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Landform Glossary - Tulbure
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Landform Glossary - Tulbure


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Ms. Tulbure's 3rd grade class each created one slide for this presentation. The students researched their landform and created original artwork to accompany their writing.

Ms. Tulbure's 3rd grade class each created one slide for this presentation. The students researched their landform and created original artwork to accompany their writing.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Landform Glossary Ms. Tulbure’s Class November 2012
  • 2. archipelago A archipelago is a chief sea . The Malay archipelago is also called East Indian. By Michael
  • 3. bay A body of water that ispartly enclosed by land,usually smaller than agulf.Hudson Bay was namedfor the English explorerHenry Hudson, whoreached the bay in 1610. By Trevor
  • 4. canyon • A canyon is a deep valley with steep sides • The Grand Canyon is one of the largest most beautiful canyons in the world.By Ava
  • 5. channel ∗ A channel is a body of water that connects two larger bodies of water. ∗ Channel Islands National Park is west of us.By Andia
  • 6. Cove  A cove is water under a dock . They have fish under . They are close to the ocean .  Manly Cove is named after Governor Arthur Phillip.By:Luke
  • 7. equatorThe equator is the great circleof the earth that lies halfwaybetween the north and southpoles.The area near the equator isvery hot.
  • 8. fjord  A fjord is a long narrow winding inlet or arm of the sea.  Fjord is a Norwegian word.By Jake
  • 9. geyserA geyser is a undergroundspring that shoots hotwater. does It is like avolcano but it does notshoot lava and the volcanois not undergroundThe most famous geyserin the world is probably“Old Faithful” B y
  • 10. Glacier A large ice block that flows over the land. Glacier Bay National Park lies in southeastern Alaska, about 100 miles. By Mireya
  • 11. gulf  A gulf is a part of the ocean (or sea) that is partly surrounded by land ( it is usually larger than a bay).  The gulf of Mexico is a huge body of water in North America. By John
  • 12. island  An island is a piece of land that is surrounded by water.  Easter island lies in the south pacific ocean about (2,300 miles 3,700 kilometers) west of Chile.By Sadie
  • 13. lagoon  A lagoon is a body of water that is partly or completely separated from the open sea.  The water that separates the lagoon can have a coral reef.By Henry
  • 14. latitude Parallels of latitude run east and west along Earth’s surfaceBy Gia
  • 15. longitude  Meridians of longitude run north and south along the surface of Earth.  Mapmakers think of Earth as a huge globe that is divided into 360 equal slices.By Annika
  • 16. plain  A plan is a big stretch of land that is nearly flat.  The Great Plains is a dry grassy area in North America.By Gabe
  • 17. Plateau • A plateau is a high flat land. • Streams and river often cut deep valleys into plateaus. • The world’s biggest plateau is in Antarctica.By Nikolas
  • 18. prairie Prairies are regions of flat or hilly land. There are prairies in most of Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, North Dakota.
  • 19. sea A large body of salty water The Baltic Sea is a part of the Atlantic Ocean. There are many fish in the sea. By Nathan
  • 20. swamp• A swamp is an wet muddy land cover with plants .• You can fall into a swamp By aliya
  • 21. tributary A stream that flows into a larger stream or body of water. The Ohio River is one of the tributaries of the Mississippi River. By Oliver
  • 22. tundra • A cold dry region covered by snow. • Trees do not grow in tundras. • Tundras have lots of animals.By Carter
  • 23. volcano  Volcanoes begin when hot melted rock called magma rises from deep within the earth. They are very dangers and deadly. There is a volcano named Kilauea that is at Hawaii. By Matteo