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Prsa social-pr-secrets

  1. 1. Social #PR Secrets
  2. 2. ABOUT STEVE Thank you for the opportunity to provide our thoughts on Social PR for your organization! Steve Momorella Owner/Founder @momorella 734-945-7790
  3. 3. @lisabuyer Facts • Traditional PR background • Agency owner since 1996 • Latest claim to pain: • Author of Social PR Secrets • Editor of and • Column in Search Engine Watch • Cover trending topics and news related to Search, Social and Public Relations • A nice endorsement from @DMScott • David Meerman Scott •
  4. 4. Agenda • Social PR – yesterday and today • Where is the Opportunity? – traditional journalists and bloggers – social consumers and news sharing • Best practices – centralized social newsroom – owned distribution channels – mobile optimized / responsive
  5. 5. Yesterday’s Press Release – Took weeks or months for approval – Designed for the journalist only – Was mailed, (yes mailed) – Emailed = straight to junk email
  6. 6. Yesterday’s Press Release – Search engines were for geeks – Usually ended up in the trash or delete button – Hardly ever made it to the end user – Measured by clippings!
  7. 7. Today’s Press Release • Can be linked to in 140 characters or less from anyone, anywhere, anytime! – Is social – Is optimized – Is visual – Is mobile • Is yours!
  8. 8. Today’s Press Release • Is measurable
  9. 9. Today’s PR • Who are we writing for? – The journalist – Direct to audience – Search engines – Social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instag ram and Google +
  10. 10. Today’s Social Press Release • What does it look like? – – – – – – – Optimized with keywords or #hashtags Less is more – words, links Images and video PR Tweets in 120 characters or less Facebook Posts 90 characters or less LinkedIn status updates 3 versions – paid, blog and newsroom version
  11. 11. Today’s Online Press Release • What does it do? – Gets good search results (think editorial) – Gets Tweeted and even better: RT – Gets Liked on Facebook – Gets Pinned and +1 – Gets online media attention – Delivers qualified traffic to a website – Delivers qualified traffic to a blog
  12. 12. How important is it to access a page within an online newsroom that links to all of a company or organization’s social media environments (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)? Toyota and CIGNA do a great job of creating a “social media landing page” in their online newsroom that is a one-stopshop for their social activities.
  13. 13. How often do you visit a company/organization’s Facebook page for information? You can publish directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and your blog from within your online newsroom. Keep your social sites updated with fresh content from your online newsroom.
  14. 14. Do you want to receive news from an organization’s Twitter feed? Create a Twitter account specifically for news and automatically publish all content from your online newsroom. You’ll reach 1 in 10 journalists that way!
  15. 15. How important is it to receive news to a wireless device from an online newsroom? In the past three years, there has been an explosion in the amount of traffic coming to online newsrooms from people using mobile devices. It is imperative that your content can be accessed and is appropriately viewable. In addition to journalists, more and more news consumers are also using wireless to read news.
  16. 16. 2013 SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS Survey Report Shareable content is successful content!
  17. 17. News as one of the main uses 84% of respondents use social media tools to follow and monitor news 64% of respondents use social media tools to share and recommend news Nearly 50% of respondents use social media tools to write or post news
  18. 18. Mobile Device
  19. 19. Search Engine Optimization When asked on what type of website one would start when looking for news, overwhelmingly search engines are #1.
  20. 20. Google Among search engines, Google obviously reigns, with nearly 100% of respondents saying they use it “all the time” or “very often”. Other popular search engines include:
  21. 21. Corporate Online Newsroom When asked how often one makes use of a corporate news website or online newsroom the numbers have increased dramatically in just one year, showing the impact that the online newsroom is having on social media news distribution and consumption:
  22. 22. Timeliness
  23. 23. Importance for Finding/Discovering
  24. 24. Importance for Sharing/Recommend
  25. 25. Event Recall: Benghazi
  26. 26. Event Spread: Benghazi
  27. 27. Event Recall: Moore, OK Tornado
  28. 28. Event Spread: Moore, OK Tornado
  29. 29. Facebook as a News Source
  30. 30. Twitter as a News Source
  31. 31. Today’s Brand is the Publisher • Story telling • Reporting newsroom style • Look at your brand’s social networks as individual publications • Write like a reporter • Become the industry source of news, not just the talking about your brand
  32. 32. The Company Online Newsroom A centralized news headquarters for all of your brand’s digital content, including news stories, photos, videos, financial and other organizational information.
  33. 33. Original Newsroom • • • • • • • Press Releases Media Coverage Company Fact sheet Images Company Bios White papers Awards
  34. 34. Today’s Online Newsroom • Created for – Media, – Customers, – Prospects – Search engines – Optimized – Social media friendly • Contains – Distribution – Media Lists – Monitoring – Social Integration
  36. 36. Key Takeaways • Report your company news like a reporter, optimize like an SEO • Use social media to tell your story, report news, drive traffic back to blog/website • If you are not in the news, make yourself part of the news – newsjack a story or #hashtag. • Collaborate and practice time saving Social PR efficiencies that focus on what works best • Evaluate your online newsroom, make it part of your Social #PR content strategy • Don’t be afraid to #Fail! Try #new things
  37. 37. Key Takeaways • Timing – do more on weekend and after hours • Use social media to tell your story, report news, Be real, show personality, use emoticons lightly • Visual wins – make your news pin-worthy • Mobile matters – make sure your news is mobile friendly • Go for the ASK, call to actions in your news and blog posts • Measure! • Do what matters! Cut out the clutter.