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Accessible e resources in vvp-rajkot, .by tejas shah 25-8-12
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Accessible e resources in vvp-rajkot, .by tejas shah 25-8-12



Stay in touch with ICT and gain the knowledge from world forever.....

Stay in touch with ICT and gain the knowledge from world forever.....



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Accessible e resources in vvp-rajkot, .by tejas shah 25-8-12 Accessible e resources in vvp-rajkot, .by tejas shah 25-8-12 Presentation Transcript

  • Accessible e-resources in V.V.P. Engineering College Library-Rajkot by Tejas Shah & Dr. Kirit Shukla & Librarian-VVP Engg. College-Rajkot25-Dec-12 Librarian – Gujarat Sahitya Akadami-Gandhinagar 1
  • Overview : Introduction Scope Objectives Definition of e-resources Accessible e-resources of V.V.P. Journals as a e-resources Suggestions Conclusion25-Dec-12 2
  • Introduction :In the age of Information Explosioninformationexplosion Library hasto play vital role toprovide the requiredinformation to theend user with the useof various e-resources. To fulfillsuch requirementthere is a need ofcomputer, internetand networking. 25-Dec-12 3
  • Scope? To explain e- resources To provide the details of e-resources of VVP Specially focused on e-journals of VVP25-Dec-12 4
  • Objectives?  To discuss the issues in subscribing e- resources  To provide necessary details to acquire e- journals  To create awareness  To discuss advantages and disadvantages of e-resources25-Dec-12 5
  • What is Networking ?  Itis a group of individuals or organizations which are connected with each others. There is one server and many client for using same resources Library and Information Institutions are forming networks to achieve better resource/e- resources to provide better services to the users. 625-Dec-12
  • What is e-resources?1. Any type of information which is accessible through computer, internet and networking is called e- resources 25-Dec-12 7
  • E-resources of VVP V.V.P. Knowledge Center (Library)  e-journals like IEEE, Science Direct, Springer, ASME, ASTM, McGraw Hill etc.  e-books  Video lectures of NPTEL  CD/DVD Collection  e-database of SOUL  OPAC  Back years Que. Paper  Licensed Software on FTP  Drivers for computer, latpop, printers  Useful software updates  DELNET25-Dec-12 8
  • Journals as e-resources With the emergence of ICT, e-resources are being used world wide in libraries As a part of academic development e-journals are very useful for the students, research scholars and faculty. Print to paperless concept Advantageous features25-Dec-12 9
  • Purpose of using e-resources  Study and teaching  Research work  Paper writing  Seminar/workshop presentation  Current awareness25-Dec-12 10
  • Important steps to subscribe e-journals Step-1 : What to subscribe, where to subscribe? Step-2: Communicate with publisher/supplier Step-3: Check the quality of Journal Step-4: Recommendation Step-5: Payment Step-6: License agreement form Step-7: How to use e-journals? for example IEEE……….. Step-8: Usage Report-for e.g. Science Direct Step-9: Sources of Information for e-journals25-Dec-12 11
  • STEP-7: HOW TO USE IEEE? Step –1 : go to - http://ieeexplore.ieee.org Or http://www.ieee.org/ieeexplore After clicking above link, you can see our college name on the left side of the homepage of IEEE Step – 2 : Click on “what can I access ?” displays on left side under the name of our college Step – 3 : Click on IEEE Journals, Transaction and Magazine, so It Displays A to Z Category wise Journals List which we have subscribed. Step – 4 : Click on any Title to open the Journal. Step – 5 : Then Click on “VIEW ARTICLES”, You will appear the pdf file of an article which you can download as full text25-Dec-12 12
  • Advantages: Simultaneous usage Saves the time for searching Downloading facility Easily accessible Saves the space25-Dec-12 13
  • Some Dissatisfaction? Due to…. Inadequate infrastructure Less number of computers Networking is not there Lack of Wi-Fi facility e-resources is not adequate or improper Single accessibility Library timings Less skilled library staff Speed of internet Lack of awareness25-Dec-12 14
  • SUGGESTIONS: Use and usability of the e-journals should be monitored Wi-Fi campus with good internet speed can do better Besides e-journals, other e-resources should be acquired by library Networking facility, high configured server should be available Multi user subscription should be beneficial Create awareness Librarian has to organized orientation for maximum utilization of e- journals GTU has to take initiative to make network and shared the resources of all the engineering colleges of Gujarat25-Dec-12 15
  • Conclusion : Move to changes and update yourselvesUsages of e-resources havebeen increasing day by dayE-resources has taken amandatory space in Engineeringcollege librariesAdvantages of e-journals is ingreat extentLibrarian and its professionalsneeds to become more aware andskilled to facilitate e-resources/e-journals to the users25-Dec-12 16
  • THANKS Enjoy the E-resources Before25-Dec-12 After 17