Chaparral Playground Rules 2013 web version
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Chaparral Playground Rules 2013 web version



Chaparral Elementary school playground rules

Chaparral Elementary school playground rules



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Chaparral Playground Rules 2013 web version Chaparral Playground Rules 2013 web version Presentation Transcript

  • General Rules:  Be Kind  Use Only School-supplied Equipment  Play Safely  Use Problem Solving Strategies  You can’t say you can’t play  Telling not Tattling  Invite Others to Join In  Speak Out Against Bullying  Follow the Game Rules  When the Bell Rings, drop/take a knee. Follow directions, and walk to line-up
  • Playground Rules
  • Be Kind and Play Fair
  • C.U.B.S. to Help and Support You Mr. M. Mrs. O. Mrs. M. Mrs. H. Coach J. Mrs. M. Mrs. D. Mrs. S. Mrs. O. Mrs. N.
  • C.U.B.S. to Help and Support You Mrs. Brazell Mrs. Welti Mrs. Shearer Mrs. Powell Mr. Ramirez Mrs. Skillin
  • Assemblies/ MPR Walk to & from Enter & exit in a quiet & orderly manner Sit with your class Know where your teacher is sitting – wait for teacher Maintain personal space Calm hands – keep to yourself Be an active listener Applaud appropriately to show appreciation
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors or Walk and Talk 3 Ways to Solve3 Ways to Solve ProblemsProblems 1. Walk1. Walk 2. Talk2. Talk 3. Use Rock,3. Use Rock, Paper, ScissorsPaper, Scissors GameGame
  • You CanYou Can’t’t Say,Say, You CanYou Can’t’t Play!Play! All gamesAll games are open.are open. Rule
  • TattlingTattling - Getting someone into trouble- Getting someone into trouble TellingTelling- Getting someone out of trouble.- Getting someone out of trouble. Rule
  • Rule Bullies are Cruel and Bystanders Rule!
  • Use Stairs Carefully Climb up on the right side Walk down on the left (right going down) No standing on handrails or planter boxes No sitting or sliding on handrails
  • Snack and Lunch Procedures Walk to and from area Stay in your seat, no sitting on tables Eat only your food Use a peaceful voice Use recycle bins Clean your own area before leaving it Use proper manners Leave only when adult excuses you
  • Playing Structure Rules Hand and feet in contact with bars at all times No chasing or tag in and out of bars and structure No standing on top of handrail bars No jumping off Slide one at a time, feet first only
  • Use equipment for intended purpose No rough or tumble play Keep hands and feet to self Playing Structure Rules
  • Move in one direction on bars. Sand and mulch are for the ground.
  • Rules  Hit ball with hands  No dodge ball  Do not hit or throw ball at students  No kicking the handball  No “special hit” rules  First person in line is the referee  After the second win, the winner goes to the end of the line
  • Jump-rope Rules Ropes are for jumping only No swinging ropes at people, trees and other objects No tug of war or tying ropes on anyone or anything No horseplay For helicopter, rope must be on ground
  • End of Recess & Lunch Procedures  Freeze at the bell, drop or take a knee.Freeze at the bell, drop or take a knee.  Wait for the whistle.Wait for the whistle.  Walk back to class.Walk back to class.  Walk equipment and place in ballWalk equipment and place in ball container at your classroom.container at your classroom.
  • Cub Kudos given for:  Following rules  Showing respect  Playing fair Being responsible Caring Kindness