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Using Social Media in the New Sports Community
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Using Social Media in the New Sports Community


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This is a presentation that I gave at the 2010 Major League Baseball Winter Meetings to a group of

This is a presentation that I gave at the 2010 Major League Baseball Winter Meetings to a group of

Published in: Sports
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  • 1. The New Sports Community
    Using Social Media to Increase Awareness, Drive Traffic and Generate Coverage
  • 2. Introduction
    Born: Lawton, Oklahoma 1970
    First Computer: Fairfax, Virginia 1983
    Stumbled Upon Internet: 1992
    Built First Web Site: IBM 1996
    Started TEKGROUP: 1998
    Works with using social media and
    social networks to generate press
    coverage, drive traffic to web sites,
    and help increase the awareness of
    both small and large organizations.
    Steve Momorella
    TEKGROUP International
  • 3. Is this Social Media? Yes.
  • 4. But this is also social media…
  • 5. And yes, this too…
  • 6. People are:
    Talking about the Pawtucket Red Sox on Facebook.
    Talking about the Durham Bulls on Twitter.
    Talking about the Philadelphia Phillies on Digg.
    Sharing tailgating photos from a World Series game on Flickr.
    Actively liking (or disliking) draft picks or trades.
    Looking for things to do on the weekend.
    Watching YouTube videos of their favorite players
    Searching blogs for the best deals on tickets and merchandise.
    Using Twitter to keep up with managerial and player moves.
    Why social media is important to your brand
  • 7. The Scouting Report
    Facebook Users
    Twitter Account Followers by League
    Tweets During NBA Finals vs. World Cup
    Twitter Activity By MLB Team
    YouTube Videos
    News on Digg, Reddit and other outlets
    The Scouting Report
  • 8. 500,000,000
  • 9. 500,000,000 Facebook Users60,000,000 update their status every single day
  • 10.
  • 11. 2,124,124
  • 12. Number of Followers on Twitter for Major Sports Leagues
  • 13. 3,283
  • 14. Data visualization of the volume of tweets during World Cup 2010 matches. The record
    for number of tweets per second was set at 3,283. Tweets per second. Worldwide.
    Four days later that record was broken during the Lakers/Celtics championship game.
    An average day on Twitter is 750 tweets per second.
  • 15. 548
  • 16.
  • 17. MLB Team Twitter Accounts
  • 18. Community
    Fan outreach / contest
    Key influencer
    Minor League news
  • 19. People are watching 2 billion videos a day on YouTube
  • 20. DIGG gets more than 6,000,000 visitors per month reading and voting on news.
  • 21. Reddit gets nearly 2,000,000 visitors per month reading and voting on news.
  • 22. Today’s Lineup
    Increase Awareness
    Drive Traffic
    Generate Coverage
    What’s On Deck
  • 23. Increase Awareness
    Brand recognition
    Share of voice
    Creating network of localized content
    Engage fans & youth players
    Content, content, content
    Community based programs & outreach
    Increase Awareness
  • 24. Your organization is your brand
    Consistency of social media message
    Cross promote offline & online campaigns
    Picture worth 1000 words; Video worth 10,000
    Increase Awareness: Brand Recognition
  • 25. Who are your competitors?
    Other events going on locally
    Teams in fringe cities where fans have choices
    Percentage that your brand makes up of the overall set of news and messages online
    Increased Share of Voice = Increased Awareness
    Increase Awareness: Share of Voice
  • 26. Offer a network of local content
    Automate news feeds from your farm system
    Increase Awareness: Localized Content Offering
    Sponsored by
    Your Team
    other sports (farm)
  • 27. Leverage existing fans and brand enthusiasts
    Create brand evangelists
    15-25 year olds are very active in social media
    Increase Awareness: Engage with Fans & Youth
  • 28. More & Better Content = More Awareness
    Create content channels from within your organization from top to bottom
    Repurpose existing content
    Establish editorial calendar outside of games
    Contests, polls, Top 10 plays, videos, voting
    Increase Awareness: Content, Content, Content
  • 29. Promote off field activities in the community
    Keep awareness high during off-season
    Create online community programs
    Increase Awareness: Community Outreach
  • 30. Web Site
    Online Newsroom
    Store & Ticket Sales
    Other Social Media Sites
    Drive Traffic
  • 31. Identify “landing pages” on your web site
    Create special hyperlinks that are trackable
    Use social media to drive traffic
    Drive Traffic: Web Site
  • 32. Create automated feeds of your press releases and media content
    Journalists use Twitter to search for stories
    Promote your news content
    Drive Traffic: Online Newsroom
  • 33. Identify all products and specials that are running in your online store
    Create trackable hyperlink
    Social media promotions for coupons
    Drive Traffic: Store & Ticket Sales
  • 34. Cross promote between various social media channels
    Relevant links between sites helps with SEO
    Drive Traffic: Other Social Media Sites
  • 35. Blogs
    Traditional Media
    Social Media Outlets
    Generate Coverage
  • 36. Generate Coverage: Reach
  • 37. Build relationships with key bloggers in your city (both sports and non-sports related)
    Create your own blog to offer story ideas and to provide insight into your organization (behind the scenes)
    Create ongoing blog editorial calendar that syncs with existing communications messages
    Generate Coverage: Blogs
  • 38. Most print, TV, and radio outlets also are on social media – follow and friend them
    Provide links to your social media channels in all traditional press outreach (email, fax, mail)
    Make your use of social media the story
    Generate Coverage: Traditional Media
  • 39. Treat social media outlets as legitimate news outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Digg)
    Breaking news (good and bad) on social media will spread quicker and also stay relevant longer
    Create relationships with key social media influencers in your city
    Generate Coverage: Social Media Mentions
  • 40. Generate Coverage: Monitoring
    It is no longer enough to just monitor traditional media outlets
    Setup a social media dashboard that shows you metrics from your efforts
    Many free packages exist that allow you to track online mentions
    Monitor your competition
  • 41. What’s On Deck
    Evaluate Where You Are
    Social Media Strategy
    Determine goals
    Centralize content
  • 42. Create quick list of social media outlets that you currently have and baseline numbers
    Who in your organization is responsible for social media?
    Do you have a social media policy?
    What are your competitors doing in social media?
    What’s On Deck: Current Evaluation
  • 43. Start with an organization wide policy
    State your intended goals
    Create a plan and editorial content calendar
    Monitor and measure successes
    What’s On Deck: Social Media Strategy
  • 44. What’s On Deck: Determine Goals
    Share of Voice
    Follower Base
    Cost/Time Savings
  • 45. Create a centralized online newsroom
    Repurpose existing content into news channel
    Categorize content (community, players, team)
    Use email alerts and social media distribution
    What’s On Deck: Centralized Content
    Online Newsroom
  • 46. Based on goals, determine the appropriate measurement criteria and metrics that you want to track
    Make the dashboard available within your organization
    Update with new tools and techniques
    Create dashboards for your competitors to monitor their use of social media
    What’s On Deck: Internal Dashboard
  • 47. What’s On Deck: Mobile
    Significant amount of social media usage is done on iPhone, Blackberry
    Ensure that your messages are readable in mobile formats
    Engage with people 24x7
    Offer exclusives and incentives only to social media and mobile users
  • 48. Extra Innings
    Extra Innings
    Athletes & Social Media Case Study: 49ers' Takeo Spikes
    The NBA and Social Media - A case study
    Blackhawks Tweet Their Way to Success in NHL Marketing Lesson ...
    Case Study: NBA Social Media Strategy & Tactics
    Social Media Turns Good Sports Fans Into Great Ones
    The Technology Behind the World Series
  • 49. Steve Momorella