Ready, Set, Collaborate! Implementing Common Core with Shared iPads

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Presentation on Shared iPads, CUE 2014

Presentation on Shared iPads, CUE 2014

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  • 1. Ready, Set, Collaborate! Implementing Common Core with Shared iPads Link to presentation: Nancy Minicozzi Jessica Cioffi
  • 2. ! ! Jessica Cioffi @TeachingJess ! ! 5th Grade Teacher 29 kids: 8 iPads ! ! Nancy Minicozzi @CoffeeNancy ! Elementary Media Specialist
  • 3. Poll Time
  • 4. What grade do you teach? ! Go to and enter ! 79 60 99 View results
  • 5. What is your iPad ratio? ! Go to and enter ! 47 92 91 View results
  • 6. Polls can be used in a variety of ways in your classroom
  • 7. iPads are intended for individual users
  • 8. How do we share so students are happy and everyone gets what they need? Image by krzyboy2o
  • 9. Mirroring
  • 10. We don’t need no dongles!
  • 11. Mirroring wirelessly is much better than using a hardwired connection Image by Paul Reynolds
  • 12. Proximity is key in managing mobile devices Image by Scot Campbell
  • 13. So many reasons to mirror Base image by Jason Samfield; Thinglink by Nancy Minicozzi
  • 14. OK, I’m sold. How do I do it? Reflector Air Server Apple TV
  • 15. It’s not about the apps
  • 16. Technology without good pedagogy ≠ good teaching SAMR model image is the creation of Dr. Ruben Puentedura, Ph.D. http://
  • 17. Are you supporting collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking? Images by Barrett Elementary, geralt, John-Morgan, and Carlos Bussenius
  • 18. Still, there are apps you should consider
  • 19. Whiteboard apps allow students to learn, create, and share.
  • 20. Thank you to Chris Larkin for sharing his students’ work.
  • 21. iPad teams naturally lead to engagement and collaboration. Image by Ainunau
  • 22. Push interactive content to students for collaboration and discussion
  • 23. Open Nearpod app OR go to Class Code LIPXZ Students work with the digital content directly from their seats.
  • 24. Thank you to Kelly Lampert for sharing her students’ work Storytelling apps can be used with all grades.
  • 25. Creation Apps Thanks to Linda Yollis (@lindayollis) for this video
  • 26. Thank you to Dr. Wes Fryer (@wfryer) for sharing this podcast. Podcasts can get all students involved in the production. Image by Wes Fryer
  • 27. Thanks to John Stevens (@jstevens009) for this video Older students can create more elaborate products
  • 28. How do I know what apps to choose?
  • 29. There are a few very important criteria to keep in mind. If you focus on those, it will be a lot less confusing. ImagebyBobAugust
  • 30. Nuts and bolts of iPad sharing
  • 31. Numbered wallpaper
  • 32. Get content off to save
  • 33. Share with your colleagues
  • 34. Use iPads during centers or rotations to create a mini 1:1 or 1:2 classroom. Image by Brad Flickinger
  • 35. In a small group everyone can participate while they keep each other on track. Image by violetta
  • 36. Pair work is good for all students, especially younger ones. Image by Mike Oliveri
  • 37. Students will work together to win
  • 38. Open Socrative Student app OR go to Turn a student response app into a game Room 526133
  • 39. Image by Peter Wadsworth Sometimes students will have to take turns.
  • 40. What about BYOD*? *Bring Your Own Device
  • 41. BYOD can increase the student:device ratio.
  • 42. Most importantly...
  • 43. Image by Hober Mallow Be fearless. FAIL = First Attempt In Learning
  • 44. Questions?
  • 45. Here are some of the apps mentioned today… Thinglink Reflector (computer)* AirServer (computer)* Word Clouds by ABCya Explain Everything* Educreations iPevo Whiteboard ShowMe Edmodo i-Nigma Nearpod StoryKit Book Creator* Kid’s Journal Pages Comics Head Toontastic Zoodle Comics Puppet Pals (HD and 2) Sock Puppets Tellagami Audioboo TouchCast Dropbox Evernote Google Drive Photostory Popplet Lite Subtext Pic Collage LEGO Movie Maker Haiku Deck Keynote iMovie 30hands Bluster! Face Talk Socrative ! ! ! Apps are listed roughly in order of appearance in this presentation and are free or have free versions available except as noted. *No free version available for continued use
  • 46. ! ! Jessica Cioffi @TeachingJess ! ! ! ! Nancy Minicozzi @CoffeeNancy ! Contact Us