciers form when snow falls. •Glaciers are big sheets of ice.By Skyler
  11. 11. island • Land that is surrounded by water. • Some islands do not have any people.By Gracie
  12. 12. isthmus Isthmus is a narrow strip of land that is a connection to larger bodies of land. Isthmus are narrow so you can dig canals to make shorter shipping routes. By Miya
  13. 13. longitude Longitudeis a line that goes from the south to the north pole. TheGreenwich is a special line that passes through Greenwich in London, England, a north-south direction. By Chris
  14. 14. mesa  Definition :A mountain or a hill that looks like a table .  Fact: Long ago, Indians called the Anasazi built cliff dwellings made of stone along canyons walls of a giant Mesa.By Sunny
  15. 15. ocean  The ocean is the large body of water that covers most of the earth’s surface.  The ocean covers about 70% of the Earth’s surface.By Carter
  16. 16. plain A plain is a big stretch of land that is nearly flat. Plains may be found along a coast or inland. Plains in warm, wet places are usually covered by thick forests.By Wyatt
  17. 17. plateau • a plateau is a high flat land • A plateau is a • large flat area of land that is higher than the surrounding landBy
  18. 18. pondA pond is a small part of a body of water.Ducks live around ponds and rivers and lakes. By Ava
  19. 19. sea A sea is a large flat area of land that the surrounding land. A Sea wasp is a dangerous stinging jellyfish.By Ryan
  20. 20. swamp • A swamp is an area of wet ,muddy land covered with plants. • Many kinds of plants and animals live in swamps.By Nina •
  21. 21. tributaryA tributary is a stream orriver that flows into alarger body of waterThe Tennessee River isone of the Ohio River`sbiggest tributaries. By Aleko
  22. 22. valley Definition: A valley is a natural dip in the ground. Valleys run through hills, mountains, and flat areas called plains.By Jennifer
  23. 23. volcano  A volcano is a hole or crack that sometimes erupts.  Most volcanoes are found along the edge of the Pacific Ocean. By Eden